GUYS. IT. IS. TIME. Which means a few things:

1) A big old predictions/chat/NEW FEATURE NAME REVEAL post. Yayyy!

2) That you guys who don’t care at all about the show will only have to see it once a week again 😉

So. First bit of news is… Erica @ Novel Ink is officially joining Holly and me to talk about the episodes! Also, she has more ideas than me and is probably just more of a prepared human being in general, so that helps! (Also, if anyone else ever wants to play, we aren’t exclusive, so feel free!)

Second. No one is on the damn Ark anymore, so “Snark From the Ark” doesn’t make any sense. So I introduce to you…..

Chichnes kom Nerdkru = Chat with… Nerdkru, which is our Grounder name 😀

Third. We have made some predictions! We chatted a lot about it but in the end, I figured that since we could speculate for DAYS over every little potential death, friendship, relationship, disaster, alliance, or whatever else… I would ask us each a few questions, and we could mark down our starting guesses/hopes for Season 4! Also, check Erica and Holly’s blogs (I linked them above!) because they have done some fun posts lately, too!

Erica’s Thoughts/Predictions

We’ll be nice and let the newbie go first, eh? 

New ship that will sail: I mean they are semi new but not really…idk. I’ll go with Harper and Monty. I just want to see more of them, really.

Most awful, gut wrenching death: I have two that I’m really worried for…Kane & Octavia. I’m worried for them both and I’ll be super upset over losing either of them. But what if it happens to both? I’ll die. Nope, can’t have that happen.

Where will Clarke’s lever be?: I feel like it’ll either be dealing with Becca and the repercussions of killing ALIE. Even though Becca seemed to help in the end, she still is quite shady.

Character who will go through the most change: Gosh, I don’t know…Octavia, but I feel like that’s obvious after what happened with Lincoln. But, I also am HOPING for some change in Jasper. He started to change a bit to the end of the season, but still…idk. I just have this eh feeling towards him and think he’ll start to buck up and take charge.

First person to die: hmm, I’m really scared for Octavia. I think she may be it.. and I just can’t…I can’t handle that thought at all.

Ship I need more of: Okay, I take back, that would be Harper and Monty. I would say Bellarke but I don’t know if I’m ready for that to happen yet cause then it’ll scare me and I don’t want to be worried about Bellamy.

Friendship that you think would be awesome: I’m stealing this, but I definitely have to go with Roan/Raven. Gosh, two bad-ass characters. I would totally die for that friendship and if it happened to go into more…I would not oppose.

Season Baddie: I’m hoping people to advantage of how amazing Raven is and use her. I don’t know what you mean by baddie exactly, but bad-ass then yes, Raven. I feel like she has so much more to show. If you mean, will have us rolling our eyes by their bad decisions…Clarke. She always makes some decisions that ticks me off and I see it happening again. If not here, then Becca. Okay, I have a lot. Oops.

Character/actor who NEEDS more air time in S4:  Miller. He’s sincere, trusting, bad-ass, and I feel like he could run the world. I want more of him, but not too much bc then he’d probably be killed off and I don’t want that.

Ship you REALLY don’t want to see: Raven and Jasper… Clarke and some random person or Clarke with anyone other than Bellamy, haha. Even though Bellarke shouldn’t happen too soon either.

Thing from a past season/episode that you NEED more of: Raven and Monty working together. I don’t know which one of you said that, but I agree with you 100%. Their friendship is perfect. I also want to see more of Kane & Indra.

Holly’s Thoughts/Predictions

New ship you think will sail: I kiiiinda have a crackship of Roan/Raven

Biggest, most gut wrenching death: Octavia. You made such sense with Octavia, and now I’m worried.

Where will Clarke’s lever be this season? WHY DO YOU ASK ME SUCH HARD QUESTIONS?

Character who will go through the most change: Octavia

First quasi-important character to die: I think the first character to die will be gah either Harper or red-shirt. I don’t want it to be Harper, but she’s as expendable as Monroe was. They don’t give her a lot of air time for a reason.

 Ship you NEED to see more of: Obvs Bellarke.

Friendship that you think would be awesome: Roan/Clarke

 Season baddie: Jaha

Character/actor who NEEDS more air time in S4: Harper forever. And Roan!

Ship you REALLY don’t want to see: Jasper/anybody.

Thing from a past season/episode that you NEED more of: Monty/Raven working together

My Very Own Thoughts/Predictions

New ship you think will sail: RASPER. Shut up guys, I love it okay?

Biggest, most gut wrenching death: Octavia 😭😭😭

Where will Clarke’s lever be this season? In some kind of nuclear power plant, clearly. (I mean.. or not, I know nothing.)

Character who will go through the most change Jaha. He has a lot to make up for.

First quasi-important character to die: Either… Harper, Miller’s Dad, or Bryan. Personally, I think one of the latter- Miller hasn’t suffered a huge loss yet, and he is a main character this season so… sorry Miller’s loved ones.

 Ship you NEED to see more of: I mean, Bellarke. Obviously. But… if there is going to be a Season 5, it cannot sail juuuust yet. But I need little things like hugs and hand holding and near-death sacrifices to tide me over, mmmkay? And KABBY, as always.

Friendship that you think would be awesome: Indra and literally everyone. Though I also want to see Raven and Roan match wits 😉

Season baddie: Kane looks like he has some opposition. Everyone seems to hate Clarke at the moment. And Monty was looking kind of rough in the promos. But my money is on Echo. Damn Echo.

Character/actor who NEEDS more air time in S4: HARPER. You know, as long as she doesn’t die.

Ship you REALLY don’t want to see: Jasptavia. I swear, I am going to lose my shit if that happens.

Thing from a past season/episode that you NEED more of: FUN. Can someone please have a few more happy moments? I am begging. Another musical jeep ride, perhaps? Great.

Okay, that’s it from us until next week when we (#IamTooExcitedToFunction) discuss the premiere! Share some of your predictions with us! 

Also- if anyone watches the show tonight and wants to chat… DM me (@ShannonMiz) because seriously, I will want to talk about it ASAP!) 

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20 responses to “Welcome to Season 4 of The 100!

  1. First of all …. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! I’m back! But second of all and i have been waiting to share this with you forever since i totally binged watched The 100 on my brief hiatus! Im so excited its back on already!! Did that new book that came out continue on where the tv series left off or are they two totally separate animals? I love Octavia running around with her machete like she is a god damn ninja. It made me laugh even more when someone in the show said this exact thing! BWAH!

    • YESSSSSS! I am SO. EXCITED that you are back!! EEEEEP! I have missed you so very much!! How ARE YOU??? And now that you watched the show!? YAYYYY! Just… too much excitement! And no, the books and the show are COMPLETELY different. Like, the ONLY similarity is a handful of characters’ names. Which is probably good, because less fear of spoilers! Octavia is my FAVEEEE. I hope my predictions are dead wrong. 😉 I cannot waiit to chat about this with youuu! ♥♥♥

  2. Yes!!! Nobody better come over, the effin phone better not ring… cause I’m BUSY! At 9 anyway. Nerdkru. Awesome. 🙂

    Alrighty predictions. Kane better not die. Kane and Indra need to kick ass. Harper is a goddess but I don’t like her w/ Monty? Roan and Raven would be AWESOME. Miller’s gonna lose someone. 🙁

    I want Clarke to stop angsting, just accept you made a hard choice and move on. Her and Bellamy need to take over, screw the adults (except Kane who’s cool). Octavia is ninja queen. The thought of her going out scares me.And if Bellarke are together by end of season I would be happy. More Naila pls. Wanna see her kickass.

    Roan/ Harper??

    • I am trying to decide if I want to watch it live in 25 minutes, or wait until 10 when I can watch it on my DVR without commercials. See- the commercials kind of like, take me out of the show a little. BUT sometimes they are also a good breather when I can’t see through my tears? So… I am not sure. But I DO know that I need to not be NEAR social media until after I watch.

      I am scared for Kane. BUT I am actually MORE scared for Abby. See- my theory is, Clarke loses one super close person to her per season so… that puts Abby on the chopping block. And with Kabby scenes in the promos… and Henry directing this season… I feel like Abby is more expendable? I don’t want either to die but… I need Kane more, if I have to pick?

      I agree- I LOVE both Harper AND Monty.. but NOT together. AT all. They creep me out together. Especially because I was all for Miller/Monty, so my headcanon of Monty was that he was into guys so… and I just see Harper with… Idk, anyone else? Though, remember when she flirted with Jasper in Season 1 all the time? That was painful to watch. I think she and Roan would work. Long nights fighting, on watch together somewhere… I can see this working. AH I see at the end of your comment you agree! YES! I am on board with this ship! 😀

      OH! I also feel like Niylah might actually make it through Season 4! BUT I don’t think she and Clarke need to happen. I mean, there was chemistry with Clexa but… I think Niylah was just a one night stand.. Bellarke needs to at least… be poised to happen. You are also SO right about Clarke needing to get over it. Like, yeah, she made hard choices, BUT she also keeps putting herself IN those situations so… can’t have it both ways, lady!

      I cannot WAIT. I hope this is good!

      • I need Kane more too! And with Kabby staying behind that just opens them up to all kinds of danger- you might be right there. And yes- stop with the Harper/ Monty! They did it again (literally I guess ha ha). I just don’t- with those two. And I agree about Monty!! Exactly. Rothenberg are you listening??

        What a premiere. Clarke and Bell making plans, consulting each other, leaving together- no more separating (at least for now). THANK YOU gods of The 100. And what the frick Murph?? Little rascal…nice to see Roan channeling a little of his pirate persona from Black Sails too, I definitely got that vibe more than I did in S3.

        • I rolled my eyes HARD when I saw a new Marper scene. It just doesn’t work! AT ALL! And is it just going to be a “thing” where Raven walks in on them every time? (Though, I admit, that WAS funny.)

          I’m also SO glad that the delinquents seem to be together, at least for now. Minus O, I guess, who will be killing… all the people in Polis? Can she PLEASE kill Echo? I do NOT like that Echo is trying to get herself involved with Bellamy. NO. We like Bellarke, okay? Did you see his face when Clarke told Abby that she loved Lexa? SO SAD. But Abby was so SWEET. Which, tbh, makes me even MORE worried for her fate. I don’t think I can handle O and Abby dying. Or either, but definitely not both.

          I liked seeing more of Roan! I loved that when Echo was like “do what your mom would do”, she basically convinced him to do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE. 😂😂 More reasons for Echo to go away now, please and thank you. She’s not smart enough to survive the apocalypse. Twice.

          I really need to know where Murphy is going. And why, because I don’t think I get why he left? I’m probably going to rewatch it, let’s be real. Maybe I will understand then!

          • I did too. Another roll in the hay for MArper… sigh. Silly kids. I don’t think they know what to do with Harper?? They know she’s sorta popular (maybe) but where does she fit? What role does she step into? LOL about O- don’t f&ck with her! And Echo.must.die. Somehow they find ways to make me HATE people on this show, they do it so well.

            O cannot die. It took a while for her to grow on me, but I couldn’t take that. Abby though… don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her to die (because KAbby!!) but if it’s one or the other…

            I don’t get Murphy. He’s been accepted back, Bell gave him a gun for cryin out loud… and he leaves?? I know Emori just wants to be a sneak thief but geez… and where is he gonna go? Exactly right! And Clarke giving the Flame to Roan- even though she had to I guess I was like nooo, keeeep it……….

            • I think you nailed it with Harper- everyone loves her, but they don’t know what to do with her. I think… I think this is very bad news for her. Because she will create a lot of emotions by dying, but the storyline will progress fine. Let’s hope I am wrong.

              I agree with you about Abby/O. If I had to kill one of them… bye Abby, maybe Kane and Indra can be more than friends 😂 I have really odd reasons for thinking O is going to die but most of them are like… actress-involved reasons, and also, talk about a Bellamy storyline. I really REALLY hope I am wrong (and I hate being wrong, so this says a lot 😉 )

              Idk WHAT is happening with Murphy. BUT I think he will be back. They must not make it far, because in the promos, he argues with Clarke, and she is headed back to Arkadia so… Emori is going to have to calm down because Skaikru doesn’t care if she makes tons of genetically abnormal babies with Murphy. In fact they probably hope she DOES because why are there no babies!? OH! Did you catch the line from Echo? Where she tells Bell that Azgeda will “spare their children”? I was like… WHAT CHILDREN!? I have literally NEVER seen a child that wasn’t either A) Being decapitated by Ontari; B) was hanging out on Luna’s rig; C) Was the only kid who went to Dead Zone Elementary; D) Died in Mt Weather. Where are the Skaikru kids!? They don’t have any! WHY isn’t Octavia pregnant with a tiny Linctavia? That was kind of my hope for the future, tbh.

              And the TEARS on Clarke’s face when she gave the flame to Roan. MY HEART. I mean, I am totally a Bellarke fan, but there’s no denying that Clexa had chemistry and love. I think it’s good though that she gave it to Roan- because she can kind of move on, and I feel like Lexa gave her that gift in the finale. But it WAS hard to watch.

              • I forgot about that line about the babies! Eek. It was pretty cold too- what was she gonna do, kill Bellamy? That’s the thing about the Grounders- they’re kinda savages. I like that they don’t sugarcoat ’em- after three seasons the show could have just sorta mellowed on em a bit- but no, they are producing people like Ontari and Echo, so yeah they’re assholes. lol

                You may be right about O- I mean she’s a warrior badass now but where does she go from there? And dramatically speaking it would KILL Bellamy to lose her- you’re so right- and maybe that would help him to acknowledge feelings for Clarke? Will they do that? Oh man…cause who else other than Clarke is close enough to him to comfort him?

                I’m getting worried about Harper… if they don’t know what to do with her yeah they may just off her. And then Monty & Jasper can be buds hanging out again. Please don’t happen.

                Thank you for mentioning Luna! I forgot- will they go to the rig? Or to Mt. weather? There has to be some place they can ride out the radioactivity? I REALLY wonder where they’re going with this. :):):)

                • YES I think she WAS going to kill Bellamy! OR maybe keep him as a prisoner? Since she seems to have some kind of use for him. They ARE assholes, I agree. I do wish some of the more… Lincoln-esque ones would come to the forefront though, and maybe there could be a Grounder battle between like, humanity and lack thereof. Or something. Maybe that’s next season 😉

                  YES I think…. GAH I don’t want you to be right and I don’t want to be right but… YES, Clarke would be like, ALL Bellamy has left. And then Kane, who is like their FATHER at this point, omgggg that would be a HUGE plot point. And like- as much as I LOVE HER (she is probably one of my top 3 faves)… maybe it’s almost merciful to let her go be with Lincoln? Getting choked up, probably need to stop thinking about it 😭

                  Aw crap, Harper. I mean, it would be RUDE to kill someone else Monty loves. But… like you said, what do they DO with her? And it would be this whole… like Monty understanding Jasper’s issues when Maya died, and role reversal. NOOOO. No. No. No. (But… maybe, as much as I say no)

                  OOOOH good call with Luna’s rig! That might actually work, because they could probably filter water! THAT would be pretty epic- and we know Luna shows up sometime this season… damn… that is a REAL possibility. I seriously cannot stand the wait between episodes, but let’s be real, the analyzing is fun 😀

  3. Where will Clarke’s lever be? HAHA. It’s not that I want thousands of people to die BUT… they’re playing this nuclear explosion up to be extremely catastrophic and I hope that the Skaikru don’t save the day in a easy/non-realistic way. ALSO I really hope that Bellamy and Clarke finally explore their romantic feelings that are so clearly there.

    • YESSS I agree. I mean, I feel like maybe she will have to lock people out of a bunker maybe? THAT could be the awful choice! OH WHEELS ARE TURNING IN MY HEAD! And I think they will- or will START to anyway. Maybe Clarke will FINALLY start to realize that she has feelings for Bellamy- because EVERYONE else seems to get it bwhahah.

  4. Loved reading the predictions! I watched the first episode (which was a bit slow? Just me? Idk.), and I’m legit still not over Lexa’s death – she was my favorite. BUT Roan is shaping up to be a new favorite character. I liked him last season, so I’m glad he’ll apparently get a lot more screen time (I sure hope he doesn’t die anytime soon). I’m also missing Lincoln. The problem with killing so many people off for shock factor is that AT SOME POINT ALL THE GOOD CHARACTERS WILL BE GONE. Oh, and Murphy. I just like him, I can’t help it. No idea why he left and where to, but I’m assuming we’ll see enough of him. Maybe I’m attached to him because I’m not too worried he’ll die, him being such a little cockroach and all. I’m totally in the minority here, but I don’t care thaaaat much about Octavia or Bellamy and Clarke. I mean Bellamy obviously has feelings for Clarke, but at this point it seems pretty one-sided. Then again, I think they’re kind of as bad as each other, so they can end up together for all I care. I’m seeing some chemistry between Roan and Clarke too, but I feel like Roan deserves better. 😀 I hope Raven gets some interesting storylines this season! I’m curious about these ‘updates’ ALIE has apparently made to her brain?? How did that even come about?

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