Happy #The100 Moments

So, we all know that there are a shit ton of show stopping, heart stopping, soul stopping moments on The 100. But these are not what I am talking about today. Yeah, we all know about the impact of Clarke’s decision with Finn, or Bellamy throwing that radio in the river. Pike being an overall ass, no one but Kane’s Kidz (I named them that just now) to stop him.

But there will be more of those. Lots more, if we know this show. And frankly, since I feel like we are not far off from ALIE’s whole “six months to live” prediction in our actual lives… well, why not find a few bright spots before Season 4 starts tomorrow (!!!) and we are thrown back into doom and despair? (P.S., I made a video clip for the first time, the one of Kane in Polis, and Monty and Jasper,  and now I feel all fancy.)

So, these are… Happy The 100 Moments! 

“We’re Back, Bitches!!”

Ah, the start of the series seemed so… happy. Even though those two dudes died before even landing. In hindsight, that was a slow day on the ground. But when I first saw it, I was like “damn, they killed those guys off like it was nothing“. Foreshadowing, friends. But anyway, when they first touch down… they’re excited and life is full of possibilities, and glowing butterflies and shit. Good stuff.

All the Day Trip Hallucinations. 

I mean, they were all so damn high on those nuts. It was hilarious. But this is my favorite:

Jasper and Monty fight over dessert

Because hell, it was normal. And fun. And it reminds me of times before they stabbed each other and shot each other and killed and/or tried to kill each other’s love interests. Oopsie.


You guys know this is my all-time fave by now, right? Because it is. And probably always will be. There is nothing about it I do not love.

Kane Enjoys Polis (and roasted rat or whatever)

Abby is like “bitch, you keep that rodent on your side of the table, thankyouverymuch.” And Kane is like “nah, looks delish.” And makes another new friend. He is awesome. It was like…. his awesome grew with his beard. Just saying, that is probably how it happened.

Clexa Sails

This was just so sweet, and frankly, overdue. And I am glad it happened, even though I want Bellarke to be endgame, and even though Lexa died after. I mean, at least her last memories were happy ones, right? And Clarke can be glad that she has those memories too. I think it was just a really lovely moment. MORE lovely moments, please and thank you?

Harper and Miller tell scary stories

Granted, this doesn’t really end well, but does anything on this show? (Spoiler: no.) It’s fun watching them torment Bryan, too. 😉

Are you ready for Season 4? What are some of your favorite moments? Here’s the newest promo, if you missed it!

And I will be back tomorrow with some special guests for premiere day shenanigans!!

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5 responses to “Happy #The100 Moments

  1. Gosh dammit. These all made me cry…happy tears. Seeing them with smiles on their face is so rare and it just sucks. My poor babies. I loved all of these that you chose though, Shannon. Especially that Jeep ride. I really can’t stand Jasper half the time, but seeing him like that is so nice. I hope we get more of it in Season 4. Gosh, I need that for him so badly. I can see what you mean about Jasper and Raven a bit. They’re both so quirky, but I don’t know…maybe it’ll grow on me, but I do think her and Roan are also something to come about, which would be super amazing. Anyway, their happiness is so precious and I just want to hold onto it so badly, but I know I won’t be seeing any smiles in episode one…

    & you made all these videos? Holy shit. That’s amazing.

    • Nooo I made two of the videos thougH! And YES our poor babies. They need more HAPPY TIMES, damnit! I really hope we get more Happy Jasper. Like from Season 1. The first few episodes before he thought he was god’s gift to Earth and was turning down HARPER, can you even!?

      Also Idk what it is with Roan- I think for me, he seems SO much older than the delinquents, even though IRL he isn’t? Like, he is 35 and Bob is 32 but somehow… one being a “kid” and one being “king of Azgeda” is weird to me? Idk. BUT I think some snarky friendships would be AHmazing! I already like his interactions with Clarke- and I think Raven would put up with ZERO of his nonsense.

  2. The thing with all the happy moments, is that no episode straight ends on them. I love the happy moments, but they make me anxious, because it’s always “awwwwwww- OH HOLY SHIT NO!!!!”. 🙁
    For the record, Battlestar Galactica did that, too. And I love both of these shows, so I’m probably addicted to that no-happy-without-tragedy thing. That should probably worry me…..
    I have to wait until season 4 is on DVD before I can see it, but I will say that the trailer has a clip of Monty and Jasper doing their old self- high-five, and that brought tears to my eyes. Like…maybe my boys will be ok? *holds breath*

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