The 100 Season 4 Episodes 1-5: Chat Time!

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! 

Here we are, ready to chat! We have picked colors, so that you know who is saying what! These are just our thoughts and hopes so far for Season 4 that we chatted about during the stupid hiatus that no one asked for 😉 

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1. Best moment of Season 4 so far?

I have a top 3, of course. The first is clear: Bellarke and The List moment. Especially with Erica’s find of that clip with the music removed? Holy crap. ::insert clip here:: The second is KABBY sailing! Woooo! And the third is Jasper and Monty while Jasper is singing in the shower. It was so ridiculous that it made me chuckle. Honorable mention to Jaha being floated!

My favorite moment this season so far definitely has to be The List moment. I know Shannon mentioned it above, but boy, oh boy, that scene is just so intense and gives me all the feels. Seeing Bellarke in action is just lovely. Also, like Shannon has mentioned, the clip I found on Twitter where the music was removed. Guys, holy shit. It gave me chills and made me cry and YOU NEED TO WATCH THAT SCENE WITHOUT MUSIC ASAP. It is beautiful.

I’m going to say the same. SURPRISE. Haha. No, but really, the moment with Bellarke and Clarke and the list is one of my favorites of all the seasons. It shows how much their relationship, and how much they, have grown. It shows how well they complement each other. AND IT’S JUST SO, LIKE ERICA SAID, INTENSE ON THE FEELS. I had to watch it a few times, because of course.

2. Favorite Episode? And if you have one, least favorite! (Feel free to tell us why!)

Favorite episode is Heavy Lies the Crown. Followed quite closely by The Four Horsemen. They were both so solid.  But HLC has literally everything I love about this show: The complexity of characters, romance, laughs (the only laughs, but whatever), plot connectivity, moral grey areas…. Yeah, it wins. Even though TFH has Bellarke Moment

Least favorite is The Tinder Box because why did no one just shoot Riley? And Ilian? Just stop. Both of you.

Okay, I’m kind of in a pickle. The Tinder Box is my favorite and my least favorite. The beginning (actually most of the episode) was great for me, but the end of The Tinder Box just pissed me off and made me want to yell at so many characters. Like, Shannon said, umm, shoot Riley, and shoot Ilian. No one shooting Ilian was just an obvious decision and I just don’t understand why it didn’t happen. Like c’mon. I get everyone was in shock, but, like seriously. Kill him.

*looks up the episode titles because I never remember them* I’m going to say The Four Horsemen, and not just because of the Bellarke moment. It’s been my fave of the episodes so far! Least favorite, hmm. Honestly, it’s a tie between the last two episodes, A Lie Guarded and The Tinder Box. I enjoyed them, of course. But they seemed super weak in comparison to how the season started. I feel like the show always has these shaky episodes in the middle, so I’m sure things’ll pick up.

3. Character you are liking more than you thought you would?

JAHA. I am loving Season 4 Jaha! I know, I know, I forgive too easily, but he is not only being humble, but he is being helpful, and deferring to everyone else, and just like… being wise. I like Wise Old Jaha. And he was a good sport about being floated. So there’s that. And he seems genuinely remorseful.

Hmm, this is a tough question. Okay. I don’t exactly “like” Jaha, but he definitely is someone I am growing towards with every episode passing. I was going to say Monty but I have loved him from the beginning of the show so, I don’t think that counts. I just keep loving him more and more. But Jaha would be someone who is starting to grow on me even though I thought I would continue to hate him throughout this whole entire season series.

I don’t want to say Jaha because Erica and Shannon have too, and it’s like we all have one mind when it comes to this show, BUUUUUT damn it if the writers haven’t made him so interesting right now. I wanted him to be D E A D after season 3’s finale, but I’m so curious where they’re taking his character arc at the moment. I still don’t like him, but we’ll see. This show has tended to make me like characters I swore I wouldn’t (Kane, Murphy, Lexa), so let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of it, I’m saying “omg don’t kill Jaha I love him.”

4. Character who needs to succumb to radiation/O’s sword/a two-headed deer stampede immediately?

RILEY. How many times to I have to beg for Riley to go away? I felt bad for him for about 10 minutes, but that is over. And when I realized how this whole arc was set up FOR BRYAN (I am rewatching, and it is abundantly clear in hindsight that this was supposed to be Bryan, and to be a great storyline for his and Miller’s relationship, too), I get even more stabby. DIE, RILEY.

Echo. I just cannot stand her. She thinks she’s all high and mighty and like, girl, you aren’t. One, you thought you were tough shit for “killing” O, and lookie there, you didn’t kill her cause YOU SUCK. They also better not try to force an Echo/Bellamy relationship because I will riot.

FUCKING ECHO. GET HER OUT OF HERE ALREADY. I know they’ve made her into like the villain of this season (and I like villains/antagonists so I do want to see what they do with her character), and she’ll be around for awhile, but omg I want her gone. And after what she did to Octavia… I’m 100% done with her. The only thing I’m happy about is that I’m pretty sure Bellamy now will *never* see her as anything other than the person who tried to kill his baby sister. #thatshipisdeadletitsink

I also want Riley to go die in a hole. I KNOW these characters are here for conflict, and it would be a boring show without the tension and such that they bring to it, but man, I hate them both.

I do want Echo gone too. This is a good call. I just might not want her gone *as* much as I want Riley gone? Which is less a commentary on my hate for Echo, and more a commentary on how stabby Riley’s sheer existence makes me.

5. Ship you want to seee! (Other than Bellarke, obviously.)

I have mentioned Milian a time or two, yes? I mean, if Bryan has to go, and he does (for multiple reasons, IMO), Miller really needs someone. And Ilian needs a better plot. And I just like the idea of a romance with Miller showing Ilian how wrong he is about Skaikru.

And if someone forces a relationship on Octavia ever, maybe we can get her and Niylah together? I love their interactions. Even if they just stay friends, can we please have more of them? Lots more? Great.

And I am never giving up on Rasper. Damn it.

Hmm, I would totally be cool with…gosh, I don’t know. Maybe no one. I want Raven to be with someone, but then again, I don’t because I love her being an independent woman. She’s bad ass and I guess I just want more Raven and her amazing self. I ship that. OR maybe I ship her and Luna…(maybe?).

I SHIP RAVEN AND LUNA AND I WANT IT TO HAPPEN SO BADLY. That episode where ALIE’s flying machines tried to kill the expedition group, when Luna ran away and Raven convinced her to stay and help, was what planted the seed in my mind and now I’m determined to see the ship set sail.

I think that’s the only one so far, too. Of course I want Bellarke, but that won’t happen until next season (I hope!), so I’m just pinning all my shippy feels on Runa. And it’s funny bc I also had a crackship of Roan/Raven before season 4 started, SO I WILL KINDA JUST BE HAPPY WITH WHATEVER SO LONG AS RAVEN GETS HER DESERVED HAPPINESS.

Still no Rasper fans? No one?

You will never get me to cross to the dark side, Shannon.

6. Predict a death! Yes it hurts, but you know you want to.

Sorry, Abby. Now that Clarke has gone from First Aid Certification to full-blown Trauma Surgeon, there is no need for you to be around. Kabby has sailed, Jackson is backup doc, and it will devastate the absolute fuck out of Clarke. And truly, I don’t think there is any way that both she AND Raven will survive the EMP. And I think Abby is the more likely casualty. Plus, we haven’t lost a main adult yet so… yeah. It’s sad.

Oh, and Bryan, since he’s on that other show. And my fingers are always crossed for Riley’s demise ?

I’m scared for my love, Raven, as well as Abby. Though I’m not really scared over Abby. I would be able to deal with her death, but I wouldn’t be able to deal with Raven’s. I hope we get more of Abby and Kane because they give me life and I need more of them before she passes away, which I’m sure will be happening this season (see Shannon’s reasoning above).

Raven…I just think she has been through so much and has survived it all…I feel like the next thing she goes through will be the end for her and that just…ugh. Breaks. My. Heart.

Erica, you are hereby banned from chats. RAVEN WILL NOT DIE, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT. I don’t think they’ll kill off Riley so soon, but I’m here for Bryan dying and Miller getting it on with someone else. (I’M STILL HOLDING OUT HOPE FOR MINTY). I still think Harper is in danger. As for a death for like the next episode, GAH. I don’t think it’ll be anyone we love, but a death is sure to come for SOMEONE next episode.

If it helps, Holly, I don’t think Raven is going to die. I think somehow, she will survive. They won’t hurt her for four seasons just to kill her. It seems… rude. Too rude, even for this show. And I am all for Minty too. I also think Harper is a goner, sadly. I love her so much but… what is even the point of her right now, other than Monty drama fodder? SAD.

I also agree with you that Abby would be more likely to die than Raven. They both won’t survive, and it sucks. 🙁

7. Now that Alpha Station is gone… what next?

Oy. Why do I ask questions I can’t answer!? Is Raven really going into space? Or is the hydro-whatever the hell going to go BOOM? Then what? I mean, they have basically zero plans left so…. I am just at a loss! Especially since we have *SOBS* only 8 episodes left this season.

Oh! I have one more, that I came up with after discussing The Tinder Box with Greg @ Book Haven! I think Cult Soup Bunker may be back in play, somehow.  Otherwise that was quite a useless exercise in futility, yes? I mean, couldn’t they reinforce the structure and ummm… clean it up? ?

Shannon, stop with all these hard questions… I DON’T KNOW. I’m just some crazed fan and I can’t handle what is going to happen next so I try not to think of it much because I know I’ll break in so many ways….so many different times and I’M NOT READY.

I just read over Shannon’s answer and OMG…8 episodes left and I’m like…no. I need more Bellamy in my life and I can’t handle a year long wait to find out what happens next. Gosh, I’m getting ahead of myself. I just hope that they find a way to get through this without having to ax out anyone else… I can’t deal with any more losses.

But Erica, just think- at least we get a SEASON FIVE!!! ?

Oh, such a hard question. I DON’T KNOW, I’M NOT GOOD AT THIS PREDICTING STUFF EITHER. I still say they can use that doomsday bunker. I’m sure with all their genius brains combined, they’d be able to figure out a way to fix it. Otherwise, what ARE they going to do? They’ve got Luna’s blood and are gonna try to replicate it, but I worry they won’t do it in time.

Oh hey! What about Luna’s RIG!? Speaking of Luna. Any chance that could be a solution? I mean, obviously they should skip the fish dinners, but otherwise…?

I doubt the rig would be a viable solution. The radiation already reached it. And Luna’s blood is basically all they have right now, so I don’t know. Everything seems to just go WRONG in this show. I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING. I JUST WANT ALL MY FAVES TO SURVIVE.

Yeah but remember what Abby said- they had no external radiation symptoms- it was just from eating the fish! So… Idk? Still though, they’d have been outside too, not just inside. I quit, I am just going to go sing in the shower and drink like Jasper. Is Monty back with the weed yet?

Maybe they could use the rig! OOOOOR what about somewhere that isn’t post-apocalyptic US? Why would they show the pyramids of Giza (which I’m like 100% sure is what we saw at the end of episode 1), if it’s not important? I just want to see more of the rest of the world, tbh. Haha.

And we have officially been granted a SEASON FIVE from the Grounder Gods or something. YAYYY! Anyway, here’s what’s coming on Wednesday on We Will Rise!! 

Who has predictions for us! Or thoughts on any of our thoughts! We want to know ALL THE THINGS! 

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10 responses to “The 100 Season 4 Episodes 1-5: Chat Time!

  1. Alright best moment is definitely the list moment. I mean, Bellarke in the same room- alone. When’s the last time that happened? With her walkabout last time and all the other BS, they are spending SO much time together this season, and working together. And it’s not all hormonal “come here baby cause this is the CW” either- they’re acting like adults, which will make it all the sweeter if (WHEN!!!) they get together.

    Shooting Ilian. Remember when the Ark security were ASSHOLES? Even before Pike? Now they’re remarkably restrained. He blows up Arkadia. And no one caps him right there lol?

    I never thought I’d say this but… Jaha for me too. Yes Shannon I said it!! I like wise Jaha… which means he’s going to turn into a total prick later in the season??? If he can go a whole season without f’ing things up, I would be so happy. And I agree w/ Holly- I HATED Kane and now, so… yeah.

    I think Raven is safe. I think she’s the trifecta with Clarke and Bell… those three are the only safe ones. Watch me be wrong! And sadly I fear for Harper. I think she’s be safer if she was with someone else, but I don’t see her and Monty as long term so I’m… worried.

    I was initially shocked about Arkadia but then I thought, I love it. They have nowhere to go, they’re like Grounders now. I definitely think Cult Soup Bunker is in play- maybe there’s more to it/ hidden levels? Yes please. Course I also thought the rig was going to be a big deal when they revealed it, and they’ve been there like once… so that was kinda wasted. I wish they hadn’t blown up Mt. Weather- I LOVED that place. Yeah I know the inhabitants were awful, but it had cool tunnels and stuff… they could all hang out there. Maybe the cannibals would show up.

    • Seriously though, has Bellarke EVER been in a room alone, actually? I mean, since they stopped wanting each other dead, anyway. ? I mean, they pull levers together, but only with Monty in the room ? And then you are so right- she LEFT like a big jerk. Last season they barely saw each other. TOTALLY agree with you too about how adult it seems- how responsible. Like, since they are not just leaping into it, it has to work. RIGHT? (Say yes, to pacify me, obviously.)

      Um. SERIOUSLY with the guard! Remember that blonde woman who was Gorilla Food? What was her name? Byrne? Yes, that is it. I mean, they shot CLARKE for goodness sake! Tased the hell out of Abby, killed Anya… yeah they shot first and asked questions later. And now I feel like they’re going to be like “Hey Ilian, sorry about your family, let’s talk about your feelings” like they’re his collective therapist or something. Tbh, at this point Roan should just blow the hell out of Trishanakru. I mean, clearly I am thinking like a Grounder here but… HELLO, that is what this show is! Lexa would have killed him. Just saying.

      YESSS I am so happy you have come around to liking Jaha! ??? I don’t know why I am so fond of him but I AM. I hated Kane too! Seriously, Holly and I used to bitch about him all the time. And now he is one of my faves! He changed SO much. Jaha I think… just gained a LOT of perspective- and is being humble. I also have to say that I REALLY hope he was blowing smoke up Skaikru’s ass about the lottery, and tells Clarke so, so she knows that he had her back.

      Totally agree about Raven- they need her brain! That is kind of the reason the whole dynamic works, because Raven has the science brain they need to survive. Bellamy and Clarke are smart too, but in different ways.I HOPE you are not wrong! My fingers are crossed haha.

      I do worry about Harper a LOT. She’d be safer if she was single, if she had a plot other than “Monty’s girlfriend” (which, tbh, kind of pisses me off- she could be SO much more), but I guess like- how many badass women can there BE at one time maybe? Especially since so many male characters have died recently, it seems like a few women are going to die- probably Harper and Abby (I AM SO SORRY. I know you love her.)

      I kind of love it too actually! I think Cult Soup Bunker HAS to be in play- why the hell else did they spend a WHOLE episode on it? Same with the rig though, too. (True story, I have a WIP that was inspired by the rig- but I have been lazy about it haha) And I also loved Mt Weather! The whole concept was incredible. But there could be another place like it! I think you could be onto something with other levels of Cult Soup Bunker- what if those soupy folks were just more level 11s like that dead guy outside?

      OH! And I forgot to add this to the chat, but what do you think will happen with Gaia and the flame? Roan mentioned it WAY too much last episode for it to be a non-issue. And of course Gaia will be back. Maybe she’s taking a week off at Indra’s Grounder Resort and Golf Course 😉

      • “pull levers together” lol- yeah they commit mass murder well together don’t they ha ha? Okay that wasn’t nice. And yes. 🙂

        Yeah the guards were JERKS. Tasing and shooting left and right-it’ll be interesting to see if they do anything to him next episode or of he gets off scot free. And OM gosh yes Byrne was a BITCH! I hated her. It’s like you had to pass a certain sadistic/ hyperaggressive test to make Ark security. And… I would love to see Roan just purge Trishanakru and just put a stop to all of them- they;re just trouble. Even for Grounders. 🙂

        Jaha… sigh. yeah. What can I say- they’re writing him so he’s hard to hate. And he could be a pretty good mentor/ back up to Clarke, definitely. And I’ve resigned myself to Harper. Still maybe she survives cause she’s like the only real Tier 2 female they have ?

        Wasn’t Cult Soup Bunker like just a big room (a very messy room lol)? I’m thinking there has to be more to that place. I wish they would have kept part of Mt. weather. I wonder if those tunnels are still there? Also… you have a WIP inspired by the rig? That’s awesome. I hope you post part of it sometime? I don’t know why but I thought the rig was way cool, and had so many possibilities.

        I’m not sure about Gaia and the Flame but there has to be something to do with Becca? I’m not entirely clear on all that but didn’t Becca create it? There’s gotta be something there. Raven finds out when she goes into space *sigh* and then the race is on to find Gaia? And I still think she may have to sacrifice herself? Speaking of Indra- she is not getting nearly enough time this season.

        • You’d think they’d have a little privacy while committing all the murders but noooo. Ironic now that Monty can’t get a minute of alone time with Harps without Raven busting in, no?

          I feel like we have developed Grounder-think, since we are both totally FINE with eliminating entire clans at this point ?But yeah, bye, Trishanakru. It wasn’t even particularly nice knowing you. Who is even left anyway? Ilian killed everyone he knew, O killed Rafael and that random dude with the hair, so… it’s like Ilian, and one other rando. Easy peasy.

          I DO hope you are right about her being the only Tier 2 Skaikru female. Because she IS. Some of the Tier 2 females in general are definitely going to die though- but maybe this can save Harper? Maybe someone will just like… capture her so Monty can be a hero? Let’s be real though, in this show, it’s usually the guys who are captured and the women who rescue them! (Such a win, and a nice change of pace, IMO- though I would be down with Badass Monty, I like when he comes out to play.)

          And YES Cult Soup Bunker WAS just that one room- and I think you are so right, why would they just have built ONE room? Doesn’t make sense! Especially if the guy was THAT loaded and kept the house- he wouldn’t keep the house for one room! And oh the TUNNELS! Good call! There has to be options that these morons haven’t discovered yet because they are so busy fighting each other 😉

          And yes, someday I will post part of it. When it gets… more written 😉 Though I say that for every WIP and then start hating it, BUT- but. This one actually has a little bit of a plot, which my WIPs have been constantly lacking. So this could happen!

          Becca DID create the flame- and I cannot understand why O let Gaia keep it, since it made Roan so vulnerable. And if Raven is making everyone a nightblood and Gaia has the flame… ANYONE can become Heda, right? I think your theory about Space Raven could be right though- and of course, will she have enough of whatever chemical that is to go BACK if she finds the chip? ALSO- remember when Becca was on Polaris with the chip and the nightblood? She seemed to NEED the chip- she wouldn’t let her colleges have it, so I think you are absolutely onto something here!

          According to IMDB, Indra isn’t scheduled to appear again til episode 9, but that seems… crazy, right? Where the hell is she!? At the golf course and ice cream shop!? You are so right, I need more Indra in my life!

          • Monty and Harps are gonna have a harder time canoodling now with the Ark blown up! No more private quarters… lol. Course they’re kinda busy anyway with like, you know, apocalypse. And Grounder think! Yes we are perfectly comfortable discussing the merits of culling entire clans! I think you’re right, Trishanakru are pretty much gone at this point? Will Ilian join Skaikru?

            They have to go somewhere and I think Polis is out. Cult Soup seems to make the most sense. I keep mentioning Mt. Weather and I know they’re not going to go there, but I keep thinking those cannibal tunnels- did they go anywhere specific or was it just to the outside? I guess I’m thinking about those tunnels too much. Plus there’s a lot of little bunkers here and there- like the little love nest Clarke and Finn found.

            Good luck with that WIP BTW! I like the rig, I don’t know why…

            Okay I always get fuzzy on the Becca/ chip thing, but yeah… there’s something going on there. I’m trying to remember- did polaris crash? Or is it still up there? It has to mean something that Gaia has it- because if Roan had it they wouldn’t have to desperately go find it. I think that’s going to be the final piece- where is Gaia? Indra went off to warn Trikru right? I wonder if Gaia then showed up there and Indra is hiding her? Or are there other Flamekeepers that we didn’t know about, and are THEY hiding her? Gahh I need spoilers lol. I can’t WAIT to see where this goes.

            • Bwahahaha poor Monty. I feel like Harper can survive sans Monty canoodles ? And see, this is why Milian is perfect- we can get rid of Trishsnakru, and boom, Ilian has a new boyfriend AND a new clan. Less messy.

              I like the tunnels, so I am all for a tunnel storyline. I don’t know WHERE they went tbh. I know the Reapers just brought prisoners in for Dr Tsing, but beyond that? Who knows. Lincoln knew. ?? Maybe it’s in his notebook! I love how we have more ideas and plans than the ACTUAL characters who could die of radiation ?

              And you have a great point with Clarke and Finn’s love bunker. I mean, it protected them from the acid fog, right? Why not radiation?

              Oh, and the rig WIP came from a combo of a strange dream about me rowing a boat on a canal with Lincoln, and then thinking about the rig hahaha.

              As for Becca, she launched Polaris- it’s in that flame room where Titus was, that’s how she came to Earth from the station. And then the Ark blasted the rest of Polaris out of the sky.

              I feel like there ARE more flamekeepers- it seemed like Gaia was in a group of people? The flame HAS to be of importance. And Indra didn’t need 4 weeks to warn all 4 members left of Trikru… ?

              I can’t wait to find out THINGS tonight. But you know we’re going to have more questions than answers when it’s done ?

  2. I really don’t like Echo either, but part of me still hopes she goes out with a little glory, maybe defending Bellamy or something.

    I can’t really think of any ship besides Belarke. I liked Finn with Clarke, but still, ever since season 1 I’ve been DYING for full force Belarke romance.

    With the renewal, it’s safe to say that this season’s plot isn’t going to kill all our characters.

    Oh also, I’m still totes okay with Jasper dying…

    • Honestly SAME! I think that would be SUCH redemption for her! And I don’t think she IS all bad, because she clearly was not happy when O “died”. And she really did feel for Bellamy, but it worries me because I think they may try to set up Becho. And NO ONE wants Becho! I need some Bellarke too. But with the renewal, we are not getting it this season. Maybe a teeeeeny gesture. That is it. But at least we get a Season 5!

      BWHAHAH Jasper. I feel for him, but at the same time it is like… DUDE, get some help and move on! Like he needs a legit psychiatrist, where is the Ark’s mental health department?! ?

  3. OMG Bellarke and the list! Stick a fork in me, I’m done. So beautiful. ?

    Legit never thought I’d say this, but I’m digging season 4 Wise Old Jaha too. I mean, if nothing else, he clearly ships Bellarke soooo. I’m cool with him now. Raven has been through so much shit I just feel like she deserves something good? But also no one is good enough for her. Can I ship her with me? LOL.

    • I agreeeee, it was AMAZING. ANd yes you can absolutely ship yourself with Raven, because you understand how much she needs someone good for her! 😉 I seriously NEVER thought I could like Jaha again, and here I am, wanting to go have a cup of Monty’s moonshine with him ?

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