I Am Not a Sharpshooter (And Other Things You Know About Me): A Rebel of the Sands Giveaway

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So, Rebel of the Sands looks like an amazing book, yes? Yes. I mean, the cover alone screams brilliance, but then you read the synopsis, see all the incredible five-star reviews… and basically, I cannot wait to read it. (Luckily, it is only about two books away on my TBR!!)

In the book, “Amani finds herself becoming a myth in the making, legendary for her sharpshooting skills, more gunpowder than girl.” And we lovely bloggers are known for things too, right? I mean, not sharpshooting, at least for me personally. Or anything that requires any amount of hand-eye coordination. But I digress. While we wait for Rebel of the Sands to learn all about Amani’s reputation, the lovely folks at Penguin would like to know about our reputations.

But since I can’t follow rules, I am going to do a countdown of them! Because as I am certain that Amani is a well rounded character, I have more things to share! (And frankly, I feel like you are getting sick of the one thing that you know is number one on this list.) Annnnnnd. Rebel of the Sands comes out on March 8. So EIGHT things is the perfect number! 

So, some things you may know about me? Shannon is…. 

8. Bad at Normal

Starting this one off with the obvious. I do this a lot. Like that time it was a Top Ten Tuesday and I had 73 books? Yeah. I’m not really a rule breaker by nature but maybe this is a sign I want to be? And I can be incredibly random. I mean, I have photoshopped myself and iced coffees places. I once turned Val into a centaur.  Very little of what I do makes sense, basically. And I am not at all sorry.

7. Aggressively Pro-Swimming

You won’t all know this, because unless you have discussed swimming competitively, I’d really have no reason to google stalk chat about this with you. But if you have swum, hit me up in the comments, we will discuss event specialties. I don’t google your times until you’ve spent the night at my house ::cough:: Val ::cough::

But swimming was once everything to me, so uh, let’s chat about it!

6. A Leaver of Novella Comments

I don’t even mean to do this but I like what you guys have to say! So sometimes, I will hit “post comment” and realize that I have posted a longer comment than the post itself. Take this as a compliment, because it means I had so many things to relate to in your post! Incidentally, this is likely why I never get anything done. 

5. Spawn and Prisoner of Two Small Humans

You may recall some cute Christmas pictures, Halloween pictures, and what have you of two small humans. They look innocent, but don’t let them fool you. They hold me captive, all day, every day. Some days they don’t even let me eat or shower. But they get away with it, because those faces.


4.  A Last Minute Scheduler

See, part of this is the aforementioned small humans and their confiscation of my time, but if you’ve been around for awhile, you know that quite literally, It Starts at Midnight. Because I am pushing my luck every single day. There’s also the social media effect. It’s when you want to finish a post, but there’s Twitter, so shiny, and all your friends are there and it’s hard, okay? 

3. Unable to DNF

No one knows why. I can’t physically stop, basically. I think it stems from when I first picked reading back up again and almost DNFed things all the time (well- more like, I read the first few chapters on Amazon, and didn’t want to continue) and then ended up loving the book. Now I think I may just be insanely competitive with myself? Or a masochist? I have no idea, but I finished Seeker, so there you have it.


2. Anxious About ALL the Things

The irony that maybe if I scheduled stuff, I’d be less stressed has not escaped me. Time, my friends. Until I find some, you will inevitably find me panicking over not responding to comments in time,  not having things scheduled, worrying that I am messing everything up in general and that my blog is the messiest mess in all the land. chelsea-handlergiphy

1. Hunger Games Obsessed

Ah, you knew this one was coming, didn’t you? And that it was going to be number one, because of course it is. I feel like if you’ve been here twice, you know that there’s some serious fangirling happening. I am not even ashamed. 

thegiv (1)

Thanks to Penguin, FIVE lucky winners will each receive an amazing prize pack which includes a finished copy of Rebel of the Sands, a Penguin Teen Tote, and an Hourglass. (Sorry my international loves, this one is US Only.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure you read all the rules and such, since this is Penguin’s giveaway 🙂

You can find out more and/or pre-order here: 


Now, I must ask: What do you think I am known for? And also, what do you think you are known for?

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34 responses to “I Am Not a Sharpshooter (And Other Things You Know About Me): A Rebel of the Sands Giveaway

  1. Oh.my.gosh. Val as a centaur is everything. Why does she not make that her profile photo?!?!
    You’re definitely a leaver of novella comments! Both Nereyda & I can’t stop gushing about them either! 🙂
    And last minute scheduler … loool! Nereyda and I literally wrote our post for today 10 minutes before it was supposed to post. It’s really hard sometimes, but we’re both just like ehh. Other things have to come first.
    And *gasp* the Hunger Games thing is new information to me! Haha! 😀
    This was fun, Shannon! I’m glad I got to know your obsession with swimming and inability to DNF (I’m a pro at DNFing myself!).

    • She SHOULD make that her profile photo! JEEZ, Val! And you are too sweet! I am glad that you aren’t rolling your eyes like “oh crap, another 1200 word essay” 😉

      You must teach me your DNFing ways. I need to stop reading books I don’t care about!

  2. I read the first page of this and WOAH I WANT IT SO MUCH. I might not be able to enter the giveaway, but this just earned its spot in my TBR three times over. Will be keeping an eye out for your review to decide whether to pick it up 😀 Novella comments eat up so much of my time too — I simply have SO MUCH TO SAY. I’m trying to learn to speak more succinctly so I can get to more blogs, though. I’m the exact opposite with scheduling — I schedule EVERYTHING in advance then panic over every tiny thing that might cause a change. And of course Hunger Games 😛

    • I am SO excited for this book, and knock on wood, I have heard nothing but great things! I will be reading it very soon, though I am not sure if I will post my review with my tour stop or separately, so I will be sure to let you know!

      Dude, the comments are KILLING me, as you can see by the fact that I am responding an entire week later. The struggle is real, my friend. Oddly, I have found that returning comments on my own blog seems to take less time on my phone- I guess because it’s a pain to type on the small touchscreen, and harder to just randomly click to other pages? But that has been helping, at least a little.

      And girl, once you hit “schedule”… pretend it doesn’t exist 😉 I don’t even LOOK at mine after I schedule them- god knows what this one says ?

  3. Eek 73 books in a Top TEN Tuesday post? Wow you really are bad at normal, Shannon! 😛
    I used to be the same haha, unable to DNF – because of both the reasons you mentioned! I’ve had experiences where I hated the book at first and then it magically got better, like Cinderella’s chances to go to the ball, and I’m insanely competitive – that combination did not bode well for my TBR pile, because I’d be stuck on a book for AGES sometimes, and yet still add more books to that TBR pile xD

    • Hahhaha right? I mean, I try, but I cannot normal! Well, let’s be honest, that time with the 73 books I didn’t really try 😉 And DNFing… ugh. I wish I had an answer, but I basically force myself to finish- because just like you said, I am competitive and it NEEDED to be read so I could move on. I need to get better with DNFinG! The thing is, I could probably do it after like, 20 pages and not feel as bad about the time wasted. BUT then I’d feel bad that I didn’t give it a “fair chance”- and those are kind of mutually exclusive, so I guess I am stuck reading all the crappy books! ?

  4. Haha! Of course Hunger games fangirling is #1! I agree that all these things apply to YOU. I didn’t know you can’t DNF thou. (and hey, i too finished seeker and i kinda liked it, so there’s that). Your spawn are so cute. Coincidentally my post today contains a picture of my two youngest babies. I really like that you are all these things, Shannon. Your novella comments and awesome blog posts make my day!

    • I cannot DNF. CANNOT. I have DNFed 3 books in the history of my reading life. And they were BAD. Obviously hahha. You liked Seeker? GREAT, you can read Traveler and tell me what the hell this series is about! (Seriously, not even kidding, I will give you the book and you can explain it to me!)

      AW Karen, you’re making me smile!! Now you have made MY day 😀

      • Oh, I would love to get my hands on the sequel to Seeker. I know it had issues, but I thought the premise was good. Want me to email you my address? I’ll pay for shipping 🙂

  5. I definitely think Hunger Games when I think of you, Shannon, and the Shattering Stigmas event.

    Me? I’m sure other bloggers see me as an organize fool what with all my spreadsheets and stuff that I keep going on and on an on about. 🙂

  6. You are definitely known for the novella comments and the hunger games obsession haha at least to me. But I love your novella comments!! It means you put thought into a post and want to share your opinions so that’s good 🙂 And don’t worry. Your THG obsession is healthy hahaha

  7. Oh wow, for some reason I knew all of these things already. It must mean your personality really does shine through this blog <3 Never stop being you! I love your novella comments and if you love swimming, then you love it. I love doing it but I never swam competitively. There is a girl in my class who does though and I admire that she wakes up early and has swimming training every morning BEFORE SCHOOL. Like, swimming like crazy and then school afterwards? That girl is a machine <3

    • Aww Olivia, that is SO sweet, thank you!! ♥

      And swimming is no joke. At my school, the boys team practiced before school, and we practiced after school (we got lucky, basically), but did weights before school twice a week. And then in the summer and over holidays, there were a lot of two-a-day practices, those were extra special :/ Worth it though 😀

  8. I can’t DNF either lol I just can’t. I will allow myself to skim but I NEED to know what happens.

    Twitter….I’m sure I could do something important in life if I didn’t keep getting distracted by Twitter & I’m not a blog planner. I tend to go day by day or at most 1-2 weeks ahead but that’s rare.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

    • SAME! I need to know too- even if I HATE the story. So weird. And seriously, Twitter is the biggest time suck in the history of the world, and I can’t stop. And hey, 1-2 weeks is good! I’m feeling accomplished if I have 1-2 minutes to spare 😉

  9. Yay, I guessed #1!! Wait, what do you mean that wasn’t much of an accomplishment? 🙂 Yeah, yeah, whatever. I still get cookies for it. The Pooh gif is epic. I love him – and all the bothers he does not give. Novella comments… guilty! Guilty, but not sorry. ‘Cause I love reading yours and I love leaving them so… yeah. And your little humans! OMG, your daughter is a total Mini Me. Ugh, Mini You. Whatever. And your little man… what a cutie! I have to be real and admit I’m not much of a kid person but he looks very huggable. LOL You are definitely known for your love of all things Hunger Games. And the fact that you are waaay too hard on yourself. Work on that, will you? LOL I am known for… uh, my love for Daemon Black and my tendency to social media stalk Pepe Toth (Daemon Black cover model)? lol

    • Bwhahahah! Yeah… sorry 😉 But I am totally willing to give you cookies, just based on the fact that I like you. That’s good enough, right?

      DUDE- Sammy is the most huggable kid EVER. I am not a kid person (other than my own, of course) either, but I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want to just cuddle the crap out of Sam. Lena.. well she’s a piece of work, and I waver between cuddle and throttle- is that bad? 😀

      I LOVE that you not only KNOW, but stalk the cover model! That is FABULOUS! It makes me far less concerned about my asinine conviction that one day Josh will fall in love with me ?


    First you LOOK ME UP on the INTERWEBS. For my TIMES. Which I know you mentioned you were going to do it, but I didn’t know you were SUCCESSFUL. Oh man just looked them up, that’s not even 1/8 of my times though. Blah. Still have those ones from 11+ years old.


    You will always be known for your novella comments. NEVER STOP. And lol Hunger Gamesssss. And squishers! Tell her, her best friend says hi. And SAMJAMMERS! Cuties they all are. Gimme.

    • Well, if these times are not the times you want me to see, then I will be needing a full list of personal best times. Sadly, very few of mine are on the internet on account of me being ancient, but I do have print outs for anyone needing a copy.

      The centaur pic is BEAUTIFUL. It could have been worse- Holly looks like a corpse, and Amber is Evil Romber. At least you get to keep your pretty face!

  11. Haha that centaur pic is GREAT! I love novella comments and there are certain times I do the same because I just can’t help getting carried away! Sometimes there is just SO MUCH that has to be said! Twitter sucks me in too. I’m like, “Oh look my people! I need to join in these conversations” Meanwhile, nothing else gets done! I’m not really good at DNFing either. I don’t do it often but when I do, it’s kind of like a horcrux and I feel like part of my soul gets ripped from me. (I just feel so guilty! But then if I suffer through a book I get mad at myself for wasting time. SIGH.) It’s a lose-lose situation I guess. Your kiddos are precious! It’s really hard to find time especially when there’s so much to balance!

    • Hahha thanks!! And YES I agree with you- sometimes I just want to say ALL the things, and I cannot be contained 😀

      Those are my exact thoughts about Twitter too! Where else can you find your people in one place? YOU CAN’T! And the DNFing IS a lose-lose. I seriously cannot think of ANY way that I could be at peace with it- even though I WANT to, because I am sick of forcing myself to read crappy books.

      And thank you! The children are extra cute when they’re asleep, too 😀

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