3 Book Wishes& Giveaway!

Who is excited about The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury? ::Raises hand:: Seriously, this has been one of my absolute most anticipated books of the year, so when I was asked if I wanted to make a bookish wish post, um, YES, yes I did. giphy (23)


I mean, I like books. I like wishes. I like giveaways. This sounds like a good plan, basically. Now, I was asked for one book wish but… I’m pretty sure you get three, no? I mean, in legend and such, you’d get three, so I am absolutely giving myself three. Because who knows what my mood will be. 

Wish 1: Beach Reading

Empty hammock strung from palm trees overlooking a blue ocean on an idyllic tropical island

The key to this one is that it cannot be too hot, but hot enough for me to play in the ocean if I so choose. Without the book, of course. Do you think me a monster? Also, cocktails. Super fruity, beachy ones. If you’ll notice, I even have a backup. 

Wish #2: A Cozy, Comfy Home Library


Clearly, this one needs iced coffee. And me somehow winning the lottery, basically, but since this is a wish, I win! Also, I would wish for these editions, because I do not have them, and I want the pretty! 

Wish #3: Travel with Books!


This one is kind of cheating, because it is actually me in Morocco, but it was easier than looking up another image that was public domain. Don’t judge! I would still go back to Morocco though, I wish I had been able to see more things. I mean, they probs don’t have iced coffee, but they should. Also, this is the Arabic edition of The Hunger Games. I want it, even though the cover is kind of weird. Close up? Sure! 


Why does it look like Katniss is at “Da Club”? 

thegiv (1)

 5 winners will receive a hardcover of THE FORBIDDEN WISH and 2 addition Penguin Young Readers books of their choice. Readers may choose from backlist, frontlist, and future titles if ARCs are available and there are no additional restrictions.

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Do share: What would be your bookish wish?

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62 responses to “Three Book Wishes: A Forbidden Wish Giveaway!

  1. Marjolein

    Love this post! Those pics are wonderful. My bookish wish is that once I finish a book from a series the next one will magically appear in my hands. 😀

  2. Haha your comment about Katniss at “da club” is cracking me up. If you think about it, for introverted bookworms, going to the club would be like the Hunger Games. So, you see, it’s *symbolism*. And all that other stuff we were taught in high school 😉 I have too many bookish wishes though. I can’t even decide what to eat for dinner, please don’t make me decide on just one!

    • HAHHAHA I love that! The symbolism of the random covers of The Hunger Games. This one isn’t the only super weird international one out there, I should showcase them and you can tell us what they mean 😀

      I can’t decide what to eat for dinner either! We’d be a mess at a restaurant! 😉

  3. I’m so looking forward to The Forbidden Wish, and I love your three wishes. Hopefully you can make them all happen! 😀 Also that cover of the Hunger Games does look like Katniss is clubbing O__o I wonder why they chose that. As for my bookish wish, it would be to have Belle’s library from Beauty and the Beast, complete with the magical dusters who would keep it clean for me haha.

  4. Oooh, is this giveaway INT?!? AND OMG YOUR POSTS MAKE ME LAUGH. Particularly Shannon in The Hammock. Although I probably would do more beach napping than reading? Darn it, sunshine, you make me sleepy.

    • I… I have no idea if it is international? I mean, it’s Penguin’s jam soooo… they should really put these things in the rafflecopter. I would have. Just saying. Also I think beach napping is perfectly acceptable. After those two drinks, I may just put THG over my eyes and take a nap myself 😉

  5. LOOOL! I love this so much!
    You’re going to hate me, but I live about 10 minutes away from the beach (island girl here!). So you know whenever you need a vacation at the beach, come visit meeee although you’re going to have to travel over 48 hours to reach me.
    A cozy home library is something that I have on my wishlist too! Your face in that photo though. Haha! You’re too adorable.
    The Arabic Hunger Games looks like a magazine cover! WHY is she in a club or a hotel lobby?
    Hopefully, the jinni grants all your wishes! 😀

  6. I love the pictures that you Photoshopped, Shannon. It definitely made me laugh and of course I couldn’t see you without a copy of one of the Hunger Games books. I am looking forward to The Forbidden Wish! My bookish wish is to have my own personal library complete with a reading chair and a window seat. I might want the room to be part library and part crafting room. Thank you for sharing this post.

  7. OMG Shannon this is so GREAT! I love your three wishes! I am so with you on beach reading. But I agree- it can’t be TOO hot. Basically, I just need a good breeze to cool me down if I’m laying out. And traveling with books! YES. I love to travel and I haven’t done it in so long! The Arabic version of HG is really…. interesting to say the least. LOL.

    • Haha thanks! I agree, breeze is key. And low humidity. I feel you with the travel, I haven’t gone anywhere in almost 6 years ? But I will someday have to go find that ummm not quite gorgeous edition of The Hunger Games ? P.S.- You should see the Mockingjay one! Actually… maybe this would make a fun post!

  8. Last year (summer 2015) I went to the Golf Shores with my BFF and her family and I LOVED the beach reading. If I had to pick where I would do some more beach reading it would be right there, where the ocean water actually warms up. Here in Georgia, we have the Atlantic Ocean and it’s never as warm as I wish it were <3 I definitely want a comfy home library too. That would be heaven on earth!

    • I feel you. I only have access to the dumb Atlantic here (and MUCH further north, sadly). When I was in Hawaii, in the Pacific… man, that spoils you for sure. Like, who EVER wants to have to go to like, New Jersey again? (Not that anyone wanted to to begin with but… 😉 )

      And I agree! Maybe my wish should be home libraries for ALL of us 😀

  9. Your edited images are so great xD BUT AHH THIS BOOK SOUNDS AMAZING AND GUESS WHAT?? IT’S RELEASED ON MY BIRTHDAY *heart eyes* hullooo birthday present. My bookish wish i wish with all my heart is to get a magical card that holds unlimited funds so I can buy all the books on my current wishlist, and buy all the books I want in the future. How awesome would that be? Walk up to the check out counter like, “Yes pls, I’ll buy your whole store. Just put it on my bookish card.” 😉

  10. Totally perfect wishes Shannon! My bookish wish right now is 1. The Raven King! Knowing there are no ARCs (and no spoilers) is great but I WANT it! 2. Your first wish. Please someone put me on a beach with my kindle and a fruity drink! ♥

  11. This post is hilarious, and your photoshop skills are on point! My bookish wishes include curling up in a fuzzy blanket on a winter day and reading an amazing novel…but without interruption and getting drowsy. I unfortunately get too comfortable and nod off very easily, so I usually end up reading in uncomfortable kitchen chairs instead 🙁 I’d also really, really love to go to an author event featuring Bill Bryson (one of my absolute faves!).

  12. BAHAHA. I love this Shannon! What a fabulous way to get people excited for this book! And I completely agree with all your wishes – being able to travel with books would be absolutely amazing, and it would just be so relaxing to read a book on the beach. Also, what bookworm wouldn’t want a huge home library? xD Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

  13. Oh my god you are so funny. these pictures had me cracking up. It is actually really hard to read on the beach with the sun glare. I would rather read by the pool (or listen to my kindle read to me while I sip a cold brew). Morocco is awesome, it’s on my bucket list. Fun post Shannon!

    • Hahahha thanks! I agree, which is why my little hammock is in the shade 😉 I would also rather read by the pool honestly, BUT maybe not if I had a private beach? With the shaded hammock, of course.

      And Morocco is GORGEOUS, and so, so different. I need to go back, because I had a really unfortunate experience with the tour group (we were only there for 2 days) and I didn’t get to see most of the stuff I wanted to (and we were supposed to!) see. I say we just hop on a plane right now, you in? We’ll find a nice pool while we are there to read at!

  14. OMG. Katniss in da club! I feel a really good rap coming along…

    I’m so jealous that you’ve been to Morocco. (Well… I’m actually jealous that you’ve been overseas!) The farthest east I’ve gone is the Bahamas, and that was to babysit/nanny. lol

  15. Ooh fun post – love your photos! Oh gosh, if I could have a bookish wish then maybe an unlimited credit to a bookstore? And by credit, I mean, like a gift card that never ends…not something I have to pay back. haha I’d be gifting allllll the books!

  16. LOL THOSE GRAPHICS! 😀 And that THG translation is just so weird!!! You sure it IS the Hunger Games and not some adult thriller?
    I am so excited for The Forbidden Wish as well!!! And Penguin comes up with the best promotion ideas, don’t they? They’re so fun!

    • Yep, I like, double and triple checked, because seriously with that? But yep, it is true!! And I agree, I LOVE their promotion ideas- because they’re like, open enough that you can really get to know the blogger, because you can be creative!

  17. This was such a fun post to read! Loveee your photoshop skills. Also, I’m so excited to hear that you’ve been to Morocco. That’s where I’m originally from and I love seeing people visit my home country.

    Haha, that Hunger Games Arabic cover is supaahhh weird.

    • Awww thanks! I grabbed some random pictures of myself and used Picmonkey to add them to the backgrounds hahah. Except for Morocco, because I was actually there, of course! I didn’t know that it’s where you were from! I really liked it, and I want to go back SO badly. We were only there for two days, and had some issues with the tour group we used, and I missed a lot of the things I wanted to see. So maybe someday, I will get to go back!

      And seriously with the cover. The thing is, that isn’t even the weirdest cover I have stumbled upon. I am going to do a post I think- because they’re too strange to not share 😉

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