Shattering Stigmas 5.0 Is a Wrap!

And that’s all she wrote, friends! Literally, I have nothing more to share with you, so it’s that time where I thank you all furiously, and acknowledge all the people who helped out so generously, and all that good stuff! 
Thank You, Guest Posters!! 

This event would have been rubbish indeed (at least at It Starts at Midnight!) if you all hadn’t stepped up and so bravely and graciously shared your stories and ideas with us. So without further ado, my immense and eternal thanks to Beth,  Author Tamara Basic, Malka, Author Julia Ember, C.J., & AmberYou can find ways to follow them all via their posts that I have linked, and I really hope you do. Not only are they incredible guest posters, but they’re incredible human beings who I am lucky to consider friends.

Thank You, Co-Hosts!! 

Taylor got this event off the ground the past two years, and I can 100% say that it would not still be happening without her. Nor would I be here this year without her, so I cannot thank her enough for pretty much rescuing my “event baby” when I was just too overwhelmed to do it myself. And for Amber and Mari who have stepped up to co-host, a million thanks as well!

Taylor has made an incredible master list of the posts, so you can check them all out at your convenience. Again, thank you for that, Taylor! It’s beyond helpful!

Thank You, Readers/Commenters!! 

This event would be a bunch of people shouting into a void if it wasn’t for you all. I appreciate you more than you could ever know, and I know that our guest posters and co-hosts feel the same. Every time you read one of these posts and feel a connection, a kinship, or even just learn something new, it makes us feel like we’ve made a difference. So from the absolute bottom of my heart, thank you. And for those of you cheering for our guest posters in the comments? Yeah, you are rockstars and we love you! (And I promise I will be doing my damnedest to get caught up on comments- my own personal situation has been messy the past two weeks, which I think I mentioned at some point but I can’t even keep track so here we are. The bottom line is, I appreciate you, and I see you!)

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A million thank yous from the bottom of my heart! Did you read anything during the event that really stuck with you? Definitely do share!! See you next year! 

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5 responses to “Shattering Stigmas 5.0 Is a Wrap!

  1. Danielle Hammelef

    Thanks to everyone who shared personal stories and heartaches and victories. Thank you for being brave.

  2. Shannon, thank you so much for being a co-host! I’m so glad I was able to collaborate with you on this project and I’m thankful for you creating it! And thank you for putting the giveaway together! This year was definitely a success and I can’t wait for next year.

  3. It’s amazing that you have been running and hosting this for the past five years, Shannon. I enjoy it every year and I think you’re doing some really important work. Thank you to everyone who has shared <3

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