A few times,I told you about the shows I watched. And it was fun, so I am going to do it again! This batch seems less successful than the previous ones but that is okay! Some were still wins, and the ones that weren’t…. well then I shall save you from them!

So, a list of the mostly good shows I’ve been watching since whenever the hell the last post posted was! 

2018- ♦ Netflix

Renewed for a second, two-part season. Which… okay? Sounds like four seasons, but you do you, Netflix 🤷‍♀️

Guys I did not love this. In fact, I did not finish it. So maybe it gets better, who knows. Tbh, I mostly cared because A) Sabrina, which I loved in the 90s. And B), Tati Gabrielle, who plays Gaia on The 100. I knew it was going to be a much darker reboot, which I was all for! I didn’t need a second cheesy Sabrina, as much as I enjoyed the first cheesy one.  So dark, yay! The fact that I was mostly suuuuuper bored? Very, very nay. And like I said, maybe it got better! The episodes seem longer than they need to be, and I didn’t really love the girl playing Sabrina, though I did enjoy some of the side characters? Also, apparently I am better at DNFing shows than I am books.

Tati was awesome though. Feel free to watch it for Tati.

Verdict: 👎

2016-2018 ♦ Netflix 

3 Seasons; Canceled by evil demons

I really liked Season 1. I loved Season 2. And I beyond epically loved Season 3. So of course it was canceled. The good news is, if you want to start it, it is somewhat wrapped up? Like when I saw how it ended, I was scared that it would be over. Because it is a decently closed ending. The bad news is, you will want more answers. And more of the characters you will undoubtedly fall in love with. And shit, you will be jonesing to see the future because come on. The whole concept is really well executed, but I won’t lie, I am here for the characters and their stories and how they’ll save the damn world.

Sorry Grace, I’ll never let go 😭😭😭

Verdict: 👍👍

2018 ♦ Netflix


I…. genuinely have no idea what the hell happened here. None. Nada. I finished the series, hoping that by the end I’d have a huge “aha!” moment that would make me understand what all the fuss was about but wow nope no idea. It had a few moments that gave me some hope, and maybe that is also a reason I kept watching. And I sort of felt for the characters, though I wasn’t even fully sure I was supposed to. I feel like a lot of drugs were consumed in the making of this show and that’s all I’ve got.

I feel you, girl. Like me finishing this show.

Verdict: 👎

2015– ♦ Amazon

Renewed for 4th Season (coming soon!)

This show is goddamn everything. I am in love. I mean, the premise is awesome, of course. People living in space in the future- not getting along, because some things never change. And then all kinds of shenanigans ensue, and I am not telling you a thing because I promise you need to see it for yourself. I have heard (thanks, Beth!) that the books are even more incredible so I have the first one, hoping to get to it soon!

When I started the show, I was a little overwhelmed, but it was interesting enough to continue. And the characters are beyond phenomenal, once you get past the first couple episodes where you aren’t sure who you actually care about. This show is epic. It basically quenched my thirst during The 100 hiatus and that is a tall freaking order.

Right, sorry ma’am. It is awesome. Watch it.

Verdict: 👍👍

2018-2019 ♦ Syfy

One season; Canceled 

This is legitimately one of the most boring things I have ever encountered on television. And it sounds so freaking cool. But it just wasn’t. I couldn’t pay attention because everyone was so incredibly flat. And sure, maybe exciting stuff happened eventually, but after two episodes, I was officially out of fucks to give. Sorry, not sorry.

Sure are 🙄

Verdict: 👎

2019- ♦ Fox/Hulu

One Season; Renewal status unknown (cross ALL THE THINGS), some evidence of a Season 2 

Okay look. I might have just watched it because of Henry Ian Cusick from The 100 and a little Zach Morris action. BUT. Guys. Please do not sleep on this show, it is incredible. I mean, okay it’s some kind of zombie-vampire hybrid apocalypse, yes. But it is so much more. Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s character (Brad Wolgast) takes a little girl (Amy Bellafonte, played by an incredible Saniyya Sidney) under his wing and it is fucking magical. There’s all kinds of other very worthwhile relationships to explore too, in the midst of this hellish situation. And it is a mess, let out by Ian’s character (Dr. Jonas Lear) trying to save his wife from early-onset Alzheimer’s. Ian’s Lear is basically Marcus Kane meets Abby Griffin, and if you watch it for no other reason, watch it for that. But I promise you will find infinite other things to draw your interest.

And the end of Season One is so epic that I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that it Blew. My. Mind. This is probably tied with 12 Monkeys for my second-favorite show of all time and if that doesn’t get you to watch idk what will.

Verdict: 👍👍

What are some of your current favorite shows? Anything I must watch? Have you seen any of these? Also GET READY because The 100 is back in a little over 2 weeks, eep! 

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36 responses to “Sometimes I Watch Shows (Part 4)

  1. The Passage! I loved watching that each week so it better get renewed otherwise I’ll be having words. It’s bad enough I got invested Mark Pual Gosselaar’s last show, Pitch, and I was betrayed by it being cancelled that cannot happen again. I’ve been watching Sabrina and I’m not loving it but I’m slowly getting through it. I’ve only watched the first season of The Expanse and loved it and then read the first book and then never went back to it. I’m thinking I might rewatch from the start because it was such a good sci-fi show.

    • YESSS I will be a MESS if The Passage isn’t renewed- especially after that ending gahhh. The Expanse, IMO, gets better each season so I think you’d probably enjoy it if you got back into it! Sabrina… well, you’re way better at finishing stuff than me because I gave up hahah. Even though I DID kind of like the side characters? Not enough to finish, I guess hah.

  2. I am also better at DNFing shows rather than books. Ugh the cancellation of Travelers hurt my heart. I genuinely loved that show. I’m still upset tbh. I wanted to read The Passage before I watched but I think it is really long so maybe I’ll just watch.

    • I agree! That was such an incredible show, and the cast was all phenomenal and there was a LOT of story left to tell IMO. Like all the Director stuff. And like, what HAPPENED to the future. And NOW we will never know because Netflix is garbage. The Passage is SO good! I had thought about reading the book first too, but then… meh hahahha. I think I am glad I skipped the book because I was able to go in completely blind!

  3. Molly Mortensen

    I completely agree with you about all of these. Travelers and The Expanse are my favorites!! I’m so glad Expanse got a second chance. And yes the books are EVEN better! I can’t wait for book eight later this year! Passage is also good but I wasn’t sure about that finale. Speaking of finales how can Travelers do this to us?!

    • GAH me toooooo! If they had canceled Travelers AND The Expanse… just NOPE nope cannot. I really need to start the books- but I am a little intimidated because there are so many! But I will. You know, eventually 😀

      Ooooh you didn’t like the finale? I LOOOOOOVED it- I thought it was super epic. Did you read the books? I am curious about whether the show follows them.

      The Travelers thing is so rude, I haven’t any words. Well okay I do, but they’re all impolite and 4-letters 😂

      • Molly Mortensen

        Yeah, there are now 8 big books in the Expanse series. They’re so worth it though! I love the first three in particular!

        I haven’t read The Passage, but I don’t typically like post apocalyptic, which is probably why I didn’t like the finale as much. (Not the first time jump, that was good, but the second like 900 years or something wth?!) I do know that the girl was younger and white in the beginning of the book.

        With so many shows being rescued nowadays, I haven’t given up on Travelers!

        • How big are we talking here Molly? 500 pages? 1000? Because I draw the line at “thicker than they are wide”.

          Oooooh yeah see I LOVED the big time jump because it was straight up Katniss-Meets-The 100 and obviously I am here for THAT 😂 Oh wow that is kind of a big change, and one I am glad the show made, on both counts!

          Well I for one LOVE your optimism! I really do hope you’re right!

  4. I watched the first half of Sabrina and it was a bit too dark for me. Like you, I think I was too stuck on the fact that I loved the carefree 90s Sabrina (and the animated series that came out in the 2000s). I might give the second part a chance as some background noise.

    • Like- I WANTED it to be dark because I knew it could never compare to Melissa Joan Hart’s version? But like- it was only dark and boring, not dark and exciting. Like you can’t have ONLY darkness without much of a point. But I guess I am in the minority, since it was renewed and such!

  5. I am not even sure if I watch any newer shows. Wait, I watch All American, which I think is on the bubble, OF COURSE, and reinforces why I keep watching less and less TV

  6. Wait- the Passage is tied for 2nd place? With 12 Monkeys?? Wow- okay so maybe I DO need to watch. Or resume watching anyway- I think I’m one episode in. And it IS nice to see Kane in something besides. You know, the big kahuna. As for Sabrina, it was too dark- which is weird, because I wanted dark, but not… that dark? Ack. I wanted like a darker Riverdale, not an actual primer on the occult FFS, which is what it felt like sometimes.

    Travelers is just wrong. That is seriously the most pissed off I have been about a show being canceled in forever- I need moooooore.

    The Expanse *nods*. You said it. I need all the Avesarala.

    Nightflyers totally sucked, sadly.

    • YES I love it soooo much. You really do need to resume watching it. And the ending just blew my mind and if you watch it, we can TALK ABOUT IT ugh. Sabrina was… okay, I think the problem is that they were so gung-ho with the “darkness”, they forgot to give it, you know, an actual plot.

      I am never going to get over Travelers. It’s one of those shows that deserved better. Just like I am still salty about the cancellation of American Dreams circa 2005.

      Avaserala! I adore her. I adore almost all of them really. Have you heard anything about when it’s coming back? Hell, I’d take a “maybe fall” at this point, just give us SOMETHING!

      Nightflyers was such a waste of a really good potential. Womp womp.

  7. I have up on Nightflyer after the second episode. The fact that they basically gave away the ending in the very first scene was a turn off. It’s a shame cause I was so excited for Eoin Macken when he got the role.

    I’ve been watching Line of Duty at the moment. It’s basically a British police corruption drama and it’s so cleverly written.

    • I mean- like I said, Travelers IS wrapped up enough that you won’t rage at your screen? But UGH it could be so much MORE, too, it got better every season! And I really hope you have better luck with Sabrina- lots of people really love it!

  8. I’m also a lot better at DNF-ing TV shows than books. =P I want to watch The Chilly Adventures of Sabrina, but I watched the trailer and I was not fond of the actress, so… Not sure when I’ll be giving it a chance. I started watching The Expanse, but then I stopped and I’m not sure why because every single episode was so good and a full of twists. I need to get back to it.

    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

    • I actually really agree that the actress is a BIG reason why I didn’t like it! She doesn’t FEEL like Sabrina to me at all. And I liked a lot of the side characters, so maybe that is it! Good call! And you really should try The Expanse again- it gets even better as you go on!

  9. I tried watching Sabrina but I’m such a scaredy cat that I couldn’t keep going 😂 I haven’t watched any of these at all!
    I watched The Order and really liked it! And Legacies is so good! It helps if you’ve watched TVD and The Originals, but it’s not needed. First two episodes are terrible but man, it’s like the first 2 episodes were written by one person and the rest by another because it gets so dark! I also started PLL The Perfectionist and I actually like it? Much better than PLL for sure.
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

  10. I don’t watch much TV anymore, so I just have to come see which shows you love and don’t so I can decide what’s worth my time. I agree about Sabrina. I didn’t dislike it really, but I just sort of stopped watching because … I didn’t feel like turning it back on. Never a good sign.

  11. On the one hand, I really want to try out Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but on the other, I don’t want to ruin the original Sabrina for myself. So, for now, I’ve been holding back, but I may try out a few episodes, later on, even though I know I’m going to be disappointed.

    Also, if you haven’t watched it yet, you MUST watch The Umbrella Academy, I can’t even come up with words to describe how good this show is!

    • YES exactly! I think that is part of why I stopped- why ruin the happy image if it wasn’t even worth it?! You could try a few and see though! It IS very different so I think it might not necessarily feel like you are watching the same story, even?

      Ohhhh okay! I will add that to my watchlist for sure! Thanks!!

    • It took me a few episodes too! I was interested, but not fully invested? Until I WAS and then yep. I wish they’d give us ANY clue as to when it was coming back!

      Another vote for Umbrella Academy!? Guess I better get to this one ASAP! Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Kel

    I dropped Sabrina pretty quickly too. That’s interesting on The Expanse. I watched the first few episodes and then stalled, partially for the reasons you named. I wanted less little politics and slowness, more hints on where the big stuff was going, and I wasn’t invested in any of the characters yet. But, if you’re saying it gets THAT good, I suppose I can give it another episode or two to pick up the pace. 😉 Although, I admit, lately I’ve been gravitating to lighter fare, like Grimm, The Librarians, and the occasional anime. Oh, and I just saw this small-town Canadian sitcom for the first time last night and it kind of cracked me up. But you have me really curious about The Passage and 12 Monkeys too. Decisions, decisions.

    • Yeah so the first couple episodes of The Expanse I had NO IDEA who anyone was and the dude in the hat was really pissing me off. But I promise it gets SO much better. I’d say give it a few more- until you get a decent dose of Avasarala- before calling it quits. Though lighter fare this is DEFINITELY not- none of these are tbh. 12 Monkeys is PHENOMENAL one of my all-time faves (second only to The 100!) and it ends like.. really well so you don’t have to be *as* devastated that it’s over hah. But it DOES get dark. And The Passage I was completely in love with- I hope it is renewed soon! It’s just REALLY well done, but also really depressing so… yeah I am just not a good one for light recs!

  13. I feel the exact same way about Sabrina!! I wanted to like it, but MEHHHHHH. The main girl just reminds me of one of those do-gooder try-hards and I just can’t get myself to like her. If they cast an actress that felt more bad-ass, I think I’d love it.

    Travelers is going on my list. I SO need a new show to watch!

    • UGHHH yes you nailed it! She is AWFUL and she seems really phony in the role! Whereas Melissa Joan Hart seemed like… like she was a genuinely nice person? Idk if she is, but she certainly did a much better job of pretending like it if she isn’t!

  14. Beth W

    I am pleased as pie you’re liking The Expanse. You’re gonna like the books even more (they’re a bit more character-focused, and Avasarala doesn’t pop up until book 2, but that series….my heart…*swoon*). 😀

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