Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is:  Bingeworthy TV Shows/Movies (The new fall TV season is starting up this month, so let’s talk about what shows everyone should watch when they’re not reading!)

I honestly considered just doing a post about The 100, because of course I did. But I have watched a ton of awesome shows lately (tbh, this is entirely thanks to Greg @ Book Haven because if left to my own devices, I’d just watch The 100 over and over) and I absolutely have recommendations! It wasn’t easy to narrow it down- the top few were cake, but after that? I have watched a lot of enjoyable stuff!

Also I linked the posters to IMDb because that seemed like a nice thing to do, in case you want more info!

AMC/Channel 4/ Amazon Prime

3 Seasons (Renewal Status TBD) 

Do sentient AIs deserve the same rights as humans? Well, I think they probably do, but it’s a scary concept all around, especially when said sentient AIs have superhuman strength and could probably kill everyone in a jiffy. Tbh, most of the AIs are more likable than the humans, so that probably doesn’t say good things about us as a species. Definitely thought provoking! Prepare to have arguments about whether it’s better to kill little AI boys versus old human men. (I was all for saving the little boy, just so everyone knows where I stand.)


1 Season (Renewed for Season 2)

The entire premise of this show is apocalypse and bunkers. If you don’t think my The 100-loving ass would be all over that, you’re sorely mistaken. And don’t misunderstand- this is not The 100 quality. But it’s fun. The characters are entertaining. Rain can kill folks. Lots of betrayal. It’s Scandinavian, and who isn’t down for that?


2 Seasons (Renewed for Season 3)

How did I never know that I desperately needed a Brazilian dystopian in my life? Turns out, I really do. The setting is awesome, as you can imagine- and there is a ton of cultural flair thrown in, as there should be. It’s so very morally gray throughout- after two seasons, I am still not completely sure if there is a good side. The characters are also quite gray- there truly are no good guys. (Though, there might be a couple of actual bad guys, just saying.) Also, mayeb I will learn Portuguese by the end!


YouTube Red

1 Season (Renewed for Season 2)

I feel like “YouTube Red” sounds like a very NSFW site. But alas, it’s just YouTube that you pay for. Which is pretty ridiculous in itself, hence the free trial you use to watch this show. I was skeptical, I won’t lie. Because it’s… YouTube for goodness sake. But hot damn did this show bring it! It deals with some tough topics, including sexual assault and its aftermath, very responsibly. And the plot is quite unique!


2 Seasons (Renewed for Season 3)

I have heard Handmaid’s Tale referred to as “misery porn” and… basically. I mean, the book is too, don’t get me wrong. And it is incredibly powerful, too. It’s just that real life is also misery porn at this point, so it’s hard to watch more of it while trying to stay alive. But I daresay the show is more powerful than the book for the sheer fact that we get a much deeper look into so many more characters because of the television formatting. So it’s hard to watch, yes, but it’s also quite worth it. If for no other reason than an impetus to make all your friends and family vote.



4 Seasons (Series Concluded)

This might have been even higher on my list, but the ending really pissed me off. It ends, don’t worry. I just didn’t love how. It’s a very cool time travel premise, with yet again a lot of moral gray area. Also, it features half the damn cast of The 100, so you can watch it for Baby Richard Harmon (Murphy) alone. Stay for Tasya Teles (Echo), Terry Chen (Shumway, in an equally Shumway-ish role), Mike Dopud (Vinson), Ian Tracey (Maya’s Dad), Luvia Peterson (Sienna), Alessandro Juliani (Sinclair, because who doesn’t need a Sinclair fix?), Ty Olsson (Nyko, because who doesn’t need a Nyko fix?). It’s a setup for a pretty epic drinking game if you ask me.

BBC/Amazon Prime

5 Seasons (Series Concluded)

Tatiana Maslany is my hero, bow down to the queen. How can one woman play almost every character in the series so flawlessly that they seem like actual separate women?! I have no idea but wow, she does. And the few characters who aren’t played by Tatiana are equally fabulous. It’s a thriller/sci-fi/mystery/drama that hits it out of the park consistently. And you truly don’t need any additional reason to watch other than this:


1 Season (Renewed for Season 2)

I was kind of shocked by how much I loved this one. The premise is so twisted, the German town is so messed up, so atmospheric. And the twists were insane! There are family secrets galore, so many connections that I didn’t expect. I think part of it is, I went in expecting “just another mystery” and got a whole, whole lot more. I won’t say anymore, because you should go in as blind as I did for maximum entertainment.



32 Seasons (Season 32 Currently Airing)

One of these things is not like the other! Yes, in the midst of a whole host of deeply disturbing mindfuckery, we have a ridiculous reality competition show that has been around longer than some of you people. And I cannot stop watching it, will never stop watching it. I high key hope the cast is all old and with walkers and canes and shit trying to compete and of course, causing drama. Honestly, it’s just good fun, and I have been watching since the beginning, and it’s a good reprieve from all the bleakness I watch tbh.




2 Seasons + Upcoming Finale Movie

My saltiness at the cancellation of this gem of a show knows no bounds. Honestly, this is such a wonderful and unique show with fabulous characters, loads of history, and a sense of humor despite high stakes. The first couple episodes were a little rough, but the show really got into its groove, and then was somehow saved from cancellation. Then, it was cancelled again. But at least there’s a finale special? Especially because Season 2 ended on the biggest cliffhanger of all time. It would have been rude, tbh.



4 Seasons (Series Concluded) 

This series is pure freaking gold. It’s full of high stakes time travel, and a cast that you seriously cannot help but adore. It ventures into the past, the present, and the future, in an attempt to save the world. Everything about this show is smart and witty, and it it has the rare distinction of ending on a phenomenal note. Honestly, 12 Monkeys is the show we all deserve.



The CW/Netflix

5 Seasons (Renewed for Season 6)

Um, no one is surprised here, right? I don’t know how many times or in how many ways I can implore you to go watch this. All five seasons are currently on Netflix, so I truly don’t know what you are waiting for. I. Am. In. Love. It just gets more and more epic, with the most amazing characters (and cast and crew, of course) that you could even imagine. The storylines are incredibly poignant, and the stakes are always so, so high. Also, apocalypses. Who doesn’t love an apocalypse or three? Please. Just do the thing, yeah?

So! What shows do you love? Are you a fan of any of these? Let us chat!

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  1. This post is so awesome! I love all the graphics you pulled in. And you have the Orphan Black dance scene so you automatically win.

    I like that you included Hotel Beau Sejour, because honestly… that’s a pretty good show. And thanks for the shout out!! 🙂

    Yay for Humans making the list *nods* and Impulse too because Impulse is the bomb. And I had to laugh- Youtube “red” sounds so skeevy. What were they thinking?? And yay for Continuum of course. It’s like a 100 reunion on that show. 12 Monkeys- SO true, I miss it already. Love your list.

    Future Man tho????????????

    • Thanks! But you have the “I got refund scene” which is equally fabulous hahah. (I meant to mention that in my comment, but I ummm went down a bit of a Zach McGowan hole and never found my way back, oops?) Okay full confession: I added Hotel Beau Sejour because I needed a 4th and it was the one I felt I liked best out of all the random non-English short shows ? And because adding “The Blue Coat from Requiem” would have confused people.

      YES Future Man! Look- it’s Josh Hutcherson, and I will never NOT take an opportunity to throw his picture on here. Plus, it was fun, and I grew to oddly like it? After all the dark depressing shit, it was a breath of fresh air sometimes! I miss 12 Monkeys too, ugh. So sad. At least it went out well. I REALLY wish I knew what was happening with Humans- I will be PISSED if they end with a non-end.

  2. These all sound like my kind of shows! I enjoy Timeless. We just cut the cord on our cable this weekend, and I am hoping I can talk my husband into subscribing to Hulu. We already have Netflix and Amazon Prime. I would like to continue watching some of the shows I like. I love The Travelers. I hope they continue with it. I will have to check out the others you mention. I really want to see The Handmaid’s Tale. And The Rain sounds good too. Orphan Black made my list too. 🙂

    • Hulu has a pretty good deal for sometimes where it’s $5.99 for a year- worth it, IMO. It’s the commercials version but it’s not that bad. I think Hulu has a LOT of the stuff that is on cable too (I know MTV, HGTV, and NBC all use Hulu exclusively) so that would be good- use my arguments and tell him I said you had to 😉

  3. Great list, Shannon! Not gonna lie, I thought your post might be all about The 100 too. 😉 I want to watch The Handmaid’s Tale but I need to read the book first, and yes to Orphan Black – it’s such a good show and Tatiana Maslany is amazing!

    • Thanks! And right? I was tempted, but alas. Funnily, I watched Handmaid’s BEFORE I read the book like a bad bookperson, but I think it worked out better almost? Because the show follows the book VERY closely, and some of the stuff was really powerful to watch!

  4. You know I never finished Orphan Black. I watched the first two seasons and stopped. One day I’ll get back to that. I loved Travelers. Dark sounds awesome. And The Challenege. I used to love that show. I bet all the same people are on it and are in their mid thirties acting 22 lol. Great list!

    • Ohhhh you should, it is so FUN, but still has a good story. Travelers should be back in December or so, yeah? The damn cliffhanger ending of S2 was rude! And Grace, YES they’re even older than thaT! Veronica is on this season and she is in her FORTIES and I just cannot, it kills me. She drinks wine and gossips and it is EVERYTHING. CT has a dad bod but is still a BEAST. Ohhhh we could chat about this show ?

  5. I used to love watching the reality shows on MTV. Then, I saw one of my former students on one, and I felt like a creeper. XD Those challenges were crazy. I used to fast forward through all the drama to get to the good stuff.

  6. Ugh yes I hated the ending of Continuum too. It was wrapped up way too quickly. That last season just sucked.
    You are the second person I’ve seen mention Travelers though I had never heard of it before. Must add to endless list to watch.

    • EXACTLY and ummm Kierlos absolutely needed to be a thing, and they couldn’t even reconnect as FRIENDS?! I am not okay with any of that. Getting stabby thinking about it! Yeah I think you’d like Travelers if you liked Continuum! Great cast, too!

  7. Oooh! I’ve been looking for some new good shows to watch while working out, and it looks like I’ve got quite a few to try—the only one of these I’ve watched to completion (besides The 100, of course) is The Rain. I watched one season of Orphan Black, but then I kind of forgot about it. And I started Handmaid, but you’re right about it being really depressing. It’s not a great workout show, either, which is mostly when I watch TV. I honestly didn’t even know most of the others existed, but you have convinced me to give several of them a try!

    • I think if I tried to work out while watching Handmaid’s, I’d just collapse in the fetal position on a treadmill or something. “World’s gone to hell, who cares if I am in shape?” (Actually, that might be my internal dialogue NOW, come to think of it…) YAY I hope you like them- you know I’d just be watching The 100 over and over, so it’s lucky I know about these hahah

  8. *gasps in SHOCK that you mentioned The 100* Honestly I had NO idea you liked that show at all. ??And seriously I need to see it haha. But I feel like you have a definite TYPE of show you like to watch here. Lots of apocalypses and mind twisters?! ?I love that kind of stuff too but I feel like these days I go for more ridiculous comedies like The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.?But I need to get back into watching some stressful shows because pfft what’s life without stressing over fictional people in fictional places? I have my priorities.

    • Bwhahahah right? I am so obnoxious with my The 100 love, aren’t I? ??? YES exactly, I want to watch ALL the apocalypses so I know what to do in a week or two when it happens here for real! I don’t know, the high stakes just make me happy. I used to be a more light-hearted show watcher, but wow, clearly that phase is over hahah.

  9. Okay, at some point I AM GOING TO READ THE 100. I read the book which wasn’t great but I have faith in your undyling love for the series. I’m still on season 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale but I am loving it. And that’s about all the series I am familiar with on this list. I usually either watch anime or contemporary, or don’t watch anything xD But I am trying to branch out a bit…

    My recent post:

    • Oh girl. The book is a MESS. Such a mess. I mean- it is a quick read, and sort of entertaining? BUt it is just nothing in comparison to the show. So keep that in mind! And seriously, some of these shows are quite obscure! I doubt I’d ever have found them on my own hahah

  10. I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if this entire post ended up being about “The 100.” Wouldn’t have fazed me in the slightest.

    Yesssss to “Orphan Black!” That clip just made me so nostalgic for last summer when I binged the whole series. Tatiana Maslany is so freaking talented I can’t even. She deserves all the awards for playing those characters so differently from each other.

    “Timeless” was completely underrated. I don’t know how this show didn’t last for seasons upon seasons. I loved it.

    • I feel like it was almost off-brand to NOT do all The 100? But I am gearing up to do a big wrap up post soon, so I guess I’ll save it for then 😉

      I binged the whole series last summer too! It was fun to do so- but made me SO sad when it was over. How Tatiana was able to do that… I will never understand! Seriously, I am really sad about Timeless. How was it not more popular?! I mean- okay the first couple episodes weren’t the best but ugh, it got SO GOOD!

  11. I am the worst binge watcher, so it makes it really hard for me to actually watch all the shows that I WANT to watch. I just don’t have time. However, I have seen season 1 of Orphan Black and it’s amazing, so I need to continue. I’m also really curious about Travelers.


  12. I haven’t seen any of these but I have seen book twitter go crazy over the 100 so I might have to check it out. I did start Timeless but I missed an episode and forgot to tune back in. But I plan to binge watch. I’m more of binge watcher then waiting for every week for an episode.

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

  13. Kel

    Timeless didn’t get renewed for another season? That stinks, although a finale movie is better than nothing. I came to the show late but was enjoying it. 😛 And I’m working on getting around to and through The 100 and 12 Monkeys. Just gotta get all this other stuff done and library books read and get out of this post-moving/new job funk where I only want to watch supremely silly nonsense. 😉

    • NOPE I am so MAD ugh. I AM glad for the finale movie, but damn, that show easily had 3 or 4 more seasons in it. YAYY I really hope you love them when you get to them! I feel you though- sometimes it is harder to watch that kind of show when life is tough, I think I have trained myself that I have to at this point though!

  14. I’m still upset with Timeless, but I guess I’m glad we’re getting some kind of wrap up. I’ve watched the first season of Humans and was really impressed – I’ll have to continue on with it. I think I’ll have to start in on Travelers and Hotel Beau Sejour. Great picks!

    Check out my TTT and my plans for Fall Bookish Bingo

  15. Wow! Your list just lets me know there are soooooo many options for TV viewing because I have only heard of a handful of these shows. I am definitely familiar with The Challenge because I used to watch it when it was the Real World/Road Rules Challenge because yes, I AM that old. LOL! I haven’t watched in years because I’ve been cable-free for a while. My ridiculous reality TV go-tos are Real Housewives and Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

    I have heard so many great things about The Handmaid’s Tale, but I just cannot, especially after I read the book. The only current show I’ve been watching this summer has been So You Think You Can Dance. It used to be one of my favorites, but this season really isn’t doing it for me at the moment.

    I’m looking forward to the start of the Fall TV season because that means Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Brooklyn 99, This is Us, and Blackish come back! Until then, I’m watching CSI: Miami for the first time. I love the bad puns mixed with the unrealistic TV science!

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