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Happy spring, and oh look, another TBR! I fail at these on the regular, but it still seems worth trying? Maybe? Let’s check in on how I did on my winter TBR, shall we?

Books I will Actually Definitely Read: 11/13 Read.  And one is coming up any day now and will reappear on this list, so.

The Books I Might Read One or Two Of: 1/10 Read. Uhhh oopsie woopsie?

The Books I Will Actually Definitely Read.

(Because they are review books)

The Books I Might Read One or Two Of

(But lie to myself and pretend I will read them all) 

I won’t pretend that half of this weren’t on my last list. Probably the list before that, if you check. And next time? Yep, probably will still be around. 

Are there any books that keep reappearing on your TBR, season after season? Which ones should I read ASAP?

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45 responses to “Some Books I’ll Get to This Spring (And Some I Really Won’t)

  1. “9 Days and 9 Nights” looks really cute. I think I’ve read about it, but cannot for the life of me remember what its about. Guess a trip to Goodreads or Amazon is in order. I’ve actually not read anything by this author despite loving contemporary stories! Do you have a favorite by her? 🙂

    Fun post, as always, Shannon. Happy spring TBR-ing.

    • oh and you should totally read THIS IS NOT A TEST!! It’s zombies, but not??? I mean, yes there are zombies, but the focus is more on the main character and how she kind of doesn’t want to survive the apocalypse than it is on the actual zombie situation.

      • Oh yes I MUST read This Is Not a Test because I am on a zombie kick, hence why I had this old ratty book on my shelves bwhaha. And seriously, Munmun looks FUN doesn’t it?! And agree about Freshman- such a woefully underrepresented time!

  2. Okay so having finished Obsidio but never having read any of Kristoff’s solo stuff, the question is- do I wanna read LifeLIK3? The premise sounds absolutely bonkers, which is great. And are you liking the Themis File stuff? I read the first one but was kinda underwhelmed…

    Whisper of the Tide- wow? With a cover like that… maybe I need to back and retry Song of the Current.

    Oh my gosh This Is Not A Test- Michelle’s right. You gotta read that one. 🙂 And A Closed and Common Orbit of course. 🙂

    • I have never read anything else by him either, actually. The hype monster and my lack of self control decided to request this one 😀 So… we’ll see! I DO really like the Themis Files- this (so far, I am only 25% in) is my favorite of the series, I love that the humor balances out the seriousness.

      Ohh you didn’t like Song of the Current? I felt… okay about it? Like- I liked it, but I thought that the stakes weren’t high enough. However… see my reasons for ending up with LifeLIK3 and go ahead and apply them to this situation, but add in “pretty cover”.

      And of COURSE I am going to read This Is Not a Test! I unearthed it from the depths of my shelves, which is no easy task, that was half the battle. And then I am trying to decide if I should read A Closed and Common Orbit NOW, or wait until closer to book 3’s release. Decisions, you know.

      • I didn’t get very far in Current, so I may have given up too soon? I just wasn’t feeling it, but I kinda want to try again because the premise? Seemed kinda originals. And Closed and Common Orbit- that’s a toughie. I feel like book three is gonna be pretty different, just like Orbit was so different from Long Way. Judging from the synopsis anyway, it sounds like it’s gonna have all different characters?

  3. I’ve been putting of A Closed and Common Orbit for a while too haha.
    I am very curious about Only Human but I don’t think I’ll end up getting it right away.

  4. You actually got a copy of Lifel1k3? I’M JEALOUS SHANNON. Also that you got City of Bastards. Unfair, I say. Completely unfair. But yeah I keep making TBR’s too but fail half the time because… I don’t know why. I’m horrible at keeping to a list when it comes to books. Mostly because I’m a mood reader. Oh well. XD

  5. I am definitely reading Freshman, 9 Days & 9 Nights, and All of This is True. 1. I have all the books. 2. I think the writing duo for Freshman are hilarious, I want to get some closure from 99 Days and am curious about All of This is True.

  6. Ooh nice ones!! I am almost finished with Brightly Burning! Still not sure how I am feeling over it. Will be interested to see how others end up liking it or not! I still need to finish Claudia’s Firebird trilogy before I let myself start her new one which I already the first two books waiting for me, so it’s not likely I’ll be getting to that in time for its release! Hope you’re able to read all the ones you want to read this Spring!

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREATday!

    Old Follower 🙂

  7. Ahhh haha all my books keep appearing on my TBR lists season after season. 😂 I have SUCH good intentions and then I’m like?? But what if I just read this NEW SHINY BOOK INSTEAD and all my old books cry. However I’m finally reading the rest of the Jenny Han To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before books and they’re soo cuuute. And I LOVED Blood & Sand so you should definitely read that *nods* Although I thought Furyborn was really slow and kind of boring.😂 And squeeeee City of Bastards!! I’m so excited for it!

  8. Definitely read This Is Not a Test. But yeah, I have so many books from so long ago that I really need to read. I am trying to focus more on backlist books! I’m really curious about All of This Is True, so I hope it’s a good one.


  9. I still haven’t read the second Themis Files book. Oops. Also, if we’re being honest, I probably won’t read all the books on my list today. You’re not alone in that. I hope you love the ones you do read!

  10. This post is too relatable. I promised myself I’d read 12 print books I’ve owned for ages this year, and so far…I’ve read 1. *cries forever* Good luck with your reading, Shannon! I’m particularly excited to hear your take on Furyborn.

  11. I haven’t heard many of these books. But I have definitely not read any of these 😛 Furyborn is on my probable TBR too. I got it from NetGalley and yeah haven’t read it yet.

    I suck at sticking to TBRs basically. I would say your position is definitely better than mine 😛

    I hope you get to read all of these soon 🙂

    My TTT:

  12. I’ll be reading Furyborn this spring, too! I hope it’s as good as it looks/sounds. Some of those others look great and I’ll have to check them out. Onyx & Ivory is also on my eventually read list.

    Also, I keep saying I’m going to finish the last Douglas Adams book in the Hitchhiker’s series and … I haven’t even started it? It’s been forever. Maaaany seasons, because I’m old and easily distracted. But I will finish it, darn it. Um. Eventually.

  13. Munmun sounds interesting because that title. Like what. I guess I have to check it out I SUPPOSE. Also you should get to Defy the Worlds because DIDN’T YOU SPEND A GOOD DEAL SEARCHING FOR IT?

    Boop. I never follow these lists. 😛

  14. I hope you get to all of these! I like that you divided your list into the two categories. I love making these lists, but my follow through is mixed. Brightly Burning is on my wish list. And Only Human is one I would like to read as well. I just need to start the series first…

  15. All of This is True made my list as well! I’m really hoping the unique formatting thing translates okay to my Kindle though because I’m super psyched to read it! I also had 9 Days and 9 Nights. I feel like most bloggers I followed at the time 99 Days came out didn’t like it but I am still so so in love with that book. I hope you enjoy both of them!

  16. I’ve read All of This is True and it is a DELIGHT. It’s such a fast read: I was only intending on reading a couple of chapters and I read the entire book in one sitting without even realising that I’d wasted most of the day.
    A lot of the books on your list are ones I’m also intending to read, and I’m actually halfway through State of Sorrow at the moment. Hopefully we’ll both enjoy the titles when we find the time to get to them.
    Here’s my spring TBR.

  17. Kel

    Books that keep reappearing on my TBR? You can’t mean the towering pile of unreads right next to me, threatening to fall over and crush me at any moment, haha. But yeah, loads. The ones I feel most guilty over are the ones I got at signing events and somehow still haven’t read YEARS later. But I am making efforts to read more of the stuff on my shelves now (so I know what I can definitely clean out). Good luck, Shannon!

  18. I am so bad at sticking to TBRs that I don’t even bother to make them anymore… So yeah, no TBR for me. However, I do hope you’ll be able to at least get to all of those books you definitely want to read this month! I see you have Life Like which I have been hearing some really good things about ^.^

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