Welcome to May’s Monthly Minutes at Midnight! 

 Here’s the deal: I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  

The Books

For Review/From Publishers:

The Keep of Ages by Caragh M. O’Brien

The Equals by Daniel Sweren-Becker

Ally by Anna Banks

Berserker by Emmy Laybourne

The Wicker King by K. Ancrum

The Innocence Treatment by Ari Goelman

The Unlikelies by Carrie Firestone

When I Am Through with You by Stephanie Kuehn

Thanks to Macmillan, Little Brown, and Penguin!!


via Edelweiss, thanks to HarperTeen & Sky Pony Press!


These were all pre-orders, and all but one was bought with gift cards, so I feel much less bad 😉 


Thanks to all the lovely humans who traded/gave these to meeee! I’d list you all, but tbh, I am tired. So know I appreciate it! I also forgot a few because I did, and I am wayyy too lazy to take new pictures, so next montH! 

Shenanigans Since Last Time:

I only read 12 books this month. But to be fair, I read ACOMAF and ACOWAR which were like 700 pages each so. 

So, this was an interesting mix. Some were good, like I expected (Always & Forever, Lara Jean, The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, Words in Deep Blue), some surprised me by how much I liked them (Seeker, Coming Up For Air), and some were kind of disappointing (ACOWAR, The Gauntlet). And sadly, no 5 star reads. But no 1 stars either, so I guess it’s a win! 

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Blogosphere Bulletin

Here are some of the loveliest/most entertaining/super helpful/just plain interesting posts I found this month! 

Random Musings:

Why do I feel like I did mostly nothing again this month? Tbh, I was kind of obsessed with The 100, especially toward the end. I mean, it was an epic finale. I kind of feel like June is going to be really busy though, so I guess it’s good that May wasn’t!

Fancy & New Since Last I Saw You!

I love looking at pretty covers! So here are some new ones that I have fallen in love with since our last update!

Lots of pretty ones this month!! 😀 

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

  • The 100 has ended. I won’t say much in case people still want to watch it (this season will be on Netflix on June 1st!) but… my heart also feels like the end of the world. I ummm also may have already started rewatching it? (And yes, I am aware this has turned slightly obsessive.) 
  • Shattering Stigmas Part THREE is going to be taking place in September this year! Because people said that would work better, and I am happy to accommodate 😀 Anyone who is interested in participating, hit me up! I’ll also probably post some kind of form or something soon.
  • Going to Chicago for ALA on June 24! Then, taking Holly home to Michigan, because it saves her bus fare, and I won’t have to drive home late at night! Win-win! (Also, bonus, because I have never been to Western Michigan before, and I love going to new places! She could have had the decency to live in a state I have never been to, but alas 😉 ) Let me know if you’ll be around!!

Happy June, loves!

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  1. So much cover love! I clicked over on The Equals and I love that cover (just like I did the Ones cover). And On Through The Never is new to me but time travel and messing around with timelines- one of my favorite things! I just got Brave New Girl, because clones.

    Unearthed looks kinda amazing. And awesome that you get to visit Michigan- because it is a rather cool state. 🙂

    Thanks for linking my post. 🙂

    • Did you ever read The Ones? I liked it even though it was a wee bit formulaic. Enough that I wanted to read the second one, anyway. It gets better as it goes on, really. On Through the Never is a sequel too- but I really liked the first book a LOT, so hopefully this is good too.

      Unearthed looks fabulous, that is another one that I am REALLY going to need to be at ALA. There’s only a handful of books I’d be sad not to get, and that is one of them.

      I have been to Michigan before (Ann Arbor, my brother went to football camp there once in high school so my parents and I drove to pick him up, then went to Chicago, made a week out of it), which is why I wanted to go to a new state haha (I only have 14 to go to have been to all 50!) BUT I did really like Michigan, so I am glad to go again- though I do wish it was more of a vacation than just a 1-2 day thing. (Tbh, I’d kill to go to a beach. Lake beaches are so much better than ocean beaches, because the water isn’t salty.)

      • I never did! Wanted to though… and if you think the second one is good, I’ll jump in. I’m already halfway convinced 🙂

        Ann Arbor is nice. If you’re gonna be anywhere near the lakeshore most of the beaches on the west side are nice. I like Grand Haven a lot but really you can’t go wrong on the west side, if you get a chance. I love the ocean but for swimming- yeah I’d take the Great Lakes anyday. None of the annoying salt or wildlife… 🙂

        Saugatuck has a nice beach too I think… and of course the beaches up north.

        • I will let you know! Idk if it is a duology or a trilogy, I’ll have to find out!

          I reaaallly do want to go to a beach. I looked them all up on a map, and really, they don’t seem that far from where I am going to be. Though, I still am not 100% sure where I will be- either Kalamazoo or Mecosta, depending on if my friend in Kalamazoo comes too. I feel like straight up everyone I know lives in Michigan? It’s like, the official capital of the book blogosphere or something? Seriously, what goes on there?

          And seriously, does anyone actually like salt water? If so, they are wrong 😀 Also, jellyfish. Once, in this competitive ocean swim thing that was awful, I saw a guy almost die from a jellyfish attack. I hope he didn’t, but who knows? No thanks, pass on the jellyfish. And sharks, but I think your chances are definitely worse with the jellyfish- just on a statistical level.

          • I hope you get the chance to hit the beach! I don’t know about any of the beaches straight over from Kzoo, but if you’re in Mecosta (Big Rapids?) maybe Ludington or Pentwater (if they’re not too far?). I know Ludington is nice. And I know- I know a TON of book bloggers from Michigan, and I have no idea how that happened! But it was a pleasant surprise. 🙂 At first I thought everyone was over on the east side but then I met some on the west side too.

            Jellyfish can be nasty! I was in Clearwater once w/a a girlfriend for spring break and we were wading on the beach- they had stingray warnings posted. Sure enough she almost stepped on a rock- I remember saying watch out for the rock, so she stopped… and the rock swam away. It was, um, not a rock. 🙂

            • Idk if I will- though maybe I can convince Sabrina to stop on our way to Chicago and at least let me play for a few minutes? (She’s the one from Kalamazoo, she decided to come last minute, which is fun!) It sucks that I will be driving the opposite way on the way home. Though now that I don’t have to take Holly all the way, I do have more time!

              I find it funny that so many bloggers are from Michigan! Down further in the comments, Molly said that she lives like 10 minutes from Holly. That is just crazy! The only person who lived kind of close to me was Val, and then she moved to North Carolina. Are there any bookish events or anything? Seems like it’d be the perfect location for a bunch of bookish people to get together.

              Stingrays do not sound fun. At all. The thought of stepping on one is horrifying.

              • Ha that’s funny! 10 minutes- wow. There was a blogger a few years ago who is no longer active but she lived about a half hour away- we knew a lot of the same places and realized it when we were talking about the same library system! Grand Rapids has a few, I know of at least one in Lansing, and Detroit area… Schuler Books has a few locations and they do stuff, I’ve been to a few signings. We’re lucky to have some pretty good indie bookstores in Michigan.

                If you’re heading to Chicago from Kzoo there might be a good beach around St. Joseph or Benton Harbor, but I don’t know that area very well. I’m a little farther north. If you ever come to visit Holly make her take you to the beach 🙂 – they’re all pretty good along the west shore. I grew up on the east side and it’s not the same…

                • I am definitely jealous of the indie bookstores! I have like, one Books-a-Million like 25 minutes away, and that’s it. Amazon is my friend. I know Holly once went to a signing in Grand Rapids, and I think she went with one of the 3734 bloggers around there. I forget who. I feel like I live just slightly out of reach of the good stuff hahah. New York and Philly get all the signings, obviously. But it’s too far for a quick trip.

                  I don’t think Holly goes to the beach- she does not swim. Which I mean, I told her she should probably remedy because… how? Idk how far you live from Kalamazoo, but if it isn’t too far, we’ll be around on that Sunday (and I will be on Monday, too for awhile) and can probably grab some books for you (well, I can try to grab a few books anyway and throw them in the mail, too!)

                  • Aw, thank you! That’s nice to offer! I’m in GR actually so about an hour north of Kzoo, not too far. We’re actually gonna be in Traverse City that weekend (which is somewhere you gotta go if you ever, you know, find yourself in northern lower Michigan) or else I’d love to meet up. I am kinda jealous of all the ARCage you guys are gonna score. 🙂 But seriously though I don’t even know what I’d want… but if I think of anything I’ll let you know! And you rock for offering!

                    Ha ha I don’t know WHY we have so many bloggers, when I started I had no idea! With the exception of Ann Arbor I don’t think most people think books when they think of Michigan lol. I’ve never been to Books-A-Million (I think Traverse City has one) but they have two other indies too, and we have a nice one here as well. I guess we are pretty lucky. There are even a few nice ones up north (besides the ones in Traverse) which is nice considering it’s not a heavily populated area.

                    We don’t go to the beach a LOT but we do go a few times during the summer- I mean it’s like 30 minutes or so away so we kinda have to? It’s like the best part of living on this side lol. Plus there’s some cool towns to hang around in.

                    • Aw of course! I hope you have fun! 😀 I will definitely look for A Map for Wrecked Girls, and do let me know if you think of anything else! Traverse City sounds very nice.

                      I definitely never thought books when I thought of Michigan hahah. But it’s VERY lucky to have indies. I looked it up once on some website and there are none within 100 miles, so that’s sad.

                      I think a few times a summer is a good amount of beach time. I think more is probably overkill, and it takes away from the specialness? I used to live at a lake, and there was a little beach there which was fun, but by the end of the summer it was like, okay NO MORE. The ocean isn’t *too* far, but it’s far enough to be an annoying trip for just a day hah.

  2. Sam

    I am really jealous that you have Ally. I quite impressed with Banks’ departure from her usual style, and am looking forward to continuing that story. All I am going to say about Coming Up for Air, was that the epilogue was all about the Hundred Oaks fans, and I am grateful Kenneally gave that to us. Thanks for the Fancy & New (yes, I added more books to my TBR), and I hope you have an amazing time at ALA. I hope to go one year.
    Sam @ WLABB

    • Don’t hate me but… I haven’t read Nemesis yet! I know, I know. But it came in a package and I had to pick it. BUT I do have Nemesis, and I am glad to hear you liked it because I want to read it!

      SO! I loved Coming Up For Air- but here’s another confession, I have not read any of the other books in the series! So I figured the end meant something, but it was just… cute for me haha. But I loved the book, so it’s a win regardless. I hope you get to come to ALA one year too, we had a ton of fun at ALAMW, so I hope this will be too! 😀

  3. I never did end up catching up with The 100 Season, but I’m actually watching the season 13 finale today, so I will be able to start season 14 tomorrow. I guess I planned that perfectly after all!! I’ll have to go visit all of your 100 posts as I watch.

  4. Ooh I really want to read Release. I hope it’s a good one! I’m going to ALA too!! I’m so excited!!! Would you want to meet up? I’m already planning to see Nicole (Feed Your Fiction Addiction) and Michelle (Pink Polka Dot Books). 🙂


  5. Ooh, you got so many amazing books! I want to request so many of Fierce Reads’ fall ARCs, but I think I’ll wait a couple of months when my stats are EVEN BETTER than they are now! 😂

    Also, what, the cover for Unearthed was released??? I didn’t even know, but I’m so pumped for it to come out. And the Whichwood cover is pretty! 😍

    Thanks so much for linking back to my post about commenting! ❤

    • Awww I am sure you’ll get them if you ask! Since they already sent the fall ones, you probably would be better off to wait for the spring ones away, so you’re fresh in their minds! And YESS I am so excited for Unearthed! I love Whichwood and Tahereh Mafi, but Idk if I can do Middle Grade. But it still might need to be on my shelves anyway 😉

  6. There are so many amazing books there, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on some of them. Also, thanks for the shoutout 😀 Have an amazing June!

  7. Ahhhhh thank you so much for linking back to my post! ❤ I’m in good company!

    And YES as long as you buy them with gift cards it’s okay… after all, you don’t want them to go to waste, am I right??
    And I am also super excited for Whichwood even though I haven’t read Mafi’s other books?? Everyone is demanding that I read them but I HAVEN’T YET.

    Happy June!!

    • Aww of course!! And yesss, you cannot allow a good gift card to go to waste 😉 I loved the Shatter Me series so much, but I am a little on the fence about Whichwood, because I do not often get along with MG, but we’ll see! Hope you have a great June too!

  8. Ahhh this is the season I get all envious at the book events happening in the US, enjoy going to ALA! I hope you have a blast. ACOWAR was such a disappointment for me as well, SJM’s writing is really all over the place. And omgosh the rest of this year is blessed with releases of stunning covers, I can’t wait to own them all <3

    • Aww I know, I am sorry! And thanks so much ♥ Yesss that is exactly how I felt about ACOWAR! I mean, I liked ACOTAR, REALLY liked ACOMAF, but then ACOWAR just felt disjointed and so… safe, honestly. And no one likes when a 700+ page book is a letdown!

  9. You got so many good books! Twelve is amazing! I loved Words in Deep Blue so so soooo much. It was just lovely. I hope you enjoy your ALA adventure! I wish I could go again.

  10. *whispers in tiny voice* What’s ALA? Is that American Library Association?

    I usually do not suffer from ARC envy at all, because there’s already more to read than I can handle, but I am so eager for Patrick Ness’s new book. I hope it lives up to my expectations! And I LOOOVE the Attolia series (The Thief)–the first book won’t blow your mind like it did mine back in the day, because you’ll have seen other things like it by now, but the series just gets better and better, in my opinion.

    Ahimsa and Reign of the Fallen have really cool covers indeed. OH! And I second AJ’s comment about Shattering Stigmas–looking forward to the new edition!

    • Yes actually! There’s conferences bi-annually, and they have a portion of the conference that is open to bloggers, reviewers, other people of that persuasion. I went in Atlanta in January and it was so fun, that I am needing to go to Chicago!

      I am SO excited to hear that about The Thief! I am really excited to start it. And I am excited about Patrick Ness’s new book too- fingers crossed that it is amazing! And thank you, that is so sweet, it makes me excited to do the event when people are looking forward to it 😀

  11. AHH, I’m SO excited for Top Ten && Like Water. I truly live for anything Katie Cotugno writes. She’s slowly but surely moving up on My All-Time Fave Writers Scale. (Note: There’s no such thing, but it’s okay.) Am I the only one seriously irked by the Dare Mighty Things cover? It looks like bad Photoshop. 🙁 Kinda bugs me a bit. And I’ve been so tempted to read The Names They Gave Us, just because I’m so obsessed with Emery Lord’s writing now.

    • I am so excited about the SEQUEL to 99 DAYS. Because come on, I need it. I am looking forward to Top Ten, though I was a little bummed with Fireworks, but still. SO many people hate the Dare Mighty Things cover! I like it, but I am definitely the minority hahha. I have heard such amazing things about The Names They Gave Us- I might start it next, actually.

  12. Wow, there are so many books that you picked up! I feel so disconnected with the blogging land lately because I’ve been slack with commenting. But to be fair, I’ve been super busy as of late! I’m so glad you enjoyed Words in Deep Blue, The Long Way and Always & Forever, definitely some of my favourites.

    Yay, I’m looking forward to Shattering Stigmas! I should probably participate this year, so put me down as keen! I can’t wait to hear about your ALA adventures. I kind of missed you guys in BEA as per last years actually.

    • Hahah it’s okayyyy! I have those spells of not commenting too- more often than I’d like to admit lately, tbh. So I feel you.

      YAY I am really excited that you want to participate! I will definitely DM you or something when I get my shit together 😉 Not going to BEA was SAD. Especially since I so badly wanted to snark them all over the place for their shitty behavior this year. But hopefully ALA will be fun! I plan to bring my camera, and vow to take pictures, so hopefully!

  13. THANKS!! I think Wrecked Girls is gonna be the bomb dot com. And even if it isn’t that cover is a must have! Facing OUTWARD on the shelf lol so people go ooh that’s cool looking, and I nod sagely yes it is, isn’t it? Heh. 🙂 and I hope you guys have an AWESOME time!

    Totally agree. the first time at the beach is awesome, the next few times are great, then at some point you’re like gah the fucking car has SAND everywhere lol I HATE the beach let’s go home where it’s not 3,780 degrees you know? It’s usually August or September by then though so summer is on the way out and we’re like DONE with the beach man. Til next year… 🙂

    • Hahha I agree- I want it regardless.And then if it IS good, you can recommend it when people see it- but if it sucks, then it’s a fun conversation topic too! Hopefully it will be fun- there are supposed to be quite a few bloggers there, so I am hoping we get to meet up with people. (That’s the plan, anyway hah.)

      The SAND. Ugh. That was always a biggie for me. Like, it is NEVER not going to be in the car, in the shower, stuck in your bathing suit until the end of time. And the sun. As a super white person who does not get tan but does get a lovely shade of lobster red, the sun becomes my enemy after a few short weeks. And sunscreen is great until it’s like “ha, just kidding, you’re too red for my help”. Also, as a kid, I was terrified of seaweed. Like, ridiculously terrified. Because… it’s a plant? Idk why I was scared. And then dead fish- that was another fear. I won’t lie, I still get freaked out by the thought of swimming with dead shit.

      • Yeah it’s kinda fucked up when the beach is littered with dead fish. Like ewww. I was at Lake Michigan once and it was like that, and there was like plant shit all over- I don’t know if stuff got churned up and blown ashore or what, but it was a frickin mess. Luckily it’s not usually like that. And I love the ocean, but going way out there you’re always thinking what if a shark comes along? I mean it can take the fun out of it a bit. At least the Great Lakes don’t have those… and the sand IS such a pain in the ass.

        I got burned to a crisp once in FL as a kid, I don’t know what my parents were doing but that was like the worst pain I’ve been (or close). I couldn’t sleep or do anything…

        • I have been burned… more times than I care to admit haha. My parents tried really hard when I was a kid but… all the sunscreen cannot help me. I once lifeguarded outside for a summer, and the pain… it was bad. I straight up had sun poisoning. And never had enough days off to NOT burn.

          At our lake, there was once a rash of dead catfish. Idk why, I guess something was messed up with the chemical makeup or some nonsense, but it was awful. (By awful, I mean disgusting for me, and probably a bummer for the catfish?) And YES- the ocean is not friendly. It’s basically a litany of ways to kill you. Sharks, jellyfish, other such beasts, the SALT. I mean, you get stuck out there, and you’re screwed. Yet I still love it in theory? Like- playing in the ocean at night (not in shark territory hah) is the best thing ever.

          • YES!! Swimming in the ocean at night- did that once in FL. It was so fun. Only later did I think man if a shark came along I’d be dead meat lol. But luckily at the time I didn’t think of it…

  14. Oh nooo girl you definitely don’t need to justify only having read 12 books. I mean, “only” shouldn’t even be part of that sentence because that is quite a lot to me! I hope you enjoyed the majority of them. And all of these new books DDD: My eyes are in heaven right now! Especially because I see Flame of the Mist among them. Happy reading 😀

  15. danielle hammelef

    I do love the covers you posted. Twelve books is really great for one month–the only way I can do that is if I include picture books too. Western Michigan is such a beautiful place to visit if you can get to the beach. Lake Michigan can give you some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

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