Welcome to March’s Monthly Minutes at Midnight! 

 Here’s the deal: I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  

The Books

For Review/From Publishers:

First We Were IV by Alexandra Sirowy

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

Literally by Lucy Keating

Alive by Scott Sigler

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

Thanks to author Alexandra Sirowy & Brittany @ Book Rambles Tours, Macmillan, Harper & Brittany @ Book Rambles Tours, Del Ray, and Penguin! 


  via Netgalley, thanks to Albert Whitman, Text Publishing, and Simon & Schuster;  thanks to Interlude Press, and via Edelweiss, thanks to HarperTeen!


Because ACOL was on sale, as was TBOD, and I had traded my TBOD, so yeah. And then I pre-ordered Everything Beautiful is Not Ruined and The Ship Beyond Time.


Thanks to author L.E. Delano and Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl for Traveler!! And thanks to all the lovelies who traded with me! 😀 


Val has released all my ALA books to me! She is a lovely human. Now I am sad because there will be no more large packages of books. 

Shenanigans Since Last Time:

I read 15 books. I can live with that. If only every month could be so successful!

This was actually a really good reading month. I don’t even know how to pick a favorite since so many of these were so good! I mean, sure, a few were duds, but hey, can’t win ’em all, right? I will be reviewing all of these in the next couple weeks, if I haven’t already (I’ll link to those that I did, otherwise they link to Goodreads!) but the mix was more good than bad, yay! 

Giveaways: Click Here, or on Sidebar

Blogosphere Bulletin

Here are some of the loveliest/most entertaining/super helpful/just plain interesting posts I found this month! 

Random Musings:

This month was… strange. We had a snowpocalypse, so that was special. Seriously, over 2 feet of snow in March! But at least the rain has melted it all away by now bwhahha. I also had surgery to repair a hernia so… I have been kind of… useless lately. So if I owe you a response to an email or a tweet or a blog visit… I’ll be there when I can! I debated between showing you the snow and the surgery, but lucky for you, Lena and the snow won out 😉 

Fancy & New Since Last I Saw You!

I love looking at pretty covers! So here are some new ones that I have fallen in love with since our last update!

I may or may not have pre-ordered That Inevitable Victorian Thing based solely on the cover… ?

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

  • The 100 is taking a month off. Why? Why would you do that, especially in a season of a mere thirteen episodes?! Why do they torture me, friends? ?
  • In related news, I will probably spend the next month re-watching The 100. (No, you have a problem.)
  • Anyone going to any bookish events? Since BEA is not happening for me this year (which is a rant for another day, perhaps), I would like to go ALA, but trying to make it happen financially, you know. So do share if you’ll be going somewhere! 

Happy April, loves!

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53 responses to “Monthly Minutes at Midnight: March 2017

  1. Okay, first– I just spent way too long clicking through all those links >.< and 2nd, I'm SO JEALOUS that you have First We Were IV!! Alexandra Sirowy is my new fave author ever– okay, not ever, that is Courtney Summers. But I think she's tied for 3rd?? Anyway, SO JEALOUS!! Oh and, me and Cassi from My Thoughts Literally are going to ALA Chicago!! Hope you go!!

    • Aww yay I am glad you liked the links! Even if it took away time, I can live with that 😉 I really like her writing too, I am excited about it! I hope you get to read it soooooon! I am really hoping that I can make ALA work, because I know Holly wants to go too, so cross your fingers for me 😀

  2. Sam

    First and foremost, I hope you are healing well, and Lena is so adorable! I see so many books I would love to steal from you (Windfall, What to Say Next, Lucky in Love, Moxie). I have been digitally blessed, so I should not be sad, but the contemporary-ho in me cannot help herself, when she sees so many of her must-reads in your piles. =)
    I am going to BookCon. I love the panels. My co-blogger is going to BEA, so we will actually have some physical ARCs to review.

    • Aw thank you SO much! I am doing better- of course, I am sick now, but that is a whole other issue ?

      And you are making me chuckle with the books! Bwhahhaha. That is AWESOME that you are going to BookCon and that your co-blogger is going to BEA! I just… I am salty at BEA, so there’s that. I just hate that they ruined it for bloggers this year, you know? But I hope you have an awesome time at BookCon!

  3. Awk, I hope you heal well after your surgery. *sends healing cupcakes* (Shh that’s a thing.) And omg you have Tash . Hearts Tolstoy!! I’m SO excited about that one since I just read Lucky Few and looooved it so much.? AND SO MUCH SNOW. If it makes you feel better we just had so. much. rain in Australia it’s generally ridiculous. My town got entirely flooded out, even the library, and I am sad because I can’t go “indefinitely”. (THE WEATHER HAS BROKEN MY HEART.)?

    But in happier things! I’m super glad you had a wonderfully successful reading month. The Dream Thieves tho. ?? And was The Ship Beyond Time excellent?! I’m about to order that one!!

    • Aw thanks love! I will definitely take ALL the healing cupcakes. It has to be a thing because we said so, right? Right.

      I really liked Lucky Few too! Which is why I needed Tash, of course hahah. Oh my goodness a flooded library!? I am SO SORRY! That is just not okay. Now I need to send you healing cupcakes!

      I liked The Ship Beyond Time- not *quite* as much as the first, but it was still good! And yes, yes, I finally read Dream Thieves, and in another 6-8 years I will read BLLB 😉

  4. you’ve got amazing books! i’m so excited for thug and a conjuring of light. also, thanks for sharing my post <3 snowww! we don't have snow here, so i was very excited when i saw it in real life for the first time! i probably wouldn't be THAT excited if i see it every year xD i didn't know stephanie perkins have a new book, it looks amazing!

    • Aw thanks! THUG was INCREDIBLE. I still need to read AGOS before I can get to ACOL, actually. I know, I know ? And yeah, snow is probably cool if you live somewhere warm, but here, it’s… just another day, and it gets old fast hahah. I need to move to some tropical locale 😉

  5. You have all the books. Like all the books!! Enjoy them lady. Awesome reading month!! read a couple of the same and enjoyed and have a couple more coming up. Dude so much snow in March right?? Not fun. Sorry about your surgery and hope you feel better. I wish BEA wasn’t so weird this year as it was in NYC and I could have actually gone but oh well. ALA would be awesome but maybe when it is closer. Love the new covers – so pretty!! Have a great April!!

    • Sometimes I DO think I have all the books ? It’s a blessing and a curse, but only a curse because I am running out of space and also, will I EVER get to them all? I fear not. And thank you so much, love ♥♥

      And SERIOUSLY! Like- it was going to be SO EASY for me to have gone to BEA this year, I was just going to drive in. But now… Idk. Like, I know if I go to ALA I will end up spending all the money I am refusing to spend on BEA on travel but… it is the principle, you know? 😉 And thanks hope you have a great April too!

  6. If you ever need to get rid of your copy of The Adjustment, you know where I am. Lol. Big Young fan. I have the Yallfest copy, but it’s not as pretty.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope you’re feeling better. We didn’t get a blizzard but we lost power like five times in the last month. Omg wow what a lot of books for March! I think I read two…

    • Aw thank you so much!! I REALLY want to go to ALA. It is a pretty good possibility- I think my mom is sloowwwly getting on board with helping me out 😉 I just won’t be going to anything else until probably ALA annual NEXT summer, so I like.. want to get one more bookish thing in! And we MUST get together if you are there- I always seem to run into you at the end- of like, ALL the things ?

  8. Given to the Sea and Defy the Stars were two that I was initially just sorta interested in but have pretty much decided I want. And seafarer’s Kiss too maybe… Grit has also caught my wandering bookish eye. As for new stuff I love that Warcross cover and Someone Is Inside Your House- woo creepy! That book might be fun!!! And Perkins wrote it?? Hmm…

    That’s… a lot of snow for March. And hope you’re feeling all recovered (or will be soon) from your surgery.

    You know I never thought of using the 100 break (why??) to re- watch. That might not be a bad idea since I’m chronically forgetting things. Like Bree lol. And sadly no, I do not have any bookish cons or anything planned, which kinda sucks. Although I hear all the cool kids are going to Nicole’s shindig… have you seen the authors she has coming??!??

    Thanx for linking my posts too!!!

    • YESSS you want. They are both 5 stars for me. LOOOOOVE. Grit was decent, though kind of different than I assumed. Very contemporary. Seafarer’s Kiss was good, very quick.

      And thank you, I am pretty much back to normal now (whatever that is 😉 ), it was a pretty easy recovery, surprisingly, and thank goodness!

      I do not know why you do not rewatch. Obviously you should 😀 I am on Day Trip which is extra fun since we just got to play with Jobi nuts in the last episode.

      I really want to do ALA, but I think if I go I’d drive, which… is a long drive. But flying is so dumb- like sure it’ll take me 10 hours to drive but flying will take just as long. And Holly can go to ALA since it’s in Chicago and she is in Michigan it’s a pretty quick train ride. PLUS we will be right in the back yard of Nicole’s event- I mean, obviously I cannot wait for the Kendare Blake slip n’ slide and a slumber party with dead authors ? CLEARLY that is one to not miss. And you can bunk with her kids which sounds… well, awful, quite frankly 😉

      • LOL yeah I’m sure the blow up mattress at the neighbors house will be a delightful change from those annoying Hyatt Regency’s. And the Kendare Blake thing- too bad she’s not coming, we could harass her about the next Three Dark crowns book while she’s, you know, slipping and sliding. ALA of course won’t be able to hold a candle to it, but I hope you get to go. 🙂

        • BWHAH nothing like sleeping on a stranger’s floor to make a vacation complete ? The good news about the Kendare Blake slip ‘n slide is that Nicole says Harper is printing the whole One Dark Throne text ON the slide. Now, you’ll have to either slide veeeerrryyyy slow, or slide like, 39228 times to read it in its entirety. But you know, #WorthIt.

          And thanks, I hope so toooo! I need a vacation! 😀

  9. That sucks that you had to have surgery! I hope you start feeling better soon!
    And that really is a lot of snow! It’s actually started to brighten up and be quite sunny here in England, which is weird…generally it rains pretty much year round! 🙂
    Thanks for mentioning my post, and I really hope you enjoy all of those books! I’ve finally started the Darker Shade of Magic books (it has taken me so long to get round to it!), so hopefully I’ll get to A Conjuring of Light myself soon, seen as I’m loving the first book so far. I think it’s going to be a binge read series for me! 🙂

    • Aw thank you so much! I am doing better already 😀 OOOH I am glad it got nice there! Someday maybe it will be nice here again. It’s probably like, Mother Nature crying on America for being shitty, tbh. I want to binge read the Darker Shade books too- I read the first one but SO long ago, and now I need to read AGOS, and then ACOL… so you know, sometime in 2032 I should be done 😉 Hope you love them!

  10. Kel

    I probably won’t be making it out to any major bookish events this year. I got a great summer internship that should be all sorts of awesome and helpful for the future…but it’s unpaid. T.T I hope you’re feeling better! Surgery is no fun. 🙁

  11. I hope you feel better from your surgery! The snow was a surprise here to in March! I am hoping the weather picks up here soon! It looks like you got a lot of great new books in to read! I listened to The Glittering Court recently and really enjoyed it. I agree with you on the entire world the author created was amazing! I can’t wait to see how that series continues. I hope you have a great April!

    • Aw thank you! I heard it was going to be close to 80 hhere next week so.. talk about a change hahha! I am so glad you enjoyed The Glittering Court- it is such a fave of mine! I cannot WAIT til the next book, I already pre-ordered it! Hope you have a great April too ♥

  12. WOW I keep forgetting that you now do monthly recaps instead of the weekly one. Because I was like “I send you those books a LONG TIME AGO”, and then I was like “wow March has come and gone already”.

    And now it’s April.

    Well. I’m jealous of your Wing Jones book because I need it, especially the ombre pages. I think that’s only the UK/AUS version, right? I’ll have to check it out on TBD.

    HAPPY APRIL. Last month of the semester yay.

    • Bwhahah yeah I think they came on like, March 1st or 2nd! So definitely over a month ago at this point! Yep, it’s the UK edition with the ombre pages! It is prettyyyy! I like the US cover better, BUT I like these ombre pages so I shall live with it. Glad it is the last month of your semester, YAY!

  13. Sorry about your hernia surgery! My dad has had two, so not fun! Yay for some snow though. I really wanted some but we never really got much this year. I like at least ONE big snow. OH well.


  14. All. The. Books! I mean, seriously, I think you officially own all the books now. 🙂 I somehow missed that Kasie West has a new one coming out. I see that one in one of your stacks so I’ll have to check into that. I’m excited about What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum after enjoying Tell Me Three Things so much. I loved The Upside of Unrequited. Loved. It. (Note to self: need to write that review since it’s apparently not writing itself.) And I’m reading Fireworks right now.

    Ugh, sorry to hear about the surgery. 🙁 Hope you’re on the mend and feeling better. And many thanks for choosing to share the pic of the snow. You’re a gem.

    I’m up in the air about bookish events this year. I had to miss ApollyCon week before last due to being out of state for a family wedding. (I still don’t see why the bridge couldn’t have shifted the date. I mean, it’s ApollyCon. Does she not get it? Apparently not.) YallFest is a possibility but I’m still mulling that over. I’ll wait to make the call once I see the author line-up.

    • I…. think I might have all the books too, actually. ::Hangs head in shame:: I REALLY need to read a Julie Buxbaum book. Especially since I OWN THEM. Seriously, I am a mess. I also loved The Upside of Unrequited, but I do not understand how Becky got into my head… ? I hope you are liking Fireworks! It… wasn’t my fave of hers, so hopefully it goes better for you!

      And thank you! I am doing quite a bit better now. Actually, I am fine from the surgery at this point, but I have a cold now, go figure hahah. And SERIOUSLY doesn’t the bride get that she can get married ANY weekend, but ApollyCon was only ONE!? The nerve! ?

  15. SO many books! Jealous! Also, thank you for sharing my link! I just opened like 10 more tabs of other links you shared. eek.

    I hope you recover well from surgery! My mom had hernia surgery a couple years ago (she actually needs to go again because yay! she’s got one again). Make sure you rest 🙂 Make people serve you lol

    I’m going to Yallwest at the end of this month! It’s the only big book event near me and I’ve gone both years its run so far. So this will be my third year! 😀

    • Aw of course! And sorry, not sorry about the links ? UGH that is my biggest fear, that it will recur and I will have to go through it again- tell your mom I am sorry, and I hope she recovers quickly! I do wish people would serve me, I need to find people who will do such 😉

      OH I have heard fun things about Yallwest! I hope you LOVE it!

  16. Thanks for sharing all those links, Shannon! I have had little to no time online this past week, so I had missed almost all of them 🙂
    You are right, those covers you are lusting after are gorgeous 🙂
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading 🙂

  17. I don’t think I could ever afford to go to BEA now that they’ve gauged blogger tickets. We should go kick them in the shins. I always say I could never do snow, but I might be able to do 2 feet of snow. That looks manageable. I think. I hope your recovery is going well. You are never useless to us! 🙂

  18. Oh my, I hope your wound is healing up nicely. I have also been operated for hernia before, when I was seven years old. It was so long time ago that I forgot how fast my wound healed but I remembered I missed on a lot of school days actually.

    Lena is so cute and I think I want one of those red onesies for myself.

    As always, you’ve got all the goods. I hope you enjoy most of them (just being realistic here, like you said we cannot avoid duds once in a while) and have a nice reading time while recuperating. I requested This Is How It Happened by Paula Stokes but got denied (territory restrictions, I believe. Us, INTL bloggers have hard knock lives) and I am still waiting for an approval for What To Say Next by Julie Buxbaum.

  19. Ooh, I’m so excited for Moxie, Grit, and This is How It Happened! I hope you really enjoy all three of those! I have e-ARCS for both Want and First We Were IV, and I can’t wait to dive into them soon!

    I hope you recover from your surgery soon! ❤

  20. Sorry you can’t do BEA this year. I’m skipping it too and doing ALA instead, but ALA is easy for me because it’s in my neck of the woods. Hey, if travel plans for ALA turn out to be too expensive, that top bunk in my son’s room’s always available. It comes with a face-licking dog alarm clock, so I don’t know how you could turn that down. 🙂

  21. danielle hammelef

    You received quite a variety of books this month and I love the reading choices you made too–I have to read Goodbye Days and The Upside of Unrequited. I enjoy how active you are in the book community.

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