A few times, I told you about the shows I watched. And it was fun, so I am going to do it again! This was another really good batch, but I have also been more willing to quit stuff I don’t like. Also, I spend a significant portion of my time rewatching The 100, so. And here is a NEW fun fact for you: I should have, really should have, posted reviews, but honestly this seemed more fun so it won out. There you have it.

So, a list of the shows I’ve been watching since whenever the hell the last post posted was! Also wow wee, I have watched enough stuff to make a twelfth one of these? Moderately impressed with myself! 

2023 ♦ Apple+

Season 2 Filming

This is, if you have been hiding under a rock,  based off of the Wool series by Hugh Howey. I read the very first part of the first book, when it was divided as such, a million years ago. I recall nothing. So let’s just say I went into it fairly blind, other than knowing the general premise, which is this: Some folks are apparently “stuck” in this underground bunker (the titular Silo, of course) because Earth has… gone bad? Look, no one knows, at least, no one that the viewer has the pleasure of hearing from. There are Reasons™, okay? And you just have to stay in the damn Silo forever and ever because we said so.

Yeah, what if?

So we first meet the Sheriff, and sir’s name is Holston. He seems like a stand up dude, trying to have a baby with Rashida Jones who he happens to be married to. Rashida is not getting pregnant, and someone tells her that maybe that is by design, so she starts poking around, and BAM, she asks to go outside. Now, the Very Important Rule™ here is, if anyone asks to leave, their wish is granted. But they’re supposed to “clean” the window on their way to their supposed untimely demise. Because that is obviously what I want to do with my last moments on Earth, how about you?

I mean this is the ultimate in bucket list goals. Heard they’re adding it to Make a Wish. 

Welp, Holston is really sad, because now he has no wife and no baby and everything sucks and he is stuck in this stanky bunker. So he wonders, as one does, what the heck Rashida was into before she left/died. And this leads him to Juliette, an engineer with a dead boyfriend and a lot of questions herself. They form an unlikely duo who are going to work together, and they are probably going to unearth some junk about the Silo, and the powers that be, and all that jazz. And I won’t tell you anything else because like, you’ll want to watch the show for yourself because who doesn’t love a show about sketchy bunker people?

Verdict: 👍👍

2023- ♦ Amazon Prime

Renewed for Season 2

Ah, another one of those goofyass British shows that Greg finds and I end up watching, fun! It isn’t my usual fare, but I watched it for several reasons: Peer pressure, Emily Hampshire, and the fact that it was only 6 episodes. But it ended up definitely being worth it, and by the end, was kind of more my “thing”? I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll be vague, but yeah. So these gritty Scottish blokes (and blokettes, no sexism here) are on the aforementioned rig, out in some body of water, finishing up a job. Look, I won’t pretend to know what they do out there, nor will I pretend that I care. It doesn’t matter, they just do Rig Stuffs™. And while they’re finishing up, they lose contact with the shore.

This is exactly where I want to be when I lose communication. 

They think it must be some kind of storm or something, because it is foggy as hell, and things are just… foreboding, basically. Only, usually during a routine thunderstorm, there aren’t weirdass spores running around healing and/or infecting folks, so that is where the difference lies.

Yep, I am sure this shit is totally harmless and not at all a harbinger of doom. 

Anyway, things turn from bad to worse really fast when they realize help is not on the way. People start getting sick, and worse in some cases. And it becomes a race against time to figure out what this spore thing is, and oddly enough, what it wants. I really enjoyed a lot of the characters, and I will definitely be sticking around for the next season!

Verdict: 👍

2023- ♦ AMC

Renewed for Season 2 because AMC loves beating dead horses

I told myself I was tagging out when S11 of TWD ended. I swore, I was giving it up. Reader, I lied. Apparently, as much as AMC loves to beat the dead horse, I…. love to watch them do it? I mostly caved because it was a short season (only 6 episodes) and I really wanted to see what post-apoc Manhattan looked like, okay? Anyway, we all knew that this was a Maggie and Negan spinoff, and Lauren Cohan and JDM have some really off the charts chemistry, so whatever, I had to.

It does, Negan. It really does. 

Anyway, it really does deliver on all counts, I am pleased to say! It’s amazing what TWD universe can do when it isn’t trying to shove 20083 characters at us at once. Focusing on just this normal sized cast is a good look. Anyway, we get right into it, a desperate Maggie looking for Negan. Some asshole took Herschel, and she needs his help to get him back because he knows said asshole. Since they are holed up in NYC, it’s time for Negan and Maggie to take a road trip!

I knew it would be fun here! 

Obviously, there is a lot to unpack on this trip. While Maggie tolerated Negan a bit toward the end of the Show Proper, she still harbors a ton of animosity and swears she can’t get past it. Well, okay, you do you, but Negan makes a very good point when he asks her how many husbands and fathers she’s killed in the name of protecting her people. Anyway, they meet a few folks along the way- some friend, some foe, and some who you just can’t tell if they can be trusted. And whether they are successful or whether they kill each other or both, that’s up for you to find out. But please enjoy the Negan-isms along the way.

Verdict: 👍👍

2023 ♦ Apple+


Can I just say that I am endlessly glad that this damn show came out after I took a few international flights and not before? Legit, my ass would have been rowing to Lisbon had I seen this thing before hand. Basically, the premise is this: Idris Elba, and a bunch of other unfortunate, less attractive folks are flying from Dubai to London Heathrow, when some bad apples jump up and make a mess of things.

Indeed it does, my dude. 

And look, there are a lot of nuances behind why these people are doing what they’re doing, but that would be spoiling crap, so we’re not going to do that. Point is, they have, as you may have assumed by the whole title of this show, hijacked the shit out of this plane. Idris is trying to get home to see his son and ex-wife and I guess her boyfriend? Idk but regardless, he wants to go home, and not die over Europe somewhere.

Pretty bad, friend. 

Turns out, Idris is a genius, and his job is negotiating deals and business-y crap, and he is good at it. So as you may have guessed, he’s going to try to put his skills (and charm, obviously) to good use on these baddies. Meanwhile, good news, his ex-wife’s new mans is a detective, olé! So when Idris is able to get one last text out, Ex-Mrs.-Idris’s downgrade gets to work. Only there is a lot more happening than meets the eye, and every last one  of them has a lot of work to do if anyone is going to make it out alive.

Everyone has their role to play, even the juice boxes. 

 Verdict: 👍

2023- ♦ Apple+

Status Unknown; Could Stand Alone

I have read a lot of critical reviews about this show, but I don’t understand why? I quite enjoyed it, and would be very happy if they continued the story. I mean, the cast is stellar, and I would watch Daveed Diggs run errands, or read the newspaper, so. If they can’t give me Snowpiercer, then at least give me more of Extrapolations, damn it.

See? John Snow said. 

So, it’s a story about how we messed up the world. It’s told in anthology format, starting in 2037. Animals all over are going extinct, and climate change is wreaking havoc on the weather, so there are disasters galore. Basically, this is set a mere 14 years from now and yet… it tracks. And just like now, the fancy trillionaires don’t want to make any changes, lest they lose a few cents or something. They’re cool with the demise of the whale, as long as their pockets are full.

We sure did. 

Obviously, not everyone is awful, and the show features a bunch of vignettes of all sorts of folks- from the very mundane among us, to some with power, to some who are just trying to survive. It’s incredibly thought provoking, and I was surprised at how incredibly emotional I found it to be, especially since most of the characters are only around for a few episodes at best. This show will stand alone if it isn’t renewed. You will feel satisfied at the end, even though there is a lot more they could do with it given the chance. The way the story was told was really well done in my opinion- each episode is its own entity, but it does set up a lot of questions for the viewer about what the future will hold. It certainly made me think, and I really enjoyed it and would really like more.

No idea because Apple+ won’t tell me! 

Verdict: 👍👍

What are some of your current favorite shows? Anything I must watch? Have you seen any of these? I just started another The 100 rewatch, because it is me, and I actually find my watchlist dwindling, so I am always here for recommendations/peer pressure (obviously, heh)! 

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22 responses to “Sometimes I Watch Shows (Part 12)

  1. I haven’t seen any of these, but I think I’ll have to try Silo and maybe The Rig. Danielle has been rewatching The 100, so I’ve been catching a lot of it too. I don’t rewatch shows often, but I feel like you can watch that show a dozen times and still find new things to love.

  2. I haven’t seen any of these, although I’m curious about Silo, since I really liked Wool. But big nope to Hijack! I don’t like flying anyway, and watching a movie where things go wrong on a plane is not my idea of fun, lol.

  3. I’m so behind on TV, as always, but I’m about to get AMC so now I’ll be combing through your Sometimes I Watch Shows posts for non-TWD AMC shows to watch, if such a thing exists. 😀

  4. Greg picks the best shows. 🙂 I mean, honestly, The Rig. Scottish accents EVERYWHERE, an oil rig and Hampshire? How could it NOT have been good right? And yeah SILO obviously was fun. I should watch the Negan show I imagine

  5. The only one I’ve watched is the Negan show and, though it was short, it was not sweet. LOL I can hardly wait to watch the Daryl show. Him and Carol are my favorites. Also, I loved The 100 and it is definitely worth a rewatch.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  6. I’m hoping Silo will be released on dvd since I don’t have Apple+ and I really liked the book it’s based on!

    I just finished up Good Omens Season 2 and fell in love with the series all over again. I’m really hoping that it will be renewed for a third season. They can’t just end it like that!

  7. I really liked Silo and need the next season now! I will have to give The Rig a try. I gave up on TWD shortly after Rick disappeared in the helicopter. Just couldn’t see Maggie and Negan getting along after what happened. Also, when I went back to try to rewatch from the beginning so maybe I could push through to the end of the series, I got to the point right before they actually met Negan and realized I didn’t like the way Rick was acting and maybe that is why I gave up. lol I might give Daryl’s spinoff a try though! I’ve been enjoying a lot of YA types of shows. The Summer I Turned Pretty, Heartstopper, etc. And of course now waiting for next year and the rest of this season of Outlander.

  8. I really enjoyed Silo and ended up doing a buddy read with Greg to see if it answered a few things. Not really lol I still really don’t get why they cleaned that dan window – although it makes a bit more sense in the book.

    I *think* I liked the Rig well enough. I don’t remember lol

    I mostly liked Hijack but why on earth did they keep listening to him??? He was like a bad penny – always popping up with random advice and someone would die. hahaha

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  9. Okay, so my favorite thing is reading your plot summaries “Idris Elba, and a bunch of other unfortunate, less attractive folks are flying from Dubai to London Heathrow” lmao. And I guess I should get Apple+? There’s some stuff I want to watch, but I feel like I already have enough streaming services. I wish they’d just all merge, it’s getting out of hand. Anyways, some of these sound quite intriguing! A recent favorite of mine was Tulsa King (higher up person in the mafia played by Silvester Stallone takes the fall for someone else and returns from prison after 20 years to find out his former boss has been replaced, so he’s sent to bring crime to Tulsa, and if that isn’t the most hilarious premise ever I don’t know what to tell you (but it’s also sad sometimes)). It has the best intro, and I’m eagerly awaiting season 2. I also really liked the first half of Alaska Daily, but then somehow it was not only cancelled, but Disney+ took it off their service before I could even finish the rest of the season, so I’m still mad at that.

  10. Jessica

    You might like Beacon 23. It’s about a lighthouse in space. It’s coming out Nov. 12th. It’s also based on a book which I hope to listen to soon. I am watching Servant (season 4), Saint X, Manifest, and A Million Little Things (season 5).

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