Who else is impressed that I had the creative fortitude/burst of motivation to do this, mere months after the last Olympic Book Tag? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ (Also umm insane flex that this is less than half a year later, right?) I was luckily able to find some matching winter sport graphics (thanks again, icons8.com!), so we can be all ready for the Winter Games!  

I mean. Do I think we should be having yet another super-spreader global plague-fest? Obviously not. But just like in Tokyo, no one asked me, so here we are, Omicron surging away wildly. Regardless, the Winter Games are scheduled to open in Beijing on February 4, and run until the 20th. Because I like to give people time to do this, I am posting it a couple weeks out. As for the events, I had to do some research here because I don’t know a thing about these snowy sports. I prefer my sports chlorinated, please and thank you, and most definitely not at risk of frostbite. That said, I absolutely used to pretend I was Kristi Yamaguchi in my bedroom as a kid. 🤷‍♀️

Feel free to do this yourselves- all of you! Use my graphics, whatever you’d like- I’ve even made a Google Doc with the images for easier snagging, because I am awesome. Also, book covers link to Goodreads! 

“The dead girl hung upside down from our kitchen table”

I mean. That’ll hook you.

Patrick Ness over here writing so pretty he made me enjoy a whale, so.

A long journey- and a super emotional one. Can’t wait for the sequel!

This wasn’t my usual fare, but I accepted a review request and am so glad I did because it ended up winning my whole entire heart! 

Everyone and their mom adored this book. I just didn’t get it. 🤷‍♀️

The first line of my review for this one said “this book made me cry so hard I almost threw up”, so there you go. 

This book was high octane from start to finish. It was dark and so, so exciting and readable and messed up.

This is the weirdest. I loved it.

Do not judge me and my Bellarke heart. Or do, actually, I don’t even care. They’re canon. In this book, and in the show if you read my ending and commit it to memory. I do it every day. (I don’t actually- I am nuts but not that nuts, it’s a line from the show, jeez.) 

loooved this book. Right up until I hated it and wanted to yeet it out the window. 

Such a well developed and diverse group! And another sequel coming up that I am quite excited for! 

Felix and Joy are both delights, luckily! 

You know, like a ski lodge, with some hot chocolate and a fireplace? Anyway, I needed something less… hill-related. 

This is so lovely and heartwarming and I honestly want to throw it at you right the heck now.

This one was particularly awesome and “hold on I have to wait for the sequel!?”-inducing. Luckily, the whole series is out so that fate shan’t befall you.


Uh, there are not a ton of these? Honestly if you have ever wanted to write a bobsled YA novel, or an angsty luge romance, now is your time, friends. Get on that.

Do you guys watch the Olympics? What’s your favorite? I am pretty meh on the Winter Games (see above) but figure skating has always been a fave. Surya Bonaly is a complete badass, and I mean, I, Tonyaanyone?

P.S.- I tag literally everyone. Don’t make me start to call out names. I’ll do it! Don’t forget the Doc for ease! I’ll see you back here in 2024! 

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13 responses to “Winter Olympic Book Tag: Beijing 2022

  1. I love this tag. There are so many awesomely weird winter sports. I’m usually excited for Olympic hockey, but not this time. The world’s greatest players are all skipping the Olympics because of COVID. I’ll still watch it though. COVID can’t keep me away from TV hockey. 🙂

  2. I’m not much in doing tags and I can already tell I have no answers for most of these tags. But I like your answers.

    I used to watch figure skating and I still think it’s a shame that younger and younger skaters keeps overtaking the older ones. I was quite disappointed that Michelle Kwan didn’t get the gold and was beatened by much younger what’s-her-name that I kind of forgotten.

    Have a lovely day.

  3. I do not watch the Olympics *hides* but I feel like this post was better than the Olympics. (or counts as watching).

    I think we’re just marching through life like nothing is going on lol They just announced they are bringing a beer fest back to our area. But it will be smaller because of COVID. Only 15,000 people instead of the usual 30,000. Well, alrighty then. That should keep everyone safe.

    But seriously, this whole post was fun and awesome AND had good book rec’s.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  4. love your banner and i agree with your super spreader thoughts. it’s a tough call because athletes have time limits on their physical ability to compete. i will be there…through the TV. i grew up in michigan and lived in new york for ten years, so outdoors sports were a must for me…otherwise i never would have left the house. LOL like you i prefer my precipitation wet not frozen
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. I’ve always enjoyed figure skating, though I’m unlikely to watch the Olympics this year. I mean…assuming they’re still happening, what with China threatening to invade Hong Kong (*sigh* again). But thanks for making the tag! I’m excited to read a full half of the books you’ve listed here!

  6. Love this! But, yeah, I don’t know what some of these are. Haha! I’m putting this tag on my to-do list. 🙂 I just recently finished From Lukov With Love and it’s about pairs figure skaters, if you like angsty romance. 😉 I had no idea Firekeeper’s Daughter featured an Olympic sport. I’m hoping to read it soon!

  7. I know my answer for the first book, so I definitely need to do this tag. I’m sure some of these prompts are going to be tough for me though because my memory SUCKS! lol I do like the Winter Olympics. I’m a big fan of ice skating and ice dancing. In general, I like ice hockey but not sure I really watch it in the Olympics.

  8. You are the second person I’ve come across that has read Blood and Salt. The first person is one of my best IRL friends who ADORES that book! It was kind of weird having someone else talk about it, to be honest!

    Also, I’m so glad you enjoyed Under the Whispering Door! I’ve heard more mixed things about that one than The House in the Cerulean Sea, but I’m now even more pumped to read it!

    In general, I don’t watch the Olympics, winter OR summer, but gymnastics and figure skating get me every time. I usually end up watching the best routines (as decided by the internet) over on YouTube once the Games have already ended, but I always marvel at the skill and precision that these athletes have!

  9. I LOVE the Winter Olympics. I just love all the snowy sports. I love watching speed-skating. The Dutch are pretty good at that. I also watch short track. Figure skating they show too early in the morning at the moment but usually I watch that too. Too bad there is such a scandal going there with the countries match 🙁

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