I’m not going to lie, I don’t know if doing this would have ever crossed my mind (because 2020 has been genuinely The Worst™, I think we can all agree) had the always lovely Taylor not messaged me to see if I wanted to get the band back together. Taylor has been really doing such an incredible job not only hosting, but organizing this since I passed the torch, but I still believe, as I did six years ago, that it’s so, so worthwhile, so…

Josie is a mood, and one that I am feeling at the moment. 

Want to hear something fun? This is the same post I used last year, same GIFs, I am just editing the text and such. I mean, you want to talk about mental health, so I’ll go ahead and tell you right now, mine isn’t great at the moment. Between the country in absolute shambles, the election mere weeks away, COVID as bad as ever but with people downplaying it as though science isn’t real, and my beloved The 100 ending… guys I am not great. So. I also am going to C&P some of Taylor’s post, because frankly I can’t say any of this better than it’s already said!

Other Shattering Stigmas Activities

This November, be on the look out for:

  • A new, centralized Shattering Stigmas Twitter account
  • Bookstagram prompts
  • A Shattering Stigmas Reading Bingo Board
  • A Giveaway!

Diversity Statement

This year, we are making an effort to make Shattering Stigmas more diverse on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality orientation, disability and neurodiversity than it has been in the past. The goal of Shattering Stigmas is to offer a space and time to people to continue and raise the volume on discussions regarding mental health and illness, especially but not exclusively in the kidlit space, in order to advocate for empathy, compassion and action breaking down the stigmas against mental illness.

In 2020, this event will also strive to provide a more inclusive space for people to discuss how mental health, mental illness and stigma differs for various populations due to one or more of the following marginalizations: race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, neurodiversity and disability.

In order to provide this space, our goal is that at least 50% of all recommendations will be books by and participants will be people of color and at least 75% of all recommendations will be books by and participants will be members of at least one of the above marginalizations.

This year we are making a conscious effort to put actions to our intentions and help broaden our conversations regarding mental health by giving the (virtual) microphone to as many types of experiences as possible.

Taylor’s Final Note

Because we are an event run by a handful of bloggers and YA authors, we unfortunately cannot pay our contributors and rely on the generous donation of people’s time and emotional efforts to have this event and hopefully help continue the conversation around mental health and mental health representation in our community. However, this year we want to put action to our advocacy efforts and will be encouraging people who engage with Shattering Stigmas content to donate to one of the following non-profit organizations that strive to provide affordable access to therapy, particularly for Black women and Queer/Trans People of Color:

If you’re looking for past examples of the event and the types of posts we have done, check out my archives here! I even did my own guest post two years ago for the event on Taylor’s blog! You can be as personal or as impersonal as you’d like. There is no need to share anything you aren’t ready to share. Conversely, there’s no topic that’s off limits if you do want to share. Personally, I find sharing cathartic as hell, but everyone is different, so you  should feel welcome to what works best for you and your comfort levels!

Wow it hits harder now, doesn’t it? 

So here’s the deal: I am looking for some guest posters. The event will be held from November 7-21 and basically I am open to anything, because like, have you met me? So if you’re game, let me know by filling out this awesome form that I spent like a whole ten minutes creating- last year. This year I spent exactly thirty seconds copying it, olé!

So, who’s excited for a brand new round of Shattering Stigmas? 

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5 responses to “Shattering Stigmas 6: Come Play!

  1. Beth W

    Yay! I’m excited! I’m avoiding self-diagnosing, but I keep being told I have several of the sub-symptoms of ADD and also that I may be excellent as masking, so if anybody cares to make a post or discussion around ADD or ADHD, I would be thrilled. 🙂

  2. I look forward to this event every year! And I love how this year there’s a focus on making the event more inclusive, and providing ways to support mental health. I think that’s wonderful!

    Plus, participating in this event last year made me brave enough to post about my feeling on trigger warnings shortly after, which I’m immensely grateful for. So while I’m not filling out the form, since I provided a guest post last year (and my anxiety is making it tough to officially sign up in an official capacity), if you do need someone to fill a spot last minute, I would be more than happy to, and you can feel free to reach out!

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