The 100 Episode 7×02: The Garden

This episode took place entirely on Skyring, which was interesting. It did not, however, take place all in the same time period. We finally get to see what became of Diyoza and Octavia, and how it all leads back to the present, so… let’s go! 

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

Skyring Then

10-20 Years Ago, Skyring Time

We catch up with Octavia, mere seconds after she jumps through the Anomaly. She’s coming out the other side via the water, and hears Diyoza’s screams. Obviously, O thinks someone is attacking her or some such. But no, Diyoza is in labor. In the 3 seconds it took for O to follow Diyoza into the Anomaly on Sanctum, it was three months for Diyoza on Skyring. Yikes.

So, guess it’s time to have that baby! Nice timing, O. Look, I know zero things about childbirth other than it seems awful, but I am pretty sure that it’s more than two pushes and bam, baby? Who knows, but O is excited to meet Hope.

Again, no expert, but I don’t think babies come out like that. There’s like… blood and crap?

Anywho, Octavia pulls a page out of the Bellamy Blake Guide to Six-Year-Old Parenthood© and goes for the ol’ pinky hold in lieu of actual nourishment. If you say so guys, but my experience was that I had to feed the human children? Luckily, Diyoza eventually wakes up and feeds the kid. Good thing she is able, because I didn’t see Niylah’s supply cart full of formula anywhere in this episode.

Octavia loves Hope and Diyoza, but she’s gotta jet back to Sanctum to see Bellamy. Which I do not blame her for. If she figures it out, she can get the whole band back together! But it doesn’t go well. Apparently, the unaided human body cannot dive deep enough to get back to the Anomaly. Whoopsie. Hope grows and learns and it’s all very sweet and all the while Octavia tries in vain to make it back. Until one day, they find a fully-suited, very dead Bardoian in the garden. I mean, gross, but cool suit! Now, Octavia can make it to the Anomaly maybe!

Ah, more Bellarke shippers. And all kids love Murphy. 

But Diyoza has other plans. She refuses to let Octavia leave Hope (which to be fair is a little selfish but okay) and she is also worried that the suit may alert Bardo to their presence (that one is legit, I’ll allow it). Regardless, the argument is over because she’s smashed the helmet and also O’s dreams into smithereens.


So, Octavia resigns herself to life on Skyring. They plant stuff, and sew stuff, and teach Hope stuff, and look at the sky I guess, what the hell could they have done for ten years?! Octavia says her goodbye to Bellamy via letter, which she then yeets right into Lake Anomaly. That obviously won’t come back to haunt anyone.

My eyes, they water.

And one merry little day, the Bardoians, they do come. And not pleasantly, either. They have the letter, so they know the names of Octavia and Diyoza. One bit of (maybe) good news, they mistake Hope for just… the word “hope”, and don’t realize there’s a third person. So Octavia tells hope to hide (a la the scene we saw last week in the mist) and she and Diyoza surrender, leaving Hope alone on Skyring for apparently a full decade, which, wow.

Skyring Now

Present Day, Skyring 

We pick up where we left off, our Skyring Gang™ coming out of the Anomaly, on the other side. And here we are, in Skyring, childhood home of Hope Diyoza. Gabriel and Echo are confused, and Hope is on some kind of mission that she isn’t sharing with the class. Now that Hope is back home, her memories have returned, and she remembers the real reason she was in Sanctum: To geotag Octavia in exchange for her mother’s life. Then I guess her plan had been to somehow kill everyone and free both O and Diyoza, but clearly that didn’t go well. 

Gabriel is all of us right now.

So Hope is looking for a way to get back to the Bridge. Since Gabriel is a super-genius, he figures that this is the Anomaly, and that it is “a bridge between worlds”. I think everyone can agree that they need the Bridge, stat. Hope explains how the time thing works, and how days on Sanctum can equate a century on Skyring, which is high key terrifying. They have a Skyring equivilent to the Anomaly Stone, so let’s get out of here, yeah? Nope, because the code Hope had washed off on their swim to Skyring. Whoopsie. Echo, is understandably upset. Hope isn’t feeling sympathetic.

You’ll change your mind when you meet him, Hope.

While Gabriel gets excited to hear the news that the codes are all biometrically coded, Echo isn’t as excited because it doesn’t help them a lick. In her anger, she touches the fireplace, which happens to be warm and sooty. Which alerts our Gang that they are not as alone as they think. Turns out, Skyring is where the Bardoians send prisoners, and this guy has 5 years left on his sentence. Not so great is that our new pal is having a tea party/chess tournament with the dead.


The better news is, Gabriel used to be besties with one of them! Which means, Eligius III landed here. Which means this is Planet Beta. Which means they all have mind drives and Gabriel’s magical waterproof backpack preserved his mind viewer. Perhaps dearly departed Colin of EII will have the code!

I mean she isn’t wrong.

Back at the Diyoza-Blake residence, Echo and Hope have a bit of a heart to heart, where we can see how much Hope misses her family. Which is mirrored by how desperate Echo is. You can tell that Hope is trying so hard to hate Echo for the sake of Octavia, but honestly I don’t think current Octavia even hates Echo anymore, so feel free to let that go.

Gabriel boots up the ol’ iPad (how jealous is Jaha right now?) and we see our pal Colin’s first memories upon implanation. It’s Becca Franco, y’all! The good genius scientist/destroyer of worlds has popped in to tell Colin how awesome it is that he gets to travel to new worlds, which, yep.

Gabriel is all of us, again. 

Then eventually we get to Colin’s actual memories of Skyring. Sadly, their EIII pod crashed, and he was the lone survivor. Instead of wallowing (which I absolutely would have done), he tried his damnedest to get off the planet. And because he has nothing but time, desperation, and a ridiculously high IQ, he cracks the code! Gabriel runs out to get something to write it down on, but makes the rookie mistake of leaving the machine in the cabin.

Sounds about right.

And with that goes their last shred of hope (for this episode, anyway). They now have to keep prisoner Orlando alive long enough to overpower whoever comes to retrieve him. It’s gonna be a long five years.

Random Thoughts:

  • I still miss Bellamy. But I love all the mentions of him at least! I also miss Sanctum a little? I hope we won’t be separated for the whole season! 
  • We’re really not going to see these three again until five years from now, aren’t we? I do not love that! It explains Echo’s hair, but still! This trio is going to be like its own family in five years. And that’s hard to take, especially since we don’t have many episodes left to see everyone deal with all the aftermath. 
  • Not a dentist on Bardo, eh? No really, how does all of Earthkru have acceptable teeth, but Orlando looks like he’s a walking sugar-free gum advertisement?
  • No seriously how bored must they have been? Especially Hope. What do you do for two freaking decades, one of which you’re mostly alone? I really cannot comprehend, I’d probably have turned into Orlando.

Episode 7×03: False Gods

This looks bananas and I won’t lie, I haven’t a clue what’s happening.

  • Guess this one is just in Sanctum? I saw no evidence of The Skyring Gang™ and I am not pleased. Like, I need answers and I don’t want it to feel like we switch shows every week. I need convergence, sooner than later, yeah? Great. 
  • Where is Raven and what is going on? I haven’t a clue! I love when I am clueless, really I do! Are they on EIV and Sheidy is messing with them somehow? That could be. 
  • Stop trying to make Claia happen. Unless you mean friendship and a deep maternal love for Madi, because in that case, all the yesses.
  • Is Sheidy going to be able to pull one over on Clarke? I honestly hope not. I hope she sees right through his bullshit facade, but I also know she’s going through a lot of grief so it’s understandable if she doesn’t see it. Maybe Madi will/can!

What do you  do if you were stuck on Skyring? Are Hope, Echo, and Gabriel going to become besties? Are O and Diyoza okay? Does Bardo have Bellamy? Let’s chat! 

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13 responses to “The 100 Episode 7×02: The Garden

  1. OK I FINALLY watched it! So. Childbirth on Beta… yes it generally involves more than that, in my limited understanding. And it did seem very clean! Ah well, maybe things go differently on Beta? And why is the Anomaly in the LAKE? Like, real deep? Oh well… still was a really cool episode. Although as badass as Diyoza and O are, I’m a little (okay, a LOT) surprised they didn’t have a plan in place in case Bardo or whoever showed up. Some kind of escape plan, maybe a weapon or two, some perimeter traps, IDK. This IS the 100. Something other than just deposit Hope in the cellar and hope for the best. That seemed odd.

    I loved that Bellamy quote. 🙂

    I think it’s cool too that Eligius III landed on Beta. And Becca appearance!!

    I’m loving seeing Hope and Echo bond though.

    • FINALLY, YAY! I mean, both of my kids were born via scheduled c-section, so I never have and never want to know much about childbirth but they were gunky! And they got an easy lift-out, compared to birth, so sorry Hope, you HAD to have been slimier than that!

      And I think only the EXIT from the Anomaly is in the lake? Maybe? I think to get OUT, you have to like, “call” for it, like Hope did. I suppose we’ll eventually find out for sure. Though the bottle DID soemhow make it, though the Bardoians could have found it while coming out of the Anomaly on a stopover or some such thing.

      I think that they didn’t know that Bardo existed until they showed up! I mean, all that they knew was that Sanctum and Skyring were connected, so the only people they’d assumed they’d see would be some wayward Sanctumite or whatever. Not… whatever the hell is happening on Bardo ? I DO agree that it was weird to dump Hope and be abducted. Like, even if I am being abducted, I’m probably going to want my kids WITH me so I can like, protect them and such? Hope was 10 for goodness sake!

      Well, Eligius landed on at least 5 planets, right? Assuming Bardo is… Gamma, Delta or Epsilon, and the two others could be connected as well. Who knows. It is also FASCINATING to see the differences between the different mission crews! Like Colin died centuries ago (hell, could be a millennium at this point) and who KNOWS what the folks who landed on Bardo did but it’s clearly messy as fuck, and Russell and company trying to be immortal cult leaders like… who the hell vetted these people before they left Earth!?

  2. Beth W

    I liked the whole “desert island survivor” take on this, but also….nobody explored past the cabin conveniently close to the water? I feel O would’ve at least loaded up provisions and went on a month-long walkabout to see if there are other people or resources. Unless this is a VERY tiny continent. I would’ve absolutely gone isolation crazy (I mean, not even a volleyball to talk to!) if I were Hope. 10 years old and no longer any normalcy or routine? Yikes. Although she did say a prisoner came along and kept her company for 5 years, and taught her how to fight. Which also…what kind of place is Bardo, if it’s ruled by some sort of theocratic dictatorship but they only send ONE prisoner to this world every 5 years? Hrm.

    • That is SO true! Maybe they did and there wasn’t much? I mean, I agree, I cannot imagine that no one went further! Yeahhh Dev came along after Hope was left alone so that is good at least! Bardo has to be NUTS! But remember, 5 years on Skyring is only a few hours or whatever on Bardo! So if they sent even a prisoner a DAY, it’d be like, every 5-10 years!

      • Beth W

        OH! Of course- thanks! I didn’t even think about the time difference. Yeah, one prisoner sent off every day would be much more manageable. Dang, I can already tell I’m going to get lost, trying to keep track of timelines. 😀 We know the time difference between Sanctumworld and Skyring, but we don’t know the time difference between Skyring and Bardo, and Bardo and Sanctumworld (IIRC), so I just realized that if Bellamy was dragged to Bardo, he could return a month later on Sanctumworld and potentially be decades older. 🙁

        • SO, you are right, we do NOT know for sure the time difference. Captain Meredith said that while it isn’t as big of a difference as Skyring/Sanctum, there IS still a difference, and time is faster there. So yeah he probably will be older- but assuming that when Octavia came back, she was a decade older in Skyring time, but Hope was on Skyring for a decade more before she came to get O, O couldn’t have been on Bardo long or she would have looked much older, and she didn’t. So say, maybe a couple Sanctum days equals 50 years on Skyring and 1 year on Bardo? Just making those numbers up but as an example!

  3. I was a bit disappointed at first at the fact that we were getting a WHOLE episode with no Clarke and company, but this storyline won me over quickly, and I actually ended up being more interested in this than in the other half of our crew. There’s still a little part of me that’s feeling salty over the fact that we’re spending do much time with Echo, Hope and Gabriel when two of them are pretty new to the show, but since they have them the better storyline I guess I’ll get over it.

    Oh, and I literally said out loud when Hope was born, “That baby is CLEAN!” LOL!!

    • So, Hope was supposed to be just a minor character. This is her first EVER acting job, in fact. But when she showed up, they had just panic-rewritten half the script, and Jason was like “hey cool story, how do you feel about being main cast?” and she STEPPED UP. Like you will see more as the season goes on, she is phenomenal! And Jason thanked her for basically saving the season ?

      I feel like Skyring (and eventually Bardo, which I think you are already at and this isn’t a spoiler) is a WAY better story than Sanctum.

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