The 100 Episode 6×10: Matryoshka

Well, this was beyond incredible too.  It was really the ending of Clarkephine that I’d always hoped for- actually, it might have even been better than my wildest dreams. Of course, things in Sanctum aren’t going as merrily, so… let’s dive right in! 

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

One Brain, Two Minds

Clarke and Jo are at the actual breaking point of their currently shared brain. Clarke isn’t really managing her motorcycle well, and she takes an unfortunate spill, just as she and Jo hear other bikes approaching. Jo thinks she can get Clarke to give her the body back, but come on lady, this is Clarke Griffin. She’s not falling for your nonsense.

Seriously though. They’re kind of the worst.

So they hide in… Idk some hidey hole, which appears to be a lazy man’s version of the Art Supply Store. As their brain breaks down further, Clarke comes up with the great idea to start tossing Josie’s memories out of the airlock. Which works, but only temporarily. It’s a mess in the mindspace, but it’s really nice to see Josephine in less… murdery times.

Stop it, I am trying to not care about these two, yeesh.

But it eventually becomes too much, and Clarke has a seizure and vents all of Jo’s errant memories, which seems to kind of work? But when we see Clarke again, she’s being choked to death by vines and oh yeah, she isn’t Clarke anymore. Gabriel and Octavia find the hole before the Sanctum guards, and lift Jo to safety.

Outside of the hidey hole, Gabe and O are immediately captured by Jade and some redshirts from Sanctum. This… doesn’t look good. Josephine is back in control, and tells the guards to kill Octavia (which, frankly, is rude) and get her home. And then all the gunfire erupts and whoopsie, Jade has messed up again because one of the “Sanctum guards” is decidedly not her ally.

He’s ours.

Sanctum Wants (Red) Blood to Spill

When the Gagarin lands back on Sanctum, both Russell and Simone have some bad news to share with the other. Russell’s news comes in the form of Sanctum being practically an armed encampment, and Miranda Prime being killed by Madi. He’s got most of Earthkru held prisoner, and oh yeah, Josie is being dragged through the woods by Bellamy. Solid work, Russ.

Simone’s news is, of course, that Kane is dead, and he took the nightblood with him. Oh, and they can’t make more whoopsie. Coming as no surprise, the Lightbournes are pretty salty about Kane floating the nightblood. And his mind drive. They couldn’t care less about Marcus Kane the human being, but again, I’m not exactly shocked.

Simone makes the incredibly callous decision to tell Abby that Clarke is dead. And not in a compassionate way, in a “I don’t like your people so I’mma taunt you about your dead daughter” way. The icing on the damn cake here is that Simone herself is the one responsible! Like if Tai hadn’t stabbed her, I’m fairly sure there would have been a long line to do so.

What. A. Bitch.

Simone wants to kill all of Earthkru (except Madi, but only cause she’s a natblida) forthwith. Because of course she does. But Russell, still telling himself (falsely) that he has a modicum of human decency, says he only requires one death. Simone doesn’t love the idea, but she does love her some Russell (I mean, J.R. Bourne is a tasty treat, I can see the appeal) so she acquiesces.

Mayhaps because “the dream” involved stealing bodies and yeeting babies into the Forest of Doom? 🤔

After the Lightbournes lock up all of Earthkru and wax poetic about the “dream of Sanctum” being dead, they decide to have a nice Prime Family luncheon with Priya and Ryker. Unbeknownst to them, Ryker is not loyal to them (or anyone else as it turns out, but we’ll get to that). And he might have told Blythe Ann, Jae the Cookie Man, and Tai the Dad of Tree Baby that their sacrifices mayyyyybe weren’t on the up and up.

First, how very dare someone hurt Jae the Cookie Man. And I am not particularly tickled about the others, either. Blythe Ann was so trusting and sweet, and Tai… well how that poor bastard got out of bed every day I’ll never know. I mean they killed his baby via a fucking tree, and he let them. Because Primes. So he has to chat with the Primes. He gets into the lunch by claiming to have intel on Echo. Which, he does, and watching Ryker squirm was fabulous. But Tai doesn’t out Echo or Ryker. He ends Simone VI.

May we never meet again.

Well, that does it for Ol’ Russ. He is done with Earthkru trying to stop him from being a god. Or something. So he’s just gonna burn ’em all at the stake, as you do. I will never understand how this dude sleeps at night with all his hypocrisy, but here we are.

Or you could, you know, not

Earthkru Fights Back

Earthkru is informed that Simone is letting all them live, save one. And what fun, they get to decide who the one is! That Simone really can throw a party, eh? It’s pretty clear who’s being chosen. Abby, however, isn’t getting why Murphy is the obvious choice. Madi/Sheidheda have no plans to let an opportunity to be awful pass them by, so she throws Murphy under the bus immediately. You can see how much he hates that he let Abby down, and I think it’s especially telling that he didn’t really try to defend his actions.

I feel like we should throw in a little anecdote about people in glass houses, but alas.

Emori has full faith that Echo is going to come through though, which is pretty adorable, because it shows how close they’ve become. Can you even imagine two more unlikely friends who I now adore so much? Me either. Anyway, she’s not wrong to hope, because we see that Echo (and Gaia, who I guess isn’t being eaten by plant life after all) is blackmailing Ryker to do the right thing, as we saw above when he told the families of victims of the Primes’ lies. He also lets Echo hang out with a bow and arrow, which she plans to use on Russell when he tries to kill Murphy.

Only her plan backfires a bit when Tai kills Simone, not that anyone is mad at Tai. Gaia is “captured” (I assume it’s a distraction, but they never really tell us either way) and assures her pals that Echo is on the case. Unbeknownst to any of them, Russell has decided to kill everyone, and so Echo needs a Plan B, and fast. She totally has one, only Ryker happens. This guy is the textbook definition of “coward” and when Echo wakes up, she best be seeking revenge on this piece of crap.

Must you suck all the time, Ryker? It’s exhausting. 

So, our heroes line up for the slaughter. I really can’t imagine the fear and terror, but you know who is the consummate survivor? Right, John Murphy! And as such, he can think fast under pressure. And finally he mentions that Clarke was made a nightblood through bone marrow, not whatever space antics Abby was pursuing. And even though you can see it pains her, Abby grudgingly agrees.

Good timing, champ! 

And I get that no one wants to give this creep ways to steal more bodies, but they need to buy time. Raven thinks she can kill two birds with one stone, saving them all and saving Madi, and if anyone can, it’s Raven! Russell lets our people live, but only for 24 hours. If they don’t make nightblood, he’s fine with Stake Burning, Round 2. And just so he didn’t waste all his accelerant, he burns Tai anyway because he is a despicable human being and that’s that.

Two Minds, One Survivor

Look, I will go on about how I knew that Clarke would be victorious. And logically, I guess I thought she would be too. But I’ll be damned if I wasn’t clenching my fists, rocking back and forth like a fool until she was for real back. After Bellamy tells Jade to give Russell a message (you know, something along the lines of “if you kill my people I’ll kill your mind drive”) they hightail it to Gabe’s very medical, not at all unsanitary tent in the middle of the woods.

While Gabriel preps for surgery-lite, Josephine explains how Clarke managed to survive. Bellamy and Octavia just want to help, and bring Clarke back, and Josephine really guts me here. She seems to actually care for Clarke, as much as Josephine can. And it was almost sweet, if you didn’t know that one of them would have to kill the other to survive.

Gabriel has to hurry because the body isn’t going to last much longer. Basically the brain waves are battling each other, and it looks like it’s to the death. Gabriel has a very heartfelt moment with Josephine before he removes her chip, and it’s hard to take in. And seeing his love for her, I genuinely didn’t know what choice he’d make here.

The right one. He makes the right one.

Only, did anyone think Jo would go down that easily? Nope, she’s used a trick from Clarke’s book and locked herself into the neural mesh.  She finds the ax that her dad used to kill her, and slashes Clarke’s throat. It isn’t looking good at all, and everyone is telling Bellamy that it’s over, that Clarke is gone. But Bellamy goddamn Blake is not letting his soulmate die without a fight.

And the minute Clarke hears Bellamy’s voice telling her to fight? She’s reminded of all she has to live for. And fight she does, slicing through the head of Josephine, ending the duality once and for all.

Random Thoughts:

  • We can pretend that there aren’t visible parallels between Jo/Gabe and Clarke/Bellamy, but we’d just be kidding ourselves. You mean to tell me that Gabriel didn’t see what he’d be robbing Bellamy and Clarke of? What he had with Josie, once upon a time? Yeah no. It was obvious to everyone, except maybe Bellamy and Clarke. 
  • Is Josephine actually gone gone? I mean, I know it sure looks like it, but there wasn’t technically confirmation, or a goodbye to Sara like there was for Tattiawna, so I am not ready to pour one out for her just yet. Maybe there will be little lingering memories or something in Clarke’s mind. That seems like a very The 100 thing to do, yeah?
  • Bellamy needs to patch things up with O. He did sort of hug her back a little, which I guess was progress? But then he blew her off again, but tbh, I think the days of their feuding are coming to an end. Especially seeing how happy O was to see him happy with Clarke. 
  • Okay now I like the idea of O and Gabriel being a thing eventually even more. They both have suffered for so long after the loss of a great love. And they’ve both been dealing with the ramifications of the losses for like, actual centuries. They’ve both done awful stuff because of their pain, and they’re both trying to make amends. So yeah at some point, this needs to happen. 
  • I didn’t really get into Sheidheda much because it annoys me, but apparently Raven thinks she can isolate the evil commander. Or something.Thereby saving Madi, and I guess all of them by extension. I love how everyone is afraid of her waking up all of Wonkru on Eligius, but no one is realizing that she’s 12 and they can stop her. But Idk Raven is going to isolate this dude and float him or something, so great. I will be pretty happy once this storyline is over, tbh.
  • More Murven please and thank you. I love these two. Even when Raven’s being a wee bit preachy.

Song of the Week:

This is so sad, considering. Maybe I shouldn’t care because Jo is a little psychopathic, but ugh. Gabriel and Josephine were really sweet, once upon a time (you know, in that “we stole these bodies so we can dance together in them” sort of way). And they genuinely loved each other.  So, “Apocalypse” by Cigarettes After Sex is the choice of the week. Again, nice work nailing the songs as always, The 100! 

Episode 6×11: Ashes to Ashes

Directed by Bob Morley himself, I am wayyy too excited for this. 

  • Is Echo attacking Ryker in this clip? ::Grabs popcorn:: Here. For. It. Ryker the Millionth is dead to me anyway.
  • Look at Octavia, trying to not kill randos! Seriously guys she’s like 5 seconds away from catching the next shuttle back to Earth to retrieve her hairbows. It’ll take some time, but I feel like O is going to have to find a balance between Butterflies and Blodreina. 
  • How is Echo going to handle Clarke’s return? Look, I know she’ll be happy on a human-to-human level, Echo’s not a monster. But not a single one of us can deny that Bellamy never reacted to seeing Echo alive the way he did to Clarke. Ever. And Echo is also not stupid, so… this isn’t going to be a pleasant day for her.
  • How is Russell going to handle Jo’s (presumed) death? Assuming she’s for real for real gone, this dude is going to lose his mind. I mean, she was temporarily in stasis for a few minutes and he started hijaking random young women so… this is going to be bad news. 
  • How far will Gabriel go to help Earthkru/Rid Sanctum of Primes? He made the really hard choice to let Jo go, showing that he does in fact practice what he preaches. But overthrowing everyone he’s ever known is going to be hard.  
  • Where’s my Cadogan Connection? I saw on Twitter that some people think he might be related to Russell. I have no idea about that but I am more convinced than ever that there is some connection after Russell started burning folks at the stake. Becca’s assassination, anyone? 

What are your thoughts? So thrilled Clarke is back? A little sad about Jo even though you feel weird about it? Scared for Earthkru? So much to discuss! 

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8 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×10: Matryoshka

  1. I love how whacked out this planet is. I mean in the bunker the vines getting her- this planet is a mess! And I thought the literal tossing out of memories was a nice touch. I kinda like the mindspace sequences. By the way, the little bunker thing reminded me so much of Clarke and Finn and their little love nest in S1. There’s always a bunker on this show! And Simone was the absolute worst. I reallly hope she stays dead.

    Echo though was kinda dumb to think Riker would just let her shoot Russ. Also- bone marrow. I love how this season calls back to S2 so much lol.

    • DUDE I know that is why I called it “The Lazy Man’s Art Supply Store” bwhahah. Because it IS the same! I love it, apparently little random forest bunkers exist everywhere! My new life mission is to find one. I liked throwing out the memories too- but I also couldn’t help but wonder HOW she was able to talk to Gabriel at the end there, and like, tell Jade stuff, etc, if her memories were all floated? Unless only SOME were?

      I don’t see Simone coming back, tbh. Mostly because I don’t think Abby will ever *actually* make Nightblood. I mean, she might start to, but I don’t think they’ll get far enough to actually try it. Remember how long it took with Fake Baylis and then Emori/Clarke? They had to wait a few hours for the marrow to… idk, take root? By that time, the Blake Family should be there to cause a proper ruckus.

      But Ryker SEEMS to want to be on the good guy side? I mean, he let Gabe escape, so I can kind of see why Echo would think she could trust him- especially because she could blackmail him, and not just her, but Gaia, Murphy, and Emori too, who are still very much alive. I mean as soon as they find out Echo is MIA, do you think they’re keeping Ryker’s dirty secrets? Hell no.

  2. *sigh* I had high hopes for Ryker. I really thought he would join up with Earthkru. I think he really hated being blackmailed. It’s the dynamic between him and Josephine all over again. Also, he disagreed with Echo’s approach. Echo’s stabbed him multiple times in the promo so I think tonight will be the end of him…or at least Ryker IX. The synopsis for 6.12 mentions a special Naming Day so unless it’s a flashback, I think the Primes that have been dormant are coming back.

    I believe the Cadogan connection! If Russell is related to him (son?), I’m thinking that he wanted to distance himself but ultimately built Sanctum and its customs based on what he knew from Cadogan. He even addresses his people as a cult leader/evangelist would. If he finds out Josephine is gone forever, I think he will implode.

    They really made us sweat before Clarke came back! I actually believed she was going to die for a second. I sort of hope that wasn’t the last of Josephine because she was such a great character to watch. Under different circumstances, she and Clarke may have been friends. Gabriel II sort of reminded me of Monty. He never wanted to be resurrected himself but he continued to do it out of love for Josephine. I think he’ll be willing to go the distance to stop the Primes. I hope he survives.

    • I DID TOO! Or at least… Idk, NOT attack them!? Aw crap now I am VERY scared for the next two episodes! Because does that mean that Abby makes the nightblood and more people die!? I don’t want any more Primes! And I definitely don’t need the tenth freaking Ryker, the first 9 were garbage enough!

      The thing I don’t know about the Cadogan connection is that the timing doesn’t add up to me. Russell was born in (approximately) the 1990s based on his age when they reached Sanctum. From Jaha’s tablet, we know that Cadogan was born on October 20, 1987. So. Best case, brothers. OR Russell could have been a member of Second Dawn? Idk but the connection between Russell, Becca, and Cadogan IS there, I just don’t know how yet…

      I DID TOO! I seriously thought she might not survive- or, that if she DID, she’d have some sort of memory loss or something. I feel like Josie still isn’t gone for good. Idk why, I just… they’ve not addressed Sara AT ALL and I feel like they would have if she were done. And I agree about them being friends- I don’t even think Jo would have been as evil as she became had she not been sort of immortal.

      Gabriel MUST survive. He is my new fave! I seriously love him, and I REALLY think he and O can become a thing- eventually, of course. Agree about Gabe II and Monty- I noticed it as well. And I think they do have a LOT of the same beliefs, too- even though Xabriel is a lot more… exhausted than Monty is probably a good word hah.

  3. Beth W

    Thanks again for your lovely recap! I had to watch this episode over the course of two weeks, in fits and starts, and forgot most of it until I read your recap just before finishing it. Yay!

    Second favorite part of the episode? Bellamy pulls off his helmet and Josephine’s reaction “Because of course it is”. Ha! Favorite part? That Bellarke embrace at the end. Romantic chemistry or not, it’s such a joy to see these two be all vulnerable and supportive with each other. <3

    Also, uhm. did Madi actually KILL wee Jordan? Where did he go?

    Also, the irony of how Sanctum is essentially entirely made of fear. The Primes fear death, so they control the population with fear (nothing as unsubtle as brute force, but you know there is some strain of fear in the whole "shock and awe/we are gods" thing. And here's Earthkru, who have *bathed* in fear and handle it with some grace and self-awareness. So yeah, they have a bad rep for murder sprees, but at least it's mature murder sprees.

    Also, I wonder why Russell didn't take Abby off the flames but kill the rest, since she's the only one they need to make natblida through bone marrow. Maybe he's not as murdery as his cold wife, regardless of him wanting to be Billy Badass.

    Raven's idea is awesome, but also a bit problematic. Isolate code, yeah, but *how*, when you can't access the drive? If they could EMP the chip and then safely remove it from Madi, *that's* a plan I'm behind.

    I'm guessing there's a remnant of Josephine in Clarke now, since she did something something neural mesh (whatever that means). It really was painful, watching Gabriel say goodbye to Josephine without being cruel. I can see why she loves him- he's a solid dude. I approve of this plan for him and O to have some bonding buddy time.

    • This is one of my favorites of all time really. And I absolutely agree about your favorite moments! Josie’s humor is just… well, it’s kind of the best, even if she happens to be the worst 😂

      Well. You’ll get SOME idea of where Jordan is. But he’s going to be a bit of a mystery going into S7, I think. I have several theories, which you will see! I am trying to do a whole wrap-up of the season but let’s be real that’ll take me until November at least hahah

      Also WOW you nailed it with the fear theme! That’s Russell’s motivator and his downfall, no doubt at all. And you’ll see that even more going into the last 3 episodes! I could not agree more with your assessment on Earthkru too- that’s really it, isn’t it? They kill when they have to, but they kill for far more appropriate reasons (and yes, I do think self-preservation is an appropriate one, no matter what anyone says about Wanheda. I approve the decision, honestly!)

      I think you’re right about Russell. I think he isn’t as depraved as Simone or Josie. But I also think he figured that since Abby lost Clarke, if he killed the rest of her people she probably wouldn’t have helped him even to save her own life. Though I suspect it’s more that he didn’t have the stomach for murder, but of course he’d make it SEEM like it was a strategic choice.

      Honestly I am not at ALL sure why they didn’t just EMP the flame! I mean. It makes sense, right? If they could do it in Niylah’s store, they could do it in a high-tech palace, yeah? I suppose Gaia would have wanted to save the flame? That is the only reason I can imagine, but if that IS the reason, it’s pretty stupid!

      I mean, now that Josie’s out of the way, I’m gonna go ahead and stake MY claim to Gabriel! Seriously I love him. My biggest plea was to have Gabriel (and Chuku Modu’s Gabriel, not some randomass Gabriel) survive. Guess you’ll see if he did! I am REALLY hoping there’s a glimmer of Josephine, even if it’s just in Clarke’s nightmares hah. She’s too funny to lose completely! I thought the goodbye between Gabriel and Josephine was so lovely- it kind of made her seem so human at the end, too.

  4. Okay, I just finally got back to watching this and realized that I somehow hadn’t commented on this post back when I watched it before I went on vacation. (By the way, I had to use your updates to remind me which episode I was on. No checking with IMDB or anything — I come to It Starts at Midnight.)

    Anyway, this episode was pretty epic, and I must agree that I’m sort of hoping Jo isn’t really truly gone. I think I’ll sort of … miss her.

    • Wow that pretty much made my DAY tbh! I mean- I do probably try a lot harder than IMDB bwhahah.

      And right!? Like- as much as I wanted Clarke to be okay, they kind of… made me actually care about Jo?! Those scenes with Gabriel were SO incredibly well done. I cried.

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