The 100 Episode 6×03: The Children of Gabriel

Another fabulous episode with a lot of morally gray (and in some cases, questionable decisions) that also sets up a lot more questions for the weeks to come. Like, a lot a lot. Let’s do it! 

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

“I’m Pretty Sure I’m Going to Hell”

If Murphy died, we’d have rioted, right? Right. But no need to fret, because we finally meet Russell and his cult people. They don’t exactly seem tickled to make Earthkru’s acquaintance, but who can blame them, right? Plus he seems willing to help Murphy, so it starts off okay. Russell said that Murphy was dead, but “fortunately for him, death is not the end”, and I straight up thought that they were about to turn Murphy into some sort of Moon Zombie. But no worries, there was a scaryass snake to the rescue!

Only, after Murphy is breathing again, Russell abandons some of his hospitality. And still, I get it. If you’ve lived alone for 236 years and some ragtag batch of planet-killers storms onto your moon… yeah, you’re going to be wary to say the least. But he’s willing to talk, which I think sounds pretty good. Clarke wants to go retrieve Madi, but Russell shuts that down in a hurry. He wants to talk to their leader, of course. Clarke keeps calling Madi her kid, and can you imagine the maths going through this guy’s head right now? Luckily, Bellamy Blake, the founding (and only) member of the Clarke Griffin Fan Club, sets things straight.

“Okay but was she like 10 when she had that kid or what?” –Russell, probably

So Bellamy, Echo, Raven, and Octavia head out to grab the Gagarin. They bring with them Kaylee, who I swear was named Taylee last episode but whatever, and some rando Sanctumites. Echo wanted O to come because she’s a warrior, but also because I think Echo feels a sisterhood of People Once Deemed Irredeemable with Octavia. Bellamy didn’t want O to come because well, he’s met her. But here we go.

Then joy of joys, Murphy wakes up! Only… he’s spooked. He’s seen stuff whilst dead. Or whatever. I assume it’s a hallucination from either the snake venom or the sea junk, but sure, let’s call it hell. The point is, I guess dude’s going to be going through some shit now. Tbh, I think he could have done that without this weird hell/death thing, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see how it plays out.

But I mean, aren’t you all at this point? ?‍♀️

Clarke preps to go to the royal ball with the King and Queen or whatever is happening there, and Jordan makes a friend. Delilah provides a lot of insight into their culture in Sanctum, and it was the first time I felt high key unsettled. She kept talking about Primes and a Naming Ceremony, which on the surface doesn’t seem like cause for alarm, but every time this girl says “naming ceremony”, her face says “firing squad”. Anyway she and our little Jordandoodle hit it off, and Clarke is alarmed until she realizes that the guard is cool with it and that Delilah must have some sort of special status. So Jordan is free to flirt to his heart’s content, and friends, he is smitten.

This should be tooootally fine.

“Calm Down, Sensei” 

While Jordan’s canoodling princesses and Murphy’s hallucinating terrible afterlife options, the Gagarin crew is having a grand time learning about Heda rules or something. Diyoza physically cannot stop rolling her eyes while Gaia gives the “master the flame” speech for the four-hundredth time, and honestly same, Diyoza. But Madi hasn’t just seen the cool Hedas like Becca and Lexa, she’s seen some one-eyed dude known as Sheidheda. Obviously we’ll be hearing more about this asshat, but for now Diyoza can no longer keep her mouth shut. Gaia’s ready for a fight, but Diyoza doesn’t plan on starting one. For legit reasons, mind.

Which is when Diyoza uses her supermama spidey sense to off a Child of Gabriel. They’re all pissy, but like dude what did you expect? Then they shoot the Gagarin ladies with paralytic darts, so that’s a fun time. Only mayyyybe Diyoza is not paralyzed, but she absolutely is a quick thinker. Have I mentioned lately how much I love her? Just kidding I know I did. Anyway, Diyoza plays the long game, which I imagine Gabe’s Kids don’t expect.

“Hell’s Big Enough for Both of Us”

Time for Clarke to don a fancy outfit to have dinner with Very Important People™. She’s scared, as she rightly should be. Actually, in hindsight, she’s probably not scared enough, but alas. She seeks advice from her mom, who is like “bitch I’m worried about my man, who by the by, your ass didn’t even ask about”. Okay she didn’t say it like that but I maybe wanted her to? She reminded Clarke that “Marcus is the diplomat” and I mean yeah he is, but is this just some contractual thing that they have to mention Kane so we remember he’s still around? Anyway Murphy doesn’t really have high hopes for this little powwow, and I don’t disagree with him, but probably just cause we’re both pessimists. Or realists, you decide.

Clarke shuts down the negativity, and she’s off! Ohhh the Mount Weather vibes are in full effect here, folks. But the other vibe I got pretty solidly was that of Polis, something about this place just reminds me of the Tower, of the ornateness of it all.

Or maybe it’s just the balcony Idk. 

Anyway, she’s met by Russell and Simone. Does anyone like Simone at this point? Maybe we will, but right now wow she’s being a bitch. At least try some diplomacy! Fake it if you have to! There’s food, lots of food, that is frankly unidentifiable but since we’re on another world, that is legit. Clarke is hesitant but Simone is basically like “eat the poison fritters, damn it”, so what’s a girl to do? Luckily it’s not poison for realsies, and they start to talk. Only… guess who has talked first? Jordan Jasper Green. And wanna take a stab at what he’s chatted about? All the murdery business Clarke has ever been involved in. Simone even brings up Mount Weather and Wanheda which… Jordan my dude, stop talking about Clarke while you’re trying to hook up. For many reasons!

This is why we love you, but also, wrong answer.

So Russell isn’t about that, because as he helpfully points out, they aren’t her people. Well now you’re not, assface! Wouldn’t you rather have Wanheda on your side than floating above your head as an enemy for the rest of you life? Fools, really. Plus, did it have to be all or nothing? Why the drama, Russ? Tbh I think he just didn’t want to sleep on the couch after pissing off Simone.

Blodreina’s Gotta Bloodrein

As much as I freaking love Echo’s faith in Octavia, Bellamy was right. She wasn’t ready for a jaunt outside the fence. Honestly, she’s not ready for basic human interaction at this point. I don’t know what the answer is, but taking her to fight Gabe’s Kids isn’t it. Anyway, what’s done is done, and the group stealthily sneaks up to the Gagarin. One dude with most of the guns leaves, and the gang wants to wait until he’s out of earshot so they can subdue the rest of the attackers. Well, guess who couldn’t let a possible bloodbath go unrealized? Yeahhh the Red Queen herself. So she attacks, killing… well, everyone who’s left. Diyoza gets one, to save O, but then is pissed at her. Because there was no need. Obviously, everyone else agrees.

As they’re packing up to go back to Sanctum, Bellamy refuses to let Octavia into the ship. She seems genuinely befuddled by this, which is really a sign of what a mess she is. He tells her that unless and until she can stop being a serial killer, she needs to stay by herself. At first I think this is some cold bullshit, because who knows what is out there!

Awww look who finally got his very own lever! 

But he breaks down, and it’s clear how badly this hurt him. And I think back to his promise to Clarke to bring Madi home safely, and I can’t help but think that this was what he had to do to keep that promise to her. And with that, the Gagarin leaves and O sets off on her own.

“One Way or Another, the Devil Gets His Due”

Abby and Murphy are right in the middle of a truly ridiculous and adorable conversation about the authenticity of hell (Abby says it doesn’t exist, but then also tells Murphy that he did terrible things for good reasons, so… which is it, Doc?) when Clarke comes back from her dinner.

Clarke is about ready to strangle Jordan, but oh noes, he’s been hit over the head and Delilah’s gone! Right after his first kiss and right before he got to do some other stuff. Anyway, Clarke hauls ass with the Sanctum guards to stop Gabe’s Kids and save Delilah (save.. or doom? That is a question for another section.) And YAY she stops the guy! He might stab her a little in the process, but that’s even more awesome, because guess who’s a natblida!?

Russell then changes his mind, and decides that Clarke has earned a second chance. Funny, that, because I don’t think it has a damn thing to do with Clarke saving D, I think he just wants another receptacle for his stupid Prime Chips. Or whatever this ends up being. But the gang is happy for now, because they’re safe, and apparently give zero fucks about Indra, Kane, Brell, Niylah, and whoever else is stuck back on EIV. And Team Gagarin is back, so the party can really start!

Simone even seems genuinely happy to see a pregnant Diyoza. All glowing and full of life! She’s going to get the town OB to check her out! Happy day! Then Madi starts tooting Diyoza’s horn, and you’d think she called her Satan in the flesh, because Simone goes from giddy to ragey in about .03 seconds. Charmaine Diyoza, they ask, incredulously.

They legit compare this glorious gift to The 100 to freaking Hitler and bin Laden. And order her out immediately. Look, that’s unfair as fuck. I mean, information now is sketchy as hell, and you’re going to rely on old books from another solar system? “Earth said this 250 years ago so it has to be right” ? Oooookay Russell. Madi actually tries to go with her, which makes Madi the only person I like right now, but Clarke isn’t going to let that happen, so… off she goes. And I am really not pleased about this development.

The Children of Gabriel

What is the deal with these people? I mean, even though they’re beheading folks left and right, I am going to still go ahead and assume that they’re not evil. And I am going to tell you why: I think they are trying to kill the Prime thingies in order to prevent more people from being used as “hosts”. And maybe I’m wrong, but I am almost guaranteeing that whatever the reason is, it isn’t cause they’re just murdery psychopaths.

Speaking of murdery psychopaths, they stumble upon Octavia, who was again itching for a fight. They shot some kind of mace plant (???) mist at her, and now she’s a hurt puppy. They keep referring to an “Old Man”, and it can’t be actual Gabriel, right? Because if he started popping himself into bodies, doesn’t that make him just as bad as the Sanctumites? Anyway, they’ve kidnapped Rose, and they tried and failed to kidnap Delilah, so… should be interesting!

I mean, she’s not wrong.

Random Thoughts:

  • Everyone keeps mentioning a “second moon”. Gosh can’t Earthkru just go live there and forget these people? But also, does it have a meaning beyond just moonlight? 
  • Did Delilah know that the stories would be used against Clarke? If so, it’s pretty shitty. Especially since she knew how naive Jordan was. If she didn’t know, I guess I can forgive her. 
  • Since show petitions are all the rage this week, I’m starting one for more Indra. ANY Indra. Brell and Niylah are part of the package too. 
  • Can’t wait for more Echo Time. Seriously, she’s been relegated to Harper’s official role last season of Supportive Back Patter™ in this episode and no thank you please. I need more of episodes 1 and 2 Echo back, stat.
  • Picasso the dog better stay safe. Though Idk if Russell deserves him, let’s give him to Mackson to raise or something.

Episode 6×04: The Face Behind the Glass

No idea what to expect, love it! 

  • They’re going to (try to) overwrite Delilah with whoever Priya is, right? Via the damn chip, if I had to guess. Just shove ol’ Priya in there, since I’ll also bet D is a Nightbood. I’ll be zero percent sad if Pryia was one of the beheaded folks and Delilah can just stay herself. I mean, did you hear when she told Jordan not to make his first kiss her last kiss? Last because they’re killing her! 
  • If The Children of Gabriel are trying to prevent hijacking and overwriting, I guess I can tolerate a little beheading here and there. I assume it severs some kind of chip connection maybe? Making the chip unable to be reused? But also, why are Russell’s people so hellbent on this anyway? (That is probably more a question for “The Gospel of Josephine”, but I am so curious!)
  • Here for O and Rose becoming besties. She gonna adopt some orphans too? 
  • Is Russell kissing someone other than Simone? It’s so quick that I genuinely cannot tell, anyone who has better eyes, help! Maybe this is a polygamous cult, wooooo!
  • Where’s Diyoza going to end up? Joining forces with Octavia? That’d be a fun irony. Maybe she can be O’s therapist, and Rose can babysit. 

What are your thoughts? Pissed about Diyoza? Loving the Murphy-Clarke interactions? Befuddled by The Children of Gabriel’s intentions? So much to discuss! 

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8 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×03: The Children of Gabriel

  1. “Death is not the end” makes me wonder if they know something about his newfound fear of death or the afterlife or whatever it is they’re doing with Murphy now. That cryptic comment has to mean something, especially with the other clues we got this episode about how sketchy Russel’s people are.

    The whole Sheidheda thing has me kinda ambivalent- I mean they flirt around with this mystical Heda connection stuff sometimes but never really get deep into it? Same thing happening here- lotsa hints, but will we actually get more on this Sheidheda? I think we might this time, they wouldn’t have namedropped that for no reason, right, but will it work? I don’t know.

    Clarke and Russell was so much like Mt. Weather- different conversations naturally but same vibe. I’m thinking Sanctum might end up being even WORSE than Mt. Weather, though, if that’s possible- but it does seem like it’s rying to call back season 2 BIG time. Which I’m not exactly against.

    • OOOOH that is a good call! I hadn’t thought of it beyond just… general Russell assholery, but I bet you’re right! OH! OH! I KNOW. Wait I am just going to go tell you this for real.

      So we definitely will be seeing more of Sheidheda, and I have a feeling it has to do with Cadogan and Becca at the very least, but maybe something even more nefarious. But I am kind of glad that we’re looking into this more- I mean, if they are going to keep the Heda stuff as part of the story, might as well do something more with it than “you must master the flame” and “my spirit will choose well” or whatever.

      Sanctum is going to be MUCH worse than Mt Weather. Especially since the stakes are higher- I mean worst case scenario in Mt Weather, sure most of Skaikru would have died but there would still be… humanity. This is going to be nuts. And culty!

  2. Octavia and Diyoza are definitely teaming up! Jason said it was his favorite dynamic this season. I wonder what the perception the Children of Gabriel will have of Diyoza. Gabriel started out with The Primes so they probably had the same version of history. They could see her as “evil” as well but I think they can relate to her fight against fascism. In their minds, The Primes represent a fascist regime that they must destroy.

    I thought Russell was kissing someone else in the 6.04 preview at first but I think it’s just Simone with a different hairstyle. Those skeletons in the background were probably previous hosts which is creepy! That would partly explain the obsession with the bodies. As for the Naming Day ceremony, I think it’s a near total overwrite where the host consciousness “dies out” by ceding the last bit of control they have to The Prime. This is probably the main reason for the obsession with the bodies. There’s something inside of the host’s head (like a chip?) that they need to carry out the ceremony. Priya wasn’t involved in the hijacking so they won’t necessarily have to put off Delilah’s ceremony. I think Rose was actually supposed to become Josephine. Since she’s gone, Russell might be eying Clarke for that. She’ll likely be agreeable to ensure that they can all continue to stay there. It’s about to get crazy and I’m excited for all of it!

    • Oh YAY I am very glad to hear that Jason said that- I must have missed that info! You bring up a GREAT point about Diyoza and the Gabes- because they of course would have heard the same stories Russell and company did! BUT I have a feeling they’ll be FAR less likely to just believe every fairy tale they’ve heard on Sanctum! I think you’re right that they’ll be able to relate to her, and vice versa!

      Ooooh bummer cause I LOOOOVED Simone’s episode 2 look. But also glad Russell isn’t being a cheater hah. But YES I agree with ALL the things about the Naming Day stuff, especially- omg if D *does* die, Jordan is going to HATE Clarke because by “saving” her, she’d have actually killed her, YIKES. And Russell is absolutely eyeing Clarke, you’re right. These people are SO messed up- like why do they think it’s okay to kill these innocent kids!? And yeah it’s definitely a chip of some sort! GAH I cannot wait til this episode is up, only like 4 more hours until I can watch it!!!

  3. Okay, I had to come here and try to figure out what all happened in this episode because I was really confused for some reason. Maybe I just wasn’t focusing enough on the show while I was watching it? I think you’re probably right about the chip thing—that makes so much sense, and it explains why Kaylee/Taylee is so concerned about getting back to her dead family.

    Now I have to watch the next episode, since I got behind. 🙂

  4. Beth W

    Ohhhh yes, this episode has a *lot* of info to unpack. Diyoza’s “stay frosty, kid” to Madi was just lovely. We know Madi gets hero worshippy on warrior women, so I’m pleased to see her loopy on Diyoza (I also imagine a future in which Madi is straight-up fascinated by New Baby Diyoza and that’s charming).

    Given the Naming Day Face Delilah makes, and the term “host” used by Gabriel’s Children (who I guess are defects of Sanctum trying to win Big Papa Gabe’s love? Since death isn’t permanent here, unless you’re shot or hacked up or *frakkin’ decapitated by the woodsfolk* it makes sense that one of the original founders of Sanctum is still alive.) I’m thinking Naming Day is where you get a Flame chip upgrade that wipes out your core selfness and you..erm…”inherit” the consciousness of one of the surviving original founders. It fits with what we know about the Flame, Becca, natblidas, etc. Just a very, very different take on things than the Grounders had. And that theory makes me very much side with Gabriel’s Children, even though they clearly want to kill the 9 remaining natblidas (which…do they have to cap the number at 12? Is that the median of natblidas born to the colony, or do they dispose of excess ones?). Like, stop the cycle and let people have their selves. Yay! Also, they are clearly D&D Rangers with their utilization of the forest, and they aren’t “shoot first” types.

    I did find it telling that Simone is clearly happy for babies (maybe she also lost a child? Or can’t have children but loves them, hence her joy at seeing a pregnant woman?). It’s the only scene so far where she’s smiled. I do wonder what their books say about Diyoza because…..she was on a totally different ship than the founders, so they couldn’t have known about the uprising, right? So what, a founding member of Sanctum had beef against her and made up rumors? Hrmm….

    And yeah, clearly they’re gonna try to co-opt Clarke as a host, since they’ve just lost three. Four? I assume Rose is also a natblida.

    The biggest tragedy of this episode is clearly that Bellamy never got to see Clarke being all pretty in her new dress! I was really hoping they’d get a wow moment. Alas.

    I like Murphy being scared shitless, but I do hope he doesn’t go morose. He’s best when snarktastic. And also, “what if the reason was the save my own ass?” Maybe in the beginning, my dude, but you’ve done heroic things to save most of these people (sometimes reluctantly, but still). I’m super curious what he saw, though. It might’ve been straight hallucination, but what if it wasn’t? What if he saw something on the planet that actually exists?

    Also, why is nobody asking Sanctumites what the swirly green vortex on the planet is?!

    • I LOVED the Madi/Diyoza dynamic. Because of COURSE it’s a kid who is going to stand up for what’s right. I mean- I get why they didn’t all follow her off to the woods, but… not gonna lie, I’d follow her off to the damn woods! It really is a good indicator of how shallow the surface of the Sanctumites is, hmmm?

      You have completely nailed the entire process, Beth! I am impressed! I mean, my theories were in that vain, but you like basically have it down to the details! I think even more sinister than the how is the WHY though. And along those lines, how they have manipulated people like Delilah into doing it. It goes completely off the rails in the next few episodes and you will see why the people of Sanctum are the most dangerous people our heroes have come up against. And one of the reasons, as you have already surmised, is they are wayyy too smart.

      They will explain the number of hosts/natblidas too. It’s all very… appalling. I just can’t wait to see your reaction to some of this stuff hahahah. You will also see in episode 7 how they know about Diyoza. Though you may figure it all out before then. I still can’t decide if Simone was genuinely happy to see a baby, or if she was just hoping Diyoza would give birth to a nightblood. I think it’s the latter, tbh, especially the more I see of Simone!

      YEP Clarke needs to be veeeeerrrry careful with her black blood! Because you KNOW that is what they’re hoping to find more of. I think it’s the only reason that Russell let them stay- not because she saved Delilah, but because she was wounded and he saw her blood.

      Dude, EVERYONE was salty about Bellamy not ogling Clarke in the dress hahahah. But there will be more time for that later, promise!

      You know, I think Murphy may be the toughest on Murphy. Because you’re right- he DID save his own ass at the expense of others- but only at the start. From really Season 2 on, he was part of the team. But he still feels like the outsider, even though no one ELSE thinks of him that way! I assume we’re going to fiind out more about his demons as the season goes on too.

      AH the swirly green vortex becomes HUGE. Like in episode 8, which is titled “The Old Man and the Anomaly”, it’s basically the main character! But before then, no one else really sees much of it I guess? And there’s a whole reason for going there (whcih I think is a little silly but I guess I can forgive it) but its story is FAR from over! We only finally get a glimpse in 8, though apparently there’s supposed to be a lot more about it tomorrow, eep!

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