Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott! I have a fun little game for you to play to win your very own signed hardcover of the book, so let’s get to it! 
We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott
on February 5, 2019
Pages: 352
Format:eARC, Hardcover
Source:Copy provided by publisher for review

Remember how many lies we told, Molly? It’s enough to make my head spin. You were wild when I met you, and I was mad for you. But then something happened. And now you’re gone.

But don’t worry. I’ll find you. I just need to sift through the story of us to get to where you might be. I’ve got places to look, and a list of names.

The police have a list of names, too. See now? There’s another lie. There is only one person they’re really looking at, Molly.

And that’s yours truly.


PROMPT QUESTION: What is the worst lie you ever told?

Fun fact about me, friends: I am rubbish at lying. I am not convincing at all, and I don’t like to do it (maybe because I am bad at it and everyone would know? Or maybe I am just a super honest and truthful person, who can tell?) But there is one lie I am awesome at: Lying to my own self. 

Apparently, I love to believe the lies I tell me. And I tell some whoppers! They usually fall into these categories:

  1. Lies About Feelings. These fall into two subcategories, lies about feeling stuff, and lies about not feeling stuff.
    •  Lies about not feeling junk you do feel. Ohhhh is this a fan favorite or what!? Who among us hasn’t lied like mad to ourselves, trying to deceive ourselves into not having feelings for someone, something, whatever? I am literally doing it right the hell now. Like as I type, I am laughing at myself because I know I am lying but I am trying really hard to believe myself. Good times, and I can’t imagine there is anyone who hasn’t done this at some point. Please, come commiserate with me!
     Lies about feeling junk you really do not feel. These are terrible lies, because you’re going to remember you’re lying eventually. It never works. And pro tip, it’s probably just going to lead to some kind of messy situation down the road. If you don’t feel stuff now, you’re not going to feel any more of it years later. Trust me on this.
  2. Lies About Tasks. These are the ones where you swear you are going to mail in that bill tomorrow, or that you’ll totally respond to your blog comments after dinner, clean your room on the weekend, or what have you. These are pretty benign in terms of lies, because everyone loves a procrastinator! (Oh look, it’s me telling myself more lies!)
  3. Lies About Life Plans. There was a solid year-long period of time where I had myself convinced that I was going to be a doctor, because I was really into ER. Look, I could probably be a doctor if I really wanted to and tried really hard but… I didn’t, I just thought ER was cool. This is an example of a Life Plan Lie.
  4. Lies About Resolutions. There is a reason I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore, and that reason is that I was just lying to myself. I wasn’t ever going to do them, and then I was just going to feel bad about it. So the best way to hate myself less in any new year is to just calm down and be honest, I am not going to revamp my life just because the calendar changes. It’s just not realistic.

This is easy peasy! All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me a lie you have told! It can be one of my lies to yourself, or something else! And you’ll be entered to win a SIGNED HARDCOVER of We Told Six Lies *US Only 

So let’s get to it: What’s your worst lie?

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21 responses to “We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott: Blog Tour & Giveaway

  1. At one point as a teenager, I lied when work called me to see if I could come in on my day off and said I had plans, though I had no such plans! It was just a rare weekend day I actually had off and didn’t want to come in. In the past I was easily guilted into coming in, so this was one of the first times I took a stand for myself! Lol.

  2. Danielle Hammelef

    Your post made me think about lies in a new way. I also tell myself the biggest lies, the biggest one I tell myself is that I am not jealous of others who take expensive vacations every year or own houses much bigger than mine. I know I don’t believe myself and that I have a great life with everything I need.

  3. Beth W

    Oh my goodness- I’m the opposite, I’m EXCELLENT at lying. In middle school, I determined to stop telling lies because I started getting scared about how easily I was able to do it, and how people believed me so much. I do still lie occasionally (like while playing The Bookish Games *ahem*) but I try to stick to low-consequence lies.

    For my first 25 years or so, I did a LOT of lying to myself about feeling what I did not feel. Unfortunately. You’re right- that stuff catches up to you, and then you have to go through therapy and yadda yadda. And I *also* do not make resolutions for the same reason. I’ll make flexible plans, but the idea that I either have to do something I don’t want to, or feel like I betrayed myself, is not fun.

    As for a specific lie I’ve told, well, I’ve told boyfriends in the past that I loved them when I didn’t (but I tried to convince myself I did). I’m pretty sure they were doing the same, though, so I don’t feel too badly about it. 😉

  4. Liz S

    Sometimes I get bad about lying when it comes to social events; I’ll lie and say I’m sick or tired when in all reality, I just purely don’t want to go anymore. I’ve also noticed that when meeting new people, I tend to lie about or embellish the stories I’m telling – I feel like everyone does that though!!

  5. Tammy V

    I guess the one I tell the most is that I am “fine” when I’m depressed or dealing with issues at my home like things breaking down and not having money to fix. My dad always wants to rescue me so I try not to let him know.

  6. Lily M.

    When people ask me what time I went to sleep, I say its hours before I actually go to sleep, girl you know I’m up reading, that’s why I look like a zombie the next day, hehehe :):)

  7. Andrea Carroll

    A lie to my fellow teachers when I don’t want to teach an assignment I feel is silly, that I did teach it.

  8. Oh, yes, I definitely lie to myself all the time. The feelings one is huge—like, you lie to yourself about things you don’t want to feel because you feel horrible for feeling them. It almost never works, of course—you still feel that same way, but you tell yourself if you deny it enough those feelings will GO AWAY!

    I’m also really good at lying to myself about tasks or goals. And those are more like actual lies because I can totally make myself believe them. I’m SURE I’m going to finish X or accomplish Z … until I don’t.

  9. I don’t do resolutions either, for the same reason. I’m at a point in my life where I’m honest with myself????? I think????? Either that or I’m such a good liar that I fool myself.

    I am a chronically tardy person–like, I get to work juuuuuust in time, and I am rarely on time for anything else. I find myself coming up with lies to “explain” why I’m late, although I really try not to actually USE them. But it’s this reflective thought–“oh, I’ll tell them it was traffic/my kid/whatever.” Then I have to firmly tamp that down.

    In high school I creased the side of my dad’s car along a pole while trying to beat someone else out of the parking lot, and I told my parents it must have happened while I was parked downtown. I felt terrible about lying, but I was also so afraid to tell them I’d been so careless. I think I was in my 30s before I ‘fessed up. \

    This was an EXCELLENT question!

  10. Our family dog, Jack, died of cancer last summer. We told our 5 and 3 year old grandchildren that he was playing in the woods. This went on for several months with the stories getting more and more elaborate. “Jack’s playing with the rabbits and squirrels, he’s swimming at the creek, ” on and on. Finally our son told them the truth and they were like okay.

  11. When my daughter was a toddler, she wouldn’t give up the pacifier. We were driving home after a weekend trip to see the grandparents, and I lied — told her we left all of the pacifiers at Grandma’s house by accident. She was definitely on to me, but it worked!

  12. Karen DeVaney

    I have definitely lied to get out of social obligations. I am an introvert and I would much rather stay home and read than go out, even with people I like!

  13. When I was in 7th grade, I told one of my friends that I had a cousin from England that was coming to visit me. My friend wanted to talk to my English cousin (which I had made) on the phone, so I put on a British accent and made up a whole persona for this “cousin.”

    Also, when I was around 13 or so, I told this kid online that I was an extra on the show Xena. He believed me, lol.

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