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So, I often see all the people in love with a certain book or series or what have you. And I want to fangirl along, as you do. Only… I have zero percent interest in whatever The Thing™ is. That is sad. But there are often reasons that The Thing™ wouldn’t work, right? The following is the junk I wished I wanted to read but really, really do not! 

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik ♦ The cover alone makes me wish I cared! I mean, look at this UK beauty. Is it okay to buy it just to keep it on a shelf forever? One day if I ever come into money, I am doing just that. But since I didn’t love Uprooted, and can’t imagine this would be any more my jam, I’m going to have to let someone else own the pretty.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon ♦ Holy shit, did you see the size of this beast? Also don’t @ me, but I don’t think I love dragons that much? In theory sure, in practice, meh. And tbh I love nothing enough for 900 pages. Except maybe scripts of The 100 or something.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs ♦ This is probably the one on the list I could most be persuaded to try. Because photos! But the whole paranormal/monsters thing kind of makes me feel underwhelmed? It’s not really my usual sort of thing, I suppose.

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins ♦ Ugh, how badly I yearn for more Suzanne Collins in my life! And I have heard good things about Gregor! But honestly, MG is not my thing, and high fantasy is hit or miss with me, so. I think it’s best that I just keep re-reading THG, basically.

The Rest of the Gone series by Michael Grant ♦ Okay, this is probably because I own them, let’s be real. But it was so tough for me to get through the first book that I have eternally put off reading the rest. Yet I cannot seem to let go of them completely? (To be fair, I tried to sell them but no one bought them?) I tried a few times to read Hunger, but to no avail (also, sorry Cait).

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern ♦ I don’t know how I feel about the circus. I think it might be a little like birds- I am not really a fan, as a rule? And then add magic and I am just… not chomping at the bit, I guess. No matter how many favorites lists I have seen it on.

Literally Any Classic by Dead People ♦ Oh, how I long to sound well-read! I hear people discussing their favorite old books and I think about how much classier I’d sound if I liked any. But I don’t. I hate them all. And sure, I probably would end up liking a few! But do you know how many duds I’d have to get through to find the diamonds in the rough? Too many for my impatient ass. So I guess I will just sound like an illiterate buffoon in classy conversations. I can live with it. (Though gorgeous editions like this make me regret my decision sometimes!)

Super Hero Books ♦ These are often written by authors I adore. Like Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu, and Jason Reynoldsbut as it turns out, I give zero fucks about super heroes. So sad.

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard ♦ Everyone adores this series. And Sooz is such an awesome person! I just cannot seem to find the motivation to be into the whole witches thing. In fairness, I am super selective about witches because they’re awfully hit or miss for me. But I really, really wish I wanted to read this series.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon ♦ I do love a historical fiction novel! And apparently the romance is epic, and there’s even time travel or something? I mean, admittedly, it has all the makings of awesomeness. But… look, there’s like 394 books and each of them has about 2,000 pages and wow, I don’t  have time for that. I thought about watching the show, but I don’t have Starz so Idk I guess I am not supposed to have this story in my life. You win, universe.

So, let’s talk! Are there any books that you really wish you wanted to read but just… don’t? If so, I want to know them!

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  1. I don’t read classic lit either. I find most of them (though I don’t think Anne would) are in such a different style (writing) than today’s structure that it’s distracting. Plus, the length of books like ‘Les Mis’ or “The Count of Monte Cristo” scare me! I am SO not a fan of looong books.

    I have seen ‘Circus’ on so many lists and booktube videos, so I’m kinda’ curious, but don’t really know what this one is about.

    I think it’s really important to know (and nothing wrong with this) the genres/authors/styles we like because there are SO many books to read, yet no one has the time to read books that just don’t suit our reading preferences. 🙂

  2. It’s a good thing I don’t mind ginormous books. There are so many good ones!

    I feel the same way with superhero books. Meh. I did read the Batman one because… Marie Lu. She could write about the alphabet and I’d probably like it. I did like the book, it had some of the classic Marie Lu themes in it that made the book good, but it’s still my least favorite book of hers. I only gave it 4 stars.

  3. You’re not missing anything with Miss Peregrine’s. The pictures were cool, but they were SO FORCED into the story that it started to become really annoying. Also, it looked like it was going to be creepy and it just wasn’t. And there’s grandson & grandfather liking the same girl??? It’s gross.

    But I am with you on the classics. I don’t like any of them. Never have. When we read them in school I was like ZZZZzzzzZZZ and thought all the characters were terrible people that I didn’t give 2 shits about.

    And large books = NO.

  4. I’m terrible with classics. As in, I just don’t particularly want to read ’em. Sad, I know. And Truthwitch- I’ve gone back and forth on that so many times. I even read a few pages once and was like, no. Wasn’t feeling it. So yeah…

    The Priory of the Orange Tree I kinda just want for that cover, but otherwise… not really that interested I guess. I feel the same way about a lot of these!

  5. I would love to want to read Spinning Silver too. Everyone says its a wonderful book, but I didn’t like Uprooted – I stopped reading it halfway through and never went back to finish it – so, I’ve no interest in reading it. I only read Wonder Woman because it was written by Leigh Bardugo and realized that perhaps I’m not that into superhero books. Maybe the comics, but not the books.

    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

  6. Great list, Shannon! Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Uprooted I am still keen to give Spinning Silver a try, for no other reason than that Rumpelstiltskin is my favourite fairy tale so she was always bound to hook me in with this one. If I find this one ‘meh’ too, though, I don’t think I’ll pick up any other retellings she decides to do. Also you’re not alone with The Night Circus – I have read it and while I have it 4 stars at the time because it’s beautifully written, I don’t actually much about it other than the writing being lovely, and if I remember the writing better than I remember the plot and the characters that isn’t a good book to me. In fact the main characters, Celia and Marco, I found pretty boring. I had a similar experience with The Night Circus that I had with Uprooted where I didn’t dislike it, it just took me a long time to get through and I was pretty bored.

    You’re not alone with the superhero books! I have zero interest in superhero books and superhero movies. I love how much the fans love them, and I’m happy to listen to my friends gush about them, but they’re not for me.

  7. Nice topic choice! See a lot of love for Priory, but I honestly can’t get excited about it either. I actually kind of like the superhero books. I still need to read Catwoman who is one of my favorites! I enjoy some of the super hero movies too, but oddly, I can’t get into the DC ones too much these days. Weird, since I really like these books! Lol.

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  8. Love this! There are those books that everyone lauds, and makes me feel like my life is incomplete because I have not read them, but I just have no desire. You mentioned one series, which is a favorite of my daughter’s, The Hunger Games, and I have no motivation to read it. I will never read Harry Potter either. Just a nope for me. I totally feel you on this one.

  9. I feel this way about most classics. I want to read them, but they take so long to read! And a lot of them are boring! I was underwhelmed by Miss Peregrine’s. The first one was okay, but I didn’t like it enough to continue with the series. I didn’t like The Night Circus. It’s one of those books that have pretty writing, but nothing actually happens.

  10. Molly Mortensen

    Spinning Silver I do want to read because I loved Uprooted but I’m with you on the rest. I’ve actually read Night Circus and I don’t get the hype. It was boring and I didn’t care about the characters or their “romance”. I started Peregrine’s but it wasn’t doing anything for me. Have you seen thovie? It was just okay for me. I used to want to read Outlander but I read that the love interest is abusive and rapey, so nope.

  11. I’ve given up on Outlander. I just don’t care any more. I still hope to read Miss Peregrin’s one day, especially since I bought them all (except the new one). I am curious about Samantha Shannon and hey, if I ever buy it, it can always double as a weapon.

  12. Ariel (@ Bookquarium)

    You are speaking my language SO HARD! I put off reading Outlander for years, but I might give it a try this year. The Night Circus was good on audio, but I may not have enjoyed it had I read it with my eyeballs.
    Also books by dead people? No thanks.

  13. YES! THere are so many beloved books, or hyped books, the ones my friends rave over, that I have zero interest in reading. I mean, I don’t doubt they’re good but I have less than no interest in picking them up. They hold nothing for me. Like The Night Circus. There is nothing about that one that interests me. And I know so many people who consider that their favorite book ever. Sorry, folks, isn’t gonna happen.

  14. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is definitely one that comes to mind when I think about books I wish I wanted to read. I can appreciate that so many people loved it but it just doesn’t sound like something I want to read. Even though paranormal creatures are my jam 🙂

  15. Lol. OUTLANDER is sooooo long. I did read it, ages ago, and I did enjoy it even though it took me forever to read. Then I thought, maybe I should read the second book. I swear to you, that book took me NINE MONTHS to read and I hated it. So I’m obviously never picking up the series again. I do want to watch the TV show, though. And I feel the same way about NIGHT CIRCUS and PEREGRINE.

  16. Hmmm, I wish I am a fam of books by big names in YA fantasy series like Bardugo, Dennard, Maas. No specific reason why so but I just can’t get myself to want to read them.

    And same. I am not enticed with the current trend of superheroes in YA. Maybe because I am just used in getting superhero stories visually in films.

    Back in high school, I was a reader of the classics because required and tho I struggled with the archaic style and language, I got over it and even remembered liking Huck Finn, Great Expextations, and Phantom of the Opera. Now that I’m older, although sometimes I tell myself that I’ll read old timey books, I am still more inclined to pick the books of our times.

  17. I’m not a classics reader but I’ve liked a few (Dracula, Wuthering Heights,) and I’d like to read some more at some point just so I can have an opinion beyond ‘meh’ on them… I have a feeling that my reaction would always be stronger than a meh after the arduous task of completion.

    I have to admit I own The Night Circus and have FOR YEARS but I’ve never been bothered to read it… It’s just that the cover is so pretty!!
    The miniturust is another one like that. 😐

  18. Ahh I love this idea for a post, Shannon! 🙂
    I have read Spinning Silver (and agree that this cover is stunning!), but I don’t think these are my kind of books somehow, so I’m not going to give Uprooted a try, I think. I also gave Miss Peregrine a try, but wasn’t as blown away by it as some others were…. This just clearly shows us that we should trust our gut, I guess 😀

  19. Oh my god, Shannon, I LOVE this post. I feel the same way about sooooo many of these! Spinning Silver, The Night Circus (I can say with full confidence that circus books are not for me), Priory…. yes. All of the reasons you mentioned. Also, SAME about the superheroes– they’re aggressively not my thing. And I enjoyed Truthwitch when I read it, but I’ve lost all interest in continuing with the series. *shrug*

  20. Jo

    I feel the same way about Outlander, I watch the TV show and I’ve enjoyed that, but I just have no interest in reading the books-it’s the kind of story that I enjoy more on screen than in book form, all that romance in book form would probably have me rolling my eyes. The Night Circus was okay, but nothing to write home about and I attempted Wonder Woman but wasn’t a massive fan. I am excited for Priory though, despite the size, because I love Samantha Shannon’s books, and love dragons, so it should be a good one for me.
    My TTT:

  21. I’ve tried so hard to get into the D.C. Marvel books but I struggled so hard that I just gave up. I think the appeal was because they were written by my favorite authors rather then my love for super heroes. I love dragons but Priory of the Orange Tree scares me so much, I got a copy at Bookexpo this year and I read maybe the first 100 pages and it is so incredibly heavy on the world building and so many POV switches that I haven’t picked it back up since then. Part of me wants to tough it out because I love Samantha Shannon but like you said 900 pages is excessive!

    I love what you chose to do with this weeks theme!

    Amber ♥ The Book Bratz
    My TTT

  22. I feel that way about Six of Crows. I got it because everyone said it was amazing and it had a great cover, but I finally just gave up on it. I just couldn’t get into the book and honestly didn’t have much interest in the premise itself.

  23. Loool. I don’t blame you about Gone series anyway! I kind of hate that I love them a bit, because the author can be so awful. And 16-year-old me was obsessed with them. 😂I do want to reread and see if my thoughts have changed but afjdksla there is not enough time for all the rereads wHAT IS THIS LIFE. Also !! I’m with you on the classics. There are several editions I’d love to own but read? No thanks.😂Same with Priory of the Orange Tree. It does sound like a dessert (nice) and I love dragons (nice) but 900 pages….maybe I’ll tackle it on audio? Or just sob.

  24. I’ve missed your blog so much! Sometimes there are series that we just don’t feel like reading, so I’m feeling you there! LOL yeah Priory is definitely a tome, and if you didn’t enjoy Uprooted, you probably won’t enjoy Spinning Silver. Awww, I think you’d like Truthwitch though!

  25. Truthwitch is one of those books that I couldn’t get into, I’ve tried a few times and it’s like being dropped into the middle of a storyline and all the types of witches are super confusing. The Gone series, totally agree. I read the first two and started the third and nothing moves. It’s so repetitive. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a series I really loved. The books are super quick reads and I love the quirkiness. It has an old school carnival type feel without the circus setting. It’s really engaging. I’d give book one a try, I think you might really enjoy it Shannon!

  26. Lol I have never read any book on your list and don’t really plan to!!
    I’m especially with you on too-long books. I was at BEA and had the chance to get the Priory Orange book and was just like NOPE. I rarely think a book needs to be over 350 pages!!

  27. tbh, i wanted to read priory of the orange tree, but seeing the size of the book… no thanks. i’ll wait until the review started to pour in to decide whether to invest my time or not. i mean, i love outlander but i barely survived the 700+ pages read. what if i did not enjoy the 900 pages or priory??? :/

  28. Sara Allyn

    I saw the title of this list and literally laughed out loud because I can totally relate. There are so many books I wish I wanted to read, feel I should want to read, and even a few I feel a little guilty for having absolutely no interest in. lol

  29. I always think about how I want more Suzanne in my life as well. THG is such a defining YA series for me, personally (hell, even one of my dogs is named Primrose) and I’m always contemplative about whether or not I want to read “Gregor the Overlander” and just never do because the motivation to do so just isn’t there for some reason. I always feel bad about it because 1. Suzanne Collins and 2. It has a lot of good reviews from people I genuinely trust. But, it’s just like, eh. Like, that’s all I can say about whether or not I’ll read it in the future. “Eh!”

  30. I am a fan of classic lit, but I totally understand wanting to stay far, far, away because those books can be huge!!! But I absolutely love when I read a story that was written decades ago, and it still feels modern and relatable.

    If you are ever up for it, The Age of Innocence and The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton and The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald definitely fit that bill, and the books aren’t huge.

  31. I wish you wanted to read more of The Gone series too :'( The series DOES get better with each and every book but if the first one wasn’t for you I wouldn’t push you to read the next one, actually. It’s more or a less a lost cause even though it hurts me to say that :'( Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children is just okay so you’re not really missing much 😛

  32. Oooh, I’m with you on so many of these. (Except the classics, specifically the ones pictured, all of which I loved as a kid, so they have great sentimental value, but I don’t know if I’d read them now otherwise.) (That was a heck of a long parenthetical sentence.)
    Spinning Silver: Looks too serious.
    Miss Peregrine: Loved the concept, didn’t enjoy the first book so never read any more.
    Gregor: I’m not a big MG fantasy fan, especially if it takes place in the sewers, so I’ve never tried it.
    Gone: Enjoyed the first book, got grossed out by eating worms in book 2 and DNFed.
    Night Circus: Also not intrigued by circuses.
    Truthwitch: Honestly? I thought it was terrible and DNF’ed.
    Superhero books: I’ve read Batman and Wonder Woman, and they were pretty good, but not, “I MUST read all the others now” much less, “Shannon MUST read them!”
    Outlander: Read the first 2 or 3, then it got pretty repetitive.

    I’m not against hyped books–some of my favorites are Hunger Games and Harry Potter–but a book has to appeal to me for reasons beyond the hype.

  33. I have this with so many books! I’ve gotten better at not reading a book I ‘m not interested in, or not continuing with a series if I didn’t enjoy the first book, but that comes with a lot of guilt. It’s not so much that I then want to read the book, since I’ve usually made up my mind pretty solidly, but I hate missing out on being a part of a fandom that ‘s so integral to the bookish community. When I actively decide not to read a book I find that I just skip all of the content related to that book on the blogosphere and I dislike that my choice not to read a book or series means I can’t participate in every discussion of ever. But I guess that goal is an unrealistic one anyway. And at least this way I get to spend time reading things I enjoy.

  34. Faints. Not love dragons so much… (jk) I want to be excited for the priory as well and I love dragons but I’m not really there yet either. And hey, as a book collector/lover you are totally allowed to own books with pretty covers just for that. 😉

  35. Beth W

    If fantasy is hit or miss, you probably shouldn’t go for the Witchlanders series. I ADORE it (it’s not witches, though- not in any way we think, like spells or religion or anything), but it’s definitely fantasy. The two main characters are female, and kickass, and it’s got some actually great romance, and the audiobook is really good, but…you know…it might not be your thing. 😉

    I’m in the same boat with Outlander. I was prepared for 100% cheeze. And it’s got some moments of “the male love interest is too perfect to be human”, but I was actually pretty impressed with the writing, characterization, and story. So I checked out season 1 on DVD from my local library. And for the rest of the books, I’ll be listening via audiobook, because the yeah, the paperbacks are freaking doorstop-sized. But if you can get the DVD from the library, it’s a fun one.

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