Welcome to May’s Monthly Minutes at Midnight! 

 Here’s the deal: I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  Also, covers all link to Goodreads, because I am awesome.

The Books

For Review/From Publishers:

Dive Smack by Demetra Brodsky

Huge thanks to Tor Teen! 

(Incidentally, I was such a fail and forgot to take a picture of this by the pool- I will though, before I post my review!) 


Huge thanks to Orchard Books, Tor, Little Brown, HMH, Carolrhoda, Random House, and Harper!! 


The only book I bought- and it was a pre-order from a million years ago, so. 


Thanks to Holly and author Audrey Coulthurst for Inkmistress, Penguin for Lies You Never Told Meand YABC and Flux for Brave Enough!

Shenanigans Since Last Time:

I read 11 books this month. 

The month started out pretty great, tbh. And I have some favorites! The bad news is, you’ll have to wait for me to tell you about them. The good news is, I’ll be reviewing them within the next week! 

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Blogosphere Bulletin

Here are some of the loveliest/most entertaining/super helpful/just plain interesting posts I found this month! 

Fancy & New Since Last I Saw You!

I love looking at pretty covers! So here are some new ones that I have fallen in love with since our last update!

I love all the colors!! (I mean, not including Courting Darkness, which has a distinct lack of aforementioned color.)

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

  • I have been watching so much stuff lately! Honestly it’s not surprising I am reading less- between watching more shows and actually trying to sleep… Yikes! I do hope to get a post together this week about all the shows I have been binging like mad too, especially because The 100 was off this week ::grumbles:: But yes- you need to know what shows they are because most of them were quite good! 
  • I’m going to ALA soon! You ever book something super in advance and then been so happy because if it wasn’t already booked you’d never have been able to go? Yeah, it’s me! Anyway, it’s in New Orleans this year and I am so excited because Louisiana is one of the 14 states I haven’t been to, and NOLA has always been on my bucket list. And also, drinks. And sure, books, but mostly… friends, drinks, and a new fun city. Will I be seeing any of you there? Recommendations on “must-sees”?

Happy June, loves!

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18 responses to “Monthly Minutes at Midnight: May 2018

  1. Artificial Condition *woot* give me all the Murderbot- actually I’m reading that one now- and Lies You Never Told Me for some reason I’m geeked about, so yeah. Nice haul. Ooh how did you like This Is Not A Test? I keep forgetting to ask you! I don’t wanna waitttt….

    Beautiful covers for Fury and Undying- heck all of those look awesome. And ooh you’re doing a show post! Yay!

    And of course can’t wait to hear all about ALA too! 🙂

  2. SO MANY PRETTY BOOKS ALTHOUGH I MUST SAY I LIKE THE LOOK OF THE ONE WITH THE BUTTERFLY A LOT. 😂 *sits over here being super humble and not at all annoying* Alsoooo I just won a copy of The Surface Breaks and isn’t it the prettiest?! I’m a little salty (read: horrified) that my copy is like 2cms shorter than the average hardcover though and trying not to die quietly. At least it’s gorgeous. That makes up for its life fail.

    And those pretty cover releases ahhhHH!!!

    Also so excited and a little jealous 😂😂 to see everyone heading off to the book cons around this time of year !! I can’t wait for recap posts hehe.

  3. I’m so curious about what you think of The Surface Breaks and Dive Smack. I also want to read Cait’s book and Not Even Bones. Ooh lucky you going to ALA. I’m glad it worked out!! I’d love to visit NOLA someday. I’ve been to the STATE but never New Orleans so it’s on my bucket list.


  4. I suppose you will be seeing me in NOLA. Maybe.

    I hate how gorgeous the cover of The Surface Breaks is. WHY IS IT SO PRETTY. I’m kind of surprised I haven’t seen it all around instagram though.

  5. Oh you’re going to have to tell me about Not Even Bones, I’m so curious!

    And yay, ALA again this year? Guess what, I actually work at ALA now, Haha. So hopefully I’ll get to see you again! 😀 This is my first time going to Louisiana as well!

  6. Kel

    First, thanks so much for putting me on the bulletin list! My evil plans to read all the books have been kind of falling by the wayside since bar prep started. 😛 I’m glad you’ve had some time for TV and sleep! Hopefully they’re relaxing. I confess, I haven’t seen any of The 100 since the first episode this season, but I’m planning to get back to it as soon as I have time (or get totally sick of bar prep, whichever comes first). That’s so great that you’re going to New Orleans! I’ve only been once, and it was for work, so I saw almost none of the city. ^^; Have TONS of fun, and let me know how ALA is!

  7. I hope to go to ALA one of these days. BookCon is in my backyard, but I was moving the kid to Chicago this weekend, and had to miss it. I also spent a lot of money doing that. So, I guess that was my vacation? The Winter of the Witch cover is exquisite. It almost makes me want to read it. Have tons of fun in NOLA!!!

  8. So many great books in your wrap-up, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on A Thousand Perfect Notes, I can’t wait to read that one 😀
    I hope you’ll have an amazing time at ALA! Thank you so, so much for sharing my post <3 Hope June is treating you well so far! xx

  9. Danielle Hammelef

    I have Dive Smack here to read as part of my debut author challenge this year. I love the cover! I also am highly anticipating A Thousand Perfect Notes.

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