HA, bet you thought this was going to be a The 100 post, because they looooove cullings on that show, no? Anyway. No, look, I need to do some major downsizing, basically. So I decided (with the help of my lovely assistants Rashika, Val, and Holly) that I would do a blog post, and then cross-post to Twitter and see if I can’t get rid of some of these books.

“But Shannon!”, you ask in horror. “Why ever would you want fewer books!?” Look, it’s a real head-scratcher, I feel you. I am probably going to be moving quite soon. Well, I am definitely going to be moving, how soon is anyone’s guess. And it’s definitely going to be a smaller place. Which is sad because my room now is huge and awesome and full of bookish glory.

I digress. Basically, I need room. And also, money and/or books wouldn’t hurt. Hence why I am selling finished copies (or trading, no worries). See, divorce may be many things, but “cheap” isn’t one of them. So yeah. There will be options, and I will get to all of that. But here’s some of what I have to offer- nearly 200 books worth, woo!

For ALL Trades:

  • Wishlisthttps://www.goodreads.com/review/list/8652150-shannon-it-starts-at-midnight?shelf=wishlist
  • I will also consider trading multiples, depending on the books.
  • I do not care about format for books on wishlist, unless I have specified on Goodreads (I think there is only one of these anyway). But yeah, ARC or finished copy, I do not care.
  • I am also willing to look at what you have, but since I clearly have too many books, I might be picker than I’d like- just because I don’t want to take on anymore stuff I won’t read. I promise I am not trying to be a pain in the ass 😉
  • I am only trading for US only- but if you would like to pay for international shipping, have at it! I just can’t incur that cost right now.
  • I can and will take pictures in detail at your request
  • Feel free to comment on this post, DM me on Twitter @ShannonMiz, or email me at itstartsatmidnightbooks@gmail.com
  • Also willing to discuss shipping discount for multiple book requests!
  • Most books are brand new, some have been read once. A small number have seen better days, but I will disclose that and provide photos.
  • I am updating the photos as things are claimed, hoping to make this easier for us 😀

ARCs for Trade


  • Ideally, I’d like to trade these for a wishlist item. But we can work something out, too!

ARCs for Shipping OR Trade



  • The price of shipping for ARCs is going to be $3.75. I stole this from Emma @ Miss Print, who does ARC Adoption. Emma is basically a book guru, so yeah. That covers media mail, and the cost of materials (padded, waterproof envelope, packing tape, etc).
  • Of course if you’d prefer to trade, you don’t have to pay shipping.

Hardcovers for Sale or Trade

  • I am pricing these at $7.50 – including shipping. So basically, I am cheaper than Amazon. 😀
  • There are one or two with small remainder marks, so I will gladly let you know which. Again, I can provide pictures!

Paperbacks for Sale or Trade

  • Pricing these at $5.50, including shipping.
  • Again, a few have remainder marks, but I can let you know!

Swag for trade/shipping

  • Please just take this stuff away? I have no idea how much shipping is since the pins can’t be sent media mail, but I can ask!

And hey, if you don’t want my books, we can still chat! Have you ever had to downsize your books? 

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49 responses to “The Culling… of the Books

  1. Kel

    Haha, you got me! On first glance in the inbox, I did think it was a The 100 post. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything in the sale sections, and I don’t think I have anything on your wishlist, but I wanted to wish you best of luck. Culling books is not fun. I’ll probably have to do it sometime in the near-ish future, too. But not yet. *continues hoarding books like a dragon* Good luck, Shannon! And don’t hesitate to let me know if I can be of any help. 🙂

    • YESSSS! Victory!! Hahhaha. And thank you!! 😀 It isn’t fun, and it was harder than I thought- but once I got into a groove, I found that I started to be ruthless! So that was good, at least! And hey, if there is anything you *really* want, let me know- it’s definitely not the end of the world if I don’t trade, you know? And I really appreciate that, you are too sweet ♥

      • Kel

        That’s true! Once you decide to do a serious cleaning/purge, your mindset shifts from “I might want this later” to “I don’t love/need this enough to pack/carry it.” The possibility of carrying things really puts life in perspective. 😉 And you’re too sweet! Definitely hold on to everything now and see if you can get those wishlist items, but if you reach a point where the trading tides have subsided and just want to get rid of stuff, let me know. Because a hoard of books can never be too big! Until we have to move. Then it’s way too big. ^^;

        • HA exactly! It is such a process. In the beginning I wanted to part with NOTHING, and by the end I was practically tossing everything onto the “to-go” pile! And YES- I definitely will let you know- but honestly, if you want something I am really fine with it 😀

  2. I am in the middle of doing the same thing! (Otherwise I’d probably buy a bunch of these.) Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the books you want. I am interested in Crown of Midnight. 😁 I finally took the plunge and I’m am reading Throne of Glass now! (I’ve got like 100 pages left!)

    • Aw you are doing the same? Such fun, right? (I kid, I kid!) Someone did express interest in Crown of Midnight, but she wasn’t 100% sure so if it doesn’t work out I’ll let you know. It’s funny- so many people wanted the same few books! Are you liking Throne of Glass?

      • Oh yes, tons of fun! (Strong sarcasm) Okay, no worries, I can order it from Amazon. I was just trying not to buy more books. (Something I always fail at.) I’m really liking Throne of Glass. A solid four stars! I actually only have 20 pages left haha but it hasn’t been good for my book-somnia. Good luck with your clean out!

  3. I’d totally buy from your hardcover stack if I was in the US.
    I have chosen to take some books out of my shelves to create more space. The house is only so big haha.

  4. I’m always culling PBs and I’m storing HCs or placing them next to ARCs on my shelf. I think I will do this when I come back from ALAMW myself! I see a couple I want for my own collection – and maybe I can get rid of some I just will never read!! Good luck and I already DMed you! 😂🤣

    • Thanks so much!! And seriously- it HAS to be done. Especially after ALAMW (hope it is awesome, by the way!) you will probably need ALL the room hahha. I had to be VERY honest with myself about the chances I’d read some of these- they were slim to none, and I just… needed to let go 😂

  5. Ooh a culling! Oh no humans are involved… dang it! lol I thought we had another bunker cull on tap. Oh well. Books will have to do. 🙂 You have a ton of cool stuff. I checked out your wishlist and I don’t have any *pouts* I guess if I requested ARC’s I might *note to self*

    Seriously though I’m gonna scope some of these out on GR cause they’re new to me…

  6. Good luck with your sales!! I downsize my books a lot, mostly because I have this weird thing where I get annoyed if I see books my shelf that I wasn’t 100% in love with. It feels like a waste, I guess? Unfortunately, I don’t tend to 100% love many books, so my collection is quite small and it looks like I never read at all.


    I am soooo jelly but i’m in Canada and probably will get some from my daughter who is lucky enough to work at the indigo warehouse in On (THEY Get paid in bonus’ with gift cards)

  8. This is an seriously awesome idea. But I have a sad. 🙁 I don’t have any books in your wishlist. I went through them all! But really, I should consider doing this. I have several bookcases and they are all DOUBLE stacked. I’m running out of room. I need a library room.

  9. A smaller place with less room for books… oh the horror! But to be honest, a good culling is not a bad thing. I think we all have books on our shelves that realistically we are *never* going to read. And we keep holding on to them because “maybe, someday…” Yeah right. Nope, they sit and gather dust and we continue to kid ourselves that we really will get around to it. Unfortunately I have none of the books on your wish list but I hope someone does and you manage to unhaul and gain some good ones in exchange.

  10. Gah, I don’t think I could ever give my books up! I used to give ones I didn’t like as gifts, but I regret them. I have this huge collector’s mindset and I can’t let go of them, even the ones I didn’t like/will never read. D: (Plus shipping costs locally? DISASTROUS.)

  11. Over the last four or five years, I’ve moved places at the end of each lease term. It was brutal hauling all my books around! I recently moved and had to downsize my personal library as well, and it sucked at the time…but I love having a more “curated” collection now. And the extra space doesn’t hurt either. 😉

  12. Sooo tempting. But I only buy for my classroom library, and even there I’ve gotten more picky recently, based on what I know my students will actually read.

    My mom used to do this cleaning thing where she’d say, “If I was moving across the country, would I bring it?” If not, then goodbye. Good luck with your project.

  13. I’m tempted by some of these, but my shelves are just seriously overflowing. The ARCs for Adoption idea is a great one, though. I’ve actually been really brutal about getting rid of books after I read them, but I have two boxes full sitting on my floor right now that I haven’t figured out where to bring them.

  14. Funny story: I had been getting referrals from this post for about a week before I went to check it out (because life) and then I was only looking on my iphone and sort of skimming. SO it was only when I actually checked on my computer that I realized you mentioned me and ARC adoption!

    But yes 3.75 covers postage up to 2 pounds with room for supplies and label printing if you choose to go the paypal label route.

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