Welcome to December’s Monthly Minutes at Midnight! 

 Here’s the deal: I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  

The Books

For Review/From Publishers:

Sea of Strangers by Erica Cameron

Breaking the Ice by Julie Cross

Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

Thanks to Entangled and Simon & Schuster and Big Honcho Media! 


Huge thanks to Random House & Wednesday Books!


I bought nothing, guys. Not a thing. This is impressive, be proud.


HUGEST of thanks to (top-bottom of the stack!) Holly, Rashika, my mom who has no links hah, Val, and Greg!! Seriously, don’t know what I did to deserve such lovely human beings in my life- a million thank yous, for everything ♥♥♥


Won Onyx & Ivory from author Mindee Arnett, thanks so much! And thanks for the trades, friends!

Shenanigans Since Last Time:

I read 12 books. Which isn’t bad, considering the holidays and such, right? (Technically, I haven’t finished Meet Cute but I have more than 24 hours and less than 100 pages, so I’m pretty confident!)

There were some really good ones in this bunch! A few pleasant surprises, and then a couple minor letdowns. But overall, much more good than bad! Reviews for all of these will be coming up! (Sea of Strangers already happened!) 

Giveaways: Click Here, or on Sidebar

Blogosphere Bulletin

Here are some of the loveliest/most entertaining/super helpful/just plain interesting posts I found this month! 

I actually think that it being December, and not my sheer ineptitude, is the reason for a short list this month? Or maybe I am just getting really used to slacking, who can tell?

Fancy & New Since Last I Saw You!

I love looking at pretty covers! So here are some new ones that I have fallen in love with since our last update!

Slow cover month, but things usually are in December, that’s okay! 

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

  • It has been seven months since Praimfaya. No news. Just Jason feeding us screenshots from the trailer to keep us from attacking The CW, I presume. At this rate, we’ll be lucky to have a premiere date before summer ? But I do have a really fun The 100 post coming up- I am in no rush, because I think it’s going to be more awesome if I wait!
  • Well. Apparently we’ve nearly made it to 2018. I think no one knows anymore if this is a good thing or a bad thing? It’s like we want to be optimistic, but we realistically know that this year could be even more apocalypse-y than last year, so. I was going to do one of the bookish survey thingies out there, but then I decided that I didn’t want to. So I didn’t. I don’t have any particular goals, I plan to continue to subscribe to the “Whatever the hell we want” school of blogging, so there it is. Here, have a tiny “end of the year” post-within-a-post”!

Good Riddance, 2017! Cautious Hello, 2018!

Oh, friends. This year was all kinds of bad. I think we all know that going in, given how last year ended, but this year really brought the shit. I don’t want to get everyone super depressed, but suffice it to say that not only was it a hot mess globally, but personally too. Good times. There were some bright spots, of course! Like my lovely friends, and small humans, and that sort of thing. That said, I have a few “goals” for this year:

  1. Continue my “whatever the hell we want” school of blogging practices. That was really my only bookish goal last year, and so here it is again. I did a shockingly good job with it, so that’s still the plan. Just to be chill, and do what I want.
  2. Be able to move past this year, and all the stuff that came with it. Everything is just… it’s in upheaval at the moment, basically. And one day, hopefully sooner than later, maybe it won’t be. And then I can tell you alllll about it 😀
  3. Want to see my people! Honestly, I don’t think I’d have made it through this year without the support and kindness of you guys. And I have all kinds of plans, and I want them to happen, even if life is hard otherwise. Because it’s necessary.
  4. As for books, I will be letting random.org pick my Goodreads Challenge goal again. Last year, it gave me 139, which is kind of rude, and very close to the upper limit I’d set. This year, perhaps it will be nicer? I did meet my goal last year though! 
  5. I don’t think I have any actual control over this, but I want to like books more than I did last year? It was almost a year-long slump, and Idk how one gets over that, but we can cross our fingers?

Happy January, and happy 2018, loves! Anyone have any goals/hopes/plans for the New Year?

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29 responses to “Monthly (& Yearly!) Minutes at Midnight: December 2017

  1. Ooh Sea of Strangers and LAst Girl On Earth look good *nods approvingly* And I want to read President Clinton’s book too (oops- sorry. Electoral College- forgot). I see Given to the Earth and Onyx and Ivory in there too- those both have AMAZING covers!

    I think “whatever the hell we want” is a fabulous goal for 2018. I mean, why stress? And here’s to a good 2018, because it can’t get any worse right? Oh wait…although we did survive Trump’s first year, which frankly I wasn’t sure about. But enough of that. Love the goals, and have a super New Years!!!!

    • Spoiler: Last Girl on Earth was a MESS. I’ll be reviewing it pretty soon but… yikes. BWHAHAH the best part was that I read “President Clinton” and nodded like “yes, that is correct” and then… sadness. I think I was in an alternate universe for a hot second. I have heard it’s really good- I just need to be in the right mental state and that is not today ? AGREED about Given to the Earth and Onyx & Ivory- AND add to it that I am super excited for them both!

      DUDE, you just jinxed us, of COURSE it could be worse because, well, Trump didn’t nuke us in 2017? I seriously was figuring he would tbh. And I am glad that you love the goals, considering you’re kind of part of them? 😀 I hope you have an amazing New Year’s too!!

  2. Oooh is that an ARC of Reign of the Fallen!? Because I totally blurbed that and I’m so proud and have zero reason to be proud BUT I AM. GO INTO THE WORLD AND CONQUER, LITTLE BOOK.?? Ahem. Also I have to go add all those new covers ajfdsakld this is not good for my TBR. I’m basically spending the last few days of the year panicking at my GR wishlist because it’s SO big for 2018 and Netgalley/Edelweiss hate me as you know.? I think I may need to run away to America and live in one of your libraries. Seems legit. ANYWAY.

    I hope 2018 does treat you better!! I hate year-long slumps. ? I know a ton of really really epic stuff happened to me this year, and I read a lot, but I was an emotional burnt toaster so that was unfun. Here’s to hoping both of us find pleasant things to shout about in 2018 and have a really fulfilling year. ❤️❤️

    • YOU BLURBED IT!? Holy crap Cait, that is actual life goals! I am excited about it, and yes it is it! UGH seriously, I am so mad at them on your behalf honestly! I know I think sometimes like… wait who the hell ARE they even approving, actually? My Goodreads list is wayyyy too big- I need to pare. And by paring, I mean deleting one book and adding seven more, obviously. You can live in my house, it’s practically a library at this point I think? I mean, I definitely have a better YA section than mine ?

      Aw thank you, dear! I hope we both have amazing 2018s, too! And hey- at the very least, you’ll have a book in the world, and I will OWN your book in the world 😀

  3. “Whatever the hell we want” school of blogging practices sounds fun! I need to make myself become a part of that practice. Maybe talk about my a few of my other loves instead of just reading and a movie review here and there 🙂

    The year of 2017 was just as heartbreaking and annoying as 2016 and 2015 for me. Let’s hope 2018 restores our hope and gives us a break!

    • YESSSS do it! It worked VERY well last year, my stress over blogging was like, at LEAST halved. You really should post about whatever makes you happy- I found it to be quite energizing, plus you have a renewed excitement for blogging then!

      UGH, same, my dear. I am so sorry that you have had such a rough one too. I think we both deserve good things in the year ahead! ♥♥

  4. I’m still thinking about my New Year’s resolutions. I know I have some because I always do, but I don’t know what they are yet. I think reading 12 books is pretty impressive for Christmas time. I didn’t manage that many. Happy New Year!

  5. Woohoo, go you for not buying any books this month. That is a good way to end the year. I hope 2018 will be a good year and that the upheaval will die down soon. Upheaval is not always fun. <3

  6. Happy Almost 2018 Shannon! I hope whatever hardships you had will come to pass. 🙂

    Also you got a hardcover of Thunderhead? READ IT NOW ABD REPORT BACK TO ME PLEASE.

    Did I already ask you how Shadowsong was? If yes, ignore me. If no, how was it?

    And I strongly support your “do whatever the hell you want” method.

    One of my goals is to see blogging friends too! Are you going to ALA in NOLA? It sounds like the perfect trip: books, booze, and ghosts.

    See ya next year!

    • Thank you, love ♥♥ I will feel better once I can just move past it and then like, talk about it!

      And YES- it was a pretty epic Christmas present tbh! I also had traded for an ARC, whoops! BUt I needed them both in my life so it’s okay. I am actually going to read it- I think this is a sign that you should be my last comment response for the night 😉

      I don’t think you asked about Shadowsong yet! Or if you did maybe I missed it haha. Either way, I liked it! It’s quite different from Wintersong, but my favorite thing about Wintersong was the writing and characters anyway, so it worked. But it was less… supernatural?

      YES! Are you going to NOLA?! I am SO excited, we’ve literally been planning it for YEARS, because it is on my bucket list! I REALLY hope you come too!

  7. Ah, so lucky to get Furyborn! I really want to request a copy of it, but not just yet! And I’m super excited for Reign of the Fallen to release because I’ve literally heard nothing but good things, so that’s totally awesome! I hope next year is much better for you; I feel like personally, it was pretty meh but with everything else going on, it made everything ten things worse, so blah for that. But I am hoping that 2018 will be a bit better! Also, I’m officially back on watching The 100, and I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to catch up before season 5, BUT WE SHALL SEE.

  8. Super jealous of Thunderhead also. I am pondering just setting a ridiculously low reading goal and forgetting about it. If I need a goal, maybe it should be to buy fewer books. Just sayin’.

    And yeah, I hear you about wanting to be optimistic for 2018 but realizing it might not happen. Yet.

  9. Shannon, I love coming to your blog because your posts make me feel so empowered to keep blogging when I want about what I want, thanks to your “Whatever the Hell We Want” school of blogging lol. It really helps take the pressure off to see other bloggers who are treating blogging more as a chill hobby again and not as a super competitive part of life! It’s been great interacting with you more this year and I can’t wait to continue reading your posts in 2018!

  10. I’m so jealous you have Thunderhead. I can’t wait to read that one. I actually had a really good reading month, but then again I don’t really read a lot of the most popular books, so maybe that’s why? Not sure. But I hope 2018 is better on that point – and just in general because yeah, this year was awful globally.


  11. Kel

    Those all sound like good goals to me. I’m trying to hold to a similar “whatever I feel like” blogging mentality. I’m sorry to hear this year has been rough on you. 🙁 Hopefully things will be a little easier/better in 2018. Happy New Year, Shannon!

  12. How stunning is Furyborn’s cover! And I NEED the new Tamara Ireland Stone book. I love her stuff, and well, pretty cover. I hope 2018 is everything you want it to be. Happy New Year!

  13. I really enjoyed Breaking the Ice. Then again, contemporary is my thing. 🙂
    Love the cover of The Last Girl on Earth. So gorgeous!
    I’m excited for Meet Cute. My copy is supposed to be delivered next week. Still don’t understand why it’s not being delivered tomorrow (on release day) as normal. But whatever.
    I’m on the fence about Shadowsong. I had huge hopes for Wintersong and thought it was just okay so I’m unsure if I’ll continue on with the series.

  14. Ahhh, I’m so excited for Thunderhead! i’ve already what happened in scythe but i loved it at the time; and still want to see where shusterman is going to take the series.

    and i’m sorry to hear that 2017 was a shit year for you, shannon (me too) but here’s to 2018 being much, much better !!

  15. Wow, it sounds like you had a truly good year. Just perfect. But all that aside, I am already broken so 2018 cannot truly ruin me right?? *knocks on wood* omg I will cry. Ive been spending too much thinking about all the things that could happen that would make 2018 worse and I just want my brain to stop and leave me alone.

    Also look at those thic german hunger games babies. I wish I could have found the third book so you would have had the trilogy.

  16. 12 books in a month is amazing, and 152 in a year sounds impossible to me! Congratulations on a busy reading year. Also you’ve read When Light Left Us! I’m excited for your thoughts on that one because I adored Leah Thomas’ Because You’ll Never Meet Me books to pieces.

    I’m sorry 2017 wasn’t so great for you, but I definitely feel you on that – based on global stuff and personally. But I’m glad it wasn’t all bad, and I hope 2018 will bring you amazing things. I’m also hoping to like more books in 2018, but as you said it’s not an easy thing to control. I think I’m going to try and read more of my favourite authors and pick books on my TBR that I’m almost certain I’ll enjoy to some degree.

    I hope you have a wonderful reading year in 2018, Shannon <3

  17. I was so excited to read Thunderhead and here I am sitting on it, what am I doing?! Anyway, I CANT WAIT I’m so excited. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Furyborn! Thank you so much for sharing my post Shannon (plus all your messages!)

    I’m hearing you with the “whatever the hell you want” sort of goals this year, my ones are so chill haha. My goal is basically not to freak out/stress too much about ANYTHING really.

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