Big news: Hiatus is at about halfway point! It feels long though. Or maybe it is just because 2017 is such a shitshow in general? Like last hiatus, we didn’t have to constantly worry about stuff like calling our senators every day so they don’t kill us, mass nuclear war, things like that. Speaking of mass nuclear war… welcome to this month’s The 100 post! I actually have come up with all my posts for the rest of the hiatus, yay! And today, I am going to talk about music in The 100. Because I have loved their choices.

And this is great because you get to listen to the music, even if you give zero fucks about the show! ??? I have listed them chronologically, for reasons.

So okay, this kind of wasn’t the world’s most unique choice for the Pilot. Fitting sure, but it had been done before. But that isn’t where the genius lies, folks. Anyway, here it is by Imagine Dragons in the pilot:

What makes it striking and epic is the flashback in “Join or Die”. This is just a solidly gorgeous scene that reminds us all of how far these kids have come. How things have gone from campy and hopeful to… well, this world. It’s perfect.

The part that I love about this is that it gives me actual chills that some of our beloved characters are in fact coming home, while some are going to have to run for their lives.

Fun fact time! This was a damn placeholder song! But the powers that be liked it and kept it- and it was an amazing choice, because this is deliciously creepy and so human at the same time.

This gives me all the “oh shit, time for war!” feels. Is that a thing? It is now. I just feel badass myself when this comes on, and I get kind of pumped.

Oh how this consumes my soul every time I hear it. It’s beautiful and poetic and perfect for what has just gone down. I cry whenever I hear it because damnnn.

This gem gets played twice– once in the Rover, thanks to Maya’s 140 year old iPod:

And again by Shawn Mendes, as he gets his ass kicked by Jasper. Both are freaking epic.

This is The Grounder Anthem, and so lovely to hear something from their culture at one of their most important events. Such a smart choice.

Ah, the freaking world is ending, and Jasper is having a little party at Arkadia. It’s so telling of what Jasper’s state of mind is, and provides an eerie sort of comic relief/normalcy during basically the second apocalypse.

This song made me kind of fall in love with Ilian. Or maybe be okay that he and O were shackin’ up? I don’t know. But I love it either way.

If you don’t cry while watching this clip, I fear you don’t have a soul. It’s so harrowing to see this through the perspective of Kane making the worst decision he’ll ever make, and then thinking, quite literally, of it through the eyes of a child- Five Year Old Kid, to be exact.

This is the only full-on original instrumental that I used, because I don’t always remember them? But this one… I sobbed so how could I not remember it? Gorgeous. Heart breaking. Yep.


Dina @ Dinasoaur made a fun playlist for Season 2 of The 100, and I figured, why not share mine with you too! Here’s my “inspired by” playlist:

And my playlist of actual favorite songs from the show!

There isn’t much news so I will save it for next time! Let’s talk music. Do you like any of these songs? Any favorites from any show or movie?

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10 responses to “The 100’s Best Use of Music

  1. I love that scene when Octavia leads the way out of the dropship, and then they all go nuts. It just works, with that song. And yes to the Fog of War- that scene in the garage is so creepy and yet there’s a Christmas song playing in the background. Love it! And you know how I feel about the Violent Femmes song! Probably my favorite music choice they’ve made. Just for the exuberance of the moment- these are supposed to be teens, after all.

    Knocking on Heaven’s Door was powerful too, especially considering what Bellamy and Clarke had just had to do. the Grounder’s Song I had totally forgotten about, but I just rewatched that episode tonight. lol great timing!

    Awesome post!!

    • It really DOES work. And it is such a damn lie, do you see how hopeful that shit is? ?? I loved the whole scene in the garage. Though I still want to know why all the damn cars are from NOW. Just saying. Yesss Add it Up was so fabulous. Because they DID get to be normal kids for about 2.5 minutes. And then Shawn Mendes got to get his ass kicked, so fun all around.

      And YES I saw an edit of Knocking on Heaven’s Door that was SO incredible. I wish I could find it again- it was the whole finale condensed into the biggest moments, so good. I think Through the Eyes of a Child was equally powerful. Damn FYO Dad and Kid giving me feels i didn’t ask for.

      Thankssss! 😀

  2. I love Raign’s rendition of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door and thought it worked with that scene/episode.
    I’d forgotten a lot of the others, though. Great choices, especially Through The Eyes of a Child. Such a powerful scene!

  3. I love love love this post! I’ve watch all the videos and they just gave me goosebumps and all the feels and let’s be honest all the tears again haha. I loved seeing so many beloved characters that are long gone now and this makes me want to watch it all over again!
    The Shawn Mendes song has been my fav since that episode aired, I’ve listened to it over and over and over again. Through the eyes of a child was perfect, that scene was so heartbreaking. Can’t wait for the show to come back on.

    • AW thank you SO much!! You should watch it all over, that is what I do to make the hiatus bearable 😉 I love the Shawn Mendes one too! Both uses, really. I agree, the Second Culling scene was the most wretched in the whole series- maybe second only to Lincoln’s death, which flat out gutted me. I can’t wait for Season 5 either! Only a few more months, at least? 😀

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