Welcome to April’s Monthly Minutes at Midnight! 

 Here’s the deal: I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  

The Books

For Review/From Publishers:

Seeker by Veronica Rossi 

 And Then There Were Four by Nancy Werlin 

Thanks to Penguin and Tor!!


via Edelweiss, thanks to HarperTeen;  via Netgalley,thanks to Berkley, Atlantic Monthly Press, and Carolrhoda Books


NONE. I was kind of amazing this month. Don’t worry, I have about 2872 pre-orders coming this month 😉

OH but I did get theseeee! Because of course I did hahah.

Shenanigans Since Last Time:

I read 15 books. Apparently, I max out at 15? Still, I’ll take it.

So, this was a mostly good reading month again! The Valiant was my fave- it got added to my all-time favorites list, so. But there were a lot of good ones, all of which I will be reviewing sooooon. (As in, someone please hand over some motivation because look at all these books I have to review 😳)

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Blogosphere Bulletin

Here are some of the loveliest/most entertaining/super helpful/just plain interesting posts I found this month! 

Random Musings:

This month flew by. I seriously don’t understand how it is May already. I don’t even know what I did in April. Did I do anything? I suppose not. Legit spent 20 minutes trying to come up with some fun anecdote to share and yet… nothing.

Fancy & New Since Last I Saw You!

I love looking at pretty covers! So here are some new ones that I have fallen in love with since our last update!

Apparently I am digging a particular kind of cover this month… 🤔

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

  • The 100 is BACK. Which means you’ll inevitably see me spending tons of time writing updates and making gifs. #NotSorry. 
  • Everything, Everything comes out on the 19th! Will you be seeing it? I am super excited for it, I adore Amandla! (I mean… she was Rue, come on!)
  • ALA planning with HollyI hope lots of you middle-of-the-country people can come, since it is in Chicago! And on a weekend, which is helpful for sure! Let me know if I will see you there 😉 

Happy May, loves!

It’s been like, 20 years and this will never not make me chuckle, because I legit thought those were the lyrics, much to the chagrin of my friends who were rabid NSYNC fans. 😂

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28 responses to “Monthly Minutes at Midnight: April 2017

  1. Even the Darkest Stars and The Space Between the Stars (cover love) look great to me. Royal Bastards and Grit are on my list and I think Valiant is too… because gladiator fighting. The Language of Thorns is seriously a nice cover too, I just saw that one recently… love it.

    Octavia and Bellamy… need those Funkos. Especially after tonight’s episode. o.O

    I guess a few cast members, um, won’t be getting Funko releases eh? Yikes I ALMOST put a spoiler here lol.

    Thanks for linking my post. 🙂

    • Bwhahha agree, I noticed them first because of the cover- who even knows what they are ACTUALLY about 😉 Royal Bastards was really good, and The Valiant was just fabulous, I loved it so much. Grit was different than I thought it’d be, honestly. I will be reviewing it probably next week. And it wasn’t that it wasn’t good or anything, but I think I just expected… different. If you want to read it, I have no attachment to my copy, you can have it!

      YES those Funkos will be proudly displayed, while the Clarke Funko is going to be put in a corner for her bad behavior 😂 And I KNOWW. I wanted ONE of those very badly- and I think it is the same one you probably would have wanted too! (The funniest part is, I SWORE it wouldn’t happen like, two days ago bwhahah. I am awful at the predicting, clearly!)

      • I need to get all the 100 Funko’s and yes Clarkie needs to be by herself cause clearly she no longer plays well w/ others. Maybe Jaha if he has one can be with her because clearly they are the Duo of Evil now or something. They can just plot how to fuck everyone else from their little corner… and Octavia will be in a position of authority because she is clearly Queen now after winning the conclave. Which is kinda of like o.O

        Yeah we probably wanted the same one. 🙂 My predicting sucked too. And who knew Luna was going to be a fucking Terminator unit? Geez…

        I’m glad Royal Bastards is good though, I was HOPING it would be, with that blurb! And Grit lol- I will definitely check out your review! And thanks! I already preordered Grit for Kindle but I appreciate the offer. I remember seeing small Maine town and dark secret, but now I’m curious to see what you thought. 🙂

        • BWHAHA right? We need a Jaha one to punish them together, tbh. (OMG I wrote that before I read your next sentence, clearly great minds think alike 😂) I might give my Octavia one a crown or something, or plant a little Heda chip in the back of her neck. She at the very least needs a superhero cape.

          SERIOUSLY, I figured Luna would just stay the hell away- though I think that some of the shit that went down in Becca’s lab probably was a clue, but… she had been SO for peace!

          Royal Bastards was SO good- and FUNNY. Like, it is a violent book, and some of the stuff is intense, but there are also so many funny, witty moments that it’s kind of perfect. And I hope you enjoy Grit. So far, I have… added the book info to my review since I fail. I’m shooting for Monday, but… my new blogging motto is “whatever the hell we want” so… Whenever the hell I want? 😉 (But no really, the beginning of the week because sometimes I am responsible to a fault hah.)

  2. Sam

    Can I just say, I get tears in my eyes every time the Everything Everything commercial comes on. I have not seen a film in the theatre since….I think The Duff, but I am definitely seeing this one.
    Sam @ WLABB

  3. Glad it was a good book month!! I have some of those coming up because I am woefully behind on ARCs. April did fly by, it was crazy. Those new covers are gorgeous!!! Yeah that will never get old, I laugh every time!!! Have a great May!

  4. LOOK AT ALL THESE GORGEOUS COVERS TO ADMIRE. AHHHH. *flails* I really love the cover for The Language of Thorns and The Belles. 😍 Also CONGRATS YOU for reading so much! Why haven’t I read the Valiant yet tho. This is a great question. It sounds so so good. And ohh I also have the Glass Spare and I’m so excited for it. 🎉🎉

  5. 15 books in a month… you’re my hero. 🙂 About half that is a *really* good month for me. LOL I am ridiculously excited for Bad Romance. I need more Heather Demetrios in my life. Obviously. Everything Everything… sooo excited! Amandla is adorable and I just can’t wait to see how the adaptation goes. From the trailer I’m expecting good things. The Justin/N’sync just never gets old. Ever. 🙂

    • Hahha it’s so funny because I will see someone who reads twice what I do and think they’re MY hero 😉 It’s so relative! We always want to read more, of course. Bad Romance was really well done- hard to read, but very important. And I am excited for E,E too! Hope we both love it!

  6. Wow, 15 books. Sounds like a great reading month to me. April went really fast for me, too, and I struggled to remember what I did. Probably because I did _nothing_. I hope you enjoy your new books. Happy May!

  7. GASP. Will I see you at ALA Shannon?! We just make all book events in Chicago, it’s best for everyone.

    15 books is awesome, I don’t think I’ve ever read that many. I think my cap is 14. And I did not know there were 100 pops! Lexa is badass!

  8. Kel

    Yes, April FLEW by. I kind of expected that with finals and all, but still. 😛 Have lots of fun at ALA, Shannon! I’ve never been to one, though maybe I’ll give it a shot when it’s back in my neck of the woods in 2019 or 2020.

  9. April was definitely my best reading month. I need to figure out how many books I read. 6, I think? Who has the time to count, really? Have a FAB time at ALA!

  10. You’re going to ALA?! I’m hoping too – my sister just has to see if she can get that Friday off, since I’ll be going with her. I don’t work Fridays so I’m good to go so *fingers crossed* it works out. And I’d love to meet you!


  11. Looks like you had a fabulous April! I’m hoping to read (or listen) to The Valiant soon. I’m happy to hear you liked it so much! I read Grit last month too and liked it a lot. I wish I could go to ALA again! It was so much fun in January.

    I hope you have a wonderful May!

  12. You read a lot of books! I wasn’t reading much for a while there, but I’ve been devouring all the words recently and found some great ones (Rebel of the Sands and The Name of the Wind). I… haven’t watched the new The 100 season past the first episode yet. I know, I know, what am I even doing. I feel like I need free time and emotional preparation before I dive in haha.

  13. I’ve had my eye on Even The Darkest Stars for a while now, so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that one Shannon! The Valiant and Saga are two that I also quite liked, and Bad Romance has me intrigued. And OMG that cover for The Belles has me SHOOK. I love it so much. *heart eyes*

  14. danielle hammelef

    I enjoy looking at all these gorgeous covers–amazing artwork. I haven’t got ahold of Valiant yet–I just finished Caraval last night and am hoping a sequel is not too far away!

  15. Maxing out at 15 books is not a bad count at all, actually. I hope you were able to enjoy the majority of those reads! I also have a few of the eARCs in common with you, like the Afterlife of Holly Chase and Calling my Name. I hope we both enjoy them a lot ^^

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