11 responses to “May 2017 New Release Giveaway Hop Sign Ups!

    • Aw that would be fun! I feel you about the money thing- it isn’t cheap for sure. There have been a few months where I was like “I should skip it….” but then I ended up doing it anyway, it’s like a compulsion at this point 😉

      • TeacherofYA

        Oh I had a giveaway and it was awesome! I want to do more but I can’t afford it…but it was great making someone happy!

  1. Thanks, Shannon! I’ll be interested to see the results of the poll. I liked the way Book Twirps did it (they were the original hosts of this hop) but I think it might be cool to start the hop at the beginning of the month. 😀

    Have a great week!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • Oh wow, that is wayyy before my time! I inherited it from Suze, who inherited it from Giselle hahah. So far the votes are pretty strong for the start of the month, so it looks like we may be switching iit up! I am game! I’ll just post the sign ups around the 20th- and then people can just leave their posts up all month- who knows, might even bring in some new entrants! Hope you have a great week too 😀

  2. I obviously voted to start on the 1st, however it makes no difference to me which way it goes. It is nice for my followers to have a chance to get their entries in first and then open it up halfway through the month. This is my favourite and most popular giveaway each month and I really appreciated all of the time and effort that you put into it, Shannon! <3

    • Aw thank you SO MUCH! You have no idea how much that means to me ♥♥ I think the general consensus is going to be the first- so I will post a sign up on the 20th, and that way we’ll have the same amount of time- it’ll just be a little weird for this one month!

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