I have…. been around less than I would like to be. Or usually am. Whichever. So I figured I would compile a little list of super important and totally legitimate* reasons that I have been absent-ish.  So… here you go!

*By “important” and legitimate” I mean “really nonsensical and not at all rational”.


Yeah, that’s a problem. So here’s some backstory: I want to buy things about The 100, because as you may recall, I am obsessed. So I bought all the things from one designer and… there is nothing else. It’s a niche to be filled, you see. I also want THG quotes and they’re hard to come by. Thing is, it’s seemingly a niche that only care about? That’s okay. Point it, it is time consuming. And I have no idea what I am doing.


Well, at least, the ones you can review. I still have a few but they don’t come out until at least next month (most not until 2017). So, instead, I could review books I read for funsies. Or, and this is the option I have seemed to enjoy, I could review nothing. This is why I have zero reviews scheduled, zero posted, and zero in drafts.


I know that sounds counterintuitive, considering this is a book blog and all. But… sometimes I just want to read my book, okay? Right now I am knee deep in a re-read of The Hunger Games (thanks to Madalyn @ Novel Ink for her post that prompted me to do this!) and  about to finish Frost Like Night, so… I just don’t want to stop reading, is the thing.


This actually started as a joke, as you can imagine, when I was asking my friends for other reasons I use to waste time. Val said…


And I was thinking “Oh, Val!” but then I realized that yes, I spend lots of time talking to my friends instead of blogging. Like right now. Well, I suppose technically, I am doing both, but I spent most of the last week just doing one, and it wasn’t blogging. My friends had more entertaining stuff to say than I did, I suppose!


This is a bad one, I know. In truth, I am mostly caught up, but that is only because I gave up on replying on certain things. Also, this ties into commenting, but as you may know, I love leaving novella-length comments on other blogs… which is why commenting on three blogs takes me like, an hour. Oops? Whatever, quantity over quality or some such nonsense, amirite?


So you go to bed. Because if just the thought is that tiring, clearly the execution isn’t going to be heaps of fun. And you will be able to tell. Or so I tell myself.


I feel like this term will be in the DSM-VI, right? It needs to be. Look, no one is ever going to be the same. I am not suggesting we should be. What I am saying is that some days, I still don’t feel like blogging is okay. I still feel like I should be doing more. And then some days, I am just plain discouraged and want to crawl into my bed and cry.


Yes, yes, I have problems. I started my rewatch like, less than a week ago and am on Season 2, and I am not a fast binger. Except when I am neglecting my blog, perhaps? Anyway. Not only am I deep in the trenches of Mount Weather at the moment, but Amber and I have been scouring the Wiki for death counts and analyzing character traits, and basically… well, like I said, I have problems. But it’s fun and it makes me happy, so there’s that.


As I am writing this, I have 3,952 words to go. Which is doable, let’s be real. But, I lost a lot of time in the middle of the month, and now I am trying to make up for it. Plus, when you are writing at least two thousand words a day… frankly, I am not exactly keen on writing more on my blog.


That sounds awful, yes? Well, it’s true. I don’t. Feel. Like it. I am trying to get back into it. But this is one of the worst slumps, nay, the worst slump I have ever had. I am down about so many things lately. And I don’t want to pass on my Debbie Downer-ness. No one wants that! So I feel like I should ride it out, maybe? But I have a few ideas coming up. And some reviews, blessedly. (This is why ARCs are my friend- forced posting, not even kidding.) Honestly, I think once NaNo is done taking up huge chunks of my time, things will be better. I also don’t want to neglect my baby book just because I finish NaNo though, so I have to get better at time management. Or something.

So, do you ever have times that you just don’t feel like it? Or do you have super important reasons like mine for not blogging? 😉  Do share!!

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68 responses to “10 Super Legit Reasons to Ignore Your Blog

  1. Oh gosh, I’ve truly struggled to find the motivation to blog lately, and I kind of feel bummed about it. It’s so bad that I’m avoiding my feed reader most days. I just feel so worn down between getting married last month (and all of the last minute scrambling to get ready for the wedding) and house hunting this month that the last thing I want to do is use more brain power to read and write.

  2. S3 of The 100 is on netflix now so me and the hubs are watching it and we are so confused. Granted we’re on ep 2 of season 3, but I just want answers!

    I make myself write my week’s worth of blog posts every saturday or sunday morning so that I can’t say “I’m too tired.” It works 80% of the time.

    And omg you’ve reviewed all your upcoming review copies? I still need to read ARCs from October, so my life is going well.

    • Hahhaha that is always how it is with The 100- you finally get answers for one thing, and BAM, there’s 10 new questions ? I am the WORST with scheduling ahead- I am just so perpetually behind that I never even am able to catch up. It is bad. And yeah, I have a couple for December to review, but only 3 I think! And then January but… too early to worry about those 😉

  3. This is like my legitimate reasons not to write.^^ I… have not been posting lately. The thing is one post takes me houuuurs, so I feel way too guilty because I have so many things to do for university, and if I’m not doing uni stuff I should at least be writing? But of course then I waste hours rewatching some show I’ve already seen, so… yeah, I feel this post.

    • BWHAH it kind of is! And hell, it could probably be applied to MY reasons not to write (well, except writing was ON the list so…) And it is never wasting hours if the show you are watching is The 100. That’s in like, the Bible, or the constitution or something. ?

  4. Okay… so we probably all know I’ve been ignoring my blog for months now, but I’m trying to get back into it. This was literally the perfect post to read right now!

    Spoiler Alert: Nothing is working.

    I actually just finished writing a book review, like literally thirteen seconds ago, so there’s that. I’m also trying to see if book tags will help, so I’ve been searching for a few that I haven’t done, but it just seems like work, depression, and life are taking away from my blogging time. :'(

    • Aw thanks! And I feel you- it is SO. HARD. Depression is, in seriousness, a biggie for me too. I get so upset that I feel like I am not succeeding AT ALL, you know? And then, I don’t want to keep going. It is so demoralizing.

      I am glad you were able to get a review done- and your awesome new book tag! But it IS hard, so cut yourself some slack- we’ll always be here when you get your mojo back 😉

  5. I think these are all super legitimate reasons! For me, mental health and college are the two main reasons I neglect blogging and general Internet-ing sometimes. I’ve been keeping up with the blog decently well (probably because I have two other lovely people counting on me, which is a pretty good motivator), but man, have I been in a horrible BookTube slump. I just scheduled my first video in over a month.

    I’m so glad my rereading post inspired you to reread a favorite. Rereading is so therapeutic! Residual election depression is SO REAL and should 100% be a diagnosis in the next volume of the DSM. Also, I’m really glad NaNo is going well for you! You’ve got this! Anyways, slumps happen– be they reading, blogging, life, or otherwise– and it’s totally fine to need a break sometimes. 🙂

    • Mental health is SO big, I feel you. There are days that I just… can’t, you know? And then I feel even MORE overwhelmed, and then it snowballs. So I write goofy posts when really, sometimes I just want to scream into the void. So yeah, I understand ♥♥ I am so glad you have Christy and Erica, too, they are so amazing- and they are just as lucky to have found you too!

      And seriously, re-reading IS therapeutic! I am going to return like, one more comment, and then I am going to a bubble bath with one of my 374 copies of The Hunger Games 😉

  6. Oh, I totally feel you. Plus, it’s the holiday season and part of me just wants to cuddle up with my dog and watch Christmas movies and eat cookies. I’m trying to keep up with reading, and I feel like I’m doing fairly well there – but I’m not doing so great with scheduling posts and I’m almost out. Sigh. I need to get on it. haha


    • GAH I want to do those things tooooo. I don’t have a dog, but I could surely borrow one. And like, maybe not Christmas movies, but The Hunger Games? Or keep on rewatching The 100? But YES to all the cookies. Hahhah. Also, good for you for even scheduling posts! I haven’t scheduled ahead in… well, I have been blogging for 3 years so… never 😉

  7. YES I RELATE TO MOST OF THESE. *nods* Sometimes I just flat out don’t feel like blogging. Or I’m overwhelmed by the comments I haven’t answered yet (says she who has 100 unanswered comments to get through hahaha #dead) I’ve never not had any books ready to review though. BECAUSE I AM ALWAYS BEHIND. LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT THOSE JULY ARCS. I’M JUST GOING TO FORGET THEY EXIST.?? And honestly? Sometimes I just want to read too! I spend so much time blogging abut books, I sometimes feel like I don’t even get to read enough. Which is crazy considering we’re book bloggers and all that.
    But anywayyyyy. I do miss when you don’t post! BUT AT THE SAME TIME I UNDERSTAND.

    (*whispers* Oh and I just wanted to quickly warn you that sometimes it’s not actually technically legal just to make quotes of anything and sell them? Technically you have to ask permission for everything. Which, of course, is impossible. And I know tons of people sell movie quotes and book quotes on merch and don’t ask and there’s no issue. So like it’s just up to you and how much you care about grey areas. haha. I got my etsy listing deactivated for copyright infringement when I was selling The Hunger Games mini book necklaces?? But like they didn’t care about any of the other necklaces so #confused. BUT ANYWAY. IGNORE ME. I’M ANNOYING.)

    • AW CAIT I love that you look out for me. I personally don’t care about grey areas too much. If someone takes it down… so be it. I can live with that. Plus, this is literally NEVER going to happen. I have been working on ONE QUOTE from a TV show for like 3 months. So we have nothing to worry about 😉 Also, I love you ♥♥ And you are NEVER annoying.

      Seriously though, I will NEVERRRR understand how you respond to the hundreds of comments. Like on one hand, I am super jealous. And then on the other…. I am like “oh poor Cait because my fingers would literally fall off of my hands”. So… yeah.

      I am trying to get back into it. I am kind of in a funk because like… I seem to never be able to like, make any progress with my blog, you know? And that bums me out. And then I get REALLY hard on myself, and it turns into this big snowball situation, ugh. But I have a review coming up (several!)- I mean, they aren’t written or anything, don’t get too excited, but they will be 😉

  8. Yeah, it’s like you wrote the post I wanted to write but didn’t have the energy/motivation to write it. 😀 I’m having a bit of a break on my blog right now so I could tackle NaNo (which I won, yay!) but now that the month is over, I’m dragging my feet. I’m sure it’ll be better, I love my blog and I want to talk about books with lovely readers, but still. I did write five posts in one day last week (when inspiration hits, you have to harness it, right?), so I have a bit of a buffer, luckily.

    I hope your blogging slump passes, I love your posts for what it’s worth! 🙂

    • BWHAHA I feel you SO MUCH. Of course, you have the new tiny human, which makes things WAY harder too! CONGRATS on NaNo!! I am so happy for youuuu! I am glad it is over too hahah- it was a HUGE time suck- in a good way, but still 😉 WOW FIVE posts in one day!??! Holy crap. Okay, you are officially my hero. And I need tips. I have never had a buffer, I feel like life would be SO. MUCH. BETTER. with a buffer- but I can’t seem to get caught up no matter how hard I try- not enough hours in the day, I suppose.

      And THANK YOU! That makes me smile ♥♥

  9. Kel

    Great post, Shannon! I’ve had a lot of similar “important” reasons for not posting as much. 😉 Though the biggest culprit is law school, which is like a constant Dementor…so I guess that’s kind of legit? But yeah, NaNo is a biggie, and then I feel like everyone gets off routine around the holidays anyway. No worries. Blog what you want when you feel like it (aka the joys of a hobby). 🙂

    • Oooh law school is DEFINITELY legit! That has to be a ton of work! You are so right about the holidays too, it’s a notoriously rough time for blogging (or anything productive haha) And YES I do need to remind myself that it is a hobby- I seem to forget ALL the time, it’s not good!

  10. I felt like this recently – I told myself that I’ve just been too busy to blog as frequently as I usually do (but the truth is that I spend about an hour on Nano each day and then roll around making mekajgrjjbnv noises). I guess that’s just part of the fun of blogging! I totally get what you mean with just wanting to read sometimes. Like HALLELUJAH I have finally found a book that I just can’t. put. down – and then guilt. Because I feel like I should be blogging. Gah!

  11. LOL I kept whispering yes! all through your post ? I know just how you feel. I have been in a colouring in mood ever since a friend gave me The Secret Garden colouring book. Then I had the brilliant idea to listen to the Song of Ice and Fire books instead of killing myself trying to get through the physical ones. I am on book 4 from audible and am so caught up in the story and my gel pens that I have done little else. You nailed this post! ?

    • Aww thanks!! 😀 And COLORING! Such a great therapy, yes? Also, good idea about the Song of Fire and Ice books! I am so afraid to start them because… well, look at them ? so I would seriously try audiobooks of it- if I could pay attention. Worth a try, perhaps!

  12. Yep, as much as I love my blog sometimes it can definitely feel like a chore when that time could be better spent elsewhere, or relaxing when I’ve had a stressful week. Alas, this is the life of a blogger. Lol at wasting time talking to your friends, I pretty much gasbag all day everyday. It never occurred to me that I could be blogging instead XD take care of yourself love!

  13. Thank you for making me lol with this list. You reminded me that seeing fun posts like this is definitely a highlight 🙂

    I also need a blogging schedule for my sanity. Or something to get some order into my life.

  14. I think it is so important to take a break sometimes and just breathe. I took an accidental hiatus recently and I feel much more motivated and excited to blog now. Take as much time as you need (but not forever because I miss your wit haha).

  15. Oh man a Society6 The 100 store. I would be all over that. Can you see a guy buying f’in pillows and shit with The 100 quotes on em? lol I’d be that guy. Okay maybe not but I’d be secretly looking at all that and going, yeah. And then there’s the election stuff. I keep getting worked up when I see whatever new asshat thing he’s doing (and.he’ and my blood pressure spikes when I see his tweets or appointees), and of course I have to refrain from flooding my Twitter feed with all the anti Trump articles I’m rah-rah’ing about. Because THAT’s accomplishing something *snort*. I keep thinking I need to do more than just say “eff him”, but what? you know?

    Anyway. sorry. A 100 rewatch? Score! Ah I miss the glory days of Mt. Weather. All the tunnels and cannibals and shit… those were the days. We need more of that. At least trump can’t take the 100 away from us. Right???

    Enjoy the break though. I think we all need em. And life in America sucks right now, frankly, so yeah. But hey you did NaNo, and that’s no small thing. Super happy for you!! 🙂

    • BWHAHA I am kind of dying at the thought of tons of throw pillows with The 100 quotes on them, and guys like, fighting each other for them ?? In fairness, throw pillows are useless for ALL humans. I bought two, and now the only purpose they have in my life is for me to fling them across the room when they fall on me while I am trying to sleep. I mean, there ARE more useful things. Like mugs. Everyone needs mugs, because COFFEE. And like, notebooks, towels, stuff like that. I feel like mugs are a safe one always though. I want to do a “jus drein jus daun” one, and a better Traveler’s Blessing, and then a “Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim”, and “The dead are gone, the living are hungry”… and then probably a “go float yourself” because of course. Anyway, maybe if I spent more time DOING it than talking about it… ah well 😉

      And I feel you with the election stuff. I want to do MORE, but I feel like there isn’t even much more I CAN do and I hate it. I also don’t want to be like, yelling on Twitter all day either, because like you said, it doesn’t really DO much. Though, I still do when I get extra mad hahah.

      I just started Season 3, Wanheda Part 1, with the jeep scene which is the BEST. And no, I hope he can’t take away The 100- though WHY are there only 13 episodes?! WHY? It seems so unfair. Like 2017 wasn’t going to be bad enough! ?

      And thank you!! I was excited to finish NaNo too- though now I am kind of stuck, plot-wise, but I think I will allow myself a break from that, too 😀

  16. NAhhhhh I have times where I just don’t feel like blogging. That’s when I throw the blog at my co-bloggers and say “adios I’m taking a break”. LUCKILY that doesn’t happen much. But when it does my co-bloggers and say “kaaaay see you when you’re back”. AREN’T THEY NICE?? But sometimes I also have legit reasons. Like when my cat demands to be petted and cuddled. That’s a super legit reason to put blogging aside, yes?

    • See, THIS is when I wish I had some awesome co-bloggers to leave in charge! And then like, I could help them too, and things would be great! I think about it sometimes but… Idk. I think I am probably not super fun to work with 😉 Also, YES your cat is absolutely a perfect reason to not blog. Cat petting > blogging. Always.

  17. I relate so much to most of these. Lately I haven’t been blogging because I really don’t feel like it so I don’t write anything. It’s tough because I don’t want to leave the blog empty but I guess I need a break from time to time so I can detox and then start back up.

    • YEP that is kind of where I am at too. But then I take some time, and end up wayyyy behind so… it’s a struggle for sure. I like the idea of detoxing though! And it IS stressful because you don’t want to be like, totally missing. GAH. I hope we both figure it all out soon ♥

  18. I can relate to this SO MUCH!! Last month, I basically ignored my blog for several weeks. I had no ideas and I was not reading very much and the thought of putting some effort into writing a post was just so exhausting. And there have been so many times where I decide to read instead of blog. No apologies on that one. I have been super bad about replying to comments lately because they just pile up. I totally still do it, but lately it has been taking a while. Right now, I think I am about two weeks behind. Oops! Actually, catching up on new blog posts on my Bloglovin feed is my way of easing into blogging again. Reading other blogs gets the creative juices going and it’s also a lot more fun than trying to catch up on comments right now. 🙂

    • GAHHH yes. It is so HARD. And I have been AWFUL at replying to comments, which then I feel TERRIBLE about. It is such a vicious cycle! For some reason, Bloglovin ALWAYS freezes in my browser, I think I have some kind of problem with a plugin or something, so I have been even having trouble READINg posts lately. It is sadness. Hopefully we will both get there soon ♥♥

  19. I freaking love this post Shannon! Ah, the election thing…I’m still so mad. Nick and I took that week off cause we were pissed. And omg, I talk to Nick and Megan on hangouts so much, it’s hard sometimes to want to blog when I just wanna chat instead.

    My main reasons to not want to blog are life. Life is so busy, I have nothing and everything to do somehow, not sure how that happens. Also, I spend a lot of time on my bullet journal…oops.

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

    • Aww thank youuu! And seriously, I am still mad too, I don’t think I will ever NOT be mad. ANd yes, chatting is just inherently more fun than… well, any kind of work 😉 And seriously, life IS a good reason. And one of mine too for sure. I like your bullet journal stuff though, so I say that is a legit reason! 😀

  20. It is good seeing this post because it sums up my reasons for not blogging lately. I mean, I’m daunted by comments and I’ve just lost motivation when I am so exhausted lately but there are also things I want to do. My reading is getting in the way fo blogging and I have a strong need to play the new Pokemon game. I just really need a break and December is a good time to do it. I can slow down a bit and relax and be refreshed in time for the new year. It’s okay to not blog and I forget that because life gets in the way.

  21. I was away from my blog because first, my mother came for Thanksgiving and then my fiance came down from NJ for a visit. I didn’t feel like doing a post while he was here.

  22. Did you just say ON TOP OF ALL YOUR REVIEW BOOKS? I am never on top of them. In fact, right now I am far, far behind and really am just working on it and trying to survive. Oh man, I wish I could ignore my blog. But when I have a spare moment, I try to give it some love. Blog comments though, those I can ignore easily…

  23. Yup. That’s where I’ve been for a couple of weeks. Minus your #2 and #3. But plus all the effort of being a teacher and parent during the holidays.

    On the plus side, I read TWO COMPLETE BOOKS yesterday, Haven’t done that in awhile.

  24. Most are self serving and often boring. Some show the wonder that is us. But how to start? So much to say and so little of it do I feel anyone would find interesting. Is it journalist?

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