Top Ten Favorite Hunger Games Editions


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I haven’t done a Top Ten in a while, but I have been wanting to do something about pretty THG editions for awhile so, why not? And don’t you worry, I am totally going to add a few “so much nope” editions that (even though I still must own them, let’s be real) are simply fugly.

The titles of the editions link to The Hunger Games on Goodreads, and I included ISBNs when I could find them in case you want to find/buy any of these  😀

The Favorites:

The Original US


(US, 2008, Hardcover/Paperback)

ISBN: 0439023483

Owned by Shannon: Of course!

Reason: They’re the original, you have to love the ones that started the whole thing, right?@ttt17

Camo Edition 


(Australian, 2015, Paperback)

ISBN: 1760159476

Owned by Shannon: Yep!

Reason: They. Are. Camouflage.


Thai Edition (I only came here for the original The Hunger Games- but the others are still decent.)


(Thai, 2011, Paperback; 2012 Paperback)

ISBN: 9786117061141; 9786162440564

Owned by Shannon: Nope. And I have no idea how to find them.

Reason: Is not the coolest? Someone help me find this!!

Luxury Edition


(Australian, 2013, Paperback-ish?)

ISBN: 1742838812

Owned by Shannon: You betcha.

Reason: Pictures do not do them justice, okay. They are so. Freaking. Gorgeous. Luxury is not a misnomer!@ttt15

German Edition


(German, Hardcover, 2009)

ISBN: 3789132187

Owned by Shannon: No, sadness.

Reason: It looks a little bit like the old Delirium covers, but I like them. Idk why there are leaves, but I also don’t care. Pretty leaves are pretty.

Fluoro Edition


(UK, Paperback, 2014)

ISBN: 1407153331

Owned by Shannon: Yep.

Reason: These are neon. You need no additional reason.IMG_4208

Chinese Edition


(Chinese, Paperback, 2009)

ISBN:  9862131365

Owned by Shannon: Sadly, no.

Reason: Catching Fire, let’s be real. I needs. Also, they released newer covers since these in China, and they are so much yuck, so we should always just look at these forever and ever.

The UK Foil-y Ones


(UK, Paperback, 2015)

ISBN: 1407157868

Owned by Shannon: Yups

Reason: They’re much better than the US foilies.@ttt16

This lonly Japanese one who doesn’t have sequels either


(Japanese, Hardcover, 2009)

ISBN: 4840130639

Owned by Shannon: Negative

Reason: I bet Val and Amber will love it.

BONUS: ARCs. Because of course they’d be favorites, no?


NOW, onto the uglies unfortunate ones!



Her face. Doesn’t. Change. Way to be lazy, Romania. 



Oh looksie, same face again! They at least had the wherewithal to tint it? Blue? As you do? It looks like Katniss has hypothermia, not revolutionary status.



These look like they are legit from 3 different series. 

Book One: Katniss at “da club”. I bet there’s a boy involved.

Book Two: Katniss is haunted by ghosts and/or is solving a murder.

Book 3: Katniss has the sads, and is sitting in a corner watching life pass her by.



Russia, this is why we can’t have nice things. At any point while you were perhaps glancing over the contents of this book, was Katniss ever wearing PEASANT BLOUSES and damsel-ing all over the place? No? Also, who is the creepy dude in the background of MJ supposed to be!?

Then Russia tried again! 


I mean, they’re better. The third one is kind of cool. I don’t have a fucking clue what is happening in the second one, but girl, I’d be sad too if I was wearing dirty ass wings in what appears to be a cave while (again) some dude gives me the creepy eyes.

Let’s chat! Which is your favorite? Do you agree that Russia let Katniss down, several times over? 

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60 responses to “Top Ten Favorite Hunger Games Editions

  1. I’ve never seen most of these, but I love the original American editions (especially the first and third ones), and the camo editions? Seriously? Those are too cool. Same with the Aussies- if I could only have one set it would probably be those. And the German and foil ones aren’t bad either. Okay for the bad ones- the Swedish and first Russian set are pretty awful. Actually all those are. Pretty unrecognizable…

    • I feel like the Australians give themselves ALL the best editions and then laugh because we are too far away to obtain them 😉 And the bad ones are…. so bad. There were a lot that were underwhelmingly bad but still bad too- like, just leave the original covers if you’re going to be pulling these shenanigans!

  2. Who knew there were so many editions?!? I love the Luxury and the UK Foil-y ones. Oh the bad ones are so bad!! Like I am not sure which one is the worst. The German ones totally give me Delirium vibes which is a good thing. Fun topic!!

  3. This blog post has made my day. I got to the Russian ones and couldn’t stop laughing!! Of all of them I think I want to buy the Japanese version most. Brilliant idea for a TT list!
    My TTT

  4. Oh man… the Arabic covers. They have a long way to go. I really love the neon UK covers, yet simultaneously find them somewhat… distasteful? And the German ones are really nice. Great list! I loved this one!

    • I do know what you mean, and i feel like that is how they are supposed to make you feel? Like “WHY are these covers about kids murdering each other NEON!?” I mean, that is how it happens in my head. Because it is anything but a “neon” kind of series… so I just assumed they were trying to be ironic? Or just getting me to spend more money on books, whichever ?

  5. Hahaha, great list. Shannon! It’s so interesting to see the different covers from all over the world. I have to be honest I think the neon UK editions are kind of hideous (also the spine of Mockingjay basically has a huge spoiler on it, but whatever) but I love those camouflage Australian editions! I haven’t seen them before, but I like them a lot.

    • I think (and this is wholly biased, of course bwhaha) that the neon ones are like… supposed to be outrageous? In an ironic way? But again, I have no REAL idea and am most definitely biased sooo ? DUDE. Totally just realized that YES, yes it does have a huge spoiler on it. Yikes. Not the best marketing idea ever, hmm? That kind of makes me a little mad!

  6. Tammy V

    Yes, Russia definitely didn’t do it justice. Love the Luxury ones. I have the originals myself. Never realized how many different covers there were. I mean, camo? Really? The Neon ones I love that there is a quote on the sides.

      • Mikayel Abazyan

        There is only one Russian edition that looks good. It has one big (original) Mockingjay logo (in 3D) set on fire, with black background, embossed lettering (in gold) on top, and contains all three books in one volume (around 1K pages). I’ve no idea whether this edition came first, or they finally realized their fault and decided to turn down all previous versions and have this one.

  7. Hi, Shannon! I laught a lot with this post, thanks, ahaha.
    I really like Camo Edition, Luxury Edition and Fluoro Edition ♥
    I only have the original US =(

    What the hell is wrong with russian people??

  8. Kim

    Lol, you have a great sense of humor! I really like the luxury editions. I think the Romanians had the worst ones, but the Arabic and Russian ones were pretty bad too. I’m going to have to get those luxury editions though! Neat list!

    • Awww thank you!! You know, now that you mention it, the Romanians ARE extra bad because like- they had a girl with blue eyes and red hair on the cover. So like, Anti-Katniss! So not just lazy and ugly, but just…. wrong! OH I saw that the Luxury Editions were in stock on Book Depository for pretty cheap too- don’t know how long it’ll last though!

      • This is so bizarre because I have the Romanian editions and they are not like thoe ones in the post. They are exactly like the German edition except for the title being translated. It seems that the publisher realised quickly how horrible they were and changed them haha

  9. This is a crazy fun topic, Shannon, I love it! So many pretty editions of THG. This isn’t my favorite set of books, and even I want to collect some of these! Also, how fun! You own all of the Katniss Everdeen Funkos. So cute. 🙂

  10. I’m more worried about the Arabic editions than the Russian ones. I mean, who would ever buy books with covers like these ones? Seriously.

  11. Okay those Russian one insult me. No. Just no. Those are all kinds of wrong. Now the Luxury and Australian ones are calling out to me and if I wasn’t on a book buying ban I’d be splurging on those editions. I didn’t actually like the look of the Fluoro ones when I saw them. I much rather the Foil-y UK editions. 😀

  12. I haven’t seen most of these covers, so I love this list. And I still need to read the series. Oops. Soon though! Sometimes international covers can be amazing, other times, not so much. But it looks like this series has been pretty lucky!

    Love your topic! I haven’t read any of these books, but plenty are on my TBR. I need to check some of these out!

    Check out my TTT

    Lizzie @ Big Books and Grande Lattes

  13. OMG I’M DYING HERE.? PLEASE SOMEONE BAN RUSSIA FROM BEING ALLOWED TO DO COVER DESIGNS OMG. That’s terrifying. Particularly Katniss cuddling the naked guy. I mean, when did that happen in the books? I think my edition was broken clearly. Thank goodness. -_-
    I loooove those foil ones. <3 I only have the deluxe editions and I've had them for like 3 years AND STILL NOT READ THEM BECAUSE OMG I DON'T WANT TO BEND THE SPINES. I have my priorities. I love that Japanese one though! CUTE ANIME KATNISS AND PEETA!
    Also I find it kind of funny how Katniss is described as having olive skin in the book and yet she is a little pasty vanilla cupcake on every cover. Hm.

  14. I LOVE the UK foilies! I have the Australian luxury editions and an all-black with symbols editions but I think I need the UK foilies as well! Gah! They are GORGEOUS!

  15. OMG this post is amazing, I didn’t realize there were so many different editions. I love those neon ones and the luxury editions the best for sure. You have a fantastic collection going there. I would absolutely consider getting those luxury ones for sure, they’re so beautiful and shiny and the pages are gorgeous.

  16. Oh, man, some of those are unfortunate. I wonder how well the books sell in those countries with those covers? I like the original US ones the best, but maybe I’m biased because those are the ones I own. The camo ones are also awesome.

  17. I laughed so hard at your commentary of the fugly ones hahaha. I want you to do this for all kinds of different series with international covers now, please. :’D I have to disagree on Russia. I mean don’t get me wrong, they’re a total let down, BUT at least Russia tried. I cannot say the same for the Arabic and Swedish versions. I mean what the hell? The Swedish ones are just ugly, no questions asked (actually a lot of questions asked, but let’s not get into that) and the Arabic ones are just… I don’t even have words. I want to hug Katniss on the last cover and tell her it’s okay, you won’t be an emo teenager forever – you’ll get to be an emo adult soon enough (though to be fair she does not look like she’s going to survive the revolution, so who knows). And you know what? I’m gonna go right ahead and put the German ones on the fugly list to, because I’m German and they are a disgrace to my country. Way to be frickin’ unoriginal, Germany. I’m glad I was already reading books in English when I bought them, because otherwise I’d have THAT on my shelf. I really like the Chinese and Thai editions, the original ones and the luxury edition. You don’t have the edition I own. I just checked and it’s the 2009 UK edition. The first book has a foldy thing with drawings of Katniss and Peeta (and their scores). I always thought I had the original ones, but they don’t even have the standard mockingjay pin haha oops

  18. That luxury edition… O.M.G. I think I drooled a little on my keyboard. And the foil ones. And the neon ones. Um, is there a (valid) reason why Australia and the U.K. are getting all the freaking awesome covers? *sigh*

  19. I’m so glad that you discovered those camouflage THG editions from my feed! They are super gorgeous although I need to put the luxury editions on my wishlist. So many fugly covers here though, I mean what is going on Russia?!

  20. I love that you have so many copies of these books. I love the Luxury editions the best, cos hardcovers. Also the pages are so pretty.
    Those unfortunate covers are VERY unfortunate. If they could do that to The Hunger Games, what do other covers look like for books. *shutters*

  21. Great choice of topic this week!
    I’ve wanted the Luxury Editions since I saw them forever and ever ago. But I can’t find them easily and for a decent price. I’ll keep looking, though.
    The US Foil ones are stupid. I was working in a busy bookstore over the holidays and I’d find the covers bent every which way. And it’s not like I could get totally made at the customers because all you have to do is hold the book and the cover bends all ugly.

  22. It’s always interesting to see what different countries interpret as a good cover for a story. Clearly, Russia is all about sex and stock photography. And knowing German, I can also say that Germany got seriously lazy on the titles.

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