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Welcome, my dears, to my stop on the blog tour for Away We Go by Emil Ostrovski, hosted by Irish Banana Tours!

Today I shall share with you some info about the book, a giveaway (yay!), and my Dream Cast- and a cautionary tale about the elderly trying to dream-cast young people ūüėÄ

Away We Go by Emil Ostrovski Blog Tour & Giveaway Away We Go by Emil Ostrovski
Published by Greenwillow Books on April 5th 2016
Pages: 270
Source:Copy provided by publisher for review, via Edelweiss

Westing is not your typical school. For starters, you have to have one very important quality in order to be admitted‚ÄĒyou have to be dying. Every student at Westing has been diagnosed with PPV, or the Peter Pan Virus. No one is expected to live to graduation.

What do you do when you go to a school where no one has a future? Noah Falls, his girlfriend Alice, and his best friend Marty spend their time drinking, making out, and playing video games on But when an older boy named Zach (who Noah may or may not be in love with) invites Noah and Marty to join his secret Polo Club, the lives of both boys change as they struggle to find meaning in their shortened existence.

With an innovative format that includes interstitial documents, such as flyers, postcards, and handwritten notes, Away We Go is a funny, honest look at first love and tragic heartbreak.

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About Emil Ostrovski

I'm twenty-five.
Rather than give you a witty, self-deprecating account of the trials and tribulations of my twenty-five year old, suburban, upper-middle class, went-to-a-girl's-liberal-arts-college life, I'll admit that I haven't really done anything much worth reading about.
So in lieu of providing you with my biography, I will recommend that you read Desmond Tutu's.  Here.
Why Desmond Tutu?
Well, I've always liked his name.

The Dream Cast

Ah, who’s ready for a story? This is actually my first ever Dream Cast! I always thought they seemed fun, and I didn’t know why I had never done one before. Now I do: I am elderly. I mean, Theo James elderly- fine for general human consumption, but completely ridiculous as a 16-year old’s love interest. Luckily, Jocelyn @ Novels & Necklaces stepped up to the plate to send me the names of some young stars, otherwise this may have looked like the actual cast of¬†Girl Meets World. ¬†But I want you to be proud of me, for I came up with two of them without assistance!


Noah is our main character. He (and all his friends) are dying from this really shitty virus, but he is planning to live it up while he can. Of course, that means trying to find out who Noah actually is, which a process under the best of circumstances.


When Jocelyn threw out Ian Nolans name (and I googled him, of course), I knew this was Noah. Why? Frankly, I knew him from¬†The Hunger Games without knowing his name- he is the tribute from District 3, the poor bastard whose neck Cato so nonchalantly snaps. But looking at this kid, and clips of him in action, he just screamed “Noah” to me. He wasn’t like, this hugely popular force but he wasn’t just background noise either, and I think Ian fits that very well.


Alice is sweet and kind and just the kind of girl who kind of seems too sweet for the world to have screwed over so badly. She is loyal, and perhaps at times naive, and I could not think of a more lovely actress who embodies that than Ciara Bravo, who was in the fabulous and cancelled too soon Red Band Society.



Marty is my favorite, okay? He’s that guy who is awesome, but you don’t quite realize¬†how awesome at first. He’s the kind of guy you absolutely want as your friend, and he just evened everyone out. I had kind of forgotten about¬†Thomas Brodie-Sangster until Jocelyn mentioned him, and of¬†course he is Marty!¬†And I already knew him too! Because he’s Newt from¬†The Maze Runner!


Sidenote: can someone please explain to me how this dude is 25 years old?!


Zach was a complex fellow. On the surface he was charming and suave and witty, but there was more underneath- so much more, but he was constantly trying to shove down anything that was actually difficult to deal with. Noah kind of loved Zach, you see. ¬†So when I saw that Bill¬†Skarsg√•rd was not only as beautiful as his older brother, but had that certain “air” about him, he was Zach to me, no question. Come on, how could Noah be faulted here!?


I won’t lie, this was so fun. So maybe the moral is that I am not too elderly for this after all? (Say yes, even if you’re just humoring me, mmmkay?)

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So, if you have read the book, what do you think about my choices? If you haven’t read it… well, still, would you see my fake movie based on the great synopsis and these celebrities?

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14 responses to “Away We Go by Emil Ostrovski Blog Tour & Giveaway

  1. This sounds like such a good book. The author is only 25 though? Gah! I need to get writing, man. haha It always amazes me when people really young are published authors. It makes me want to do it even MORE though.


  2. Zach sounds like a really interesting character and so does Marty! I really want to know more from this book. I don’t have it but now I’m interested it. I haven’t seen the Red Band Society show so I don’t know if it’s good or not. I’ve only heard bad critics so that’s why I never bothered with it. Maybe I should give it a try.
    You aren’t elderly, Shannon! I only knew about Newt (I don’t even know his real name lol).

  3. I’ve never heard of this book before but it sounds super interesting! I love your dreamcast by the way, I agree about Thomas Brodie-Sangster. He will forever be a teenager (or you know, one of those Johnny Depp like actors WHO NEVER AGES)

  4. I haven’t read this book yet, but I’ve had it on my TBR since I first found out about it. First of all, the author’s bio cracked me up. He’s just so damn chill which makes me want to read his work even more. (His hair is pretty cute too) Anywho, you did amazing for your first character casting! Everyone you chose seems to fit your description of them perfectly, which is why I’m reading this soonnnn! Great job Shan Ban ūüôā

  5. I am so with you on the “too old to know young actors” thing. I never have a clue who they are. (It doesn’t help that I don’t watch TV and rarely see movies.) I actually *love* to see people do dream casting but I never, ever know who the people are. Although I’m feeling pretty awesome but I actually do know one of your picks: Newt from Maze Runner. And from one of my favorite movies – Love Actually (he was Sam, the little kid who was in love with his classmate). But I had no idea he was 25. Say what? Dream casting aside, I really like the sound of this one.

  6. If you makes you feel any better, Shannon, I am “young” (as in, still a teenager by the law) and I have only heard of Thomas Brodie-Sangser out of this lots. Like, I’ve never even seen any of the other before. But damn, Thomas is so, so cute as Newt and I just love his acting! Even his two second little role in Love, Actually!

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