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Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is: Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For The First Half of 2016

Let’s get real: This post should probably be called “list all the books”, because isn’t that what is going to happen? Nod along, because yes, it is. Also, this is going to be January-May, which isn’t quite half the year, but I feel like the summer and late fall are slow, so it only makes sense to cut this one off at May.

As for the idea of “Ten”? That went out the window rather quickly. There are ummm around 73 books here. Sorry. (No, not sorry.) The worst part. These. Are only. Through. MAY.

The Standalones/Series Starters: 


Just an FYI- I will never stop using that Forbidden Wish cover because it is freaking glorious and I miss it. 

The Sequels I Crave:


My grabby hands know no bounds. 

The Ones I Have For Review (and cannot wait for, obviously):


Just narrowing it down was hard. I miss the ones I had to leave behind. 

The Ones I have Read and Loved (and so should you):


In fairness, I haven’t finished The Girl From Everywherebut I am digging it so far. But Nora & Kettle and TLTSTW are both easily 5 star reads. You’ve read my thoughts on Firsts, and Assassin’s Heart and Underwater were both at least 4 stars!

And here are all the 2016 books, both read and unread, for review, won, traded for, whatever, in all their lovely glory!!


Which 2016 books are you jonesing for?? 

P.S.- Things are going to be slow around here this week. I have decided that I am reviewing zero things until next week. But I am going to do some end of the year surveys and stuff! 

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46 responses to “These 2016 Books Look Like Winners!

  1. 73 LOL. Awesome… I want Truthwitch and Court of Mist and Fury (even tho I haven’t read those) and Into the Dim… etc. And After the Woods just for the cover, maybe.

    I think it’s going to be all YA all the time for me next year…

  2. So Shannon, I don’t think you know what 10 means. Haha! I love it though! I love that you’re excited for all these titles. 🙂
    I’m excited for most of these myself but mostly, The Star-Touched Queen (I can’t even begin to explain to you my intense NEED for this book!), Rebel of the Sands, Winner’s Kiss (I’m ready for the FEELS!), A Gathering of Shadows, Banished, The Shadow Queen! And you will LOVE The Impostor Queen. I hope you do at least!
    Hopefully, all these books will blow you away! I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on some of these. Are you Hangouts?? I need to bother you about The Girl From Everywhere because I have QUESTIONS!

    • I absolutely do not know what 10 means! Bwhahah. I am the worst at this! And yes, I can do hangouts! Bother away! I finished it and I would love to chat with someone about it!

      P.S.- Banished is freaking amazing so far!!!! And The Imposter Queen should be here on Tuesday, YAY!

  3. Oh, I see how it is, Shannon. You want to make our TBR grow uncontrollably so that they’ll crush and kill us and you can rule the world. 😛 But OH MY GOSH SO MANY GORGEOUS COVERS. I’m totally going to read A Gathering of Shadows, of course, and probably also The Rose and the Dagger. A lot of these look so cool!

  4. Haha, I love how you went a *tad bit* overboard here. :DD From your standalones/series starters I want, basically, everything! I’m the most excited for The Forbidden Wish, Truthwitch and The First Time She Drowned and I hope with all my heart that they won’t disappoint.
    I’m unbelievably excited for The Winner’s Kiss – and it BETTER involve lots of kissing between Kestrel and Arin because I NEED them to be together. Seriously, I’m not sure how I’ll overcome if they don’t end up together. I’m also looking forward to The Rose & the Dagger because I’m planning on binge reading the first two books ASAP.
    Aww, what beautiful review copies you have. Where Future Ends, Flawed and Passenger are some of my most awaited title, and I hope you’ll love them. I’m glad you enjoyed Firsts because it sounds so different from every contemporary I’ve ever read and I love different, so yay.
    Finally, I can only say that I wish you tons of luck to be able to read AND love all these novels! <33

  5. I have Flawed, The Shadow Queen and Assassin’s Heart! I started TSQ and so far so good 🙂 I have heard not good things of Sword and Verse which I also have so Im putting it down until it is time to review lol
    I loved This Is Where It Ends!! So emotional and impacting.
    I have many anticipated releases (I shared them last week) but A Torch Against The Night, The Love That Split the World, The Score and He Will Be My Ruin (I read and adored), Bad Boy are at my top! Love your list, Shannon! Especially those gorgeous covers.

  6. There are SO MANY GOOD BOOKS COMING OUT in 2016!!! It’s awesome 😀

    We definitely share A Gathering of Shadows, ACOMaF, The Rose & The Dagger, Passenger, Into the Dim, and The Star Touched Queen looks REALLY great! I need to check out a few of the other titles you listed here^^ GREAT picks!!

  7. I *love* how your list morphed from 10 to 73! Love it. 🙂 And that cover for The Forbidden Wish truly is gorgeous. A Court of Mist and Fury tops my Most Anticipated list. ACOTAR was one of my big surprises of 2015. I’m not usually a fantasy reader but the synopsis (and that cover!) pulled me in. And I’m so glad it did because I loved it! Can’t believe I have to wait until May for ACOMAF. The struggle is real, my friend.

  8. Once again you have outdone yourself with this weeks list. You put us all to shame and my reading list for 2016 is basically sorted with this post haha. I’ve finally got my hands on a copy of Air Awakens so I’m excited to binge read the first two books so I can get my hands on Earth’s End. Nora and Kettle is probably among the top of my most anticipated. I’ve never been a big fan of Peter Pan but this retelling sounds so wonderful and thought provoking. I can’t wait to get my copy. 😀

  9. Ahh you’ve got a lot of the books I’m anticipating. Truthwitch, The Forbidden Wish, and Passenger are the ones I’m looking forward to the most! This list is so great. It looks like there will be some great books coming out next year.

  10. Oh so many good sounding books and so many prety covers! I’ll have to check some of these out. Especially those standalones/ series starters look good. Passenger’s cover is so beautifull, but not sure if it’s a book for me, I still want it though. Great list!

  11. AHH. SHANNON. THESE ALL SOUND AMAZING. I cannot wait for all of these. The premises of The Forbidden Wish and The Year We Fell Apart are absolutely incredible, and I’m crossing my fingers that their execution is as good as their concepts. And The Winner’s Kiss. OMG. How are we supposed to wait another three months for this?!?! Especially after that cliffhanger! Thanks for sharing Shannon and, as always, fantastic picks! ♥

  12. So much awesome in this post. I wish I could read faster. (also, i wish i was auto-approved or on my mailing lists). I have a few of these, like ten or so. But my grabby hands want more too! Especially, Passenger, Where Futures End, Down With the Shine, The Serpent King, The Shadow Queen, Titans….I could go on and on.

  13. HEY You already read Assassin’s Heart? IS IT GOOD? IT HAS MY NAME IN IT. EVEN THOUGH IT’S A GUY. I was hesitant to request it, but seeing as my name is in it, I figured “Why not”

    Also, 73 books. Okay. Okay.

  14. Thanks. Thanks for completely shattering my resolve to buy less books in 2016. T_T I already had most of these books in my TBR but I discovered a lot more too. Not sure yet if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I’m MOST excited to get my hands on The Forbidden Wish, The Star-Touched Queen, Truthwitch, The Crown’s Game, The Winner’s Kiss, ACOMAF, and a few of the other titles on there that I have review copies of as well. 😀 I’ve already read The Year We Fell Apart and loved it!!

  15. So many AMAZING books coming out next year! I need to immediately add the ones that you have read and loved to my TBR. I have no doubt I will love them too. I am so excited for both A Court of Mist and Fury and A Torch Against the Night. Great list!

  16. YOU HAVE PASSENGER. I already preordered that one, and I’m hoping it’ll arrive within the next week. I’m also looking forward to Truthwitch because it sounds good, my number one book I’m looking forward to is probably A Gathering of Shadows!

  17. Omg so many gorgeous covers here, and so many books I haven’t heard of so thanks for sharing!! I love posts like these because I always tend to miss out on new releases!

  18. OMGGG I’M SO GLAD YOU LOVE NORA AND KETTLE!! That is so high on my utterly-need-or-I-will-pass-out list that I cannot even. *nods sagely* And is it just me or are the releases for 2016 looking SO much more promising than last year?!?! SQUEEEEEE. 😀 Least to say. This post is not good for my TBR and I love it.

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