Welcome to the May monthly link-up for the 2023 Book Blog Discussion Challenge hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight!

Happy May, loves! Hard to believe we’re speeding by so quickly! I am scheduling this post months in advance so who even knows what I am talking about, I am not even on this continent at the moment!

  • If you don’t know what this challenge is all about or haven’t signed up yet (but want to), head on over to the challenge sign-up page to learn more!
  • Even if you’d rather not join, we hope you’ll stop by occasionally to check out the MANY discussion posts that are being linked up here – there are lots of great discussions going on!
  • Looking for even more inspiration, or want to see some discussion posts as an example? Check out the discussion posts on Feed Your Fiction Addiction or It Starts at Midnight!


This year, we are going to be changing things up a bit! Instead of doing a monthly giveaway, we’re going to do a year-long giveaway, but with multiple winners! They’ll be the following:

Two (2) random challenge participants, chosen from Rafflecopter just like our monthly giveaways had been

One (1) The one participant who has posted the most discussions throughout the challenge (info will be collected from the monthly Linkys

One (1) particpant who has commented on others’ posts (we’ll collect this info via Rafflecopter also- it will be random, but the more you comment, the more chances you’ll have!)

The giveaways will, as always, be international, and each winner will be able to chose any book of their choice of $20US or under.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to link up all of your May discussion posts here. This linky will be open until June 7th (to give people a little extra time to link up – just in case you’re disorganized like we are). If, by some chance, you forget to link up a post this month, you can add it to next month’s linky (but no duplicates, please).

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to remove posts from the link-up at our discretion. Posts that we feel promote hate or denigrate others will be removed.

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2 responses to “May 2023 Discussion Challenge Link Up & Giveaway

  1. Cindy

    We reserve the right to remove posts from the link-up at our discretion. Posts that we feel promote hate or denigrate others will be removed.

    However the irony is that it okay to called people homophobe, racist, bigot, turf,,,etc. Also saying that over half the US are fascist and white supremist Otherwise words Nicole and Shanna don’t feel that it hateful and denigrate for someone to openly say how they hate everyone that don’t have their woke pollical view.

    • Oh cute, this again! Sigh.

      Right. It’s my blog. I pay for it. Just as Nicole pays for hers, and the Linky that is included in them. So frankly, if we wanted to make it mandatory to post a picture of blue unicorns to link up, we can. Because it is ours. I don’t come into your home and tell you to rearrange your furniture because I said so, do I? No. The same applies. If you want to create some kind of horrible link-up where you can yell about anyone who doesn’t share your life choices, go for it! That’s on you, because it would be YOURS. And since this is OURS, we don’t want to have hateful stuff on it. So we absolutely have the right to do what we want with our own stuff. End of story.

      Second, neither of us has said literally a single one of those things. Well, maybe someone named Shanna did because Idk who that is, but Nicole and I, never. Please don’t put words into people’s mouths. But if you want MY words, yes, I think that if you say awful things about ANY group of people, think that LGBTQ+ folks don’t deserve rights, that women should not have control over their own bodies, or that POC don’t deserve safety and equal treatment… then yeah you’re a trash person. That isn’t being “woke”, it’s called basic human decency. I can say that if I want, because this is MY space and I can post what I want. You don’t have to read it, that’s the beauty of it.

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