Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by That Artsy Reader GirlThis week’s topic is: Most Anticipated Book Releases for the Second Half of 2022

And now… books! Disclaimer: I put way too much thought into this. Way. Too. Much. As though I am now contractually obligated to read these, and only these books, I guess? 🤷

Fun fact: I copied this as a draft from last year’s post, which was copied from that last year’s post, which was copied from the year before that, and so on as one does. Look, I could pretend to be sorry, but I am not. At all.  So I am taking the easy way out, I barely changed definitely did not even change this paragraph!  I’ll still link all the books and such, because I am awesome. If you want to see all the 2022 books I added to my TBR, here they are!

I also only used books with covers, because apparently I am superficial like that. Even four years later, when I first said that. Also, obviously some of these fit in more than one category, so I just… picked one.  Also I absolutely forgot some.

The Debuts

The Sequels (and a Prequel!)

The New Series

The YA Standalones (includes books that might be series but I am not a psychic, and right now they’re listed as such, so 🤷)

The Adult Section Standalones (See Above)

The Ones I’ve Read (and loved!)

(Reviews for all these- and more backhalf 2022 books- coming soon!) 

So let’s talk about Backhalf 2022! What are some things you’re hoping to do? Books you’re longing to read, shows to watch, etc?

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34 responses to “More Books To Explode Your 2022 TBR!

  1. A Scatter of Light caught my eye! A companion book to Last Night at the Telegraph Club- which was fabulous? The Mur LAfferty one too- since Six Wakes I’ll read anything she writes.

    The Chambers book , of course! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you loved August Kitko…because I was approved for an ARC and DNF it. I found it to be a different book from the one I envisioned when I placed my request, so it was definitely a matter of wrong expectations (plus the…procedure performed on Gus made me queasy LOL).

    On the other hand, I got an ARC of The Honeys and LOVED it (review to come in August).

    I’m intrigued by House of Yesterday (unfortunately, my EW request wasn’t accepted, but I plan on buying a copy), and among the books you listed that were new to me, Flight 171 piqued my interest.

    • So true story, I didn’t love it at the start either! I think the only reason I kept going was because it was set in Monaco and I looooove Monaco. BUT. It really did get a lot better for me as it went on. I would say, maybe a solid 4 star? But I felt like including it (even though I usually only include 4.5 and up) because, well, I had nowhere else to put it and also I have been striking out on other books 😂

      Second true story: When I was looking at which books to include, your little tidbit about The Honeys is what made me include it on my list, actually! I was on the fence about it but when I saw what you’d said on Goodreads, it made the cut!

      That book is SO pretty, I think a copy is warranted! Now I cannot remember why I didn’t request it, maybe I should! And I agree, Flight 171 sounds so exciting! Hope we both enjoy them!

      • That’s interesting that you had a rough-ish start with AK and ended up liking it a lot. I gave it 100 pages, so I assume it wasn’t going to get better for me…Also, every time August’s “scars” were mentioned, I got queasy LOL.

        “When I was looking at which books to include, your little tidbit about The Honeys is what made me include it on my list, actually!”
        For real? Wow. Thanks! I wanted to write something more meaningful, but I also didn’t want to write a mini when I was going to review the book in a few weeks, so I settled for an exclamation, haha. Glad it worked! Now I hope it will live up to it for you 😅. I have to say that one surprised me in a good way, because – even after loving Reverie – I was a little hesitant while going into it, since readers kept calling it “dark academia”, while it ended up being so much more!

        • I liked it once… well, once there were more characters is all I can say without too much of a spoiler! I think it doesn’t ever stop talking about the squicky stuff either, so if that is a dealbreaker for you then… it still happens!

          YEP! I was like “well THAT sounds like I need this book!” I am glad it is more than just your run of the mill “dark academia” because I won’t lie, that is what made me hesitate to begin with!

          • “it doesn’t ever stop talking about the squicky stuff either”
            😖 😂

            “I am glad it is more than just your run of the mill “dark academia” because I won’t lie, that is what made me hesitate to begin with!”
            Haha, same!

  3. Oh wow, this list Shannon!! It just makes me happy. There are a bunch I’m planning to read too. I’m so excited for Wayward and Reckoning in particular, but so many others as well. And I never talk about books without covers either😉

  4. I hope you enjoy all of these when/if you get a chance to read them. I don’t think we are obligated to read all the books we put on our lists…that’s like mission impossible. LOL.

  5. I definitely overthink these posts, too. xD It’s hard to commit to books you want to read when you’re a terrible mood reader whose mood can change at the drop of a hat haha. I’m almost afraid to look at your TBR, because I definitely don’t need to add more books to my TBR!

    I didn’t realize that Wanderers was getting a sequel! So many books on this list that I’m also super excited for (like Gleanings and Saga and The Final Gambit). I also somehow missed that Aiden Thomas had a new book coming out? Definitely need to read that one! Good luck getting to all the books on your TBR. They all look amazing, and I hope you love them. 😀

  6. Good grief woman! I looked at your TBR and holy sh*t, you are NOT kidding when you say exploded. And so many new to me authors/series here, I don’t know where to begin. So I”ll begin by earmarking this post and coming back when I have time to peruse more carefully. On your GR list you have by month 2022 and then 2023. Is that by publication date? Or by date you want to read them? or are they ARCS and that’s a commitment date? Just curious cuz I’m thinking to add something like that for my tracking……
    here’s me:

  7. Wow! There are a lot here I didn’t know about, and a bunch that look really interesting. I will be checking some of these out! A Prayer for the Crown-Shy did make my list, though, and Station Eternity is an honorable mention.

  8. The Final Gambit made my list. I am loving that series, and there were some big things in that last book that has me eager to resume that story. Four for the Road is on my TBR too. I love books like that, and so excited about Mendez’s book.

  9. So many good books. Thanks for putting them all on my radar. I don’t pay attention to release dates, but I’m glad to know a lot of these are releasing. I hope you enjoy them all when you get to them.

  10. Ohhhhh that’s a lot of pretty (and interesting sounding) books! I hear nearly unanimously good things about Upgrade and The Sunbearer Trials. But I want to add all of these to my TBR now. 😀

  11. I love that you include so many books. I’m very excited for volume 10 of Saga. That’s such a good series. So many beautiful covers, and a lot of books I didn’t know about before.

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