Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by That Artsy Reader GirlThis week’s topic is: Most Anticipated Book Releases for the First Half of 2022

And now… books! 

Fun fact: I copied this as a draft from last year’s post, which was copied from that last year’s post, which was copied from the year before that, and so on as one does. Look, I could pretend to be sorry, but I am not. At all.  So I am taking the easy way out, I barely changed definitely did not even change this paragraph!  I’ll still link all the books and such, because I am awesome. If you want to see all the 2022 books I added to my TBR, here they are!

I also only used books with covers, because apparently I am superficial like that. Even four years later, when I first said that. Also, obviously some of these fit in more than one category, so I just… picked one.  Also I absolutely forgot some.

The Debuts

The Sequels

The New Series

The YA Standalones (includes books that might be series but I am not a psychic, so 🤷)

The Adult Section Standalones

The Ones I’ve Read (and loved!)

(Reviews for all these- and more early 2022 books- coming soon!) 

So let’s talk about 2022! What are some things you’re hoping to do? Books you’re longing to read, shows to watch, etc?

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26 responses to “Books To Explode Your 2022 TBR!

  1. So many good looking books! Walk the Vanished Earth sounds interesting, sort of like the same vibes as How High We Go in the Dark and Sea of Tranquillity, maybe that’s going to be a 2022 trend.

  2. There are so many books here and so many I didn’t realise were out this year! I also spied a couple to add to my TBR because they’re from authors I love and I’d missed them. I probably didn’t need this post in my life but who doesn’t enjoy looking forward to new books?

  3. Sisters of the Forsaken Stars… I so can’t wait for that.

    Charlie Jane Anders always seems to get awesome covers.

    New Jessie Mihalik. new Mike Chen… ah 2022 may be the year I block out the news lol.

  4. That’s too many pretty books. I cannot add 338 to my TBR, Shannon. 😀
    Seriously, though, you have a lot of great looking ones on there and I’m excited to see how they are!

  5. i now have 9398 Goodreads tabs open thank you 😂💛💛 a ton of these i hadn’t heard of so!! Am excited! I’m particularly keen for the Bone Orchard and I may have preordered 👀👌🏻

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