Ah, blogoversaries. I’ve had a few. Very little seems to change around here these days, I’m afraid, though I did rewrite the into for you. I’m nice like that. I do want to spice this place up a little- maybe a new look? I have been saying that for years, so who knows. Truly, at this point I am just kind of glad I have the wherewithal to keep on keepin’ on, so we’ll leave it at that, pat ourselves on the back- heck, if you’ve been blogging eight years or eight days, or just reading/commenting/lurking, pat yourselves. Life is hard and you are killing it!

Let’s talk about 8 Random Blogging Truths*:

* For me, anyway

  1. Review books motivate me to read. True story, I doubt I’d read even half as much as I do if not for review books. Which is likely why I keep on reviewing, if I am being honest. Reviewing, while not wildly popular nor my favorite part of blogging, keeps me in the loop, and I suppose, relevant. It works for me, anyway.
  2. Blogging kind of becomes a lifestyle.  Like, it is built into my schedule now, I know I have at least a certain part of each night carved out for blogging/commenting/pretending to do those things and procrastinating instead. And then reading, of course, takes up a certain chunk of time. And it’s become so usual now that I barely even think about it, I just do.
  3. I find myself shocked that everyday people I encounter have no idea about books whatsoever. This boggles the mind, frankly, as I have been reading since like, the womb. And my parents have always been avid readers, too. But when I tell people about book blogging… they look at me like I have horns or something. Not in a mean way, mind! Just… that they had no idea books were such a big thing. (Incidentally, almost no one knows about The 100 either, which saddens me, and I then not only have to explain how obsessed I am, but what the heck it is that I am obsessed about.) Perhaps it is because we spend so much time immersed in the bookish world, it seems almost alien that people don’t at least know of popular books or authors, even if they don’t read a lot.
  4. I do not read anything I buy. I mean this is perhaps just me, but wow is this true.  Annemieke did a post about reading the books she hauls, and wow, I need to do one so I can show myself just how epically I fail. I read, at most, 10 books that I have precured via purchase or gift or whatever. So out of 150+, that’s just a shit ratio, frankly.
  5. Maybe I enjoy writing about shows more than books? Oof, right? Why am I even here? I mean look, books are fun too! But. I haven’t really found as much love for anything as I have found writing about The 100– and even other shows!
  6. Blogging is exhausting! I said this last year, too, but wow, it got more accurate. I mean I won’t lie, this post barely got thrown up on time. I am mostly just proud that I remembered my own blogoversary this year ?
  7. If you think you will not be approved for books and request too many, you will be approved, but only at the most inopportune times. I mean sure, you are still grateful for the book, right? But the day before publication when you have 2938 other review books that week? Not ideal. (And if you’re anything like me, you’ll make darn sure you read the thing immediately anyway!)
  8. People often do not claim giveaway books. Obviously, this is a clear segue to my giveaway below, but honestly, why does this happen? And not just once, but often? Here’s the thing: I usually try to keep picking winners ’til I get a response. But for a few giveaways, I have forgotten, frankly. And sometimes I have gotten so frustrated, I gave up. However, their loss is your gain, as I shall persevere and try, try again!

Can we all make it through another year, meet back here for a 9th year at It Starts at Midnight? Great!  ??

Guys I miss them so much. 

Two winners win a prize pack! One YA, one adult! US Only because money.  Ends 11/15 at 11:59EST

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And because I feel bad not including my international faves, I will do a stubby giveaway for a Book Depository book, too! Under $12 I must say, for I am poor, but that should get you just about any paperback! Ends 11/15 at 11:59EST

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For funsies, tell me something random that you did in the past eight years! Or, a random blogging truth for you. Or really, any old thing you want to share!

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51 responses to “It Starts at Midnight is Eight!

  1. Happy Blogoversary! I’ve been blogging for over 12 years myself and find it’s still something I enjoy. Even though blogging is slow disappearing and publishers are more happy to give ARCs to people who don’t read or review them, just take a fancy picture. I mean I do bookstagram too, but when I see all these shiny new reads that I am super curious about, I have to wait in vain because star bookstagrammers don’t review them. I don’t need a picture or knowing what the back of the book says. I can get all that from Goodreads. But it seems publishers are just fine and dandy with that route. Go figure. I guess I am old school…or traditional, yeah I like traditional! Lol.

    But still, blogging makes me happy. Every time I get even one comment on a review, I get SUPER excited! People are still reading reviews! It makes me thrilled! All my blogger friends live elsewhere in the world, so writing on my blog is the only way I can talk about books–until signings/events start happening again and I learn there are other book people in the world! Lol. So blogging for me is my happy place and I will likely keep doing it even if it’s just for myself. 🙂

  2. Cheers to 8 years! How wonderful that you are still here. I know I am happy about that. So much truth up there. I was really feeling number 7. I am better at controlling my clicking finger, but it’s hard when you are waiting forever in that pending limbo. Blogging is definitely a lifestyle, but it’s also something we can control. I take solace in that fact.

  3. Happy blogoversary!! I feel you, some of your points really hit home for me too. Blogging (and blog hopping) are so integrated into my life its like brushing my teeth, lol. And I also have a terrible track record for reading the books I buy, lol.

  4. Happy blogoversary! I feel like you’ve been around as long as I have, so I’m surprised it is only 8 years! Of course when you started is probably when I started more of the branching out and checking out everyone else who was blogging. You are so right about how I don’t read the books I buy. I’ve tried to limit myself to only buying books I’ve already read as e-galleys to help out with this, but that isn’t what happens. We love books too much! And yeah, blogging is stressful and I have to schedule time as well. But whenever I think about quitting, it makes me sad.

  5. Danielle Hammelef

    Cheers to 8 years! I’m so glad you are blogging and sharing your love of books. I am also so surprised that people in the world just don’t read. Their eyes glass over when I start talking about an awesome book I’m reading. I’m so into reading and books that I have to remember that Twitter and Instagram are not book platforms LOL. And I also have a book buying problem similar to yours–it’s often I see my shelves and stacks and think “you bought that and of course you haven’t read it yet.” To answer your question about one thing: my parents had refused to see me or my family for the last 10 years, then this summer when I asked again if we could visit, they said yes, and I immediately set a date (end of August this summer) and the visit went so well, they invited us back.

  6. Amy S.

    Just wanted to say that even though I only watched the first few episodes of season 1 of The 100, I absolutely read every single one of your recap posts! So I followed the show through your blog. I just loved reading your reactions to the episodes with all of your gifs. Your love for the show always made me smile. Congrats on 8 years. I enjoy reading your book reviews.

  7. Happy blogoversary Shannon!!! *throws confetti* So true about blogging becoming a lifestyle. Good grief what would we DO? And #3- same. Don’t get it.

    Also… #5. I’ll admit I get way more excited writing about shows too nowadays, sometimes anyway. I don’t know why… maybe it’s just they’re more episodic? Who knows but yeah the shows posts are great!

    I miss the 100 too… and also your 100 posts!!! Such a bummer…

    Up All Night was fun.

  8. “Blogging is exhausting! I said this last year, too, but wow, it got more accurate.”
    Haha, right? It’s probably just because we aren’t getting any younger? (though you’re still much younger than me…).

    This was a fun post! Happy blogoversary (it will be 9 years of blogging in a few days for me BTW!) and thank you for the givvy (seriously people don’t claim their wins?).

  9. Congrats on eight years! Yeah, people who don’t book blog don’t realize how big a thing books are, and we forget it’s not as big a thing to other people lol. It’s wild that people win giveaways and just don’t respond! Anyway, here’s to hopefully many more years blogging 🙂

    (Am I allowed to enter the international giveaway if I’m not interested in the prize packs, or is it JUST international?)

  10. Happy blogiversary, Shannon! I can’t believe you’ve been doing this for 8 YEARS!!!! 8 years ago I was sitting for my O Levels I think. I was literally a baby LOL! Multiple pats on the back for you on making it 8 years!

    I also couldn’t help relating to almost all your points! Especially the ones about not reading the books I actually haul ? These bad habits are so hard to shake off though!

    Hope you have another great year of blogging, Shannon! ❤

  11. John Smith

    “So, what is one thing that has happened to you in the past eight years that you really wish to share with us?”

    I recently learned that no matter how much you love fried shrimp (as I do), you must never buy fried breaded shrimp at the supermarket. I tried a couple new varieties this summer–I think they were both from SeaPak, or at least one of them was–and some shrimp had the crust fall off, revealing how filthy the shrimp was. So I ended up looking under the breading of every single shrimp in two boxes.

    Most ever shrimp was filthy, some of them *incredibly*, *incredibly*, *incredibly* so.

    Please, don’t allow yourself to live in shrimp-flavored dream world like I used to! It’s all dreams and illusions, and underneath–ewww!!

  12. John Smith

    “So, eight years, eh? What were you up to eight years ago?”

    Being involved in any ugly family lawsuit over an estate! I basically won, but I am certain that it literally shortened my life by at least a few years due to the stress and anguish caused by lawyers (including my own lawyers), an evil executor, etc.

    –Oh, and congratulations on 8 great years of blogging!! That’s a great accomplishment!

    • Lily Marquez

      Happy Blogoversary!!! 8 years, WOW that’s amazing 🙂 i guess through out the years I’m finally becoming more confidant

  13. Happy 8th birthday, It Starts at Midnight! 😀
    You’ve been so pro all this time, I kind of assumed you’d been blogging for at least a decade, to be honest.

    And I’m glad that you found a rhythm and it works for you! The obligation to review makes me feel perpetually stressed out (which is why I never got into it), but it sounds like you really have folded this blog into your life. Awesome!
    Also, it sounds like maybe it’s better for you to not buy books, then, and just let people gift them to you or send them for review? 😀

    I do enjoy your reviews/musings about shows….is there an equivalent to book blogging, for shows? TV blogging, or something? That seems like maybe a paying gig….or, like, a streaming service could give you free service to review a few shows on their platform? Hrmmm…

    I have no idea why people wouldn’t claim their prize…unless they forget to actually subscribe and check your blog regularly, after the giveaway? Hrm. Odd. Anyway, yes- we BETTER all be around for Celebration 9!
    (this reminds me that I still want to re-design my crappy little blog….or rather, hire someone to redesign it for me. I just want it to be pretty, really, even though I’m only posting a little bit and have 3 readers because I do 0 networking with it).

    My blogging truth is that, years ago, when I had my original blog, I co-hosted bi-monthly themed blog swaps, participated in book challenges and events, commented regularly on a bunch of blogs, promoted my makeup line on it regularly, and all sorts of stuff and I don’t even remember *how*. I mean, I’m way more sick these days, but back then I somehow made it work (around a job, dating and then a fiance, cats, and other random life stuff). Though the quality of my photos and graphics compared to what’s considered de rigueur now was utter shit. Still. HOW. How did I do that?? There must be some secret unlocked time that happens when you make blogging mesh with your life and your passions.

  14. Johanna Burton

    Eight years ago I would have been eight years old and frankly I’m not sure what I was up to ? Probably dreaming about what my life would look like now! Thanks so much for including us who live international! And happy blogoversary!!

  15. Congrats on 8 years! I reached my 10-year blogoversary last month but I didn’t count it because my current blog is only a year and a half old ? It feels like I’ve been blogging for almost half of my life now and it’s definitely a huge part of my life.

  16. Happy blogiversary! Eight years is impressive. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2005, so it’s definitely a lifestyle for me. I don’t know what I’d do without blogging. (Probably watch more TV and get enough sleep, to be honest.) Also, there are people who don’t claim their giveaway prizes? That’s so sad. I guess I’ve gotten lucky with my giveaways. I once had to disqualify a winner because Book Depository didn’t ship to their country, but everything else has gone smoothly.

  17. CONGRATS ON 8 YEARS OF BLOGGING! I’m also super proud that you managed to get this post up in time. We may have forgotten about our blogiversary and then did nothing to acknowledge or celebrate it this year. Ooops!

    I would like to issue you a challenge! Pick one week where you only read books you own! I’d be more than happy to cheer you on and I think it would make for a great blog post too!

    I personally read a nice mix of owned books and review books, mainly because on weekends I only read physical books, and I don’t get very many physical review copies. But I still tend to prioritize the newer, shinier books over the more backlist titles. Maybe I’ll spend a week only reading backlist titles! (Or not, because I’m a mood reader, but it’s a nice idea.)

    I can’t wait to see what the next few years of blogging has in store for you!

  18. Kel

    Congratulations on 8 years, Shannon! That’s an incredible accomplishment and you should be immensely proud of yourself. Let’s see, last 8 years… well, I book-blogged for a couple of them, then law school and law, and Scotland was in there somewhere. Totally feel you on not reading enough of the books I buy. I’ve been trying ot get better about that, but unlike review books and library books, once you have them the urgency is gone. There’s no deadline, and I need deadlines to function. Sigh. Here’s to another year of trying, and congrats again! (Also, this WILL be the year we finally meet up in person, lol.)

  19. Congratulations!!! 8 years is a long time – especially these days with everyone leaving.

    I still love it but I’m more in the keep on keepin’ on camp. I do it when I feel like it and take breaks when I need to. I don’t worry about it anymore but, like you, it’s part of me and I can’t stop.

    Here’s to 8 more!

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  20. 1- Reviewing books motivates me to read also though I really don’t have to write any reviews but sometimes I find myself reading a book I didn’t like just so I can review it and tell people how bad it is.

    2 – For me too. I even think of post ideas in the middle of the night.

    4 – For me, I seem to accumulate ebooks and not read them but presumably, it is less expensive than buying paper books. You’ve got 150+ unread books? Where do you put them?

    6 – It is exhausting! I really appreciate the effort bloggers put into their posts even if they do sort of recycle material which I also do and I see no harm in that.

    8 – That is strange. Maybe they also forgot about the giveaway. I no longer enter into giveaways unless it’s a book I really want which never happens. But great giveaway.

    I swear you had been blogging longer than 8 years but who am I to agrue with a blogger? Happy blog anniversary!

    Have a lovely day.

  21. Congrats on 8 years, that is an impressive number of years blogging. I always say I never expected to make it past a few weeks so it’s always impressive to last several years. I am the exact opposite when it comes to review books, or they don’t motivate me to read them, it might just motivate me to read everything but them instead. It’s so true people outside of blogging really are a bit clueless on books sometimes. Like when I tell people reading is one of my hobbies they’re like that’s nice, and then they see how many books I own and how packed my bookshelves are and then they seem to realise it’s not a couple of books a month but a couple of books a week.

  22. Megan S.

    CONGRATS ON 8yrs Shannon!!! That’s so exciting.
    Hmmmm, 8 years ago I would have been at the end of high school and a moody teenager haha!!
    Thank you for the giveaway <3

  23. Congrats on 8 years! My blogoversary was in August and I almost forgot, and I need to still do something to celebrate. LOL It’s been a very odd blogging year for me. I think I need a mini break, and then come back a bit more rejuvenated. I’m so glad you’re still blogging though, and hey, nothing wrong with writing about movies or whatever else you want.

    It is strange when people don’t know popular books, or just that this whole online world of book love even exists. But I guess I’ll take it, if they just aren’t interested. hah


  24. Happy blog anniversary Shannon! 8 years is such an amazing achievement!

    I agree with 7 so much lol- whenever I request a reasonable amount of books I got rejected to 99% of them but once I go on a request spree…. it’s insane hahaha!

  25. AH congratulations on 8 YEARS of blogging, what an incredible achievement. I’m so glad you’re part of this community and I love that we’re old bloggers together ahah, I’m going on my 7th year of blogging this November. It’s kind of astonishing to see just how this hobby is fitting into our lives, now. I can totally relate to you saying that this is, like, just something you do, now. It’s carved into your routine and… honestly, I don’t know what I’d do otherwise hahaa 🙂 Here’s to many more years of blogging!! <3

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