Wow, I cannot believe it has been five years since I created this- such a creative little nugget back then, I was. Anyway, weird that we’re having an Olympics in a non-Olympic year, right? But there was no way I was not going to double-dip in my very small vat of creativity, so… here we go again! I even added a few events, which was extra hard because I had to re-find all the crap I used to make the graphics (thanks, icons8.com!), fonts, etc. So. You’re welcome. 

Friday (July 23rd!) marks the Opening Ceremonies in Tokyo. I mean, I don’t think actual humans can attend, but that’s cool (it isn’t cool, but it’s COVID, you know how it goes). I confess, I used to get giddy excited about them, mostly for the swimming. Fine, exclusively for the swimming, but I’d totally watch some gymnastics, and even a track race or two. I doubt I’ll watch a ton of events this year, just because of time, but I figured I might as well do something bookish to celebrate, no?

Feel free to do this yourselves- all of you! Use my graphics, whatever you’d like- I’ve even made a Google Doc with the images for easier snagging, because I am awesome. Also, book covers link to Goodreads! 


I fell in love with Tetley the very first minute we met. 


Look, I never said it was a fun road trip. ?


I mean, probably because it’s not a true love triangle? But sort of? It’s an awesome book regardless, go read it.

Tbh this was so hard to just pick one for, because I want to shout about all the culturally fabulous books. But since I used a few other faves for other prompts I am picking this beauty. Lobizona features a rich Argentinian culture, combined with South American lore. (And, expect tons of Spanish phrases as well as Argentinian food that had my mouth watering!) In addition, it explores issues with American immigration, as well as problems with patriarchal societies in general, and topics of sexism and homophobia. (Plus, I am currently reading Cazadora, and it slays.)


Sorry, all Handball aficionados, I do not understand this game. Even after reading about it on Wikipedia. So yeah. (Five years later, and still, no clue.) Anyway, here’s a book that frankly, I still don’t understand.

Please someone explain it, I am just not smart enough, methinks. 


This isn’t a beach read, since it’s pretty sad, but it does take place in the summer! And beaches are involved, so. 


I mean, this one starts with cannibalism, so. 


I just finished the sequel to this guy and wow is this series amazing! So many twists! So much excitement! Read it! 

It takes a lot for a book to freak me out. This book freaked me out.

So many deep concepts, like what it means to be human, the intricacies of being a parent, etc. 

Nuns on a space adventure? Very yes. 

This bad boy was 800 pages. Eight. Hundred. The good news is, I barely noticed!


Look, tears = water, so it works. Plus, if any of you have swam, I all but guarantee that you’ve sobbed over it. So yeah. 

Not only is this one a favorite (much like swimming), but I cried so hard I wanted to vomit. In the best way, of course. Again, just like swimming 😉 


I loved this one, it just happened to be slower. I do not, however, love golf. 


I loved this one so much that I made my mom get me a baby name book at Waldenbooks, and the cashier congratulated her. She was not amused. 

Do dragons count? They do now.


Every character was awful and I am really shocked I finished it, but it was short and I hate quitting ?


Talk about unlikely buds. Loved it.

I mean, at least some of the world!

I throw this book at everyone. I bought my mom her own copy because I love mine too much to part with. Read the thing! 

The ending was ::chef’s kiss::


Do you guys watch the Olympics? What’s your favorite? I am totally biased in my love for swimming, of course!

P.S.- I tag literally everyone. Don’t make me start to call out names. I’ll do it! Don’t forget the Doc for ease! Also- I will be back with a Winter Olympics Tag… in ::checks watch:: six months? That is… weird, but okay.

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23 responses to “Olympic Book Tag: Tokyo Style

  1. Well as you know I’m a huge fan of the Olympics so I can’t wait! And nice to see this reappear! Excellent timing. 🙂

    Where Secrets Lie looks like something I should be reading. That cover…

    Sisters of the Vast Black… yesss.

    Also I need to look into the Insomniacs…

  2. That love triangle in Some Other Now killed me. I struggle with brothers in triangles (though I 5/5 loved the book). I will say King’s books are usually strange/weird, but I have been hearing her latest is confusing.

  3. I still need to read Burn. My library has no plans to get it, so I’m impatiently waiting for cheap used copies to show up online. I hope you enjoy the Olympics! I work a zillion hours in the summer, so I’ll probably miss all of it.

  4. Shannon! This is so much fun and so creative! I have LOVED the Olympics all my life. Swimming and Gymnastics are my favorites in the summer. 🙂 I adored Project Hail Mary so it made me super happy to see it here. I’m definitely adding this tag to my blog post to-do list!

  5. Well, I haven’t read a single book you shared (no surprise there, right?) but I am excited for the Olympics, so does that count? LOL Mainly the women’s gymnastics but I’ll catch a little bit of several sports. It’s concerning to see there are already athletes testing positive for Covid, though. 🙁

  6. I LOVE all those cute graphics! This feature is probably going to be more exciting than the actual Olympics the way things are going lol

    I really liked The Firekeeper’s Daughter (although my loan ran out and I still have 2 hours left :-(( I have a two week wait left.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  7. Ahhhhh so many books in there that are on my TBR pile! 😀

    This was such a fun tag- thank you, Shannon, for hosting this! I’m glad I have 4 more years to figure out what to put next time. 😉

  8. I’ve heard quite a few good things about The Vanished Birds recently, and I have to admit that it’s making me want to try it out! Maybe once I have the capacity to handle sci-fi again.

    And speaking of sci-fi, my friend bought me Project Hail Mary for my birthday and I can’t wait to read it! I’m intrigued that there are great friendships involved, since I thought it was about a lone man in space, but I guess I’ll find out when I read it!

    This was such a fun tag, and if I weren’t getting to it 3 months late, I might have answered these super fun questions myself. I guess I’d better keep my eye out for the winter version! Feel free to tag Chana and I by name if you’d like!

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