I mean, don’t read them all on my birthday. That’s absurd! I started this post a few days ago, and since, things have been all sorts of fun. I went back to work, after being assured that it’d be safe, despite a terrifyingly high number of COVID cases. Walk in, mask wearing is basically non-existent. My supervisor who is with me is completely nonplused. Text someone at the office, who says they’ll talk to the family. Supervisor talks to the family who basically says nah, kid’s not wearing a mask. I get a call from office, saying that I can either go to the places, or lose my job. I tearfully explain that the only reason I went back to work in the middle of a pandemic even though I am high-risk is because I am the sole provider for my children. But also as such, if something happened to me, they’d have no one. They gave exactly zero fucks, and that is how I lost my job the day before my birthday! (They also said that they’d deny any unemployment claims because “work is available”. Like okay but not safe work? Masks are literally a state mandate so… 🤷‍♀️

ANYWAY. I somehow managed to do this post regardless? And I decided to link them to Amazon instead of Goodreads because… well, I am poor and unemployed bwhahah. Also- this was hard! I realized a few things here:

  1. My Favorites shelf is woefully neglected! Half the books on it are books I wouldn’t consider faves, and half the ones I do love aren’t there! Guess I have some work to do!
  2. I have a lot by the same authors, so I had to pick because it seemed fairer that way. It’s like Sophie’s Choice!
  3. I only put series starters, but if it’s on here, you can assume I liked the whole thing!
  4. You’d think a person could narrow down 38 books easily but… you’d be mistaken.
  5. 5. I tried to include a variety of genres and age ranges, as well as both backlist and more current titles. So, hopefully something for everyone!

WHEW! That was… quite a trip down memory lane! Do you think it’s easier to pick a few favorites, or lots and lots? Are any of these books you love?

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28 responses to “38 Books You Should Read For My 38th Birthday

  1. My commiserations on the loss of your job, boo to your horrible ex-employers! I hope you challenge them on the unemployment thing
    That said… Happy Birthday 🥳, I hope you have/had a wonderful day with some bookish treats

  2. I’m so sorry about your job! That’s awful! I can’t believe they would expect you to be OK working in such unsafe circumstances!
    I hope you still have a great birthday in spite of that though, and great list! There’s a few on here I’ve loved (Three Dark Crowns, Hunger Games, Scythe) and lots of others that are on my TBR, like Harley in the Sky and I’ll Meet You There.

    • Thank you so much! I agree, it is completely absurd. At the end of the day, it’s always about money more than concern about an employee, right? They can afford to lose me more than the client (interestingly, they get reimbursed around $40/hr for my work. I get paid $11 of that, so I guess I should know where their priorities lie!)

      Oooh I hope you enjoy the ones on your TBR, too! And thank you!! ♥♥

  3. Beth W

    I cannot narrow down books for the life of me, so WELL DONE! Also, I’m pleasantly surprised that I have read a few of these (and also loved them)!. 🙂 You have great taste in books.

    But I see your Amazon or Goodreads wishlist is missing? *ahem*

  4. Aww, I’m sorry about your job. That sucks. If there’s a mask mandate in your area, maybe you can fight their decision? I think I’m going to buy a bunch of Christmas presents from Amazon this year. I’m not sure yet. If I do, I’ll try to use your affiliate links.

    • Thank you SO much!! And yeah, there IS a mask mandate, but it’s kind of sketchy because it is in the client’s home. They extended the mandate to include people coming into the home, but as far as I can tell it went into effect two days after this debacle hah. And AW thank you so much, you are truly the sweetest ♥♥

  5. omggg I’m so sorry what happened to your job. That’s so disgraceful of them to treat you like that 😭 as if wanting to stay alive and well is too much to ask?! *sends hugs* I’m sure it hasn’t been a great day for you, but happy birthday 🥺💛💛 your posts are always a delight and I’m so glad you shared all these faves with us!! SO many excellent books here!!!

  6. I saw on twitter about your job and I am so sorry you had to go through that anyone but especially right before your birthday. I hope you manage to fight them on it because they are just plain old wrong. I hope you managed to enjoy your birthday as much as you could.

    You narrowed down your list of favourites far more than I ever could. I’d have at least 100 books to list but I am pleased I’ve read a couple of your favourites.

    • Thank you SO much! Want to hear the funniest part? I was at the EYE DOCTOR when they called, and answered because I couldn’t imagine why they’d be calling hah. The eye doctor legit sloooowwwly backed out of the room when I was like, near tears bwhahah.

      Seriously, it is HARD to narrow down- especially when it is an exact number! There were a couple I should have thrown on “for good luck” 😂

  7. I didn’t think anyone liked Four Three Two One as much as me, so YEAH! I think you have recourse with this job situation. If you have the time, it’s worth researching. ((HUGS))

    • YESS it is such an amazing book and SO woefully underrated! I am glad to have found a fellow fan! And thank you so very much! It seems (knock on wood) that it is enough for the unemployment link that you sent me (which is much, MUCH appreciated, even though it took me nearly a week to confirm my identity. I had my passport, my driver’s license, my social security card and they were like “hm nope” and literally I am wearing the same hair and clothes in all of them bwahah

  8. Melanie B

    So sorry about your job, I hope you can fight this because everyone needs to wear a mask, there’s no excuse to not wear one.
    The only book I’ve read from your list is I’ll Meet You There and I really loved it! Easily a favorite YA read!

    • Thank you SO much! It was infuriating, especially since my supervisor didn’t even think it was a big deal! It’s nice that so many people have been supportive- I felt like I was losing my mind for awhile there! Oh so glad you loved that one too!

  9. I mean…they fired you over your request for them to wear a mask around you? and they think it’s OK and they can’t be made accountable? I’m pretty sure it isn’t, as long as your state has a law about it! What a sad birthday. Still, happy belated one! I hope you get this thing sorted out (and find a better work environment soon!).

    Can you believe I haven’t read ANY of those books? 😂

    • RIGHT!? I mean- they technically made me quit which was even ruder I guess but here we are. They said because they “technically offered me work” but the thing is, it wasn’t SAFE, so I will fight them if I must! And thank you SO, so much!!

      Also NONE OF THESE?!?! HOW!?!? I am shooketh!

  10. Oh my god Shannon. I’m so sorry this has happened to you, I can’t believe people are this terrible and god. I’m so sorry. Sending you all the love and hugs. 😭 and happy belated birthday!! 🥺 you are such a bright light here and I appreciate you so, so much; 💛 this is an amazing list as well ahh! Only Ever Yours was, wow. An intense read, a slap in the face, really.

  11. Ohhhh that is so shitty. I am furious on your behalf. I really do hope that the state mandate thing gives you backing for getting unemployment, but what a ridiculous thing that you even have to worry about it and fight for it.

    I’ve read 14 of your picks, and love pretty much all of them, so clearly I should get busy reading the rest!

    • Thank you SO much Wendy!! They are really gross. I had thought they were being decent when the pandemic started, but I guess being decent cost too much? Who knows.

      YAY I am so glad that you have enjoyed so many of them too! It was HARD to narrow down, but alas!

  12. First of all, your work and state are The Worst. PA needs to just…get itself together.

    Okay, so when you told me you were trying to narrow down your 38 favorite books, I was so confused because it seemed like such a random number. And now it makes sense! Haha. I see several of my faves here and…a lot I haven’t read. I can pick a few favorites over a lot. Possibly….depends on my reading year! You’d think it’d be easy to narrow down faves from a list of over 100 but clearly….no. Ha.

    • I mean, I agree. Especially considering that two weeks later, I still have no money but DO have COVID. Honestly.

      Bwhahah well it WOULD be a random number… if it were not my number of years 😂 You should probably read a few more of these. Which is obviously easier said than done, but you know.

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