The 100 Episode 7×12: The Stranger

This felt like such a classic The 100 episode, you gotta love it! Yes, it was frustrating to see Bellamy still drinking the Kool-Aid (speaking of which, those Disciple sneakers are 100% Cult Sneakers™ and you’ll never tell me otherwise), but there was a lot of angst and awesome to be had in this one! 

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 


The tension on Bardo is, as we all presumed, palpable. Everyone is rightfully pissed at Bellamy for his shenanigans, and even Bellamy looks a bit contrite. So he goes to see his new… Shepherd (eyes rolling right the heck out of my head) to gain some insight. Bellamy brings up that Anders’ death must have been upsetting to Cadogan (which, finally someone mentions the poor dead fool), to which Cadogan responds that nah, he gives exactly two fucks about Anders, which is twice the amount of fucks he gave about any other First Disciples, so wow Anders just feels the love from the beyond, yeah? Cadogan realizes it’s a test, and Bellamy looks properly chastised. Thing is, and I do hope Mr. Blake was paying attention, while Cadogan was beyond unbothered by Anders, he made a deal with Bellamy to get info on his own family. So basically, “For All Mankind” my ass.

First up on the Bellamy Blake Disciple Tour™ is a quick meet-and-greet with (former?) girlfriend and family members Echo and Raven. Bellamy is cold with these women he’s supposed to love, frankly. Raven is done with his sanctimonious bullshit from the start, so he has her whisked away to M-Cap.


So now, he finally has the room with Echo. You’d think, considering they’re supposed to be lovers, that he’d give, Idk, literally any fucks about her feelings here, but alas. Like I was mad at Bellamy. Echo is heartbroken, and frankly I didn’t blame her.

Wow how very dare you, Bellamy Blake?

Like- unless Bellamy hit his damn head on that mountain, he has to know that this decision of his will gut her. How could it not!? He betrayed her, and she had spent straight up half a decade trying to save him. I was on screen cheering for her to ditch him, because Current Bellamy Blake does not deserve the awesomeness of Echo kom Azgeda. I said what I said.

Meanwhile, Hope and Jordan are having a little Unsocialized Intergalactic Orphans™ meeting, and Hope is so devastated, which obviously. I was high key sad that Jordan didn’t lead with “well, my dad killed my grandma twice so beat that!”, but I can handle it. It’s true that they have so much in common, and he can understand her desperation and loneliness. I dig it.

Unsocialized Intergalactic Orphans™ are kind of the best, though.

When Bellamy makes his next rounds on the Disciple Tour™, it’s to meet O and Clarke, who have just had a really sweet bonding moment over being surrogate moms. The thing I love here is that everything else was just… swept away, and these women are here for each other. You can just… see it. They’ve moved past the past, basically. Then, in walks Bellamy to spoil the mood.

He’s thankfully more contrite with Octavia and Clarke, which honestly only goes to further the point about how he treats Echo. He keeps insisting that he is trying to save them, which he is, I guess. But he’s literally trying to mansplain cults to them. Like the two of them, and even more especially Octavia, haven’t been living with the ramifications of this bullshit cult for years. So he thinks Clarke should just go ahead and hand over the Flame, and then it’ll all be just super.

Ah, Bellarke moments no one asked for.

Clarke realizes all the problems with this, namely that Bill Cadogan is garbage and will literally kill humanity, but Bellamy can’t seem to get that, and ships her off to M-Cap next. She refuses, as we knew she would, and is hemorrhaging. Eventually, she cuts a deal to save everyone else, which we also knew she would.

No seriously Bellamy, go float yourself.

So Cadogan gets everyone lined up in the Stone Room, sending the fighters first. Which I can understand, fine.  Only… he doesn’t send them to Sanctum. Instead, he sends them to Earth somewhere else, somewhere he told no one about, as an insurance policy.

Someone needs to find Cadogan a barber, or a shower or something. There’s one there, Bellamy found it!

He keeps Clarke (for obvious reasons), Gabriel and Raven cause they know stuff, and a few of his trusted Disciples (yes, including Bellamy), and off they head to Sanctum. Where all kinds of chaos awaits!


We open in Sanctum on a pretty bleak note. Sheidheda is making legit every person on the moon kneel to him. Kneeling, chess, murder, and food seem to be all that matters to this guy, but okay. Murphy and Emori easily choose kneeling, and then hightail it to the machine shop. Nikki and the rest of the EIV Prisoners are up next. Nikki is no fool, she’ll take a knee, probably while cursing him in her mind, smart woman. EIV follows her, and they’re allowed to leave. Next up is Nelson, who now prefers to be known as Sachin, and the remaining Children of Gabriel.

Ugh. Sheidheda massacred them without another thought. Though he oddly enough gave Nelson/Sachin a second chance to kneel after killing all his people. I don’t fully understand what the purpose was, but I think we all knew that Nelson was standing by his convictions until the end. Sheidheda has no time for people who aren’t willing to follow, so. That was that. Horrible to watch, honestly.

Sheidheda instructs Indra that she and Trikru are to clean the mess. Indra’s patience is that of a saint, truly. You can tell how hard this is for her, playing the long game, but she’s rocking it as always. What does Indra find when she goes to clean up the COGs? Why, a live one! Lucky, young Luca has managed to survive, probs cause he’s a kid and shorter? All I could think of anyway. So she brings him to Memori’s love den machine shop hidey hole. Emori takes Luca downstairs, where an adorably concerned Madi wants to know how to help, while Indra takes off.

Us too, Indra. Us too. 

But whoopsie, someone has followed Indra on Sheids’ orders, and into the shop comes a very armed Nikki, who wanted to kill Murphy on a good day, nevermind that it may keep her alive now. Luckily, Murphy is able to lure her downstairs and catch her off guard enough that she can be hit over the head and tied up. He’s actually super sweet to her (in his special snarky way, obvs), explaining why Hatch died. For her. And how he didn’t want her to waste the chance Hatch gave her. But let’s be real, she’s the least of their problems.

While Knight is breaking Sheidheda a thrown of actual skulls and the freaking Anomaly Stone, Sheids realizes that Nikki never came back, so off he trots himself, with a bunch of armed assholes, to the shop. Murphy and Emori see them on the monitor, and Murphy knows he has to go. Obviously Emori hates this plan, but Murphy has just gone straight to hell with the selflessness, and he won’t let her go with him.

He does a fabulous job faking some kind of fight, but Sheids is having none of it. Then, Emori comes on the intercom and is like “fellas, we’ve got literally not a damn thing to lose, we will blow this shit sky high” which… is a fair point. So Sheidheda steals Murphy for some chessin’ and tells the guards to wait out Emori, Madi, and the hidden Sanctumites. It’s not ideal, but luckily, they’re about to have some unexpected company.

The most ironic part is that it has been only what, two days on Sanctum? Yikes.

Heh. There is nothing not hilarious about this. Cadogan is going to have a field day with Sheidheda and his shit. Honestly, if anyone is a walking, talking brochure for the Last War, it’s Malachi kom Sangedakru. These are the most absurd, egocentric men in the universe, and they are about to meet and I cannot freaking wait.

Random Thoughts:

  • Now EVERYONE is on Earth! I am giddy excited for O, Echo, and the gang to run smack into Gaia and Orlando. Like that I absolutely refuse to accept an alternative to this? Yeah I’ve thrown in completely. 
  • Idk if I prefer Cadogan to kill Sheidheda, or vice versa, but can one of them help us out? You know, let our people not have do do the dirty work for a change. I genuinely don’t even care which one dies! ?‍♀️
  • I am honestly so pissed that Miller’s scenes with Bellamy were cut. Those would have really meant something, frankly. Seeing Miller go back to Team Bellamy after the Wonkru situation, and now seeing Bellamy betraying him… yeah that would have been awesome, and it was rude that they cut it. 
  • Why did Bellamy get a shitty bowl of broth instead of the 2K Lunch Special? Is this more Cadogan hypocrisy? Wow if Bellamy knew Gabriel got an açai bowl for breakfast, he’s gonna be pissed. Heh maybe that is what sends him back to the side of our heroes. Not common sense or trust, but shitty meal options.
  • How is Bellamy not questioning why/how Echo and Octavia are many years (even decades) older? I mean, Cadogan probably fed him some bullshit but how does he care so little about his family right now? Especially since family was kind of his jam for so long? That is the part that I can’t make sense of, honestly.  
  • Unfortunate that Jordan didn’t get to explain the Test theory/host Korean 101 before he was sent to Polis locales unknown. But at least Gabriel knows? Fingers crossed? (Thanks to Kritika for reminding me of this, I was mostly just excited for Jordan to visit his ancestral home ?)
  • Hey time out, where is Levitt!? And why isn’t he joining the Sanctum party, or even better, Earth Party?

Episode 7×13: Blood Giant

Okay this hiatus is pure evil. They’re over here trying to tell me I have to wait til September 9th for some kind of resolution? Don’t these fools understand we’re in both a pandemic and an unstable societal climate and we may not last that long? Rude. 

  • Woot, red sun toxin in the house! Honestly though, I am wholly unsure how some of these people could act any more ridiculous, so that’ll be a trip. 
  • Hopefully Murphy is still immune?  It’s extra helpful now that they know he’s truly immune.
  • HEY maybe Red Sun Toxin can like, undo cultish brainwashing?  A girl can dream, right??‍♀️
  • I doubt we’ll see everyone on Earth next episode. But in 7×14, literally titled “A Sort of Homecoming”? It’s Earth or bust! (Read: It’s Earth or me feeling like an utter fool for being so insistent about it ?)
  • Maybe Gabriel knows where some antitoxin is!  Except don’t give any to Bellamy, let him feel this one, Gabe. He needs it. Because maybe he can have an awakening like O did!
  • Speaking of Gabriel, how sad is he going to be? I mean, he has one child left. It’s just… singular Child of Gabriel, wow. Frankly he cannot catch a break and it’s rude.

Do you also need Bellamy to go float himself? Thing everyone is on Earth? Let’s chat! 

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9 responses to “The 100 Episode 7×12: The Stranger

  1. Beth W

    Remember back when we thought Jordan might have one of the mind drives inside him, and then he was getting all naive spiritual leader on us? I feel like he and Hope becoming siblings through grief is kind of the perfect role for both of them right now. And Madi learning how to be more empathetic, courtesy of Emori, was also lovely. Except it saddens me that the kid generation characters of this show are the primary empathetic ones (makes sense, since their adopted parents were warriors, but still….I just wanna hug all of them and tell them they don’t have to do the emotional labor).

    As always….this whole post had me cracking up. And yeah, Bellamy is pretty much the second-worse right now. Which is not how I imagined the Becho breakup going, but I’m kinda hear for it. Echo’s whole speech at him was just…, I keep underestimating this character and I don’t know why. She is a legit badass, from the first moment.

    So the throne of skulls. Unless they have a vat of acid somewhere to melt down the corpses he just created, those have got to be from the basement of the palace where the museum of bodies was, right?
    Also, very legit questions. Does Clarke know about Jordan’s mistranslation theory? I hope so. More people need to know….like Levitt! I am very, very worried for Murphy right now. I was pretty damn certain he was going to die, after his and Emori’s little goodbye. He’s not out of the woods yet, and neither are they with the starving to death (and dehydration!), but I was prepared to bawl. How are they going to wrap all this up in only a few episodes?!??!

    • YES omg yes! When you mentioned looking back on that post, I DID and I was laughing because I was so SURE he was going to end up as Ryker! Funny, that, since Ryker was never mentioned again. Jason DID say at SDCC that Jordan’s “adjustment” is still… a thing. So who knows! I agree that he and Hope leaning on each other makes such perfect sense, I love it!

      You’re right that it does make sense, but is sad. I mean, look at how Emori was “raised”, you know? Basically by herself and Otan who then took the chip and for all intents and purposes abandoned her. And yet Emori is still one of the more empathetic characters!

      AW thank you! YES Echo’s speech, WOW. She had me in tears but also in righteous indignation haha. Like, she was so FULL of emotion and Bellamy is like “sorry about your upcoming execution, byesss”.

      Yes, those skulls are all the bodies from the Reliquary. So not Sheids’ victims, which honestly makes it a little more creepy and weird? Idk, he is such a weirdo. NO, Clarke doesn’t know Jordan’s theory, because she’s not really been in a room with any of those people at all since. Gabriel knows, though, so at least someone on Sanctum does!

      I too am VERY worried about Murphy. I have been since Richard announced that he pitched the endgame, because I don’t see him just… letting Murphy peacefully exist in Polis or whatever. I am seriously worried about how the hell it’s going to wrap up too! Though I guess we really can’t expect it to be like, ALMOST wrapped up yet, what the heck would they do for the next 4 episodes hahah.

  2. Bellamy is in deep! I think he was torn though. It’s not unlike Reese in Anaconda. Reese believed he was doing the right thing by refusing to help Callie find more people to fill the bunker. Bellamy believes he’s doing the right thing by helping Cadogan. I hadn’t thought of the Red Sun being an antidote for the Kool-Aid Bellamy drank but it would be interesting. Maybe he’ll take out Cadogan as a result. Even so, his relationships are pretty fractured. He stomped on Echo’s heart when he told her that transcendence was more important than his friends and family.

    Doucette adheres to the principles of The Shepherd better than Cadogan! Cadogan still has that “I will save mankind” arrogance. You make a good point about him making a deal with Bellamy to find out information about his own family. It was the same thing when he was talking to Clarke earlier in the season. He was very interested in finding out whether Callie was in The Flame.

    Sheidheda probably gave Nelson/Sachin one last chance just to be dramatic. It’s also possible that he did it because of their interaction while he was a prisoner. He might have liked Nelson but clearly not as much as he likes Murphy.

    I’m so excited to see Cadogan and Sheidheda interact! They really are two sides of the same coin so it’ll be interesting to see if they align or clash.

    • YEP he’s definitely in deep, though I am having trouble comprehending why and how? I know it’s just part of who he is, but I am just so…. NOT like that, which I assume is how all the women he betrayed feel too ? I really just don’t want him to go out like this. I want him to make up with everyone, I want an HEA frankly! (Or at least a HOPEFULLY ever after, you know?) I do think you’re right about the Reese connection, and it’s funny, because if you think about it, Cadogan treats Bellamy the same way he treated Reese (basically using him, chastising him, giving him the bare minimum- broth instead of the Millennial Meal, etc) and he treats Clarke like the second coming, which is how he viewed Callie. Also, what a crappy father he was!

      Doucette definitely adheres better! I guess it makes sense in a way, since Doucette was born into it and knows no different, but Cadogan is just Hypocrisy Walking at this point!

      I think you’re right about Sheids being dramatic hahha. Though I do think he also respected Sachin at the end, and he like, in a fairly awful way, wanted him to know before he killed him? You are right, he DOES like Murphy. I think he saw bits of himself in Murphy. And let’s be real- Murphy COULD have gone that route, he wasn’t above killing little kids and such! But he grew into a better man, where Sheids grew into… evil incarnate.

      I am SO excited to see the Big Bads collide! And it’s gonna be even MORE bananas because Bellamy and Gabriel have no idea that any of this has even gone down, so that’ll be fun! I am honestly giddy excited for the next episode, why do we have to wait so long!? I sob.

  3. So, my daughter and I talked A LOT about this episode, and we can maybe sympathize with Bellamy a bit more than you can. I mean, yeah, he’s gone bonkers, but he is literally convinced that he’s choosing between saving his friends and saving mankind—and he’s trying hard to do both, but in the end he chooses mankind. Clarke’s had to make some pretty wrong choices when she thought she was saving mankind too. Now, of course, there’s the question of WHY he’s in so deep so fast, and that’s a little murkier. But, from his perspective, he experienced something completely extraordinary that confirmed everything that Cadogan has been saying—I mean, he resisted and resisted and then as soon as he gave in a little he has these crazy visions and the storm stops and then they pray themselves out of falling down a mountain—I can see all that being pretty convincing. But the line that really kind of got to me is when he pointed out to Clarke all of the actual crazy things that had happened to them since going down to Earth—he’s kind of right that no one would have believed any of it if they hadn’t seen it for themselves. He just thinks this is one more thing to add to that list.

    Since we’ve binged the last 80 or so episodes, waiting two weeks for this next one has felt like FOREVER. I can’t wait to see what happens!!

    • THE WAIT IS EVIL hahha. Yeah I mean, I DO see what you’re saying! It’s easy for us to say because as a viewer, we KNOW Bellamy is wrong, but yeah, I can see how he is more susceptible, and I definitely do think you’re right that he DOES think he is saving mankind. The thing is, I STILL don’t understand how he isn’t at least like, considering what his friends and family are saying. These are people he has lived and died for basically, and he’s just kind of brushing off their concerns. And I feel like a rational person would be like “okay I JUST met Bill 10 minutes ago, maybe I need to sit down and think this through more”, you know?

      GAH I am so excited and scared for tomorrow- and REALLY glad that you guys are caught up!!

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