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Time for an International Book of Choice Giveaway!! And a confession, of sorts. I am making a free entry for everyone, but a Follow on Twitter option too because I got super excited to hit 4k followers… and then super bummed when I subsequently lost a bunch. So. You don’t have to follow to get an entry- there’s still the free one!- but to unlock the rest of the entries I would be super grateful if you followed! I know it’s just a number! I KNOW. Call it a character flaw ?‍♀️

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42 responses to “July 2020 Of Books Giveaway Hop

  1. Kate Sarsfield

    When we moved to Ireland, many years ago, we stayed in a hotel at first. One morning I went missing, only to be found eating breakfast in a room down the hall with Christopher Lee, the best Dracula ever. I’d heard the service trolley and gone to investigate. Can’t imagine it happening these days.

  2. I have met numerous famous people and as far as books go i can think of heather graham, erica spindler and more, plus actors, athletes…mr wonderful is in the tv business, so we have enjoyed many advantages that come with that.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  3. I think most of the “famous” people I have met have been in bands – Sara (Tegan & Sara), FOB, Chris Carrabba (Dash Board Confessional), Cobra Starship, etc. My daughter’s friend is one of the stars in Mean Girls on Broadway, and I met him. My cousin has a show on QVC/HSN, so he’s sort of famous, right?

      • sam@wlabb

        We used to go to a LOT of shows, and we would buy VIP when we could. That’s how I met many of the bands, but Sara was cool, because we were just walking around the city before the show and bumped into her.

  4. Danielle Hammelef

    I’ve met a few authors, most recently Ruta Sepetys while she toured last fall for Fountains of Silence, race car driver Richard Petty, and our current and most awesome governor Gretchen Whitmer.

  5. Melanie B

    I haven’t met anyone famous but I did see Nicole Kidman when she was filming a movie on location once.

  6. Beth W

    Oh yeah- I’ve met famous people at comic book conventions, where you’d expect to meet them, as well as just out and about. I try not to bother people, even to confirm that they are who they look like, because it seems exhausting to always be “on”, you know? There was one SDCC, decades ago, and every single day I ended up bumping into Mark Sheppard (and his young daughter) out on the floor. Like, we’d both be perusing the same stall and end up almost bumping into each other, or crossing paths. By the third day, he recognized me and started laughing about it (I was mortified- was worried he’d think I was bothering him….but it turns out we just have similar tastes).

    • I figure I would never be sure enough if I saw someone out anyway, nevermind have the guts to approach them hahha. I love the story about SDCC! I bet they loved that you were like, not invasive though, and that is why he was so able to joke about it!

  7. Victoria Scott

    I’ve was lucky enough to meet my favorite band, Widespread Panic! I’d love to meet Michelle Obama!

  8. Jeanna Massman

    Years ago, I met Dr. Joyce Brothers. My husband was an administrator at her grandson’s school.

  9. Lara M.

    I have not. I did see a local youtuber (who i wasn’t even aware was local lol) but he was with his kid so I didn’t want to bother him.

  10. Rena Késsia

    Unfortunately I never met anyone famous, but the first one that comes to my mind when I think wich celebrity I would like to meet is Yungblud (Dominic). He’s the best human I “know”, such a sweet, kind and down-to-earth person. I love him so much my heart hurts 🙁

  11. Bev

    I have had several authors sign books so I guess that is meeting them: Margaret Atwood, Robert Munsch, Diana Gabaldron.

  12. I’ve never met anyone famous… and surprisingly I don’t want to meet anyone. I’d like to keep all those I like an idealized dream. I think I would be deeply disappointed by some of them!
    What about you?

  13. Ann S

    No, I haven’t. I’ve always thought about the old adage that you never want to meet your idols has a lot of merit. Thanks for the giveaway.

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