True story, I was going to do some kind of post about 37 books you need to read in your life or something, but I’m tired, so let’s just leave it for 38, yeah? I owe you. Anyway, I have decided that the best birthday post is one I don’t have to write. But I feel remiss to not share anything, so. Here we are! I would like you guys to tell me something! Because it’s my birthday, and you get to do what you want on your birthday! Here are some topics:

  • A book you read this year and loved. Or hated. Or both! Just uh, let me know which is which, yeah?
  • Something about The 100. You know that’d make my day!
  • A funny story! A happy story! A sad story! A scary story! You get the idea.
  • Some show you like that isn’t The 100 that I probably won’t technically watch but maybe, who can tell?
  • Something about brownies maybe.

And as just a “aw crap I need to do a giveaway because compulsion” giveaway….

The only thing I am asking is that if you don’t want one or more of them, let me know on the Rafflecopter so I can send that one/ones to someone who wants them- I know that multi-book giveaways can obviously have books you aren’t interested in, this way the maximum number of people are happy! Also, US only unless you feel like paying the extra shipping!

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30 responses to “The Best Birthday Gift is a Break

  1. Sam@wlabb

    Happy Birthday! The phrase, you deserve a break today, makes me sing that old McDonald’s jingle, but I digress. I keep loving books that people hate, but my latest 5-star read was Gloria Chao’s new book, Our Wayward Fate. I adore the MC and was totally engrossed by the story.

  2. Happy birthday! What a great idea for a birthday post, give yourself a break! We all seem to need one the longer we blog, but still loving it, so we don’t give up! Hmm. Right now I am totally adoring all the books that are being published by Penny Reid’s SmartyPants Romance. While one or two have only been 4 stars, the rest have all been 5 star reads for me. Thanks for the chance! I’m really interested especially in the Shatter City one.

    • Thank you so much! And oh, it is SO true! Like- I don’t want to NOT blog, but I do wish I could get ahead somehow. I have given up the notion long ago, but sometimes I think if I give myself a long enough break I’ll catch up. So far, that’s proven false ? Oh WOW that is awesome, I am so glad you are loving them so much! And YAY I wish you good luck then! I need to read Shatter City too still (I ended up with an extra) so fingers crossed!

  3. Molly mortensen

    Happy Birthday Shannon! ?

    I failed miserably this year and only read 16 books so far. None of which were 5 stars.

    The Good Omens TV show was pretty great. I love that book so I had high standards too. Other than that the only somrwhat good show was Carnival Row.

    All my stories are about my dog anymore so I’ll spare you on that one haha.

    I hope you have a lovely day. ♥️

    • Thank you so much! And oh NO! I mean, the quantity of books is not troubling, but the quality is! NO five stars?! I am really hoping you get one in by the end of the year! And no good shows either!? Yikes. That is not good! If it helps, I am hoping that we just get a blank slate in 2020 and we can start fresh, I am over this decade, so I wish you ALL the five stars next year!

  4. Danielle Hammelef

    Happy birthday! I have to tell you about the ARCs I’ve been reading and loving this year–Tweet Cute is so much fun and I loved the characters. And I’m currently reading Echoes Between Us and enjoying my first book by this author.

  5. Debra Branigan

    Happy Birthday! Everyone should take their birthday day off. I am visiting my media friend at the local middle school tomorrow and sharing two fantastic books for kids. One is titled The Forgotten Girl by India Hill Brown which is a very spooky story along with some timely history. The other was a fantastic medieval adventure which I lived righ along with the characters, Journey of the Pale Bear by Susan Fletcher.

  6. Happy birthday!!! Let’s see – a book I loved. You read Girls With Sharp Sticks, right? That’s one of my faves this year. Sorry, I can’t remember what everyone’s read! What about The Extinction Trials? Did you read those?

    Anyway- have an awesome birthday! 🙂

  7. This is my mood right now 🙂

    My 10 year blogaversary is coming up and I want to do something BIG. Or nothing lol

    I had a lot of great reads this year – With the Fire on High, Dry, The Bromance Book Club, The Music of What Happens just to name a few…even though I’ve read less this year than usual. Quality or quantity – or something.


    Karen @ For What It’s worth

    • Bwhahah EXACTLY! Like I had this whole plan and then… NOPE ? But I feel like for 10 years you almost have to? Or you know, not hahah.

      I definitely agree with quality over quantity! I am interested in With the Fire on High, especially because like, THAT COVER. I will look into the others too, thanks for the recommendations!!

  8. Ooof; I haven’t even posted all month, so I definitely get needing/taking a break.

    Here’s a story I was sharing with my classes yesterday. Way back in 1992, I went to Latvia, which had been independent from the Soviet Union for about six minutes at that point. It was so recently post-Cold-War that very few people spoke English, and westerners stood out to the extent that little kids would point at me on the street. “Look, ma! There’s the American!” So it’s my first full day there, and my friend Carla and I go to this little cafe (which is now a McDonald’s, because of course it is). She gets a cup of tea and I get a coffee. I’m not super impressed with the coffee, so I scoop some sugar into it from the sugar bowl on the table. It’s still pretty bad, so I add another spoonful of sugar. And another. Finally, I say to Carla, “God, this coffee is really terrible–it almost tastes salty!” Then I realized…

    It wasn’t a sugar bowl. It was a salt bowl. And I was sure the entire place was sitting there thinking (or even saying, since I knew no Latvian or Russian) “Americans put salt in their coffee?!? How weird is that?!?”

    Happy birthday. I hope it’s a good one.

  9. HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO YOU! I hope you had a wonderful day and will have an incredible year ahead <3 <3
    There are so many books I fell in love with this year, off the top of my head right now, I'd mention Don't Date Rosa Santos, which was amazing, American Royals which I obsessed about a tiny little bit and You'd Be Mine which is a wonderful, wonderful contemporary <3

  10. Autumn

    Happy birthday! So I recently read The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis and was blown away!! It needs to be required reading and can’t recommend enough!

  11. Happy birthday!!! I was really surprised this year when I read Finale and found it to be really underwhelming compared to Caraval and Legendary. I still enjoyed it but I was expecting a much bigger impact.

  12. shooting

    Happy Birthday!! Let’s see…I read and loved Deposing Nathan by Zack Smedley this year and I keep telling everyone to read it. It’s his debut novel too!!! And I really loved Keep This to Yourself by Tom Ryan. Both of these are YA. 🙂


  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I HOPE YOU HAD CAKE!!! and also you deserve all the best birthday feels and breaks and probably naps? Yes naps are good. ? Anyway I’ll be cliche and say a book I loved was Call Down the Hawk ? Obviously. But also Sick Kids in Love and Wayward Son and We Are Lost And Found!! 2019 has had a lot of epic reads AH.

  14. Lily M.

    Happy Birthday!!! :):):) and thank you so much for this opportunity. Well okay,, to be honest I’ve never seen the 100, I know , I know,,,, I was curious about it but never got a chance to check it out. But I am into The Walking Dead, don’t know if you’re into Zombies, but I’ve been watching this show since the beginning, from 2010. Tonights the mid season finale, so that’s what I’m watching now :):)

  15. Beth W

    Happy birthday! I’m currently researching to see where the 100 prequel will film because I think we need to get you down there as a background actor. 😀

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