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Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is: Books I Meant to Read In 2018 but Didn’t Get To

True story: I was much better in 2018 in regards to buying/obtaining books and not reading them. But… it’s hard to get worse in my particular case, so it was easy peasy to find 2018 books that I neglected to read yet! Because I am a mess.

These are only 2018 releases because okay, otherwise this could take forever. I just listed these by release date, earliest fails first!


Which one do you think I should read first? Any of them make your list?

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37 responses to “2018 Books I Was *Definitely* Going to Read

  1. Strange New World- same here. Fail. Defiant reminds me that I want to read that series. And Record of a Spaceborn Few- well you know how I am about those. 🙂

    Given to the Earth looks awesome or maybe I just love that cover sooo much.

  2. So Muse and Legendary are the only ones on your list that I read…bUT I ATTEST TO THEIR IMMENSE GREATNESS.?My list this week could’ve been like 4908 books long lmao sob. I feel like I was woeful at reading last year, and I’m just SO behind!!

  3. Hey, we both have The Emerald Sea on our list. I have zero excuses for that one, since I made the effort to buy it and what not. I forgot about Legendary. I was happy when my co-blogger reviewed it for us, because I knew I didn’t have the time, but I am a fan, and really want to read it.

  4. I hope you get a chance to read these soon! I keep saying that I want to read that Becky Chambers series and the Laini Taylor series. Have I read them yet? No. Have I bought copies of them? Nope. I’ll just keep telling everybody that I want to read them and then never actually do it.

  5. I’m just as guilty when it comes to Record of a Spaceborn Few, but my shame goes even deeper, since I never read A Closed and Common Orbit after adoring The Long Way to A Small Angry Planet.

    I could technically guilt myself over Muse of Nightmares, but considering I’m still currently reading Strange the Dreamer I think I’ll give myself some leeway.

  6. I need to get to Abandoned as well. I loved Outpost so much that there is really no excuse. I didn’t realize the sequel to Blood and Salt is out – hmmm, gonna have to see if my library has that one or can get it.

  7. This is a great list! I am still nervous about reading Legendary, I liked Caraval, though I didn’t love it and I’ve heard great things about that one, so I’m curious to continue on with the series but… I don’t know, I’m nervous for some reason haha 🙂 I hope you’ll get to read these books! <3

  8. Kel

    Feel better soon, Shannon! And I haven’t read any of these series/books yet so…pull a Bellamy and read whatever you feel like. 😉

  9. These look so amazing! I especially would love to read Laini Taylor’s new book, since I was a fan of her trilogy, Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Great list Shannon <3 miss seeing you around the blog community.

  10. I haven’t read any of these either and as I am so out of the loop with new releases and on a book buying ban 😀 But State of Sorrow and also Given to the Sea are two on my wishlist to read as well. I hope you’ll be able to get to these in 2019 😀

  11. I promise I’m not totally flailing around yelling “READ LEGENDARY” at my laptop right now. In all sincerity, I hope you get to it (and the rest of these books) ASAP and enjoy them! I still need to get to The Emerald Sea as well. I’m so disappointed in myself for not having gotten to it yet!

  12. Oh my gosh, I need to read Mindy McGinnis’s fantasy series. I haven’t even read the first book. ? I am really behind on books as well. I’ve been an audiobook fiend trying to catch up.

  13. I really hope that by the time I’m commenting here, since it’s been a couple days since you posted, that you’re feeling a bit better and less sick, Shannon <3 <3
    I haven't read any of these on your list – I do need to read the Strange The Dreamer series though, I only heard incredible things about these books 😀

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