Oh hi, it is my 36th birthday! That sounds old and scary!  And I wanted to do a fun giveaway with you today! Here’s how it will work: You, the winner, get to pick any book you want to win. That’s normal, right? BUT you also have to pick any book (from my wishlist, let’s not descend too far into anarchy here!) that I then must buy myself! We both win, see?

So, rather than just make this post a giveaway, I figured I’d try to entertain you a little too. I probably failed, but here, have 36 random streams of consciousness anyway. (I can’t, in good conscience, call them “facts”.) 

  1. If I was turning, say, 19, this would be a hell of a lot easier.
  2. One time, I was 19.
  3. These first few anecdotes are brought to you by Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato.
  4. Every day, unless there is some kind of legit disaster, I consume a large iced dark roast coffee from Dunkin Donuts.
  5. I know where to find an open Dunkin Donuts every day/time. Because I have a problem.
  6. I love sushi. I ate sushi before I typed this.
  7. Also I like Mexican food.
  8. And margaritas. I wish I had one right now.
  9. Bubble baths are my jam, and I shall reward myself with one when I am done with this post.
  10. Aquafina legitimately tastes better than other water, sorry.
  11. I have a cat. Her name is Charlie. She is 11.
  12. I also have two small(ish) humans but I think you knew that one already, so this is kind of cheating.
  13. I don’t mind cheating because it is my blog and I make the rules, so is it even cheating?
  14. I am currently reading The Call by Peadar ó Guilín. I will let you know how it goes!
  15. I am currently watching The Expanse. Ditto. (But so far, good stuff.)
  16. I think it is rude that I have to go to work on my birthday. Especially while being sick.
  17. When I was 6, I broke my arm but my parents thought I was being dramatic. I wasn’t.
  18. Once, in an ocean swim in college, I got so sick I had to be rescued. Because salt.
  19. I accidentally robbed a lady in Barcelona (but hey, she did try to rob me first, so).
  20. Big surprise, I am rewatching The 100. I am on Season 4, episode 8 (“God Complex”)
  21. I know all the titles of all The 100 episodes. In order.
  22. This my 13th time reading The Hunger Games. 
  23. If I could stay up all night and sleep all day, the world would be a better place.
  24. I only have 13 more states to travel to to hit all 50. Anyone up for a jaunt to the Dakotas?
  25. I would rather be too cold than too hot.
  26. Aquaphor is on my person at all times. The stuff is actual magic, I think.
  27. I got distracted while writing this and bought myself a new phone case.
  28. A lady stopped me while I was putting books into the Little Free Library and said “oh, you’re the one who puts in all the good books!” and I feel like that is a life goal achieved.
  29. Doing dishes is my absolute least favorite chore- and I even have a dishwasher. Why can’t we have disposable pots and pans and junk?
  30. Onions are the work of Satan.
  31. Sammy “makes” me play this game Homescapes on his Kindle, but I secretly love it.
  32. I reread my The 100 recaps after I rewatch the episodes because honestly I have some real problems, guys.
  33. I wear flip flops until it’s snowing, basically. (And until recently, even after. But my feet decided to start having standards, apparently.)
  34. Every so often, I still play my The 100 Sims. I even made the S5 characters, which I will grace you with one of these days.
  35. I make fun of where I live because it’s dumb, but also I kind of like it?
  36. 36 seems really freaking old, and Idk how I feel about this.

The winner will receive a book of choice (up to $17US), as long as they pick a book for ME to give to myself too! International, as long as TBD ships!

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Let us talk about you now! Any fun things you want to discuss? No really, anything at all! It’s fun to share!

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64 responses to “Birthday Time Giveaway: Books for Me, Books for You!

    I hope you'll have a lovely day – I'm so sorry to hear you have to go to work today and that you're sick, too, I really hope you'll feel better soon! I'm sending positive vibes and love for the day xxx
    I have to say, I can't help but be very curious about that robbery in Barcelona…. that sounds like a fun story to hear haha 🙂
    Happy birthday again!! I wish you all the best <3 <3 <3

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a GREAT day!! That was a lot of random facts for sure! I was once almost pick-pocketed in Greece while on Spring Break. I was with friends in a store, I was also feeling sick those first few days so I wasn’t 100% stable, but I still heard the zipper on my backpack purse being opened so I turned around and saw this woman walking away. I told my friends and we basically all stared her down as she walked down the stairs. Luckily my purse was filled with so much random/useful junk that she wasn’t able to really get to anything. Plus I had heard her unzipping, so I hadn’t totally lost myself to my illness! Lol.

    Hope today is a fantastic day for you! Birthdays, by law, should be holidays from work! Just saying. I’ll sign that petition! 😉

  3. John Smith

    “So, I came up with 36 random things, can you share something random too?” One of our neighbors has an orange cat who wanders outside and is quite friendly. (We keep our cat as an indoors cat, which is how we think things should be.)

  4. Debra Branigan

    Happy Birthday! I am currently trying to whittle down my TBR backlist of Goodreads giveaways. I do feel obligated to read and review, but they get hidden in the pile pretty fast.

  5. Kathryn Stacy

    Happy (belayed) Birthday!!
    Random…hmm…I have an obsession with knee-high socks. Absolutely adore them, no matter the season.

  6. Random facts are so hard! I honestly don’t know how you came up with 36. And they were interesting, too! Okay, I’ve got one. When I was four, I was on a family vacation in Jamaica. I slipped in the shower and cut my head, but my mom didn’t think the hospital there was good enough, so I never got stitches for it. She and my great aunt (both worked in the medical fields) just pinned back my hair and put a bandana over it. I have no idea what the scar looks like now, or even if I even have one, but I’ve never been curious enough to shave my head to find out. ?

    Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you’ll still be able to celebrate with cake, even if you have to work and are sick. (So unfair!)

  7. Happy Birthday, Shannon! I hope you’re having a lovely day. 😀

    First of all, how dare you attack onions in this way. But I’ll forgive you because a) it’s your birthday and b) I feel you on the being too hot thing. I would 100% rather be cold than hot, at least when you’re cold you can add another layer. When it’s hot you can’t just take your skin off.

    I accidentally spent my 21st birthday having dinner next to the Welsh national rugby team.

  8. Happy birthday! May you have a wonderful day! 🙂
    HA! I would love to hear the Barcelona story! I also prefer cold to hot, but living in Brazil it’s a habit that can only be achieved with an AC and if not used moderately can make my electric bill go unreasonably high. I’m definitely living in the wrong place 🙂

  9. Molly Mortensen

    I can relate. I recently realized I was 34. I want to hear the whole Barcelona story now! I have a dog named Charley hehe. This was fun. Happy Birthday! I hope work goes well and quickly.

  10. Happy birthday! Sorry you’re sick and have to work. I hope you have a good birthday anyway. I’ve eaten exactly 1 piece of sushi. I was on vacation in Florida and wanted to try a sushi platter, but a whole platter was too expensive, so I ordered 1 bite of sushi. Whatever I ate mostly tasted like rice.

  11. Happy Birthday, Shannon! Omg, Dunkin iced coffee. The School of Music was right next to a Dunkin and I legitimately stopped there every day, but now that I’m not in school I don’t have one near me!

  12. Lexi

    Happy Birthday! There are never enough margaritas. And I’ve always dreamed of someone telling me I put awesome books into the little free libraries! It’s like you’re a celebrity!

  13. Beth W

    Happy birthday!! I’m 37, so…ya know…enjoy 36. Not gonna say it gets worse, but there’s always more aches and pains to be had. ?

    I hope you feel better soon, too.

    In the meantime, I’m pretty sure we need to hear the story behind 19, and OMG I forgot about your Sims The 100! S5 yes please! You know the canon so we’ll, maybe you should submit a script to Jason and the writers. You’d definitely be an asset to their writing team!

  14. Reese

    I’m super-impressed by this: I know all the titles of all The 100 episodes. In order.

    Me, I forget everything, but -random fact- I still know two short ‘monologues’: one from Labyrinth and the other from Alias.

  15. Happy, happy, happy birthday! I’m sorry you’re sick (and have to work). One perk of summer birthdays combined with a career in teaching is that I haven’t had to work on my birthday in years. I’ve even refused to come in for trainings on that day, because they can’t MAKE me during the summer. In case that didn’t qualify as a random fact about me, I’ll add that after losing my glasses for month, I found them in a random duffle bag the day before I was going to go pay for a new pair.

    36 is pretty damn young from where I sit…

  16. First of all, happy birthday!!! I hope your two little humans (and everyone else) were very kind to you today. 🙂

    Okay, that Little Free Library thing would legit make my week. Or my month. Maybe longer. Now every time you go there, you will think of that lady and smile.

    As for my random fact—whenever I enter a giveaway on your site, I’m tempted to put nonsensical stuff in the entry fields. Because I think, “If my name pops up, it’s not like she’s gonna go check out my entries to make sure that I didn’t lie, right?” But I’ve never done it. One of these days…

  17. Kel

    Happy, happy birthday, Shannon!! I hope you had an amazing day. You really only have 13 more states to see all 50?! I’m impressed. I think I need like 20 more. Road trip time! (After the bar, that is.) Um, a random fact? Hmm, well I don’t think 36 sounds all that old, but I understand the weird feeling. I’m not there yet, but the age getting older each year thing…I’m not sure I like it. Oh, and raspberries on vanilla ice cream is tasty! 🙂

  18. Happy birthday!!!!!!! And hey being a Dunkin Donuts tracker is an important life skill! I love Dunkin donuts…

    Charlie- cute name! I imagine she’s WAY more likable than Charlie on Fear… and one should never have to work on their birthday- boo! Also… one should also always have favorite food on their birthday, so glad to hear you partook of sushi. I’m curious tho- why did they have you swimming in the ocean??

    #23 so true lol. #28 is awesome.

    Yes to flip flops. I’d be a beach bum if I could… all flip flops all the time. One can dream…

    We definitely need a Sims S5 update at this point. Hope your day was fabulous!!

  19. First let me wish you a happy birthday. I know how you feel on turning 36…. I turned 36 in July this year and I just don’t know what to do or how to feel about it. It’s just another year older. I sometimes forget or maybe I just don’t want to remember how old I am ^_^ I loved reading your 36 random facts. It made me laugh and smile. A few random facts… I’ve visited Canada, Australia, Africa, & Fiji. Got to do a lot of traveling as a kid. I’ve got one little man and one hubby who still thinks he’s a kid… I dog. Though I’d love to have a horse again, but living in a city makes that a no go now, but one day again. Well their are a few random things for you. Have a great week!!

  20. Nina T @Slovenian Bookworm

    Happy Birthday!
    Ugh, random fact: I collect bookmarks and always have some candy with me 😛

  21. Melanie B

    Happy Birthday! My birthday is this week too; I was supposed to be a Thanksgiving baby but arrived a little early; thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  22. If I didn’t already adore you, I would love you because of this post. Thanks for making me smile and giggle, and I hope you have an amazing birthday, and that it is just the start of an incredible year for you.

  23. I like that you did stream of consciousness, more fun this way 😉 I want to read The Call, so I hope it’s turning out to be good! I once chipped a bone in my finger, and my gymnastics coach didn’t believe me I was injured lol. I have you beat on states! There are only 4 I haven’t been to! And I’ve never been on a plane. Oddly enough, North Dakota is also one of the states I haven’t been to lol.

    Happy birthday! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Kathy Davis

    Happy birthday! I’ve struggled to think of any random fact, and have decided that I’m very ordinary, or at least, my idea of ordinary.

  25. Hey, if you’re heading to the Dakotas, swing by MN and we can go out for sushi. I have a place, and after going to said place for 10 years only just in the past month found out about their SECRET MENU, and how have a lived the past 10 years without their Mr. Winter roll and the Hot Girl roll, I will never know. UGH. …OK, now I’m hungry.

  26. Happy belated birthday Shannon! <3

    I love sushi too, but I think I ate too much sushi just now and it really not a pleasant feelings xD I always love how much you talks about The 100, it really makes me want to watch the show!

    (It's on my list, and I'm going to get to it once I actually have the time :'))

  27. Awww it sucks that you have to go to work on your birthday WHILE you’re sick but I hope you have an enjoyable and wonderful day today! I can totally relate to wanting to be too cold than to be too hot. Reading all these “facts”were fun!

  28. Jessica Cashen

    Happy Birthday! I have 5 Pitbulls. Crush 10(Dad to the rest), Baloo 5, Curella 4, Chewbacca 3, and Ana 3.

  29. Trix

    I have a Simpsons quote for every occasion! (cue animatronic pizza parlor animals warbling “You’re the birthday, you’re the birthday, you’re the birthday boy or girl….”)

  30. SO I AM SO LATE TO THIS POST but I hope you had an amazing birthday <3 I went through a period of time when I was just too busy to comment back and I missed so many amazing posts. I also want to say that I have reread Twilight so many times I have lost count 😛

  31. Irma J

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a GREAT day!! That was a lot of random facts. Mine is that I can do squats on one leg at a time.

  32. Jo

    I am very late with this, but I hope you had an amazing birthday! Random fact….ummm…I know all the words to every episode of Friends off by heart.

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