The 100 Episode 5×09: Sic Semper Tyrannis

I know that not everyone is going to be on the same page in regards to this episode, but let me just say, I thought it was so necessary, and I will explain why. Here’s the thing: You can’t have the ending, the huge culmination of the season, without some really messy stuff. It has happened every season of The 100; it happens in every story.

So did I like all the decisions that were made? Hell no! But nor did I like the bombing of Tondc because “love is weakness”, or 90% of Arkadia being chipped, or everyone trying to test Emori and Fake Baylis in Becca’s lab. I didn’t like when Bellamy helped massacre an entire army of allies, I didn’t like when Luna refused the chip and Clarke tried to force it on her. Did these decisions made the endgame that much more intense, though? You bet they did.

Look, it’s the way of things. Your characters get to this confused, messy point where everyone seems to have lost their damn minds. They turn on each other, no one knows which choice is right. But, their desperation usually leads to bigger and better things. And I am here for it.

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

“What’s weaker than an enemy at war with itself?”

Um. Not being in a war? Just a thought. But since this is The 100 and that isn’t in any way an option, Spacekru decides to use their knowledge to screw with Prisonkru. Which, fair. I don’t really blame them. They’ve been basically used as pawns in this ridiculous war. Plus, since Emori can hack the collars, they can free themselves when the melee begins! Only Raven has finally come to her senses and has decided that instead of killing Shaw (I am trying guys, okay?), she’s going to… bring him along for the ride? I don’t even fully understand how she came to this conclusion, but since he’s not being murdered by Echo, I can live with it.

He’s not wrong. 

Raven goes to tell Shaw that he’s the newest member of Spacekru. He’s not exactly on board with the plan because he doesn’t want Spacekru to get killed when they inevitably come searching for their little lost pilot. Okay time out: Why the hell has no one trained another pilot yet? This is kind of getting too convenient. Ahem, anyway. So look, I get that this is supposed to be some kind of love affair, and I do enjoy both characters and their banter… but The Cockroach and the Raven is a hill I will die on. Sorry.

You’re cute, but you’re no Murven. ?‍♀️

Watching Murphy fuck with the minds of McCreary and his men is honestly the most fun I have had watching this show in a long time. Mostly because Richard Harmon is absolutely killing it as a slightly evolved Murphy. There’s just something so damn believable about this incarnation of John Murphy, I adore it. Plus, it’s nice that all this infighting doesn’t hurt my babies.

And frankly, it’s almost a comedy of errors. Every plan Murphy makes, Diyoza seems to be able to squelch. She doesn’t want this infighting, she just wants to kill McCreary. And doesn’t every lady have an innate right to kill her baby daddy when he starts getting too murdery? I feel like yes. It’s straight up a fifth grade gossip chain for a bit, which is brilliant. Murphy tells some random McCreary guy that Diyoza didn’t want to save him. Then he tells McCreary that Diyoza has the cure. Then Echo runs to tell Diyoza that McCreary knows they know we know (Friends reference, anyone?) but really I think Echo is just trying to suss out the situation. When it looks like the standoff is about to happen, Spacekru prepares to run.

The Succession of Blodreina

Obviously, very few people know why Octavia is sick. All they know is that Blodreina is down, and she may not get back up. Indra, of course, takes this opportunity to get her little ducks in a row so she can take over all the leadership duties. Bellamy, as expected, is pleased as punch- his plan is working! He and Indra even sneak Madi in to see Clarke, in what is a super cute family reunion. Clarke things she’s there to say goodbye, but NOPE, just to… say hey I guess? Anyway, she and Bellamy have a cute little moment where they use their old “together” line.

Enjoy it, because you shan’t be getting more warm fuzzies from these two anytime soon.

Things never go as planned though, do they? Indra’s speech… well it left some of her fellow Wonkru members a bit… concerned. See, Wonkru likes to fight and kill all the people, and here is Indra, spewing on about negotiations and peace. Greg had a good point- why not insert herself as leader, and then try to talk them all into peace? Like seriously, give it twenty minutes or so, Indra.

Because who jumps up to the task of murder and anarchy? Good ol’ Nathan Miller. I said it once, and I’ll say it again: Papa. Miller. Did. Not. Die. For. THIS, Nathan. Honestly. And look, I might utterly loathe Miller at this moment, but he made some damn good points. Namely, that Blodreina, aka the person they blindly followed for 6+ years and who has only been asleep for about three hours, had planned for them to fight. War was imminent, and nothing has changed that. So of course, they must fight because of Octavia’s demise. I mean, shiesty, but it worked.

Remember when he straight up wouldn’t “let” O see Lincoln? My, times have changed. 

So now, with Miller leading the way, Wonkru still plans to march on Shallow Valley, and Clarke is still Enemy Number One, so Bellamy and Indra have to do some fast thinking. What is the only thing other than the sword that Wonkru might fall behind? Obviously, the flame.

Hatching a New Plan (and a New Heda)

Oy, it was not shocking that this was complicated because Clarke is so adamant about Madi not being Heda. And look, I get it, Clarke wants to protect her. But… it’s too late, that ship has sailed, yeah? So maybe instead of insisting that Madi not be Heda, Clarke should focus on what would keep everyone safest in general, including Madi.

Of course I understand Clarke being upset by this turn of events, even feeling betrayed. She wants to protect Madi, and no amount of logic is going to sway her. But I do hope that after she has some time to think about it, she realizes that Madi should also have some say in what happens to Madi. But right now, it’s all very fresh, and she is straight up pissed that Bellamy could do this when he promised to protect Madi.

Though in all honesty, I think Bellamy is protecting Madi here? If she has power, and people fall behind her, she’ll be protected far better than two Wonkru prisoners would be able to do. Either way, everyone pretty much agrees it’s up to Madi. So they bring her in. And they tell her… mostly the truth. And she doesn’t pull any punches either, to her credit.

I mean never is a long time, Mads. 

So an ascension takes place! I so feel like we’ve been here before, only it was Clarke instead of Madi. It didn’t go as smoothly as the only other ascension we’ve seen (Clarke’s, with Ontari’s blood), as Madi stays unconscious for quite some time. Basically she stays unconscius to give Clarke a chance to break out of prison (with Niylah’s help, which I couldn’t even appreciate because Niylah didn’t do it for Clarke, but against Indra), and run in just in time to see that Madi was already Heda.

Ouch. That hurts (the fandom). 

When it All Goes Up in Flames

And like the best laid plans of mice and men…. well you know the drill. Everything goes to shit, of course. I know some people get salty about that, but look. In my life, tons of my ideas and plans go to shit. I don’t know if maybe these people just have superior lives, but I am feeling the whole “oh crap, that did not go as expected” tone of this episode.

Let’s pick back up in Polis where literally no ones plans are working. For reference, the plans:

  • Octavia: Plans to have Clarke stop the ascension, then probably plans on killing a bunch of people.
  • Clarke: Plans to stop the ascension, grab Madi, and get the hell out of Polis with Octavia’s help.
  • Bellamy/Indra/Gaia (henceforth known as BIG): Plans to make Madi Heda and gain enough support from Grounders to overthrow Blodreina.

Why do none of the plans work? Well. First, Clarke and Octavia are too late to stop the ascension, so there’s that. If they pull out the flame, it’ll kill Madi, and Clarke isn’t here for that. O tells a guard, Joroun, to get them to the Rover. So that seems like… decent of her, yeah? Just wait. Because on the way out to the Rover, Joroun tells them he’s super sorry, but he has to shoot them, Blodreina’s orders. Let’s get this straight here: Octavia actually tried to kill a child who was actively running for her life. So that she didn’t lose power. But Lexa had a message for Joroun! And he bowed to his new Heda! And then… Clarke shot him in the head.

My thoughts exactly, Strikheda 

Which is a terrible choice, as this dude could have helped them, but Clarke is so desperate to get Madi out of there that she’s just not even thinking straight, it seems? Anyway. Back inside, Octavia has her brother, her mentor/surrogate mother, and her quasi-sister sent into the arena to fight to the death. Sure, that’s normal. But she does just think she killed Clarke and a freaking child, so that says a lot. It does choke me up when she starts to cry though. Because damn, the humanity is still in there, somewhere. And it’s heartbreaking.

I can’t help it, I will never stop having feels for the Girl Under the Floor.

Meanwhile, at Shallow Valley….

Murphy’s plan works like an absolute charm! Too bad the plan negates Kane’s plan (and Diyoza’s, Clarke’s, Bellamy’s… basically everyone’s plan, okay?) to get peace in the Valley. Because they need Diyoza for that. And now she’s engaged in a bitter battle with McCreary’s forces. And in case you forgot, McCreary gives zero fucks about peace.

Wow, slinging around the term “savage” like you’re not very much one, eh?

I also don’t think he cares too much about his unborn baby, which he finds out about mid-fight? But he doesn’t seem like the fatherly type, does he? It is quite fun when Kane, and a selfless Murphy who stays to fight for Abby come charging in- nothing like having your new boyfriend shoot your old boyfriend, amirite?

It’s like an episode of Maury up in here.

And now…. everyone is in a really crappy situation that they have no idea how to fix! So watching them try to untangle this nightmare… well, it should be fun. And hey, if nothing else, at least everyone is on the same awful, equal footing at the moment?

Song of the Week:

This is called Up in Flames by Ruelle. Because well… everything has pretty much gone up in flames for all the groups. Bellamy and Indra’s plan clearly backfired. Clarke is on the lam with her new little Heda. Abby’s a McCreary prisoner (and methinks he doesn’t keep them alive too long).  Kane is trying to undo all of what Spacekru’s done while they’re also on the run. Diyoza has a war on several fronts. Seriously is anyone doing okay!? 

Random Thoughts:

  • Can we please talk some more about how I totally nailed the Miller thing? Honestly I have never been so proud. Maybe that’s a sad commentary, but… I’ll take it. 
  • Where is Marper? Are they still sexing it up in the bunker? I mean, if so, fair. That’s probably the smartest move at this juncture anyway. But they might want to get the hell out of there soon, just saying. 
  • Emori. Taught. Raven. Techstuffs. It’s a beautiful little moment when your mentee spreads her wings and flies. Sure, she quite literally flew to the ground herself but that was cause Raven was needed elsewhere. This right here is Emori’s mission, she’s the one who figured it out and I will never not love it.
  • “Kane knows what ‘Code Blue’ means”. HA of course he does. That just shows how much Diyoza trusts him at this point, honestly. 
  • Vinson is so going to be important here. Diyoza’s comment about him being a lion, his playing both sides of the fence, even Abby’s clear (and grudging) affection for him. He’s going to be big.

  • P.S. I am calling Madi “Strikheda” (Little Heda, if you will) until someone comes up with something else. That is all, thanks for your time. 

 Episode 5×10: The Warriors Will

  • They are actually in the damn arena fighting. I swear if Bellamy kills Indra… but look, the show is not going to kill off both of them, right? Right?!?! Octavia won’t be able to watch her whole damn family die because she sentenced them to, will she? Either this will snap her out of it, or this will break her completely, I haven’t a clue which. Though- for the sake of argument, if this did play out…. Indra would refuse to kill Gaia. Gaia would refuse to kill anyone probably. And Bellamy… well hell, does he have the ability to kill either one? Would he? I don’t think he would, tbh.
  • So how does it get stopped? Brell. Okay look, this is a longshot theory, but. I dig Brell for some random reason I cannot explain. And she keeps showing up in all the big moments- usually as a low-key challenger of one of O’s decisions. Obviously she’s not objecting enough to be an Enemy of Wonkru, but you can see she’s not fully on board with Blodreina’s ways, and she’s clinging to the old ways. She seemed fully on board when Indra wanted peace and a natblida. So, perhaps killing their leader Indra, as well as Fleimkepa Gaia, is enough to propel Indra’s faction into action. Starting a fight, of course, between Miller’s faction, and allowing BIG to escape with their lives? A girl can dream… 
  • I really want Madi to turn around, run away from Clarke, and be Heda. Is that really too much to ask? Madi is a smart kid, and I think she should be able to lead if she wants. It is her birthright, after all- and she spent at least half of her life under that belief system, it’s unfair for Clarke to expect her to just run from her people. 
  • Things aren’t looking great for Abby, either. When you’re wringing your hands hoping for Diyoza to make an appearance, things are rough. Can you even imagine being stuck with that bunch?! 
  • Is Spacekru going to be hiding in the woods for this episode? We haven’t seen them, but then, that means nothing since the preview is only of the arena. Maybe one of them can save BIG. Actually no- let’s let MARPER save the BIG. And let’s have it be mostly Harper’s idea because hell, she deserves one. Just someone save BIG, okay? Life without Indra is no life at all. And obviously no one is randomly killing Bellamy mid-season, so. 

Is Marper going to save the day? Or Brell? Honestly who cares as long as Bellamy and Indra are safe, right? Did you think Bellamy or Clarke (or both, or neither) was in the right here? Who’s in line with me to slap Miller silly? Let’s talk about all the stuff!

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9 responses to “The 100 Episode 5×09: Sic Semper Tyrannis

  1. Well you know how I feel but what the heck- I’ll add more! I do like that Emori is a hacker now- her character is so different! In a good way. And if they’re gonna do Raven/ Shaw why are they taking so long? I thought they’d do it fairly quick and then break them up late in the season or next season to make way for Murven, but ??? I do like spacekru in the spoiler role though, messing w/ everyone. Life tip #1- if you want to fuck some shit up, insert Murphy and Echo into the situation, sit back, and enjoy the fireworks.

    Miller *sigh* he’s been bugging me for a while, and I just want him to die at this point. I’m done with him. I do think the whole ascension thing was WAY rushed- I mean Gaia and Bellamy came up with this foolishness and implemented it in like ten minutes, with NO guarantee it would work- and surprise, it didn’t! And I just don’t see Bell doing that to Clarke- but then I never saw him massacring hundreds of people w/ Pike either, so there’s that.

    Marper is being criminally underused, but with all the moving pieces I know there isn’t time for EVERYONE. I hope they play a big role by the end. Clarke and Diyoza may run into each other- wouldn’t that be a nice team? McCreary is one of the better villains the show has had. Did a pregnant Diyoza just kick McCreary’s ass along with TWO other dudes? Yup she did. I love Kane and Diyoza, whether they’re a couple or not.

    For some reason I didn’t like the idea of Madi being Heda, but maybe… it would work? I need to think about that more. 🙂

    • I LOVE STEMori. Dude, how did I just think of that now!?!? Her new name is obviously Stemori. (Favorite ship of the season, Emori + STEM hahah.) I actually thought they’d do that with Shaw and Raven too- quick and then kill him off or something haha. I like his character though so I kind of hope they don’t have to kill him, but… it’s The 100. I need Murven. Like I said, I won’t accept anything but The Cockroach and the Raven. I REALLY like Murphy and Echo working together! Like THERE’S a friendship I didn’t know I needed!

      UGH Miller. Like- I am annoyed by him, buuuuut. I am not ready for him to die? (Though, I do think it might happen?) Then the show would go from The 6 to The 5. I guess when Jaha “sent us down there to die” he… really did send most of them to die.

      As for the ascension… I do agree that it was quick, but i also think it was in the back of everyone’s minds for a long time? Especially Gaia’s, of course. I still think it might work though! I wouldn’t count it out yet, honestly. I still don’t think Bellamy was in the wrong though? I mean- he didn’t HURT Madi. And I think Octavia would have killed Madi eventually anyway- perhaps as a “war casualty”? No coincidence that she wanted her fighting on the front lines. So when it boils down to it, I think Madi as Heda (Strikheda!) is better for Madi than Madi with no power and no allies other than Clarke?

      GAH Marper is woefully underused- especially with them even missing out on the Skaikru action in Shallow Valley- they aren’t part of Wonkru/Bellarke, they’re not part of Shallow Valley, they’re just… hanging out, making algae, hooking up…. Which is probably fine for their fictional sanity, but I want to see more of them! Ooooh Clarke and Diyoza, YEP, I think they will have to join forces pretty soon. Because Abby will need them (and they will need her), and so will Kane, and so will Bellamy (even though Clarke says she doesn’t care, she will come around). I LOVED pregnant Diyoza kicking ALL the ass. It was FABULOUS. This show! And I agree- McCreary is an awesome villain because he is believable as such! And he’s definitely one of the less morally gray villains- cause he’s just all bad hah- but in a way that really, really works. William sells it, the story itself sells it… but how will they defeat him without killing him? Or is he just a goner?

      I actually like Madi as Heda- I like her having her own agency, rather than just being Clarke’s “kid”. Like O’s going to attack, but this way Madi can feel like she’s actually in charge of her own fate a little, you know? AND, it gives her a storyline other than “reason for Clarke’s angst”.

  2. I am sooo behind on this series, and I have no idea why! I’ve loved every single one, but like you said… things inevitable get nasty before the finale. I don’t think my heart can handle all that stress right now. I think I’ve seen through season three… the one where everyone swallowed the chips and were “connected” by that psychotic woman. I can’t believe this is already on season five! I’m curious how many of the originals are left, but I only skimmed through your post to avoid major spoilers. I AM curious about the spoilers, Clark’s short hair, why she punched Bellamy, and why Octavia was crying at the end. I’ll try to catch up this summer!

    L @ Do You Dog-ear?

    • Ooooh you should *definitely* catch up! Obviously, I have a very serious obsession ? Ooooh yes, the ALIE storyline! So I think that Season 3 turned a lot of people off, with the whole Lexa thing, and then Lincoln. But Season 4 was awesome, and Season 5 has been pretty epic so far! I mean, I won’t tell you how many of The 100 are left but… it’s alarmingly few hah. When you catch up, you must let me know, I want to hear your thoughts too!

  3. Okay, so I actually kind of loved this episode, in all it’s horribleness. I think it really highlighted for me how high the stakes are and the fact that there are NO good answers. I mean, half the time during the episode I didn’t even know what I wanted to happen – every option had miserable repercussions that you just knew were out there. I couldn’t figure out any sort of pie-in-the-sky solution to ANY of these problems, so it totally made sense to me that nothing good was happening. (Okay, I mean, I guess O could stop being her new self and just decide to back Madi and head peacefully into the valley like one big happy family. But, honestly, even that would end up blowing up in their faces pretty quickly unless all of Prisonkru also suddenly had personality transplants. That’s kind of a lot to ask for.)

    I agree that I’m down with Madi becoming Heda. I wondered if she was suddenly going to get a bit more brutal, though, with the past Hedas in her head. I guess we’ll see. Can’t wait to jump on the elliptical again today for episode 10! 🙂 (I accidentally read the beginning of your post about that one in which you said you cried — I am mentally preparing myself for at least one of BIG to die.)

    • YESSS this is why we are twins hahah. Everyone else was yelling and I was like “no, this is good stuff!” HA can you imagine if O was just like “whoops, bad idea, everyone head to the bunker for an algae smoothie, my treat!” ? And exactly, they’d been doing this for FAR too long for everyone to suddenly be down with calling it quits. And YEP Prisonkru… well I don’t think they’d EVER not want war? It’s probably in their DNA at this point!

      GAH YES I am so glad someone else agrees that Madi is fine being Heda! I think Madi being Heda actually answers a lot of questions about the Flame in general- and how it actually affects a person? So that’s fuN!

  4. Beth W

    Last epi of tonight for me (booooooo), and what a good one to pause on. I also adore Murphy as he is right now, and that he’s finally getting to shine. Given his obvious Looks(tm) where Raven is concerned, and where Shaven (ick) is concerned, I’d say he’s feeling tingly toward Raven for sure. Is she toward him? Apparently not. I guess we can’t all make smart decisions. Good question about the backup pilot training, too.

    I’m disappointed that Wonkru can’t see how AMAZING of a leader Indra would be. C’mon, you guys: Wysreina! And I’m pretty sure that in the arena, she won’t kill Bellamy or Gaia. I can’t see Bellamy or Gaia going for each other, either. I wish it could be an “I am Spartacus” type of moment, but if *Miller* has gone culty, then I have little hope. Jackson deserves better…except maybe Jackson took the crazy pill, too.

    And it looks like my plague theory for the Dark Year is incorrect, as it sounds like there was a mass execution that O had to do. Which is…I mean…did we run out of food again or something? Hrm.

    I appreciate that O still has some scrap of a heart in there somewhere, and finally we get to see it. Massive props to the actress, though, who doesn’t play it as unhinged or chew the scenery with it. It makes a very nice counterpoint to Kane’s constant zen.

    • OOH I am so excited for you to get to the last four!! YESSSS I am SO GLAD you agree with me about Murphy. There is no doubt in my mind that he loves her. I think Raven… maybe doesn’t know yet? And maybe thinks of him as taken, because of Emori?

      GAH YES, Indra would be the BEST leader- though I think she prefers her step-down role. Miller is such a mess this season, but in my rewatches, it’s kind of amazing to see his relationship with Octavia grow over time, and I almost *like* that he basically follows her into hell? I think Jackson DID take the crazy pill, but not quite as many as MIller did hahah.

      Oh the Dark Year. What to say except…. it’s bad. I really can’t wait to see what you think of it! It explains SO much honestly.

      YES yes she does- she cares TOO much, I think, which is what drove her to this point. And I agree, Marie does a tremendous job playing Octavia, especially this season. And it doesn’t get any easier! And Kane… well Kane may lose his zen eventually the more desperate he gets. I think desperation is a HUGE theme of this season, and for good reason!

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