Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is: Books With My Favorite Color On the Cover (or In the Title)

I like colors. I generally say that blue’s my fave, but if I am being honest, I like multiple colors. Making pretty combinations and such. So I figured let’s just give some props to some covers who just did a really damn good job with their use of color. I present my favorites!

(True story, this post is super late because last night I got too excited about The 100 getting renewed for a 6th season (WOO) and decided screw blogging. But I did most of the post so why let it go to waste?)

Basically, I just think that these all used cover to their best advantage. And also I just like them so there’s that. 


What are some of your favorite books that made fabulous use of colors? Would any of these make your list?

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22 responses to “Wonderfully Colored Covers

  1. Okay Sword is amazing- never seen that one!! Wow i love the red and the green- very nice. The Smell of Other People’s Houses is pretty amazing too- I’ve always liked that one! The Loneliest Girl in the Univrse I think would look outstanding on the shelf as well.

  2. THERE IS SO MUCH PRETTY HERE I LOVE IT. Also I realllly wish I’d liked the Roshani Chokshi books because those covers are my FAVE. I mean, book. I didn’t read the second one haha. But I might because I heard it’s very different!? But I also love the cover of Uprooted!! And personally, I’m obsessed with The Raven Cycle covers and also Strange the Dreamer, Timekeeper and Tyler Johnson Was Here! ??

    (Also all the congrats that your show got another season. ???)

  3. The starburst on Loneliest Girl for the win. The colors against the black is perfect. I like the watercolor effect thing like in The Foreseeable Future. Always results in a very pretty cover.

  4. What an amazing selection of book covers, I love them all SO MUCH! I’m so in love with The Loneliest Girl, that cover is absolutely stunning and so is the book. We Are Okay looks sooo pretty as well, I can’t wait to read it someday 😀

  5. These are all just so pretty. I love the Uprooted one. Have you seen the uk Spinning Silver one, it is in similar style.<3
    But I also really love how the color was used in the loneliest girl in the universe <3

  6. Pretttty. I Think that “That Inevitable Victorian Thing” is the most unique of the bunch, but “Roar” is my actual favorite one in the lineup.

  7. Kel

    I really like Uprooted and Crown of Wishes out of this lot. I like a mix of illustrations and graphics and lettering, but I think contrast is usually key for it to really pop for me color-wise. Like, I like the cover of Renegades, but the blue doesn’t pop off the black the way the red does on most of the Lunar Chronicles. Gwenda Bond’s Lois Lane series did a good job with bold red/white/blue. Geekerella stands out too. But then the Jackaby books are distinctive for the opposite reason, tinting almost everything one color. I think I also like bright blues and Disney-villain lime greens, but it all depends on how it’s used. Which is all to say, I’m clearly all over the place. 🙂

  8. I only had pink covers on my list this week, but if I had different colors on it, I’d definitely also include That Inevitable Victorian Thing, The Loneliest Girl in the Universe, Sword, and Uprooted. ♥

  9. HAVE YOU READ FREEDOM SWIMMER SHANNON? I have it, and heard great things about it. ONE DAY I will get to it. Or maybe I’ll let my mom read it first.

    I love any color that is pink. OR HAS A NICE COLOR SCHEME.

    Also I guess I missed the memo that TTT has been rehomed! That’s good though!

  10. Whoa, it’s a color-splosion! The ones that pop out to me the most for their amazing colors are Victorian Thing, Loneliest Girl, Freedom Swimmer, and Mosquitoeland. Loneliest Girl is prob my favorite overall. Everything about it is great!

  11. OHMYGOSH!! The cover of “Sword” and ‘Universe’ feature gorgeous shades and blends! Sadly, drawing and the like isn’t a talent of mine, but when I see artistic displays like this, I’m always reminded that I wish I could. 🙂

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