The 100 Episode 5×03: Sleeping Giants

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

I’ll go ahead and say it: Season 5 is slayingAnd I also have to fully admit that when I panicked about the time jump? Yeah, I was wrong, it was a fabulous call and has completely revitalized the show and it is genius. So, that being said, let’s jump into what was yet another incredibly strong episode, Sleeping Giants! 

Battle for Eden, Continued

As we pick up with Prisonkru versus Natblida in the woods surrounding Eden, a few things have become abundantly clear. First, Zeke is awesome. I get why most of Prisonkru is eager to fight: Not only are they actual killers, but Clarke and Madi did sort of start this. But Zeke is much more rational about it, much to the dismay of Diyoza (and even more to the dismay of McCreary, who would probably kill Zeke immediately if Diyoza gave him the green light). Second, Prisonkru is not fucking around. They have some pretty hellish looking weapons, some only existing to torture which… is messed up. Third, and most interesting to me, the parallels between the capture/torture of Lincoln in Season 1 and Clarke now are incredible. I think all the viewers knew that there’d be a correlation, because Clarke is literally the Grounder in this situation, but wow. The similarities were both subtle and powerful at the same time. Clarke and Madi using the same sort of traps that the Grounders used on the Delinquents, the newcomers not having a clue what happened to the planet, Clarke feigning ignorance of the English language …

Only… Prisonkru isn’t a bunch of confused, scared kids.  We start to see that there are more sides to Diyoza, and I feel like her story may be much more complex than meets the eye. She starts to interrogate Clarke, who of course only complies once Madi is in imminent danger. I get why Clarke is so protective and defensive, but she’s also severely outgunned and outmanned. For all she knows, it could be just her and Madi versus all of these badasses with scary weapons until the end of time, so…. maybe it would be worth her time to play nice? And for awhile, she actually does.

Sadly, Charmaine and Clarke Apocalypse Recap gets cut short because basically Prisonkru didn’t notice a giant fucking ship landing, and instead assumed that Spacekru had been Clarke’s accomplices all along. No one ever accused Diyoza’s lackeys of being smart, okay? So… shock collar totrure commences, as you do.

Meanwhile, Breaking and Entering on Eligius IV…

While their stories intersect a great deal in this episode, for most of it Spacekru and Team Natblida are still separate. We first glimpse Spacekru as they attempt to fly into the Eligius IV to hopefully find some fuel. And they are probably hoping to not find 284 sleeping murderers, but we can’t always get what we want. Anyway, Raven lets Emori take the reins on the landing and…. well, it doesn’t go well. But if it helps, I was in like 3 fender benders in my first month of driving, so you’re fine, girl!

The ship is seemingly empty, with just a blaring alarm for company. Everyone splits off to accomplish different tasks, with my new favorite trio of Echo, Monty, and Murphy looking for fuel. Monty and Murphy are having some kind of lover’s quarrel over who forgot to replace the toilet paper on the Ark or something, when Echo has to step in and break it up. I love reasonable Echo, she’s so fun. Of course, the mundanity ends when Echo stumbles upon hundreds of criminals in cryosleep.

Bellamy and Raven are busy making discoveries of their own- namely seeing Diyoza and company killing the former captain preeettty ruthlessly. As you do. I still say there is a shitton more to be discovered in this story, and that Charmaine Diyoza is probably more like Clarke than we can imagine- making tough calls to save her people. Or maybe I am wrong and she’s a psychopath, who knows. Anyway, they’re calmly chatting about this, when before Echo can warn them, Kodiak is let loose, remotely from the ground. Kodiak might be an actual, literal bear, since it took three people and one sword to finally take him down. But now, Spacekru knows they don’t particularly want to mess with the CryoMurderers.

Only… what to do with them?  Decisions, decisions. Echo and Murphy are of course Team Murder, while Bellamy and Raven (despite fighting one of those giant beasts) are having some qualms about mass killings. Echo comes up with the solution to use them as actual weapons, and that makes me love her a little more. Murphy was on the fence, but…

So Raven sets out to make it so they can remotely kill them all, but that Prisonkru’s access is blocked. Only oops, that isn’t a thing that can happen! So someone is going to have to stay behind. And because only the awesomest minds can be in charge of such a project, it has to be Raven. Bellamy gives her a solid “hell no” response, but when Raven assures him that there’s an escape pod in case things go south, he acquiesces. As the gang packs up to leave, Murphy has a last minute change of plans- he’s going to stay with Raven too.

I’m solidly with Echo, and here for Murphy’s “little jokes”. 

So in strides Murphy as Raven watches the ship shimmy down to Earth. He is pleased as punch with himself because he’s being not an ass, and is doing a nice thing even though it’s also kind of selfish. So he tells Raven it would suck to be up there alone, and hey, he isn’t a bad guy! Plus, “if there wasn’t an escape pod, I could understand…” And that is when Raven gets to tell him that just kidding, there is no escape pod, she just made that up so Bellamy would get his happy ass to the ground and save everyone. Murphy now regrets all his life choices, but I for one am freaking giddy to see how this plays out.

“Way Down We Go…”

Does anyone not love Emori piloting the ship back to Earth? Because if so, fight me, it was epic. I love the faith that her new family, especially SpaceDad Bellamy, have in her. And if anyone doubted her… well they’re fools because Emori just finished her college degree in Awesome, so.

Anyway, time to check out the planet they’ve not seen for over six years! Only, since they’re in Eden, guess it looks pretty good? Anyway, doesn’t take long for Prisonkru to find them, and threaten to kill them because I think that might be all some of these guys know how to do? Of course, the best part about Clarke training Madi is that she is always going to rescue Bellamy (and I guess any other member of Spacekru but really mostly Bellamy). Only, Spacekru didn’t know that Madi was a thing. But she could have been a bunker person, for all they knew. Until….

Of course, she also comes bearing news of Bunkerkru’s entrapment, but still, Clarke!

So Bellamy and Madi drive the Rover (which I am sure Bellamy has a bit of a love-hate relationship with at this point) to Shallow Valley, so that they can rescue Clarke. Of course. And Clarke’s terrified because her little child shows up. But she doesn’t know that her child has backup in the form of her soulmate (fight me again).  And even Zeke is shooting to kill because who the fuck is this strikingly handsome yet unknown dude? But Charmaine Diyoza has yet to encounter the force that is Bellarke, and she’s in for a real treat.

As. Are. We. These are the best words ever spoken, right?

Random Thoughts:

  • What is Clarke going to think of this Becho bullshit situation? I mean, even if we’re still pretending this relationship is totally platonic (insert eyeroll) she’s still not going to be stoked that her best bud is shackin’ up with the girl who tried to kill her on the reg, right?
  • Great-Great-Grandpappy Blake’s 4 PhDs is the backstory I never knew how much I needed.
  • How does McCreary plan to keep up with his hairstyle? Seems high maintenance for double-post-apocalyptic wasteland… ?
  • Read Jason’s tweet and tell me that you won’t be calling Bellamy “Captain Daddy” forever and ever amen.

Song of the Week:

I have wanted to make a video using Way Down We Go by Kaleo since… well, forever. And hopefully I will one day.  But is it not perfect to accompany Spacekru on their trip down? And it has multiple meanings, because every single one of these people has all kinds of shit that is awful in their history. So, fitting I’d say.

 Episode 5×04: Pandora’s Box

Looks like a Kane-heavy episode, which I am here for obviously. Also, I feel like Bunkerkru may actually figure out how to get out in this episode? Do we actually get to see them bunkerless? I don’t know. But we’ll also get more glimpses of whatever is happening in Space, too. And maybe if we’re very good, the ground! 

Did the Bellarke reunion melt your heart? Are you here for Space Murven? Is Emori your new fave too? Let’s talk!

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29 responses to “The 100 Episode 5×03: Sleeping Giants

  1. Nice recap. 🙂 This season is SO good so far. And great point about Clarke/ Madi’s use of traps. That is awesome and I was so hoping more Prisonkru’ers would step in bear traps! Serve ’em right! I was NOT happy about the shock collar and the way Diyoza so casually let Clarke fry for a while. Urgh she’s tough but a little too ruthless for my liking- although she has to be, I imagine, or she’d lose control. I also thought Clarke should have tried being nicer, I mean she has no back up (that she’s aware of), like you say.

    Team Murder lol. That’s why I like Echo- she’s still reliably violent. 🙂 Her and Murph could make a good team – #ruthlesskru. I love pilot Emori too, they took her character and made her awesome rather than just Murphy’s Grounder girlfriend. Nice move. And Madi’s rescue of Bellamy- cause she’s already killing dudes at the tender age of- what is she, like 12? I guess I don’t know her age. That was awesomeness. Clarke and Bell seeing each other again- and of course it would be in a bullshit situation!!!!- we should have known!

    So… 5×04. How crazy is it we’re already talking 5×04?? But I want Bunkerkru out and on the move… what do we call ’em when they come out? Revengekru, or Rescuekru- cause Clarke/ Bellamy are probably gonna need it- or Ragekru because Octavia isn’t going to take kindly to Diyoza’s kru being assholes? Epic clash coming!!!

    • Thanks! Seriously, this season is epic. HA I mean, I kind of hoped they did too? But Grounder spear traps are just as awesome. I agreee that the shock collar was horrible- though at least they didn’t kill her? They easily could have, and wanted to, but Charmaine talked them down. I still think there’s so, so much more to her. I think you nailed it about her having to be that ruthless- I mean, she’s trying to maintain control over a lot of murder-happy dudes, she kind of HAS to be tough, or they’d walk all over her. So it makes sense, and I don;t think she always likes what she has to do.

      I mean, I was with Echo and Murphy at that point, just kill ’em, you’ve seen what they can do! I LOVE Echo and Murphy as a team, yes yes, more of this! Emori is my new fave, but the Murcho duo is working for me. (Only on a friend level because just no otherwise.) Yeah I think Madi is supposed to be 12, and… yeah, she’s done some shit for a 12 year old, that’s for sure. I love how she was just so chill when she killed those guys- even Echo looked impressed! I like that Bellamy was so chill too, even though he was obviously NOT chill internally, but you could tell that his calmness rattled Diyoza!

      I cannot believe it’s already the damn 4th episode, this is going TOO FAST. I think Bunkerkru will always be Bunkerkru because of the awful shit that happened in there? None of them will ever be fully free of it. Octavia could definitely be Ragekru hahah. Bunkerkru is definitely on the move by Shifting Sands (episode 5) so I imagine that they will be freed by the end of Pandora’s Box? Like, I think maybe we’ll see at the very end the door open? And then maybe have a quick flashback to Spacekru and Clarke digging them out or something? Octavia is going to be Diyoza’s worst damn nightmare, because I think O is beyond negotiation and diplomacy at this point. And also what the heck did Kane do!?!

      • Yeah Grounders can be as ruthless as prisonkru, and with O and Indra in charge, I’m hoping they can give Diyoza’s people a very rude welcome. 🙂 And if we can get rid of prisonkru (or the worst elements) by the end of the season maybe Diyoza can be a team player? And zeke of course. 🙂

        I’m looking forward to seeing how Bellamy handles Diyoza.

        I don’t know what Kane could have done to get thrown in the arena, but I’m a little concerned?!??

        • I wonder though, what will happen if/when Prisonkru is eliminated as a threat? Like we can’t just keep getting new villains, right? I am so curious, especially since S6 is a thing. I think Diyoza can and will be more of a team leader, though I also don’t see her taking a back seat to anyone, so that should be interesting. I wonder if Zeke and Raven’s relationship will help unite the groups? I kind of like the idea of Raven in a more peacemaker role for a change.

          Bellamy and Diyoza looks fun! Because she and Clarke are SO much alike, it’s easy to see how they’ll butt heads. BUt Bellamy and Clarke are soulmates so maybe he is the key to The Taming of Charmaine Diyoza!

          Seriously, what the HELL could Kane have done? Other than just straight up been like “fuck this arena, enough bullshit”? MAYBE he volunteers as tribute! Like she was going to put someone else in and he was like NOPE not okay I’ll do it? GAH IS IT TUESDAY YET?

          • Raven needs something to do, definitely. Beyond just being fix-it girl. If her and Zeke are a thing though that means maybe they can be a bridge between the two camps for a while? And you know now that you mention that- maybe it would be best if Prisonkru (or some of it) DOES stay around, to give Skaikru/ Wonkru /whatever we call em someone to clash with. How ironic that Skaikru and Grounders are now united against ANOTHER kind of Skaikru!

            I like that. Bellamy is much calmer than whatever-the-hell-we-want Bellamy and THAT Bellamy would have SERIOUSLY butted heads w/ Diyoza (and that would be epic) but the new, calmer Bellamy- i like it.

            Ooh what if… he goes in for Abby? THAT would do it. Although I like the idea of him being in trouble kind of, since he’s a stand up guy. Oh and that 5×04 promo seemed to indicate that Indra does something big? Will she come to Kane’s rescue????????????????

            • Yeah I agree, I feel like we have seen her save the day technologically many, many times now, and I’d like to see her smarts used in a different way. I love that Skaikru and Grounders will be united… or WILL THEY? (I hope after 6 years they will, but who even knows with these people!)

              YESSS so true, Old Bellamy would have gotten everyone killed immediately. I love New Bellamy! (I am so glad that I feel this way- I was so scared about NB, but I think ALL the new characterizations have been handled soooo well so far!)

              I thought about that too- that Abby maybe stole some of those meds she’s addicted to or something, and he goes in to save her? But I also like the idea of Kane taking a stand, so I kind of hope it goes that way. OOOOH I hope she DOES come to his rescue. I like the idea of their friendship being too important for Indra to sit by and watch him die.

              And, more SPACE MURVEN, woooo!

              • Right. What if… the grounders betray Skaikru? Cause you know they do on the regular… and frankly they seem more suited personality-wise to the Gagarin assholes. Violence is the answer to everything and whatnot. Although hopefully Octavia & Indra can hold it together… and yeah I want to see Raven do other things, that’s why I was excited to see her sparring w/ Echo. Do something different w/ her!

                Ha love it! Part of me would love to see old asshole Bellamy take on Diyoza, but you’re right- he’s grown as a character and I REALLY like him more now.

                Exactly. We need more Kane/ Indra team ups.

                • I was thinking that too- one would betray the other. Though I am not sure it’d be Grounders? Because while they do love the violence, they HATE the tech. So… it’s a toss up for me! But I hope it doesn’t boil back down to Sky People versus Ground People. I did love the Raven sparring stuff. Hopefully she actually gets to use those skills- and not just on Kodiak ha.

                  Yeah I mean, she’d have killed Old Bellamy in about 3 seconds, too. So it would be less fun in practice than in theory! And YES- maybe Indra and Kane will be the ones to finally put an end to The Hunger Games in there!

                  • Well we certainly know more NOW don’t we ha ha? I think infighting amonsgt Wonkru might be the least of our worries! Diyoza is gonna be all they can handle I think! And you know I can’t help but get Continuum vibes, between the asshole Gagarin people and their high tech weapons- it reminds me of Brad’s crew that came back with their combat armor. McCreary even reminds me of those guys…

                    • I wonder though if the infighting will play a part? Like maybe some of Wonkru Church of Death and Awfulness will decide they don’t want to chase Prisonkru all over the eastern seaboard?

                      YES McCreary really does look like those futuristic Continuum assholes, doesn’t he!? I kind of don’t love how powerful their weapons are, you know? Because it makes it harder to believe that they didn’t just kill everyone! Though NotZeke made a REALLY good point- there are fewer than 1500 human beings left, so maybe they needn’t kill EVERYONE, especially when they have mayyyybe 2 females of childbearing age total?

                      And more randomly, I found the BEST song for next week’s episode and I am sad I can’t use it right now hah.

  2. I feel like season 5 is verging on becoming my favorite season yet? Because I’m loving all the things! I’m also kinda shipping Murphy and Raven right now..XD. That reunion?! EEP, I don’t think I can wait till next week. Not to mention that next weeks episode is probably going to focus on the bunkerkru more so we’ll maybe have to wait for the next next week episode? Please no, lol.

    • YESSS same, same! I very much ship Murphy and Raven, this NEEDS to happen, especially with all that alone time in space! I know, the wait between episodes is brutal. This one will be heavy on the bunker focus, but I think we’ll get a few glimpses at the other groups at least! (There are promo photos that show we DO see them, so… fingers crossed!) Seriously, is it Tuesday yet!?!

  3. SPACE MURVEN I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT DEVELOPMENT. It’s everything I wanted and more. Those two alone on a space ship – working together, solving stuff together, growing closer?? LOVE IT.

    I liked the Emori scene, too. Definitely very cute. The grins between Emori and Bellamy. Her astonished face. I’m excited to see how she fits in with the storyline for this season and what her role is going to be now. Former-Murphy-redemption-character to Murhpys-reason-to-fight-aka-girlfriend and now?? something completely new. She has ties with the others now, too. And is interested in technology and obviously found comman ground with other characters because of that. So we’ll see.

    #Bellarke still owns my heart. I was a little sad because NO HUG but the “She is” was definitely a nice, nice, nice touch to the whole reunion situation. (And I read somewhere that we’ll get a hug in the next episode.) (So I’m fine! Truly, I’M FINE.) *insert Rasputin gif from Anastasia* CLARKE WAS SO RELIEVED. And I’m a puddle on the floor because they are not as close because SO MUCH TIME HAS PASSED and they are NOT ON THE SAME PAGE WITH EVERYTHING but they still are so IMPORTANT TO EACH OTHER. (I’m also kinda frustrated that they have to get to know each other all over again because New Clarke and New Bellamy and they have history and a connection but it’s different because everything is different — and I’m rambling.) I don’t make that much sense right now LOL I’ll stop now. Very nervous for the next episode. Also, very excited.

    • RIGHT?! I am soooo here for Space Murven! Especially because Murphy IS really smart, smarter than he gives himself credit for, so I think this will be a confidence boost for him. Also, the getting closer part, yes please! 😀

      I loved Bellamori. (That is their friendship name and I love it and I just came up with it hah.) I seriously LOVE that they have given her this role in the group- I hope this doesn’t mean they are going to kill her cause I will be MAD. I agree, her dynamic with everyone has been on point- as Raven’s apprentice, Harper’s bestie, Bellamy’s daughter… I love it. Ooooh such a good point with the common ground because of her newfound love of tech! That’s even something that she could relate to Prisonkru on!

      Oh SAME, I will always, always be pro-Bellarke. ALSO YESSSS I did not know this about a hug and I am SO HAPPY, so thanks for that! I love that he is straight up willing to kill hundreds of people to save her, too! I have been really nervous about New Clarke and New Bellamy too honestly- so I feel you! It’s hard because all of Clarke’s friends are now soooo much closer to each other than they are to her, and it’s really sad, if you think about it. Like bad enough that she was alone for 6 years but everyone else’s bonds are going to make her FEEL alone for a lot longer. And Becho, I can’t imagine she’s going to love THAT little tidbit. Because I know we sure don’t hahaha. I am SO excited and nervous for Tuesday- can it please be here already, WE NEED IT!

  4. Emori was always *just* Murphy’s GF, so I’m wicked glad she’s playing an integral part in this season. Also, I’ve been thinking.. being on a space station for 6 years, with only a handful of other people, gets really lonely. Bellamy really didn’t have any other options, for his, uh, urges, so I’ve decided to excuse the whole Becho craziness. He’s back on earth now though, so he better sink that whack ship. Echo hasn’t liked Clarke since the beginning, so even though they say she’s “changed”, I can see Echo going batshit crazy on Clarke when Bellarke becomes 100% real.

    • YES exactly, I love it on many, many levels. I wonder if Murphy felt like everyone started to like Emori better than him (because you know how Murphy is) and that is why he got so weird?

      So yes, that is actually how I felt about Becho too- like okay, she’s a pretty girl, they’re in space forever, fine, you do you Bellamy. The thing that freaked me out more was how serious and… Idk, mushy they seemed. Like Echo seemed so soft, and I don’t know how I feel about that. I think Echo would hate Bellarke but I also think Echo will die before it happens, Idk why, just because I know Jason isn’t trying to do a whole stereotypical love triangle? OR maybe Echo will just betray Skaikru again, who knows! I just can’t see them having a “normal” breakup, you know?

      • The mushiness seemed super out of character for Bellamy. Echo felt weakened by the relationship.

        Jason promised flashbacks, as per usual with The 100, and I can’t wait for them. I neeeeed background info.

  5. That could very well be. Now that they’re out of their hole Octavia’s little death cult might start to question her whatever she has going on. Wonkru Church of Death and Awfulness- I like that. 🙂 Oh and did you notice how when she went into the pit to talk to Kane she said the enemy of Wonkru- choose thing, just like she did 6 years previously? I wonder if it all started then, she developed a cult of personality based on her savagery. After all Miller and even Jackson seemed sorta all in?

    I was legit worried when Octavia went up alone. I mean yeah the lack of females- I was kinda worried those prisoner assholes were gonna try to take some liberties, you know? Thankfully they didn’t go there. I guess good thing Char is there to rein em in. But I was afraid they were gonna at least grab her and then say to bellamy- time to renegotiate. Course they ended up doing that anyway, more or less, just w/ Kabby instead…

    Ooh can’t wait to hear what song you’ve got… 🙂

    • Exactly, one thing to kill nearly 400 people (holy shit) while in a bunker with limited resources… quite another to be ruthless on the ground for shits and giggles- even Grounders would have to draw the line at some point! I did see the “Choose” thing- I assume that it DID start then, and just kind of morphed over time, getting worse and worse until it culminated… in whatever the fuck disturbed rituals were doing on there. Miller seemed all in- Jackson seemed… hesitantly so? Like he kept giving weird looks and stuff, I could tell he seemed unsettled. Miller on the other hand seemed very okay with it.

      YES! I was worried too, I was like, ummm they could just shoot her right there! I didn’t think it would go as smoothly as it did. Smart to take Abby though- little do they know how fucking useless she’ll be bwhahaha. I love how no one mentions that Jackson is a doctor too, that was either smart or lucky.

      • I worry about Miller sometimes. He kinda seems to go with the flow sometimes, and yes he DID seem pretty unfazed by Arena of Death. You’re right about Jackson though- he was clearly more troubled. And I’m a little skeptical ab out Abby’s pills addiction still being a thing after 6 YEARS- I mean wouldn’t it have been an issue/ been resolved before that? Maybe not, but I was thinking it…

        Right! I was waiting for them to pull some fuckery. Good point about Jackson- we can’t split Mackson up so soon! Although I think having Kabby behind enemy lines, so to speak, has SO many possibilities… :):)

        • Yeah he really does- he tortured Lincoln without a second thought. Though he did stand up against Pike, so at least there’s that? But he is a bit of a follower. I honestly couldn’t believe how chill most of them seemed about it all! I think the thing with Abby’s pills is… how could she actually beat the addiction, you know? Not like there’s rehab and shit down there, and as things got more brutal and awful, she probably became more dependent on them.

          I think that the possibilities for Kabby/Prisonkru are fabulous too! Especially since Abby clearly wants to survive- such a survivor’s move by volunteering to go with them. So she still has her wits about her, at least. And NO Mackson cannot split up!! I love them too much!

  6. I didn’t think Clarke was feigning English language ignorance, but I suppose there’s no way around that. I just figured she decided not to speak because she’s had, well, war experience and been places. Further, I didn’t notice the parallels between her and Lincoln, but you’re so right!

    The two GIFs you have—that was one of my favorite scenes. Because Clarke’s “Which time?” chilled me with goosebumps. I watched the episode live, then again via the web replay just to see that one again (and because The 100 is gold, alright).

    Prisonkru also didn’t catch Clarke’s own shock at Spacekru. I was disappointed in Diyoza for jumping to conclusions like that, then for Miles (Zeke’s name’s been changed for legal purposes) to not have noticed, too…because he really is the rational one out of the Eligius IV ship.

    I will be shocked if Murphy dies, because he’s been through so many near-death experiences that death in space, where he was born, just feels like irony—especially since, despite his many unattractive qualities, he has saved peoples lives time and time again. He’s one of my favorite characters, both for his development and personality, because he’s selfish at a glance and makes a lot of selfless decisions.

    My own random thoughts:
    – That “Best Dad” mug foreshadowed Madi AND YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE. It felt like a hat tip to her. XD
    – My first thoughts read: Madi meeting Spacekru finally: HOW MANY OF THEM, PROBABLY SANS BELLAMY, ARE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS about paternity? Because it just…ah. I know she’s not old enough to be Clarke’s daughter, but they could have assumed she was tall for her age, and rational logic is not always a thing that comes first in these situations. Also, if I was Echo or Monty, I would have been thinking that.
    – I didn’t catch the four PhDs—where was that?!
    – Jason made it clear via interview season 5 would have no love triangles.

    Also: I love this. I will be back for your next recap (even though I so watched the episode already haha), because I HAVE BEEN WANTING PEOPLE TO DISCUSS THIS SHOW WITH, and Reddit is clique-y and has too many domineering users for me. ?

    • Even NotZeke (what I call him now because who even is Miles, I cannot) said to Diyoza “maybe she doesn’t even speak English” which is the same thing O said to Bellamy and Miller about Lincoln, too. It was almost like she used some of his tricks and it kind of made my heart hurt.

      Aw thanks! I loved that scene too, because can you even image? Charmaine doesn’t even know the half of what has happened in her absence! (And I feel you- I watch all the episodes twice, and then I rewatch in the hiatus hahha.)

      YES how did they not notice ANY of that!? Is it because they are just so convinced of their rightness? NotZeke, in my mind, was too focused on Bellamy, because you’re right, he is basically the ONLY level headed one. (I also am so curious as to what the “legal reasons” are, is there some Zeke Shaw running around, pissy that his name is a character on a TV show? Weird.)

      I totally agree about Murphy! I don’t think he’ll die at this point anyway- they have more Emori stuff to tell us about. Plus he is in love with Raven, and so he needs to get all moody when NotZeke and Raven become a thing! (And then eventually the universe better give me Murven because I NEED IT.) You are SO right about him seemingly being selfish but then ending up doing a TON of unselfish stuff. It’s such a facade!

      OOOOH I looooove the dad idea! That would be pretty epic if it was, and I am here for it!

      Hahah can you just imagine, Echo wondering if Clarke was having babies when they were in space? DYING.

      There was a brief moment where Raven says to Bellamy that the people from the ship would just be the ancestors of prisoners (she didn’t know about the cryo yet) and Bellamy says something about that not being great either, so Raven says something like “great great Grandpappy Blake had 4 PhDs, how many do you have?” to prove that being spawned from criminals doesn’t make them criminals.

      Yesss I did see that about the love triangles! That is why I assume Echo will have to die? Just kidding, there’s no way they’ll give us Bellarke before the final season (hell, probably the final episode!)

      AW thank you SO MUCH! That means a lot to me! I watched it too actually- it just takes me forever to get the GIFs made and the recap up hahah. I will be excited to discuss Pandora’s Box with you!! 😀

      • I didn’t find another Zeke Shaw, but I saw someone on Twitter reference a Deke Shaw, who is a Marvel character and described on a Wikia as “a scavenger who lived in the Lighthouse, in the year 2091 where the remnants of Humanity is enslaved by the Kree and Earth is destroyed.” Perhaps it’s that the similarities are too alike in that respect, what with Earth being destroyed and all. ? BUT COME ON, PEOPLE SHARE NAMES ALL THE TIME?! But it could also be because The CW hosts shows based on DC Comics, so maybe it was more of a legal issue within the network itself?? I know legal stuff is private, but I wish they’d have been less cryptic about it because I feel like I’m involved in the well-being of The 100, having devoted so much time out of my life to it. ?

        I definitely think they’re hinting at Murven happening, especially considering this deleted scene. I’m fine with it, so long as it’s not forced or anything? And I don’t think he’ll die, considering the prison peeps have a functional spaceship (but that’s spoilers for next ep, so I’ll keep it out of this post!).

        I mean, I know he’s not Madi’s father, but…it just seemed to be foreshadowing it. Why else would there be a mug like that—that he saw as something to take as proof to bring back—when there’s got to be a multitude of literally every other item in the world he could have brought back?!

        Yesss. I knowww no love triangles and all, but I want the reaction. I feel like she might die, though the reason makes me sound like a zealous Bellarke shipper: she was an accessory who served a need/filled a void, and now seems useless. I’m not a fan of downgrading women to that role in fiction, but that’s truly how it seems. And regardless of whatever promise Bellamy made to Echo, Octavia is soooo not a merciful sister like she once was. She’s Blodreina, after all. Ah, I’m def looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

        But I’m so with you on really stretching out Bellarke, because regardless of how Jason feels about Bellarke shippers, they make up a large part of the fandom? Like, most stuff in the hashtags regard Bellarke alerts. I’m not too upset over it, though, because I want ALL THE CLARKE AND MADI MOMENTS.

        • Ahhh that makes sense! I am SURE that Jason and the other powers that be didn’t want to mess with Marvel, even if it isn’t exactly the same. I kind of get that- is it worth the legal hassle?- but I am definitely with you on the cryptic (and sudden!) nature of it!

          I am realllly needing Murven. We all know we’re not getting Bellarke anytime soon, so can we please have Murven? THAT SCENE THOUGH. I hadn’t read that yet, that is FABULOUS, thanks for sharing it! I wish we’d gotten to see it gahh. Yeah I feel like they won’t kill him with this much storyline left? Plus can they really kill ANOTHER one of Raven’s besties without it looking desperate?

          That’s a good point about Madi and the mug! I had assumed it had been kind of like… a way to make us feel like Diyoza was extra awful? LIke “look, she killed someone’s DADDY!”. Even though I don’t think she’s awful, and I think there’s going to be soooo much more to her story. But you ARE right, the writers usually have very meaningful reasons for putting certain things in scenes, so… fingers crossed! (Though I still have trouble with Clarke as a “mom”- big sister, sure. Mom? That’s a stretch ha.)

          No but you are RIGHT, she does seem useless now! The ONLY way she has a storyline still is if she has to struggle with O/Wonkru/Azgeda. OR somehow betrays Bellamy again for Grounders. Or dies. ? And I think on this show, that is usually so good about NOT downgrading women… it would be okay if it happened just this once? I feel like O will at the very least TRY to kill Echo. Because come on, she was banished! And O kills people for stealing blankets now, so…

          Jason loves Bellarke, I am fully convinced of this. I think he’s messing with us. I think he always has been. I mean- the little moments he puts in there… you know he loves it! Almost as much as he loves torturing the shippers ? I mean- what fun would it be if he just SAID they were endgame, right? 😉

  7. Just catching up on the show, and of course I have to come read your recaps afterward. I agree that this season is the BEST in a long time, and I’m loving pretty much everything about it. My absolute favorite moment in this one was when Madi saw Bellamy and immediately knew it was him. Her “Clarke knew you would come” made my heart melt into a pile of sticky goo.

  8. Beth W

    I didn’t even see the parallels with the Lincoln torture scene until you pointed them out BUT YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Well done, show. Well done.

    I feel like season 5’s message is that time and perspective is the actual only difference within the entire human race. But I’m as curious as the next person about the prison/mining ship. And I knew it was gonna be bad when the two guys who weren’t murderers were killed right away by Clarke and mini-me.

    I think Murphy is the character who most understands the humor in irony. I’d feel sorry for him, but I’m too busy cheering for him.

    • It really is- like they are making us understand that Clarke now is the Grounder, which is crazy. It is so true- it’s the whole “perception versus reality” thing, and it is eerie how easy it is to be on the “other” side. And it’s like- you GET the choices that Clarke is making but… remember when Clarke was the new guy and now she’s killing people without knowing THEIR intentions, and it’s just.. wow.

      Murphy is THE best. His whole arc this season is incredible- and fun, which we need with all the darkness and death!

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