Welcome to the January New Release Giveaway Hop! Which, incidentally, I host now. 

I will be giving away any  January 2018 new release of your choice, up to $17. The giveaway is international, as long as The Book Depository ships there free of charge (find that out here!) Oh, and if you are a US winner, I will most likely ship from Amazon- because it will be there for you sooner!) If you prefer, I will send a Kindle edition via Amazon gift. (Please note: You may only chose ONE of these options!)

And now, the books! 

Ah, January! Things start to pick up again this month, yayy! 

Enter here to win whichever of these or any other January release your heart desires! Please be sure to check the terms and conditions :) 

Ends January 31, 2018 at 11:59pm EST
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Now hop along to all the other blogs, and thanks for entering! Good luck :)

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77 responses to “January 2018 New Release Giveaway Hop!

  1. John Smith

    “Any exciting goals or plans for the new year?” No *exciting* plans, just sturdy, dependable plan, I’m afraid!

  2. i’ven’t really thought about it except for the goal to finish handmade christmas gift in advance so they can be sent before christmas in 2018 not after

  3. BookAttict

    The usual….lose some more weight, exercise more and eat healthier.
    Happy New Year & thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  4. My health is my #1 focus this year. Not exciting, but I’m so tired of dying by inches that I’m committed to it. Mostly, that’s finding ways to cut stress out of my life (and deal with stress proactively). Since I have to work for a living, it should be a challenge… 😀
    (thank goodness for good books!)

  5. Nothing much planned this year yet. Still working on losing weigh and just generally being more active/healthy, but 2017 was pretty good for that. As for reading, I hope to read more of the books that I already own.


  6. Happy New Year!!! I plan to read more, do more projects for the blog and get more healthy and fit.

    Thanks for the giveaway, sounds awesome since there are so many GREAT releases this month.

  7. Kate

    My only resolution is to try to have a really good belly laugh with my Mum everyday. The last couple of years have been horrible for her but being able to laugh is such wonderful gift.

  8. Rima

    Happy New Year! My NY resolution, which happens to be the same every year, is to make healthier food choices. 🙂


    NO plans for me. Reading wise, I’ve read one book for 2018, re-read the City of Bones, am on book two, City of AShes. I’m waiting on a book order from Indigo (two books in a series) I put down 50 this yr for my goodreads challenge, hope to hit 75 though, but will have to make sure I bring books with me when I go camping (I have some boxed sets in the camper actually buy hubby grabbed them and read them )

  10. I have no idea what book I would even choose if I won. There are so many to be excited about this month! :O
    Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway to kick off the new year!

  11. I’m turning the big 3-0 this January, so I’m planning on living it up! Also I upped my reading goal to 70 books this year, so I’m hoping to make it there!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Cassie

    I want/need to start reading books that I own. I have sooo many (both print and electronic) that I’ve bought in the last 5-6 years and I keep not reading them (because I work at a library, so there are just too many books :D)

  13. Jan Lee

    I’ve already had 3 unexpected expensive car repairs in this short 2 weeks of the new year, so I’m good for the whole year on exciting things, lol

  14. Lisa A

    I don’t have any plans or anything exciting going on. I lost my job last year and I’m still on a job search. It’s so hard! I’ve never had to search like this before. I’m staying as positive and optimistic as I can, though! It’ll happen when and where it’s meant to.

  15. Autumn

    Besides reading more, I really want to do the renovations around my house that I’ve been wanting to do for years.

  16. Cynthia R

    I have some savings goals, some household improvements/furniture goals, books to read goals, & weight/fitness goals

  17. Jaime Lester

    My goal for this year is to just. read. Not to worry about writing reviews, or following a list of books. Just to read at my own leisure, whatever I please. I will be a new mommy in August, so I figure now is the time because things are going to change drastically very soon!

  18. I’m hoping to make this 2018 a year about me. Not in a selfish way, of course. It’s just… It’s been a long time since the last time I took care of myself, the last time I treated myself… Well, it’s time to work on some self-love! Have a fantastic year, Shannon! ♥

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