Guys, here’s a true story: I was reading some blogs yesterday when I stumbled upon Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight’s incantation of this tag. She found it from the lovely Dina @ Dinosaur, and she found it from ReadingRealm.  Here’s the cold, hard truth: I am not in a very creative mindset. Look, I want to get my mind off of the current political and societal climate of “Actual Garbage Fire”, but any and all creativity has been sapped from my mind. Blame you know who that I don’t wish to dignify with a name on my happy space; I do.

So, tag it is. I am just happy I am posting something, tbh. And it’s fun, so please feel free to steal it from me and all these other people 😉 I also linked to Goodreads because I am awesome.

This is kiiiind of perfect because I am, quite literally, the girl at midnight. Because this blog is “at Midnight”? And I am a girl. And also, I am always up at midnight, so there’s that. Look at all the ways it works! Also, I have never read it. Have you?

To travel around Europe? Yeah, that would be hands down the best weekend ever. But even if we just go with the title only, a weekend of wandering anywhere would be delightful indeed.

This sounds like it would be full of new experiences and some kind of photos that would be crazy Instagram worthy. Just saying.

I have always, always wanted to name a human Georgia. I don’t think that’s what they mean here, but who cares, I make my own rules.

Because the only thing better than swimming is swimming at night. This should absolutely be a career; me floating around in lakes, oceans, and pools at night. I’m available!

Um, because who wouldn’t want to go to Paris, tbh?

Dislike, but hey, what are you going to do?

Because um, does anyone not ask this? If so, we need to talk so you can teach me your secrets!

This was hard, and I needed Val to explain it to me because I get confused sometimes, but then she did, and I have decided that I wish to rule over Mosquitoland. Obviously.

This isn’t even a close call. We’re touring in the spring.

I added this one because, well, I need to. I mean, if you’ve been watching the news or not living in a cave, you know what I mean.

Okay, that’s it for me! If you’d like, feel free to answer a few of these for me, yes? YAY! And you know, steal it for yourself if you’d like! 😀 


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  1. This totally made me smile. “Girl at Midnight”, hee-haw. That’s awesome. And I always thought “Rocks Fall Everyone Dies” would be a great band name too! And yes, Paris is lovely, though I wish I spoke French. It would have made it better (I think).

  2. This is awesome hahaha I will steal it promptly. I think my favorite is the return of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies – I thought it was hilarious last time, I have not changed my mind. But I can also relate on the other ones. Especially the love life one haha. Georgia IS a great name! I can’t say I would like to rule over the kingdom of Mosquitoland (I’m assuming this means something else, because who likes mosquitos???), but I haven’t read this book, so maybe I’m missing out.

    • I LOVE Rocks Fall. I still haven’t read it, and I think the reason is that I want to keep it on the shelf by my bed as long as I can hahah. Damn the crappy love lives. And I DO want to rule over Mosquitoland because I get to live in the castle and have the bug spray so screw everyone else 😉 I’ve not read the book either, but I also couldn’t think of anything else that sounded like a ridiculous kingdom ?

  3. What a fun tag! It would be so great if you could call a human Georgia Peaches. Especially the last one is really on point, as well as the “Am I normal yet?” I ask myself this every day.

  4. This is a cool tag! I’ve never seen it before and I love your answers! I definitely wouldn’t want to rule Mosquitoland either……

  5. Kel

    These are great!! And very creative! I’m a little more optimistic on #11. Especially since the North Korea situation has the potential to literally make that happen…which is depressing. Although, recent events do bring to mind “Ghostly Echoes” by William Ritter, which I still need to read! Anyway, yay for creativity and fun! I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Awesome tag. I like #1 because night time of course- I’m totally a night owl. And cool cover too! And Europs? Oh my gosh yes, give me all the European countries so I can go somewhere sane lol. I love that cover of Romancing the Dark in the City of Light- it’s actually really awesome and I think I may want that book?

    #10 lol because I WOULD GO SEE THAT BAND! And #11- I can’t even. Add anything to that. Perfectly said lololo

    • Aw thanks!! You know, now that you mention it, I could have used the book “Night Owls” to sum it all up perfectly too! I need Europe, their relative sanity, and just pretty scenery and a change of pace. I feel like I might own Romancing the Light? But who knows really. I haven’t read it though, it does sound good!

      The band is terrible at actually BEING a band, because it’s just me and I have no musical skills, but I’ll provide food and liquor and such, so no one will care about there not being *technically* any music at the concert. 😀

  7. d y i n g at the End of Days answer. BUT SERIOUSLY. THAT’S OUR LIFE NOW. AND IT SUCKS. and omg dying at the Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies band. I’d totally go see it.

    I would also just love to travel around Europe, though I’d need more than a weekend. 😉 Let’s do it, Shannon. Let’s hop on a plane to Paris tomorrow, okay?

    Into the Bright Unknown sounds a little bit more ominous than intriguing to me. idk why, maybe it’s the word unknown that makes me not want to go on this adventure.

    I’m definitely gonna do this!

    • EVeryone wants to come see my shitty band that is just me and doesn’t play music bwhahah. LET’S GO to Paris. Now.

      I LOVE the unknown part, that was the attraction! Plus, it is the BRIGHT unknown, not “creepy, poorly lit unknown” so less scary 😉

  8. Oh man, The Girl at Midnight IS perfect! I mean, I too am always up at midnight, but for you it’s even more perfect because of the blog name.

    I love that your ideal job is to swim at night, hahahaha. But I have to agree, swimming at night is the bomb. A little scary in the ocean because sharks and things and because the water is so dark that you can’t see what’s in it, but still the bomb as long as you don’t get eaten.

    Oh my gosh, I love “Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies” for a band name!

    But I haven’t read Mosquitoland, so I’m just picturing a land of mosquitoes, literally, and OHMYGOODNESS NO. I think I have the sweetest blood of ever because I swear I can be with other people and they get no bites and I get 20. Sometimes not even mosquitoes. Every bug just likes to bite me, I think.

  9. Shannon, you picked the best band name ever. I’m so glad you’re going on tour. *Makes merch* Oh, btw, I am trying to read the Girl at Midnight book rn. The main character stole a burrito just ’cause. I like her already.

  10. I love this pose. Girl at Midnight is insanely accurate. And that add in question at the end made me laugh because it’s true and it really shouldn’t be. I love the name of your band, though, I would totally go see a band called Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies.

  11. Oh wow, what a great book tag. I love this. I need to do it sometime. Thanks for sharing these books. They look great!! I’ll check them out. Have a wonderful week and happy reading. ?

  12. Fun tag – I don’t think I’ve come across this one before.
    Um, could there be a more perfect title that describes you? LOL
    Night swimming. In lakes or oceans. No, no and let’s add a hell no just for fun. The very thought wigs me out.
    Loving your band name. Can’t wait to see you perform live. 🙂

  13. I saw this over at Kristen’s blog too, and I’m totally doing it. This is the most fun tag I’ve seen in a long time! And I agree that it will be a good way to pull my eyes away from the news and the stupidity of certain people lately (or, you know, always—not really just lately).

  14. This is a really cute tag, and that last one you added at the end is perfection. ? Cool picks, and I especially like the name Georgia, it’s extremely pretty. 🙂

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