Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is: Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t (topic originally done March 2013) 

So, there are tons of series I started and haven’t finished- those could fill up plenty of posts, for sure. But these are ones that I flat out never started. And no worries, I have failed at enough series that there will be tons to choose from! 

*I also picked series in which at least 2 books have been released, otherwise it seems silly?*

I have the first book, and I have zero problems buying the others because… well, do you see the gorgeousness of these covers? 😍😍

I have the first two books, signed by Heather! I love Heather’s contemporary books, so I assume I will like these too?

Again, I own the first two. Again, I want to swoon at them all day because of these gorgeous cover gems!

Guys, I actually pre-ordered book one. And have book two. What am I waiting for!?

Own ’em. Need to read ’em. Someone tell me why I should, thanks!

Also pre-ordered book one here too. Oops? It looks so good, and come on, libraries!!

Both Cait and Nicole have raved about this series, so I kind of need to get my shit together and start it!

It sounds so good, I have both books, and book one is part of The Indecision Games so… yeah.

Admittedly, this has had some mixed reviews, but I am still pretty curious as to what the fuss is about!

I have the first two books, and also, the spacey covers are pretty!

So, loves, do tell: Which series must I start reading ASAP?

Which series must be started?

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And you, my friends? Which series do you want to start immediately?

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36 responses to “Serious Series Fails

  1. The ‘Red Queen’ books are on my list too!

    Beyond this, I read book on in the ‘Stars’ series (I’m like you, those COVERS – for that reason alone I *had* to have them), and like it fine. Alas, I’ve not read books 2&3 (though I do own them). Maggie’s series is one I’d like to read because they look SO pretty. Hopefully someday. 🙂

  2. Okay so I voted Corpus series cause they’re the only ones I’ve read lol. I heard Origin was whatever, haven’t read it myself but I liked Vitro. Kalahari was good but I liked Vitro more. I’ve seen some people that didn’t like Vitro as much as I did though, so who knows? Guess that’s not a huge vote of confidence but I liked the two I read. Oh and they’re basically standalones- the only connection is this mysterious corporation that builds research labs in isolated places and starts fucking w/ people. Or clones or what have ya.

    Love The Impostor Queen covers, and the Ruined series does look good. I actually had a little trouble w/ this topic…

  3. Many of the series mentioned need to be finished by me too. Except from the Starbound trilogy. I didn’t like Zodiac but I have started reading the second book.

  4. I read Ink and Bone earlier this year and was not quite as taken with it as others. I’ve heard great things about Ruined and that is certainly on my wishlist.

  5. Sam

    The Starbound series is one of my faves. Ruined is fantastic too. I am in the midst of the Great Library series. I only read book 1, but book 2 just came available and I have a DRC of book 3, so this is happening. I abandoned Red Queen. Book 1 was ah-mazing, and then book 2 was sort of a struggle to get through. When I finally got the 3rd book on Overdrive, I had read so many negative things, I just could not invest myself in over 500 pages.
    Sam @ WLABB

  6. Wow. I love blog hops like this one! I’m just visiting all these amazing blogs. 🙂 You put so much effort into your post with the graphics! I also featured the Stabound series in my post… I really really do want to read it soon! But I feel like I have been saying that about like every book lately…. :/ Hm.. #bookwormproblems

    Cass @ Words on Paper

  7. Great list, Shannon! The Starbound books are so beautiful and I’ve heard great things about them, so I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. =) I love the sound of The Great Library, too, now I just need to decide if I’m going to add those books to my ever-growing TBR pile…

  8. I had to vote for Ruined because SO SASSY AND FUN. But also And I Darken and the Starbound chronicles are A+ fantasticness.😍😍 And I hadn’t seen the cover for The True Queen until now and I’m just kind of laughing because the front girl’s expression doesn’t look quite right for having a knife at her throat and the other girl sniffing her hair. That cover is the most interesting thing. 😂😂EXCUSE ME
    So basically I have started a LOT of series but I rarely finish because I’m so so lazy.😂 I need to read the sequel to Blackhearts…and The Girl From Everywhere. I need to start Wolf by Wolf. SO MANY BOOKS.

  9. I also have Starbound and The Impostor Queen on my TBR. And since I love The Forbidden Wish, I guess I should try Corpus series. I’ve read Red Queen and I absolutely dislike it, but maybe you’ll like it better than I do.

  10. I have not read any of these. I’m so bad with series! The Starbound books used to be on my TBR list, but I deleted them because, realistically, I’m never going to read the things. They’d just sit on my TBR list forever.

  11. I went through my Goodreads Own shelf for this week’s topic and I am seriously horrified at the number of series I own at least part of but haven’t read. It’s INSANE! Anyway, I think you should definitely read Starbound and Ruined. I also liked Red Queen and Impostor Queen. Zodiac was just okay for me, but I’m debating continuing the series.

  12. The Starbound series is so good! Also, I know a lot of people didn’t like it but I love the Conspiracy of Us books. I also really liked If I Darken. The Dark Caravan started off strong but lost me in the second book.

  13. I’ve had These Broken Stars sitting on my shelf for far too long. At first I was like, space? Meh. But then I saw a reviewer mention how romance-focused it was so I had to have it. Naturally. I just recently added And I Darken to my TBR. Definitely *not* my usual read but I am so intrigued!

  14. The Great Library series is SO amazing. Every book I read, I accumulate more quotes. NetGalley has been kind to me and I’ve gotten ARCs for all three books to date. So I’m sitting everything that happens in book 3 with no one to talk to about it!! I love the series enough that I’ve ordered the books once they are available. Last year, my sister finished book right before book 2 came out and she was sitting on this cliffhanger. So I ordered book 2 and shipped it right to her, but told her she had to give it to me when she was done…because it was really mine!

  15. I have all of these series on my TBR. I also have the first and second book, we must have both bought them when they finally got on sale lol. I read The Red Queen and thought it was ok (I actually never wrote a review lol). I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with that series. I also bought some of these because of the covers lol.

  16. I actually enjoyed Red Queen, but I don’t think I’ll ever read the sequels because it’s been so long that I’ve lost interest! And I still have And I Darken on my TBR. Whoops. XD I read These Broken Stars and LOVED it, but I still haven’t read the other two, which is just straight-up shame.

  17. The Starbound trilogy is definitely one I’d pick up. The romances are definitely swoonworthy but the world itself is epic. I’ve seen a lot of hype about the Conqueror’s Saga and I have the first book but I still don’t actually know what the book is about haha. I love Heather Demetrios’ contemporary novels but I’ve yet to dive in to her fantasy series.

  18. I voted for Imposter Queen because I read the first two recently and liked them. I haven’t read any of the rest, but I also put a vote in for And I Darken and the Great Library series, because I think they sound good!

  19. Kel

    I wish I could offer you good advice, but . . . I’ve only started one of these series (Starbound). And I never read books 2 and 3. ^^; You have a nice range of options there, though, so anywhere looks good. Happy reading! 🙂

  20. Story of my life. Though I have managed to finish The Starbound series! I’ve got The Impostor Queen on my shelf waiting and I’ve been planning on reading Ink & Bone for far too long. I’ve been meaning to finish LaFever’s His Fair Assassins for far too long (one book left!). Good luck and happy reading!

  21. I voted for the Starbound trilogy because I still need to continue that series too! I plan to re-read the first book and then binge the other two once I feel this big Sci-Fi kick coming up. I also want to read Ruined because of Cait. xD

  22. lol don’t worry, I’ve started series and haven’t finished them. Tons of times, actually. *side-eyes myself over Blackhearts & Ruined* I really didn’t enjoy Ruined, but there are a few cute scenes from it. Otherwise, I may pass. I’ve seen a few iffy reviews on the These Broken Stars trilogy, which has sadly turned me off on it. It’s some sort of spacey Titanic?? I always hate when a series goes past three books tbh. Everything should be already wrapped within that bit. UNLESS, I truly adore the author and their work. Haa. I once read the first Harry Potter book in elementary – skimmed it, actually – and I’ve been dyinggg to return to it. AND YES: I’ve been dying to read Kiersten White’s newest dystopian series myself. It sounds so good. I read her short story in the Stephanie Perkins’s-edited wintery anthology, and gosh, the cuteness. Plus, so much food!

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