Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is: Top Ten Most Anticipated Books For The Second Half of 2017

I’m moderately sure I have the right date/topic this week, but who can tell? Anyway, this should really be called “Top However the Hell Many Books I Feel like Talking About”.  Because there are so many. The whole second half of the year, you say? 🤔 Great, here, have 528 books! Kidding. But so many more than 10, I guarantee. I’ll organize by month, because we need some semblance of order around here.

But yeah, remember when everyone was like “ohh 2016 was such garbage fire”, and 2017 was all “bitch please, you haven’t seen anything”? Yeah, I need help to get through this year. Thanks, books and authors of books! 

Also, I am extra awesome and linked all the books to Goodreads even though it took forever. ♥



Luckily, July is slow-ish. The next few months… yikes. I need a slower July, tbh.



I am pretty excited because I happen to have most of these!! Now I just need the other three 😉 



Some of these covers are epic and others are rather unfortunate, no? (Girls Made of Snow and Glass legit looks like a placeholder, and I seriously thought someone was messing with me when I saw The Ravenous 😳)



Definitely the best cover month by volume- also, the month that was the hardest to narrow down! I have already pre-ordered several. 



Always a slower time. But that’s okay, I shall need a break after October and before all the shiny new 2018 books! 

So, which books are high on your wishlist for the rest of the year? Any that I am missing and must read? 

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36 responses to “Some Books that Might Make the Rest of 2017 Suck a Little Less

  1. What To Say Next for that COVER. Just looks so summery and now I want a cuppa something tropical-ish. Love the title of this post BTW. Seriously without books (and The 100) would this year be bearable? Did you see that dipshit over in Europe, embarassing us? FFS. Sorry not sure why I’m going on a tangent here lol. Okay Changes in Latitude just looks like summer, doesn’t it? And Map for wrecked Girls. WANT. One Dark Throne- that cover too.

    Satellite and Wild Beauty- I don’t even know what half of these books are about lol but I’m loving the covers. I’ll be clicking over on lots of these though- I like how you laid em out by month, most helpful. 🙂

    • You know, at first I thought those were milkshakes, and I maybe could have resisted them, but something tropical? Need. Hahha thanks- no, it would not be. At all. This year is complete bullshit. And now that The 100 is over.. ugh. At least it’s summer-ish? (Though, 60 and raining is not what I had in mind. Grr.) And YES I saw him because he is like a fucking train wreck and you can’t look away even though you want to vomit. (And tangents are always welcome, I personally love a tangent.)

      Oh yes, books. I NEED A Map For Wrecked Girls. It needs to be at ALA. The One Dark Throne cover is the UK one, which I have pre-ordered because of course. Satellite seems kind of… The 100-esque? Which obviously I am here for. Idk what Wild Beauty is about either, but I want it. I rarely read synopses, and if I do… I forget them.

      • If Wrecked Girls is at ALA you should call me so I can come get a copy lol. I will be buying that book for the cover, absolutely. And I did read the synopsis for it a while back but I don’t remember- something about sisters, but who cares, because that cover. I want to display it and then see if people ask about it when they come over. 🙂

        And that UK Thrones cover might be one of my favorite covers I’ve seen this YEAR. With the sword and the snake… that is way superior to the US cover!!

        • HA you should just come and get ALL the books. I am moderately salty about not getting an ARC of it so… I want one. I agree, I find that I rarely care what books are about. I only add them if I liked the synopsis so… I probably liked it at one point? Plus, it’s a fun surprise! I agree, the UK ODT is soooo much better. Just like the UK TDC was far superior. The US needs to get its shit together. In so many ways.

  2. “Warcross” made my list. I’m not sure it’ll be a book suited to my tastes, but I AM curious. So… time will tell.

    “What to Say Next” is really cute/sweet and easy to read; and I’ve been seeing “The Color Project” everywhere! I’ve a feeling that will be on my list next week. 🙂

    Great list, Shannon; lots of amazing books to love and anticipate this second half of 2017 (Where did this year go!!???)

  3. Noooooo. As usual, your list makes me want to add more and more to my TBR list. Wow, there are some stunning covers on there. I’m intrigued by The Color Project and A Map For Wrecked Girls. Argh too many to mention. I hope you love them all!

  4. How dare you make my TBR a billion times longer than it already was! Then again, some of these look great and I wasn’t even aware of them so thanks for sharing! The Tiger’s Daughter and A Skinful of Shadows made my list this week, too, and Invictus, Moxie, Odd & True and Girls Made of Snow and Glass have gone straight on my TBR. Great list, Shannon!

  5. Oh wow, so many amazing books to add on goodreads tbr! *furiously click the button* I’m excited for Library of Fates, the Hearts We Sold, Language of Thorns (obviously) and the Ravenous. Great list!

  6. Well, I relate to your feeling of needing books to get through the rest of the year 😉 But I was having some major inspiration problems and had trouble coming up with ten books… so needless to say, I love your top ‘however the hell many books I feel like talking about’ list and will be checking out all of these 😉 THANKS!

  7. So many of these I haven’t even heard of and I already have 100s on my wishlist! 😀 The Forever Ship did make my much cut down TTT list though.

  8. Oh wow, that’s a lot of books! Where to begin?? Wicked Like A Wildfire and Wild Beauty are my favourites out of this list. But it looks like we’re spoiled for choice this year. ^.^

  9. Oh my God, so many books! 😀

    I didn’t know that Ryan Graudin has a new book coming out again already! I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed by “Wolf by Wolf” and am very cautious now about her books but damn, time travel AND a super pretty cover? That’s definitely tempting 😀

    “This Darkness Mine” reminds me that I still need to read “A Madness So Discreet”, that one has been on my shelves for almost two years now…

    I’m also curious about “Warcross”, the video games setting definitely sounds very appealing to me!

  10. Sam

    Wow! You compiled such a lovely list up there, and I see many books I loved and many books I want my grabby hands on. Everything All at Once was such a treat. I loved every second of it. I would give a finger or something really good for the new Buxbaum. The wait is killing me. Spellbook was awesome. My love for Fowley-Doyle is solidified with this book. I see a lot of sequels I am eager to read as well. I concur, reading these books might make the rest of the year suck less. =)
    Sam @ WLABB

  11. I love when you totally disregard the 10 part and give us a ton of books 🙂 You have a lot on here I am pumped about – Changes in Latitude, What to Say Next, Spellbook, Dress Codes and Wicked Like a Wildfire to name a few. SO many others though as well. But you have a ton here I don’t know about which makes me happy to go look up new books now. Great list!!

  12. I’m SUPER excited for Warcross, Zero Repeat Forever, and Dress Codes for Small Towns. My most anticipated read has to be The Assassin’s Curse by Kevin Sands, though. It’s the third installment in a middle-grade historical mystery series. The previous two books are some of my all-time favorites, so I can’t wait for The Assassin’s Curse to make its way onto my shelves.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  13. Kel

    I can’t complain too much about 2017 so far since I passed my spring classes and got the law journal position I wanted, but there’s a lot of year left. (I’m cautiously optimistic about the job hunt and next semester.) Right now, I’m definitely looking forward to The Hearts We Sold and Renegades by Marissa Meyer.

  14. I love this list! So many good books coming. I think I’m looking forward to Warcross most from your list (it made mine as well). Even the Darkest Stars has caught my eye though. Thank you for compiling all these! Bookmarking your post for future reference 😉

    Here’s my TTT.

  15. So many on here that I need! Like seriously. I’ll also add Hunting Prince Dracula and The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – among many others I’m sure. 🙂

  16. I didn’t know about that collaboration of love triangle stories being released in December, that’s so far away!! I have a ton of those books on my TBR too! So many good books are being released this year!!

  17. Big thumbs up to What to Say Next. I just loved Tell Me Three Things (and now I kinda want to reread it) and I’m excited to read more from Buxbaum. And A Map for Wrecked Girls – totally interested in that one. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to some contemporaries from my favorites: Without Merit by Colleen Hoover, If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer Armentrout, Wish You Were Here by Renee Carlino. The usual suspects… 🙂


    I'm dying for almost all of these, so it will be impossible to pinpoint just one. Just to torture myself, I'll say so. 😀 I'm dying for Forest of A Thousand Lanterns and Wild Lanterns, and Adam Silvera's newest, because obvs, AAANNND If Birds Fly Back (because birds) and Race To The Bottom To the Sea, which is technically middle-grade but I just had to include it. Seriously, there are so many great books releasing this year!! <3

  19. I don’t look ahead to new releases two much, so I recognise a total of 2 books here and only because I got them for review 😛 But I am seeing a lot of epic covers, and so that makes me quite intriguing. And yeah… real life has been really depressing and heart breaking for the world lately and I think that may or may not explain the reason for my reading wrap up number ricocheting higher. That just happens when life gets tough for me. Books are the ultimate escape…

  20. V

    I’m surprised because I am not that excited for any one book? Which is good because I really want to catch up on other books from this year, and last year I suppose. Like I think some of these look good, but I have a feeling that I will be completely let down because ya know, 2017 and my high expectations.

  21. I’m looking forward to Invictus as well. I spoke with Ryan on a historical fiction Twitter chat and was enthralled with her description of the book.

    I heard about The Tiger’s Daughter at Phoenix ComiCon. It sounded good!

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