Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is: Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR

I was not going to do this because I was being lazy, and do I ever stick to a TBR anyway? But alas, peer pressure from Amber and Holly made me cave, so here we are. Goals are nice, right?

The Books I Will Actually Definitely Read.

(Because they are review books)

True story, I am not a fan of this picture, but by the time I realized it, I’d already dumped all the books back on my shelf so… you’re stuck with it and so am I.

The Books I Might Read One or Two Of

(But lie to myself and pretend I will read them all) 

I legit just grabbed a bunch from my “must read” shelf. No rhyme or reason, I could have grabbed 12 others, and the outcome would have been the same ?

Also, all the books in The Indecision Games that I haven’t read yet. I gave myself a year to read them all, but I am not even halfway there. That is a fail. These are them. 

I know I will read all the review books, but beyond that… it’s anyone’s guess. ACTUALLY. Let’s make it a GAME. How many of my non-review books do you think I will read between now and the summer? Let me know your guess 😉 

So, how do you do with sticking to TBRs? Do you even try? 

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50 responses to “Some Books I’ll Get to This Spring (And Some I Really Won’t)

  1. LOL, I say this too, Shannon! I rarely (if ever) stick to my TBRs, but it’s fun to put bookish lists together and talk all fangirl-y about them, so I do. 😉 Plus, I do have GOOD intentions. I simply don’t get to them. *sigh* Maybe in spring 2018.

    As I remember “Bad Romance” sounded really intriguing, but I don’t really remember what it was about except that I DID (once upon a time) read about it. Hope you enjoy these that you have a chance to read! 🙂

  2. Wow there are a ton of books you need to read out of the last pile! Like A Gathering of Shadows (have you even read ADSOM??) and then GOODBYE DAYS. I can let you know right now that you can skip And I Darken and probably ….the 100.

    I need to read all the ARCs too. So it’s ok.

    • YES I read ADSOM. I barely remember it, but that is what spoilers are for. Also, I will read Rebellion because come ON, it is THE 100 for goodness sake, and the last of the series (likely), and it is a quick read, AND I can usually make fun of it? I do want to read And I Darken- I know some have loved it and some have hated it but I want to it least give it a go? Idkkkk.

  3. I’m super bad about ever reading what I put on my TBR lists– although I have good intentions!! I have Grit and Bad Romance on my list this week. They both sound like they were made for me. Also, I gotta read We Are Okay because I feel like a terrible Nina LaCour fan for having not read it yet.

  4. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Bad Romance. I didn’t get the nod for a review copy bust can’t wait to read it. I’ve just finished Goodbye Days which was really good and so excited to start Caraval.

  5. Royal Bastards and Grit- yes. I should have put Grit on my list dang it. Oh and The Seafarer’s Kiss- because merpeople and some Norse mythology apparently? And lol about your “might read”s – I’m going back and forth on Valiant, and seeing the 100 books… always makes me kinda wanna. Maybe this year… ? If nothnig else I could get some post mileage out of RIPPING those bad boys if they suck… 😛

    • Yess hopefully Grit is good! I will probably be reading it pretty soon so I can let you know! And Royal Bastards looks so good too. And Seafarer’s Kiss I have heard good things about already, so fingers crossed! And I have heard great things about The Valiant so we’ll see!

      Read The 100 books. Here’s why: they are quick reads, and if nothing else, it is entertaining as hell to then make fun of 😉 PLUS then I will have someone to commiserate with- like “WAIT! Clarke wouldn’t DO THAT!” and such. (I also didn’t *hate* the third book. It’s no show but… I think it veered so far off that it was more tolerable? I am not saying it’s good but… also, this is probably convincing you NOT to read them 😉 )

  6. Sam

    I am pretty jealous of both your stacks of books. There are so many in the stack I would jump to read, but alas, I do not have the book. Good luck trying to pick the lucky winners of your attention.

  7. I can’t organise a monthly TBR at aaaaaall. Or even a weekly TBR. ? I was really proud of myself for actually planning my last week’s reading of dragon books so I could collect them for a mini review. But that’s like SO ODD FOR ME. Not doing that again.? But sooo many good books here Shannon. Here’s a plan: just adopt me and I’ll read them for you and that’ll fix all your problems, yes?? This is an excellent plan. I can sit on your small minion children too on occasion. I’M AN EXCELLENT SITTER OF CHILDREN, JUST ASK MY FRANKS. (Actually I asked the 4yo Frank if I could sit on her as is the definition of “babysitting” and she said no and ran off with my iPod. Like, rude???)

  8. Grit, Bad Romance, Dividing Eden, Dreamfall, and The Sandcastle Empire are all on my TBR! I really enjoyed Caraval and A Gathering of Shadows, so I’d recommend those two as well!

  9. Kel

    Sticking to and finishing a set TBR pile? What is that? I’m the same way: I finish review books in a (mostly) timely manner. Everything else is only God knows when.

    Side note: from The Indecision Games, I think Uprooted is worth finishing. The Book Thief is definitely worth reading once, but I was in the same boat and never getting around to it. So I got the audiobook, which was great, and listened on my commute. I’m not a big audiobook person, but sometimes that’s the way to go with books I want to read, but don’t want to read (like a lot of classics).

  10. Yeah, I have the same problem. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get all of the reading done that I’d like to.

    I’m going to guess that you’ll read 2 of your non-review books between now and the beginning of summer.

    My TTT

  11. I am super excited for Grit too. I can’t wait to see what ou think of Bad Romance. Denton’s Still Not Dead was cute and short and worth getting too if you liked the first. I hope to get to Goodbye Days soon. Hope you enjoy whichever you get to 🙂

  12. Oh man, I have the hardest time keeping to my TBR list. I try to bully myself into reading some by putting them on these lists (you would think sending them into the everywhere of the internet would make me want to read them more) but alas, I find I just shrug at them and say, “meh, this other one looks PRETTY”.

  13. I’m so excited to read Royal Bastards, Bad Romance, Grit and a couple of others on your list. I hope you enjoy all your Spring reads!

  14. I love how you’re honest with yourself! Ones you will read ones you might read. I am trying really hard to read my backlog, starting with NetGalley.

  15. AH SO MANY GOOD BOOKS!! Royal Bastards sounds so good – I hope you enjoy! <3

    Oh gosh, every time I see Goodbye Days I'm reminded of the copy sitting on my phone waiting to be read but I'M STILL NOT PREPARED. And probably won't ever be. Haaaallpp. XD

  16. Currently reading ROYAL BASTARDS and loving it. It’s a nice sort of cheeky, which I always appreciate.

    Hmmm, out of your maybe pile? I’m not sure! I didn’t like AND I DARKEN but I feel like everyone else did …

  17. I am crazy excited for Bad Romance. Like, frothing at the mind excited. Okay, maybe not frothing at the mouth. I’m not rabid. But the excitement is real.

    And I definitely do NOT do TBR’s. I’m a pantser. Never know what I’m going to pick up from one book to the next.

  18. I hope you love A Gathering of Shadows as much as I did. It’s so good! I love how honest you are about this to be read nonsense. Read what you feel like reading, I say! Although, I do admit that weekly TBRs work for me much better than a seasonal giant one would. You do you. If you ever want to read together, though, I am so ready for that. We need to talk to each other some more. *Hugs tight* You’re awesome.

  19. Ohh what a great TBR! I never make TBRs because I don’t ever stick to them ahah, so I prefer reading whatever fits my mood at the moment. I hope you’ll be able to read We are okay, I have been hearing good things about this book, I hope you’ll enjoy it! Also, I loved The Serpent King but I don’t feel quite ready to read Goodbye Days yet….. Maybe soon? Haha. 🙂

  20. I haven’t read And I Darken yet either, and I did get it as a review copy *hiding monkey emoji*. It is, however, of course completely unacceptable that you haven’t read A Gathering of Shadows yet (insert peer pressure here). As to sticking to a TBR – I don’t really have one? I mean I guess I have all the hundreds of books I want to read on goodreads and then there’s a shelf full of books I bought and haven’t read yet, so I guess teeechnically you could say I have a tbr, but I definitely don’t have an organized list, because we all know that’s not how I roll. Good luck with yours though! 😀

  21. How are The 100 books? Did the show really diverge from the series or are they pretty similar? Is it worth reading the books? Do you prefer the show over the books/the books over the show? *sorry for all the questions haha*

    • Ohhh no, the books are a hot mess ?? The show is like a million percent better. There are virtually NO similarities, aside from the general “sending 100 kids to earth” premise and a few of the characters’ names. But it’s almost like a compulsion to read them at this point ?

  22. If I were doing this feature I think I’d call it “Books I Will Read…Someday. Definitely within the Next Ten Years. Maybe.” 😉 But thanks for putting some of these on my radar! I am loving that paper cut-out cover for The Seafarer’s Kiss.

  23. Your books are stacked so pretty WHAT. I’m constantly moving mine around, like bulldozing them (nicely, of course) and such. #mess. My Instagram/Twitter photos ALWAYS look like they were taken with a Polaroid camera from 1992, it’s so embarrassing. But really, I’m so excited to see what you think of Grit, We Are Okay (I was literally just contemplating buying that one, next time I was at B&N lolz) && Bad Romance because that spine is insanely pretty. Also, SO excited to see what you think of Caraval, because I love/hated the story and Stephanie Garber’s writing is gorgeousss.

  24. I’ve seen some of these books on Netgalley but I haven’t heard much about them. How creepy is Dream fall’s cover? I’ve just read We ARe Okay and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t too memorable. Caraval was excellent though. Yeah I stopped with trying to stick to my TBR because I’m such a mood reader, I read whatever I want lol.

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