Ten Favorite “The 100” Friendships

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Fine, so today is Thursday. Look, it still fits: TTT. No one needs to know. Technically, I could have backdated this. But I didn’t. See how honest I am? Or how few fucks I give? Whichever.

In fairness, I was stuck in Atlanta for an extra day, so I kind of didn’t have time to do a post. Or like, sleep, or eat. It’s been tough. But since Erica, Holly, and I are spending the next few days featuring some fun stuff in anticipation of the return of The 100 (SIX. DAYS) and this list consisted of 10 things, and this week was a freebie… how could I pass it up? Also, might have stolen the idea from Erica a little. Her post is awesome, by the way.

ANYWAY. I was thinking I wanted to do a few posts before we do a little “Season 4 Preview” next Wednesday. The first is (duh) this one, and it is about FRIENDSHIPS. Because damn, there are some amazing ones. The next is going to be “Moments that Changed Everything“. Because there are a lot of those, too. And I did finish Homecoming last night, so if I have enough time to snark about it, I might.

Onto the friendships!

P.S.: This is chock FULL of spoilers, friends. 

Kane & Indra 

So these aren’t in any real order but… this one is probably my fave, tbh. It’s unlikely as fuck, and it works. It’s such a show of character growth on both their parts too- because Season 1 Kane and Early Season 2 Indra would never be friends. And they sure as hell wouldn’t have risked their lives for each other. I love it, and I want more of it.

Monty & Jasper

Monty and Jasper are like, the OG friends of the group. They were friends on the Ark, they’re friends on the ground, and through all their ups and downs (there were many, of course), they never wavered in ultimately having each other’s backs. I mean, so they shot and stabbed each other. Just another day on the ground 😉

Abby & Raven

This could have taken some kind of surrogate mother-daughter feeling, but it ended up being more of a mentor-mentee thing. And it didn’t mean that the elder Abby was always the mentor. Raven often had to help Abby as much as Abby had to help Raven. No, more than mother-daughter feels, I get an older sister or aunt vibe and I love it.

Finn & Lincoln

My feels cannot handle this, okay? Great. Finn was the first one, outside of maybe Octavia, to trust Lincoln. Or any Grounders. Finn wanted peace first and foremost, and even when Lincoln almost killed him (and would have, had O not stepped in), Finn trusted him, helped him escape. In turn, Lincoln started to trust and care for Finn. (We’ll leave out that part where Finn kills all of Lincoln’s friends, because that wasn’t his best moment- but even after, they still have a mutual respect, it’s clear.)

I had a terrible time finding video clips for gifs. So I leave you with this quote from 1×09 (Unity Day):

Finn: “You blew this when your people were hunting us – you saved our lives. I have to believe there’s more like you.”
Lincoln: “I stabbed you.”
Finn: “And we tortured you. If the two of us can get along then maybe there’s hope. Learn from history instead of repeating it, right?”

Octavia & Indra

Let’s be clear: We need more Indra. Anyway. This also started out as a mentor-mentee relationship. And now? It is just two badass women getting shit done. They have each other’s backs, and they will pull each other out of some of the lowest points. And they will keep on fighting, because they are both warrior princesses.

Harper & Miller

I feel like these two get to be good friends because they both deserve more screen time. Just saying. Also, I love that Harper and Miller had to basically save every main character’s ass from Pike. I want more, especially because we absolutely need more Harper in our lives.

Jaha & Kane

This little duo started out as a battle of who could try to martyr themselves more. But Kane, as he progressed as a character and a man, saw the value that Jaha brought to their people. I look forward to seeing their relationship play out now that Jaha is no longer chipped. Should be interesting 😉

Clarke & Wells 

So this is more… a flashback friendship? Well, the very end of their friendship was awesome too, and I am so glad she made amends before Charlotte killed him, because I don’t think she could have taken it. Neither could he- I think making peace with Clarke helped Wells die in peace. At least, that is the narrative I tell myself.

Raven & Sinclair

This was a little bit of a father-daughter relationship, but… not quite. Definitely another mentor-mentee relationship, but with so much damn respect. I loved their banter, and I loved how much they cared about each other. I must go cry now bye.

Bellamy & Maya

So they were both basically teaming up to save the delinquents, but frankly, neither of them owed the other a damn thing. Had Maya let Bellamy die, no one would have been any the wiser. And Bellamy could have completed his mission without saving Maya, too. So the fact that they continuned to team up and wreak havoc? I call that friendship.

So, who are some of your favorite friendships on the show? Who do you hope forms one this season? And are you as freaking excited as I am?

Stay tuned for more The 100 fun!! 😀

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10 responses to “Ten Favorite “The 100” Friendships

  1. All of this. 🙂 But I will say Indra and Kane right now might be my most favorite friendship on this show- because you’re right, it’s unlikely AF but somehow it works. They’ve earned that respect dammit. Monty & Jasper were the shit in S1 (and S2) and they need to get back there. Harper and Miller are awesome I love their scenes together- you know how I feel about Harps lol.

    Raven and Sinclair-yeah. And Bellamy/ Maya- good pick! I wouldn’t have thought of that one. I just frckin loved S2 and Bellamy was awesome in S2 and so was Clarke. And there were cannibals and people in cages and tunnels… sigh. Lincoln though… he’s missed.

    I love that Roan is back- who will he bond with? Any scenes with him and Indra could potentially be amazing. He played the shit out of a pirate in Black Sails…

    • Seriously, Indra and Kane are amazing. And I swear, if anything happens to them this season… RAGE. So much rage. And I hope that the more I flail about Harper, the more we will get of her? (Because obviously, the powers that be are paying TONS of attention to my stupid blog ???

      S2 Bellamy was the BEST. I liked the dynamic he had with Maya- because he didn’t just use her to save his friends, he legitimately cared about her. And Lincoln… I can’t. I can’t without wanting to break down and sob. I have rewatched the show… well, an embarrassingly high number of times during the hiatus, and I swear, Lincoln’s death hurts MORE every time instead of me getting used to it. Because with every rewatch, you realize how damn GOOD he was. The whole “maybe there are no good guys”? Nah, Lincoln was a good guy. Maybe the ONLY good guy, tbh.

      Roan MUST have a friendship. I feel like he is in a lot of promos with Echo. But I am not a fan of Echo. She is like… the catalyst that sparked Bellamy becoming Team Pike. And after all Bell did FOR Echo, she really pisses me off. I think Roan and Indra will be awesome- unless he screws her over too. I feel like Roan and Raven could also have some really good banter- I feel like she is one of the few people who will take NONE of his shit.

      • Roan and Raven would be awesome. She’s got that f*ck it I don’t care attitude sometimes, and he’s kind of a rogue. I hope he plays a HUGE role this time. And yeah Echo… I don’t like her either, she’s kind of a wench. If we get some Roan/ Indra/ Octavia moments / badassery (seriously- those three???) I will be screaming at the TV.

        Lincoln… yeah.

        Harper needs to be huge this year!!

        • I think that Roan WILL be huge, basically because he’s been promoted to main cast? So just that alone means he will have a big role. But I want him to be… not just an ice nation asshole, basically. I think his character has SO much going on that we have yet to discover. And I swear, if Harper dies… oh, I will be pissed. I mean, SOMEONE is going to die, let’s face it. I just… I don’t feel prepared to lose ANY of the remaining cast. Except Echo, obviously, she can go.

  2. Girl, you have hit me in the feels so hard. I agree with you about Indra and Kane, they’re my ultimate favorite duo. They’re so unlikely, like you said, that it just works so perfectly. They’re both so bad-ass and I love it. Miller, I mean he has the same last name as me, I think that’s why I love him so much. Then paired up with Harper, they’re both characters that deserve way more screen time and I think they will come Season 4.

    This just makes me think more and more to Season 4 and how much of a cluster fuck the first half is going to be (or so I think). I just feel like so many new pairings will start and I’m scared that a few of the friendships we hold dear may dwindle away and I don’t want that. Nope. God, why am I such a negative Nancy? It needs to stop. Think positive, E.

    Anyway, I would never have thought of Bellamy and Maya. Not one bit. But, not that you bring them up I can totally see why this is a friendship you enjoyed seeing.

    • I think they will have more screen time too.. but I also worry about them both making it out alive. I feel like they have both been built up the past two seasons so we can care more about them so they can potentially die. One of them, not both (I hope!)

      DUDE. The first half is going to be SUCH a clusterfuck! You are so right! And the reason you are a Negative Nancy is because… THIS. SHOW. It always hurts us! I am still not over Lincoln. Or Sinclair. Or Lexa. Or even Finn or Wells or Anya or literally any rando this show has taken from us. It is so HARSH.

      True story about Bellamy/Maya, I had to search my brain for that one bwhahah. BUT in my last rewatch, I realized how much time they really DID spend together- and how their relationship really WAS more than just survival. I think he genuinely cared for her- and she did for him, which I think is clear even earlier.

      I seriously cannot wait for Season 4!!! ???

  3. I’m on my phone right now, so I’m too lazy to write a long comment, but I couldn’t leave without acknowleging the post, because SO MUCH EXCITEMENT FOR NEXT SEASON. You’re right, Jasper and Monty are the OG friends of this show – what’s a little stabbing between friends? I notice you left out Bellamy and Clarke, but I’m assuming it’s because you’re counting them in a different relationship category haha

    • Aw thanks, love! I am so excited that I physically and emotionally cannot handle it. Also, sidenote, it feels weird to be excited about stuff while the world falls apart. BUt alas.

      And YES I left them out ON PURPOSE. These are PLATONIC friendships and Bellarke is EVERYTHING ELSE. (There’s also a reason I left out Rasper, as I am the only person who actually likes the idea of Raven and Jasper together.)

  4. Shannon. girl. I started rewatching season 1 with my husband because he came into the season at season 2 and didn’t know all of the PAIN. And whenever I see Wells I just cry, HE HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

    Also we need so much more Harper!

    • GAHHH he did! I am glad you are rewatching it, and that he is understanding all the feels! The only GOOD thing about Wells’s death is that Book Wells is the actual worst, so we at least get to see this nice version of Wells for a change. But his character DID have a lot of potential. SAD. And YESSS for more Harper!!

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