True story, once upon a time, I used to just buy a book, read it, and move on with my life. I don’t understand that way of living now. Because now, I am a bookperson. Not just a person who happens to like books, no, I became a full fledged bookperson. And, a book blogger at that. Today, I was in the bookstore, a trip that used to be mildly uncomplicated. It got me thinking “what are some of the other strange things I do as a blogger that I never did before?” And that got me thinking “I should share this with my fellow bookpeople”. So, here it is!

THEN: So when I used to go to a bookstore, I would walk to the section of my choosing, browse a few books, read the backs of them, and buy one. Then maybe I would peruse the bookmarks on my way out. If I was really feeling wild, I’d grab a coffee.

NOW: It’s… an expedition. Ironically, I almost never buy anything unless I have a coupon because I pre-order most of my books online, and then… fine, I just always buy them online. I have no local indie or anything, so does it matter? No. Anyway. So I go in, and head for the Young Adult section, obviously. I check the “featured” books to see if I agree with them. Often I do not. Then, I walk around checking underneath all the covers of books, especially those I had ARCs of, just to see what the finished covers look like. I pet the covers. It is fun.

Then, while ensuring I keep the books in proper alphabetical order, I may or may not replace the ones they have facing out with ones I deem worthy. (Look, I know this is probably a not great thing to do, especially if you work in my local BAM, and I am sorry. Ish.)

Then we have to check the adult section for some favorite authors, of course. Then all the best-sellers, and the sections with the gifts and random bookish paraphernalia. I end my journey with a trip to the clearance YA section, which is quite literally the best thing ever. This whole process takes actual hours.

THEN: I only knew when a book came out if it was a must have book in a series, and even then it was only a rough estimate.

NOW: I could tell you release dates for probably 300 books. Future books. And I probably know when every book I am currently reading was published, it is somehow ingrained in my mind.

THEN: I owned a couple books on my shelf, but generally just obtained books right before I read them. Often, in Kindle format

NOW: Five bookshelves, double stacked, still are not enough to contain my hoard. Closing in on 800 books is not enough. And we probably shouldn’t even think about how many ebooks I have. Lest the numbers scare you (and me, mostly me).

THEN: When I fancied a quote while reading, I smiled, thought “that’s a nice quote” and kept reading.

NOW: I write it down, add it to Goodreads, then am required to own every version of it I can find on Society6. Because obviously.

THEN: I would hear of a book generally around the time it released- some a little before, some after.

NOW: I anticipate books that won’t even be releasing in the same decade we’re currently living in.

THEN: I used to have more time for reading, ironically.

NOW: I am a mess of a human being, but I still somehow read more than before. With less time. Also, with less sleep

THEN: I did not pay attention to whether a movie was a book first, or what a TV show was based on. I watched whatever.

NOW: Of course I do still watch a few things that weren’t books first… but a precious few. And that is really only TV. I am pretty much not interested in a movie unless it was a book first. (It should be noted that I find movies kind of boring to begin with.)

THEN: I did not understand fandoms. I might have even thought them to be (gasp) silly.

NOW: You have seen me freak out about The Hunger Games  and The 100, right? Clearly, I am in.

THEN: I had no one to flail about books with. People thought me strange, it seemed, for being so extra eager about books. Even friends who read were seemingly less… excited.

NOW: I have you lovely little birds to share all the love and feels with. So that is kind of the best 😀

These are of course just my experience! Did you have any similar things happen if/when you got more bookish than you had previously been? If so, I want to hear about them! If not, feel free to tell me you find me a little odd. Either way 😉 

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  1. So totally true! You know, I now sort of dislike trips to physical book stores! Where I live it’s associated with way more problems of this persuasion. I live in Lithuania – it’s a small country, so all books get translated. Because of that, it takes them ages to make it to the scene. Some never don’t (although ironically, some make it so fast it surprises me!) But due to this fact, when I come to the book store, I find that it’s either full of books I’ve already read, or ones I will never want to read. Even the biggest store in the capital city. Which is both disturbing and creepy. Then there’s the prices! I can get a book on the American Amazon that is 3 times cheaper than in an actual book store here. Can’t even tell you how many LAYERS OF THINGS are wrong with that! It’s just so disappointing to be able to get ONE book for the price of 3, especially now that you’re used to getting free ARCs even. So I don’t even go to the bookstore anymore. I just read on the Kindle and roll my eyes 😀

    800 physical books though! Wow. I wouldn’t even have space for that! There are pros to having e-books.

    And it is truly a problem with the reading time. I found out about that like on my first week of blogging! It’s quite a funny little paradox.

    But either way, blogging is fun. Most of those changes, apart from the reading time, are good ones 🙂

    • That IS really awful about your bookstores. My goodness! I would be SO bummed if all the books were old and then ALSO insanely expensive. That is terrible! Our bookstore prices are close to double Amazon’s (which is why I don’t buy from there usually, unless it’s on sale) but your situation sounds awful! Does Book Depository ship there? That could help!

      And seriously, it is SO weird that we now have LESS time to read- how are we supposed to have things to blog about then!? But it is a VERY real struggle for sure. I agree with you, the changes are good- and even the not good ones are worth it at the end of the day 😉

      • Yeah, Book Depository does ship, but the shipping price is usually larger than the price of the book 😀 so I just buy ebooks. I’m fine with ebooks, really 🙂 maybe one day publishers will be mailing me ARCs xD it’s a dream. LOL

        Yeah, about the time. I once wrote a post about it xD I’ll link it. But it only makes sense, because you know – blogging is a commitment – you have to socialize a lot, even if it’s online, mingle, comment, read and reply. And just browse other people’s stuff to know what’s going on. Not even mentioning writing the actual posts! All of that takes time 🙂
        Oh. I can’t link it, lol. It’s too old and doesn’t appear on the list xD lol, oh well.

        • WAIT- they charge shipping to you!?! I thought they shipped free everywhere! That is SO unfair! I am really sorry! I hope you do get lots of ARCs. Hell, I hope I do too, while we’re at it 😉

          And it DOES make sense, because you are so right, so much more goes into it than just writing a post. Graphics, and socializing, and reading all the OTHER blogs, it is definitely time consuming! But fun! 😀

  2. “I pet the covers”. Awesome. 🙂 This is so true- a trip to the bookstore now is like an expedition. It used to be so simple. Now there’s angst involved and indecision and sometimes I see a book that I bought as an ebook and I’m like damn that looks nice- I need a copy of that for my shelf. Not only that but somehow as book centered as I am, I still sometimes find a book that I didn’t know about and then have to decide whether to splurge. The sad part is I’ve made it worse by expanding my must- see areas. It just used to be books- now B&N carries Funkos and all that shit and a games section- I literally can’t get out of there. So I totally get it.

    And YES to your comment about the current decade- lol we have so many books swirling in our heads as bloggers it’s like we know all the coming stuff (well not all but close). And it’s kinda weird to browse the YA or SF sections and see a book and think I’ve read 5 reviews of that, or so -and-so hated that frickin book, you know? Or that smug feeling you get when you think I know all about these books. 😛

    And I’ll just say too since this is getting long- but yes, I have a reputation for spending LOTS of time in the bookstore. Didn’t really know anyone else who did but as a blogger now I feel like I’m not alone in that obsessiveness? That’s a good thing. And the fandoms… also true. When I started blogging I found all these fandoms I didn’t know were out there- and I joined some. Ack wouldn’t give it u for anything either. But it is nice to know there are so many of us…

    • Okay, can I confess that I get MAD if I see a book I haven’t heard of? Like, I don’t know if I am mad at myself for not knowing, or for the book’s audacity to exist without my knowledge 😉 But either way, I whip out my phone and check Goodreads immediately. OOOH and same with the “Funkos and shit” section (which, thank you, is now going to be my name for it- I never know WHAT to call iT!) BAM has one, and I always loiter there. Even though I of course already own the Funkos I want. OHHH! Speaking of, did you see that The 100 ones are actually officially coming!?! SO excited.

      HAH YES I always feel smug! OR when I look for a book that I read, only to realize it hasn’t actually come out? Then I feel smug too. Actually, come to think of it, I am pretty conceited at the bookstore in general… ? I always think of certain bloggers when I see certain books too. Sometimes I even smile, and then I am pretty sure other customers think I am weird, but I can live with that.

      I agree- it is SUCH a nice feeling to know that I am not the only one getting strange looks from people at their local bookstores bwhahah. And all the other great stuff that comes along with being a blogger 😀

      • So true. And I’ll just add when you see someone pick up a book and you’re thinking “oh that one sucked. Should I say anything?” Of course I don’t because that would be, um, maybe creepy? They’d be like who the frick are you lol? The smugness is a problem. Maybe? I kinda like it though.

        Yes how DARE a book exist without our knowledge? I’ve felt that way too- like how did THAT book slip through the cracks? And YES- 100 Funkos. I.cannot.wait. Clarkie and Raven and Bellamy and Harper… I wonder if they’ll have Harper? Hmm. Jaha so I can torture it.

        • OMG! YESSS I do that too! I especially love when I see parents picking up a shitty one and I want to be like “no no no, she/he will HATE that one”. But then I don’t. Because like you said, they’d probably think I am creepy. And I kind of like the smugness too, tbh ?

          SO here is who they are making- Clarke, Bellamy, Lexa, Raven, Octavia, and Lincoln. Which is a tiny bit weird since a third of them are dead but… I will take it, obviously. Here’s the link- I think they need another wave, obviously. With like, Jaha and Kabby and Monty and Jasper and… look, if they just made them ALL, I would BUY THEM ALL. Though, I am STILL waiting for a damn Haymitch and Finnick, so I am not exactly hopeful :/

  3. OH OH I RELATE! I mean just swap “bookstore” out for “library” and that’s how I function now. I remember long ago in my wayward youth (three years ago?? idek) I’d pick up books because they sounded or looked cool. But now tHE TBR RULES MY LIFE and I only get books I’ve heard about on goodreads/blogs.? And omg like I can’t even remember my niece’s name (true story: I keep saying “who” when they mention her name and she’s been around for like a whole year now…I gotta work on this) but I can remember release dates for novels I can’t wait for. WHAT IS THIS LIFE.??

    • Bwhahahha SAMEEEE. Like, can you believe that we ever picked up books JUST BECAUSE!? Without GOODREADS and FELLOW BLOGGERS to vouch!? How did we survive!? And seriously, book titles and release dates and random weird character names definitely fill our brains, meanwhile, we’ve forgotten to see the doctor since 1993. When you weren’t even alive.

  4. LOL, I also subtly rearrange bookstore shelves. The bookstore and I often have different definitions of “awesome book that everyone should read.” Before I became a bookperson, I used to go to the bookstore with no idea of what to buy. Now I have a spreadsheet.

  5. Oh my! This is SO true. Honestly, I mostly buy books online and avoid bookstores because my husband would have a conniption if I bought all the books I’d LIKE to buy when I browse a bookstore (and he’s a pretty understanding, book-supporting hubby!). I have to show utter restraint, and it is HARD!!! And I agree that my awareness of release dates has suddenly shot up and I’m now super aware of all these new releases and WAITING—whereas before I just bought and read what caught my fancy and maybe waited for the next book in a series with some anticipation. So very different!

  6. All of the truth. Other books distracting from the books we want to read. So much overwhelm with all the books out there. I need to become less of a bookperson so I can enjoy reading again lol

  7. Going to the bookstore is actually depressing for me now. I was trying to make a Christmas list to give my husband and most of the books I was excited for either hadn’t come out, or I had read the ARC. ): I’m a lot pickier now that I’m involved in the book world, I miss the days of going to the bookstore and just picking up a book because the synopsis sounds good. Now I have to do my research.

    • Oh my goodness, YES! I was just making a list for a post of books I want for Christmas and… YEP, all ARCs, and ARCs I don’t have any access to at that! It is really hard to tell people what I want because they can’t exactly find them either 😉 I am MUCH pickier too, but I think that might be a good thing. Or maybe not, but it is what it is ?

  8. Oh, so relevant!! I’m especially guilty of the eons-long bookstore trips… my friends and family HATE going book shopping with me because I just scream incoherently and touch everything and push my favorite books on them like there’s no tomorrow. The release date ones are totally me, too. Such a great post!

    • Bwhahhahah YES! My mom came with me the last time I went and I was stripping books of their jackets because I needed to know what they looked like under there (?) and she was like “what the HELL are you doing!?” and I was like “Uh, I need to see what this book looks like naked?” like it was the most obvious thing ever. And thanks!! 😀

  9. Love this! And the fact that you rearrange the YA section so the “right” covers are facing out instead of the ones they deem appropriate. (I confess I have done this as well, though not on a regular basis.) And bookish merchandise… swoon. Was here life before Society 6 and RedBubble? I think not.

  10. I feel like I’ve always been a bookperson but I DEFINITELY have a lot more people to talk to about books. Granted, becoming a blogger means I know about a lot more books than I normally would have just browsing the bookstore or library.


  11. Yes!! I agree wth all of this. I think I became a book person about a year or so before blogging but went into overdrive when blogging started. My shelves are all double stacked and stacks are on the floor. I need more room!! I am big online shopper as shopping in a bookstore with kids is the actual worst. Bookish merch is the best and I want it all!!

    • That is how I was too- I had started getting out of hand before blogging. But blogging threw me wayyyy over the edge hahha. OOOH shopping with kids IS the worst, I totally agree with you. And YAY for bookish merch- I am almost glad they don’t make more or I would need it ALL 😉

  12. Hahaha! I love this. Everything is so true though, except for the books taking over your home thing for me. They have taken over my e-reader however. And omg the knowing the release date things. I kinda wish I was ignorant about those because it makes waiting for books so much harder.
    Finding friends to fangirl over books with is the best though! It’s nice to know that there are people who are just as obsessed with books and book boys as I am. 😛

    • My e-reader is hopeless I think. When I first started blogging and such, I got SO many ebooks, which now, I have no idea what they even are anymore. I don’t even want to think about it 😉 And YES it is wonderful to know how many great bookish people are out there, I agree! 😀

  13. Oh goodness yes to the bookstore one. I’ve been a book lover for a long time, but seriously I used to go in, browse through books, read some synopses, maybe write down some that I wanted for Xmas or birthdays, and maybe buy one or two. Now I don’t even buy books at the store, I basically just go in to look at them and pet them lol. And yeah, I used to be lucky if I could tell you the title of the book I was currently reading, let alone the author or character’s names. Although I’m still not good at remembering release dates. I guess I never have been good with dates period. It’s probably just good that I know when my birthday is lol.

    • Sameee hahah. I used to be the same exact way in the bookstore! I’d point some out to my mom, etc. But yeah, now it is basically all online- which is kind of sad, but… money haha. And funny enough, I don’t remember characters’ names half the time, but AM decent with release dates, so that is… probably just weird 😉

  14. I love this post. I often think how my habits have changed in regards to books and reading since I’ve started blogging and it’s crazy how my attitude to books has changed. I own more books than I ever used to. I know more books which are due for release than I ever used to. I have a favourite authors list which is probably three times as long as my friends. I read more than I do anything else and I am annoyed that I don’t have as much time to reread as I used to. I just need more hours in the day for everything. And preferably a bit more money to get buying as well.

  15. Haha this list is amazing and I relate so much! Especially the fandoms! Oh my, I love fandoms! I always used to be excited about books, but it seems now that I’m blogging and joing fandoms I AM EVEN MORE EXCITED! And I love it because flailing about books is the best 🙂 And yes, going to the bookstore is so much harder and takes so much longer! Though I haven’t actually physically moved any books, I am mentally judging the bookstore for their selection and books they choose to feature. And yes, I am known to just look at books I already own. You know, just to look at them, pet them, say hello. That’s normal right?

    • Aw thanks! And seriously, I was the same way- I think that technically speaking I was absolutely a member of The Baby-Sitters Club fandom but that was before fandoms were even a “thing”, or at least before I knew they were hahah. I ALWAYS judge the bookstore- because they’re basically just showcasing whatever is most “popular” or at least, from authors they’ve heard of before, I assume. And it is annoying! And I do look at books I own too! It IS nice to say hello 😀

  16. It IS weird. I mean, I should have less time for reading… and it seems like I do because I am acquiring books at a much faster rate than I read them. But I love them so much – even just looking at them. And then I also end up being either doing something for my blog, or insta, or channel and everything is to do with books… I’m surprised I’m not done with them yet xD

  17. Haha I loved this post! It’s all so TRUE. Particularly the difference in shopping trips to bookstores. I do that all the time – literally never buying anything, just going in to judge the bookstore people and their selections. Which mostly results in me scoffing and going , do the employees even read books? Doubt it. I have to resist the urge to give shopping advice to fellow browsers. Once there was an older lady (a grandma, I assume) growing the YA section at xmas time, clearly for someone else, and I just wanted to jump in and be like TELL ME ABOUT YOUR GIFTEE AND I SHALL FIND THE PERFECT BOOK.

    Also very true about publishing dates and release dates. People are like, I was just checking if the sequel was released (say, a friend) and I scoff and go: honey, the sequel was released ages ago! On the 2nd of February 2016, geez. Although if you want a different edition that one was only published last Saturday, to be fair. It’s very hard to reign in your inner book geek sometimes.

    Speaking of release dates: THE SECOND OF MAY 2017. That shall be a good day indeed, *nods*.

    • Awww thank you!! And YEP that is it! I have to be IN the place with the books, but I have almost zero intention of buying them- but LOTS of plans to judge 😉 And OMG YES- I always want to help confused gift givers! But I’d try to spend all their money and/or break their backs- like “You need this one and this one and this one” and then imagine the old lady just toppling from the weight of the books bwhahah.

      BWHAHAH I am the same with sequels and such too! Like even if it is a series I don’t READ, I am likely to know when it comes out! I don’t know why- I don’t even try to remember I just.. do. I wish some of that brain space would be better used 😉 It IS hard to reign in your inner book geek- and well, why should we even try? 😀

  18. YES YES TO ALL OF THESE!! Especially the expeditions to the bookstore and somehow not having nearly enough time to read anymore?? IDK how it happened, but I talk about books more than I read atm. But my poor precious TBR is growing like a weed! You just want to read them all!

  19. I agree with so many of these – a trip to a bookstore is like a major mission. I have to set myself a time limit and a price/book limit. My memory is also really terrible so my diary is full of release dates… so much so that I have no room to write important stuff like dentist appointments and friends birthdays lol

    • Ohhh time limits and price limits are GOOD! I need those haha. I mean, I do pretty well with the price limit because… I have no money and they’d be like “hi, you don’t have enough money to buy these” 😉 But time? Ohhh I need time limits for SURE.

      And sometimes I will THINK that I have an appointment date remembered… only to realize that wasn’t an appointment at all, just a sequel coming out, and I missed the appointment a month ago ?

  20. This is suuuuch a relatable post! 😀 going to the bookstore used to be so simple, like you I just head out there and randomly bought books that seemed interesting. But now… no, I have a looooong list of books I need to buy and when I’m at the bookstore I open goodreads to see the rating and online store website to compare the price :’) also bookstore trip used to surprise me because of the new arrivals but now I practically memorize release dates 😛 and yessss I used to flail to my friends but that was disappointing and now I have a bunch of people I could DM all the time hahaha <3

    • Aww thank you! And it is so true- you would just buy whatever looked good, right? Now it’s… HARD! I ALWAYS open Goodreads, because what if everyone you know hated it!? And YEP, I am almost reverse surprised like- “why don’t they have X book?” until I realize it doesn’t even come out until the spring or something ?

  21. I LOVE this post!! I can relate to so many of these. Before I was a blogger (bookperson) I would sometimes go weeks or (gasp) months without reading a book because I didn’t know what to read. HAHAHAHAHAHA! How was there ever a time that I didn’t have 6 million books on my TBR?! Sadly going to the bookstore doesn’t get to be an experience for me these days, because kids. But I used to do the same thing in BAM. 🙂

    • Aw thanks! And seriously- I used to too! Like, I would hit slumps just because I had NO information! And I feel you with the kids- if I DO go with them, it is a nightmare. Because, well, you know ? But if I get to go alone… it’s MAGICAL.

  22. I’m like you now when I go into a bookstore. I often beg my fiance for us not to the local bookstore. I have no money to spend on books. So now I write down book titles and authors and see if they are on Overdrive where I get them free, if they have them. I used to work at a place that people with disabilities can find work. None of my co-workers read books. My supervisors ended up giving books to read.

  23. YOU MOVE THE BOOKS AROUND IN BAM? HAHAHAH THAT IS HILARIOUS. Also there is a Books A Million near-ish my parents’ house and I may just have to go tomorrow because why not. Who cares that I brought home a million books and I’ll also be going to the library at the same time.

    I used to know the release dates of 500 books, now I’m too lazy to look all of them up. Clearly you are more on top of it than I am 😛

  24. Would you like to join us… or stay mellow, doing whatever the hell it is you do in Monitcello? STOP TRIGGERING THE PART OF MY BRAIN WHERE ALL THE LYRICS TO HAMILTON RESIDE, SHANNON. Seriously, someone just has to say “chance” in a lecture at this point and I’ll mutter “to socially advance instead of sewing some pants” under my breath. It’s bad, Shannon. It’s really bad. Anyways, what where we talking about? Oh yeah, it IS nice to have fellow crazy people to talk to. 😀 I actually don’t know any release dates unless it’s for the next book in a favorite series or maaaybe some ARCs I reviewed, but I’m so horrible at doing that these days, that we just won’t talk about it, k? Cool. I love that you go to bookstores just to judge them for their featured books hahaha. I always feel like hanging around and advising people on what to buy when I’m there. I mean I know they have actual booksellers to do that and it would be creepy, but the temptation is real.

    • SORRRRRY but they reside in my brain TOO and I cannot help but let them out to play sometimes 😉 BWHAHA I love that you are like, basically incapable of actual conversation at this point because you only know words written by Lin Manuel Miranda ?

      I feel like we may know more than at least SOME of the people who work there? I mean, there is this one guy who works at mine, and he has worked there since it opened so we like, know each other, and he reads YA too, and so I know he kind of knows his shit, but he still asks me about books! And he DEFINITELY knows more than his coworkers because… you can just tell. So I HAVE to help them. HAVE. TO.

  25. Well, to be honest, I had this conversation with a friend yesterday – I didn’t even know they had free shipping! I guess the last time I checked was a while ago, they definitely charged back then, so I must’ve just given up and left it alone. But even with that aside, NY country’s economy means that a normal book would be 3 times more expensive for me than for anyone in the west. But I’ll have to check it out now that I know at least the shipping is off 🙂 I just know that a few months ago I checked the prices on one subscription box that ships internationally (not book depository). The box was 25ish pounds, and the shipping to my country was 14 😀 for this reason I usually don’t even look into these things. It’s a real mood killer 🙂 so sometimes you don’t even want to look.

    • Awww I really hope that things have changed for the better! I know the book subscription boxes are SO pricey- I cannot afford them and shipping isn’t as bad (though most of them do still charge for shipping even in the US) so sadly, I cannot. Maybe I will splurge on a one-time thing if I know it’s a book I really need hahah. But my fingers are crossed that Book Depository may be a viable option for you!!

  26. haha this list is awesome! I agree about the fandoms, I never used to fangirl before, but now that I’ve gotten more into reading – I do it more often now. Amazing post!

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